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I like how you called me "Albert Einstein". — Sonic the K-Day Hedgehog 18 secs ago
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5:28 AM
To add more detail to my comment above, I noticed that all the review tasks mentioned in the screenshots as belonging to user "Albert Einstein", all of those are reviews by me. The review IDs and timestamps all match my reviews here on this site. The user ID in the top one also matches mine. The screenshots seem to be from early March, as I remember having that much reputation and badges at that time (also confirmed in my /reputation log). I'm curious to know why you picked me... — Sonic the K-Day Hedgehog 6 secs ago
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6:58 AM
@Ollie yep
49 messages moved to Chimney
@rene looked spammy, actually. Flagged and cast the final del vote anyway.
(something with a mobile phone brand)
7:14 AM
No, it was not spam. They wanted to know how to disable / replace the logo on their phone.
Quick mods! Decline that spam flag!
@rene oh. meh.
smelling spam
turns out it's coming from @M.A.R.'s house
7:33 AM
You want a rollback lock ...
That would be awesome, lol
Or implement old FR that I made, to not let users with less than 2k rep edit posts. (i.e. send their edits to the review queue as if it wasn't a CW post.)
Most of the silly edits are from new users.
Q: Don't let users without 2,000+ reputation edit FAQ posts here on MSE without review

Shadow 10 Years WizardQuestions tagged faq are semi-official and should contain reliable and high quality content. However, here on Meta Stack Exchange, as per policy, all of them are also marked as Community Wiki, which means that any user with at least 100 reputation (even a brand new user who just joined the site ...

@Shadow10YearsWizard Worst part is that is breaks the Common mark migration because it gets rolled back to the version prior that. If anything , you and me need to make two useless edits to at least make sure that if it gets rolledback it is in a proper state, assuming users rollback to a prior version.
7:52 AM
Flagged it requesting a wiki answer lock
Will work so long as this feature request isn't implemented.
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8:54 AM
@Shadow10YearsWizard That's not spam you're smelling
Declines again
It's NAA
9:27 AM
@M.A.R. Nachos And Asada?
10:20 AM
Hey MSE detectives - can anyone find for me the old canonical feature requests/discussion posts asking for notifications when a post gets closed? I have been looking for it/them (unsuccessfully)
@SonictheK-DayHedgehog my little easter eggs in the screenshots are only fun if someone will catch them
Q: Send authors an inbox message if their question is closed

TheLQI think it would really help if you get notified that a question of yours was closed. Especially for the multi-site power user, usually (at least for me) a question is asked and then left alone for while. I rely on the network-wide inbox to tell me when someone has commented or answered, but if ...

This duplicate of that question is marked as declined, so you may want to change that tag.
@YaakovEllis Yaakov the status wizzard ;)
and maybe this one as well @YaakovEllis meta.stackexchange.com/questions/209060/…
Q: ⛲Water Filter System con tecnologia di microfiltrazione-FRY_CS-💧🥃

Elettronicaitalia---✨--- Questo filtro per rubinetto acqua è stato progettato con una particolare Membrana UF ( ultrafiltro ), che in maniera efficace elimina cloro, metalli pesanti, pesticidi, ruggine e qualsiasi altra particella, trasformando l'acqua del rubinetto in Acqua di buon gusto. ---✨--- #purificador #a...

see all those spammy emojis in the title
11:20 AM
@Luuklag Did you end up getting penalized for the flag?
@Shadow10YearsWizard Two pointers (derived from the term nickel and dimers).
@Luuklag there is only one wizard around here that I know of
11:41 AM
@Rob Not besides the flag being declined
by moderator decission
That is fortunate. Thanks for replying. Better luck with your future requests.
Well I think we and Catija just respectfully disagree, and there is nothing wrong with that.
I trust them to not abuse their powers, and if that trust turns out to be misplaced we might need to sound the alarms, but I have no indication whatsoever of that
If there was added value above and beyond grubbing attention and circumventing the mechanisms in place we could accept fluff but that was clearly an abuse. What if a small portion of the daily visitors did that, we'd have several pages of answers by the end of the month.
now, when that happens, you can happily raise a meta question asking for the rules to be reconsidered and back it up by more than just a hypothetical ;)
@Rob It won't take long before the answer can be deleted
11:55 AM
^^ Yes, the minority well knew that the one person voicing their objection could ask on meta to change the rules; if they limited the request to "Thank you comments" they could even gain support for their desire to change the policy - but accumulating answers that answer nothing and crumb to earn brownnose points just gums up the works and depreciates the value of the sites.
Unkind reference ;)
@Luuklag lol
12:56 PM
18 red posts on the frontpage, Yaakov did really do magic ;)
It appears him having his sockpuppets deleted wasn't enough to learn his lesson: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/356431/… (now deleted)
Missed anything? ;D
@Luuklag and whoever else was interested in that discussion: It's been had a few times before, for example when looking at the answers [on this post](https://meta.stackexchange.com/q/313086/369802)...

It's a bit of a tricky thing that comes with Meta: Answers that are used to thank or congratulate, or short memes/jokes on swag contests...
Ideally, I'd love to see people use comments for that, but not everyone can comment :/
on main, can't comment doesn't justify an answer
On meta though... It's tricky. If people know you, you're the first, or people agree with the message/it's a popular thing to do, it might go over well. See my answer to Catija's introduction as CM... It's as fickle as the location of Tim's keys.
There were 3 NAA flags on my answer there btw, all declined ...
In this case, well... downvotes might suffice to discourage such behavior in the future.
I don't know. I've seen answers that I would love to see deleted as 'not an answer' here because they don't answer the question at all, yet they're staying because they discuss something that's sideways relevant to the question... and those aren't one-liners or thank-you comments.
@Tinkeringbell which makes them elligeble for deletion. Just wait a few days.
1:10 PM
Most of those are related to drama ;)
@Tinkeringbell Plenty of simmilar quality answers there that ended up being deleted. So I don't see why we should keep this example around.
I think I can see some reason for it: It's the only place this user has to engage with the CEO blog post and express their gratitude. (which is basically what Catija commented).

If that's the purpose of feedback posts written by SE, perhaps that's a good enough reason.
@Luuklag homepage has been Yaakoved.
@Tinkeringbell Yeah it's true that they can't comment (yet). But a mod turning that answer into a comment would also be a perfect solution in this case.
@Luuklag Would it? I am generally hesitant to help people circumvent system restrictions that way, unless we're talking someone answering their own post because they don't understand comments yet.
Like I said, these things get messy and nasty soon :/
But there's precedent for keeping such stuff.
1:16 PM
@Luuklag sigh.... yeah, that user lost my interest, I won't waste any more of my time on them. They also removed their other questions on MSE, hoping nobody will remember. They're either actual spammer being smarter than usual, or ordinary person who is truly lost, but doesn't bother to try and improve.
(just as there may be precedent for deleting it, though I can't see any deleted answers like it on that specific post, just one in a language I don't quite understand but which seems to be about a mobile phone)
@Tinkeringbell wait, that post is not spam, @rene reported it here and I flagged as spam by mistake.
Might be. I wasn't paying much attention to chat yesterday :)
I did see something like it when glancing through the transcript
It was today. ;)
@Shadow10YearsWizard Well it was before I was back here :P
1:20 PM
yeah, true.
You simply can't trust those high-rep users ...
@rene Can't trust anyone these days :P
Not just high-rep users
Once they reach 15 rep they start flagging all kind of posts ...
@Tinkeringbell but ... we do trust red parrots ...
Bad choice :P
Story of my life ;)
1:23 PM
Same, I guess :P
Hmmm would it technically be possible to set a different limit to post comments under a certain tag, or type of posts?
technically yes. Whether that is useful remains to be seen
Well there is some truth to this comment:
@Luuklag You need a token amount of reputation to leave a comment. In my opinion, everyone would have been better served by a moderator flag asking to convert this to a comment. When people complain about Meta feeling toxic, this is the sort of stuff that fuels it. When someone is trying to participate in a way that is technically wrong, but not malicious, maybe pause a second and think about how the problem can be solved without rubbing their nose in it. — ColleenV 7 mins ago
So circumventing both sides would be to just let for example posts in the announcements tag be commented on by anyone.
@Luuklag I've told Colleen the same thing I told you here: That such flags are likely to be declined because we're not here to help people circumvent system restrictions like that... I don't know if all announcements deserve comments from everyone though, that could technically also make them more vulnerable to trolling. Especially the ones involving topics that lend themselves well to mass outrage/trolling.
(And I'm one of the people that gets to clean those up, which... might not be concern for most of you but... blegh :P Nothing to ruin your mood faster than having to pick out comments for deletion and then deleting the complaints about deletion and the complaints about the complaints being deleted)
@Tinkeringbell yeah that's also true
1:35 PM
@Tinkeringbell BTW: In case you can't see a comment that was deleted by an employee, the comment was an automatic comment generated by the system (which the person credited isn't supposed to delete); the one that says that 'Thank you answers aren't appreciated' and to wait until they have the necessary reputation to vote or comment - offering such helpful information to a new user, and discouraging every rep 1 user from posting thanks (why are they thankful, if they don't use the sites), is a
useful review (and initial flag).
@Rob I can see it :) I know what you did was an auto-comment.
Indiana Jones Adventure sounds good :)
Look at it from the point of a reviewer, or a moderator, if a flag comes in do you deny the flag and punish the flagger or do you carefully review the flag and follow the guidance provided exactly - avoiding any complaint and a possible flag / review ban?
1:50 PM
@Rob No, we always deny all flags before even looking at them. Geek has that scripted, saves a lot of work...
Of course we look at the flags, follow whatever guidance is out there, and then decide whether to decline or do something about it.
But you're acting like the guidance is black and white, which it is not. Even among moderators, it can depend on person and mood whether your flag is declined or marked helpful with no further action.
@Tinkeringbell Sounds like moderators just might be humans after all....
Bird-brained ones, even.
@Tinkeringbell Oof, yeah. I don't envy y'all that at all. JMG was just in the fire not too long ago with a series of answer and comment deletions on one of SE's announcements (somewhat recent). Then it was brought here to chat and it continued to be messy...
But I can't see who flagged, so I review based on the post; and not for our love of Luuklag.
@Rob Yeah, I understand.. what's the exact problem?
Because I feel I'm missing why you sound like you're complaining...
1:56 PM
8 mins ago, by Rob
Look at it from the point of a reviewer, or a moderator, if a flag comes in do you deny the flag and punish the flagger or do you carefully review the flag and follow the guidance provided exactly - avoiding any complaint and a possible flag / review ban?
We are simply going on about it for too long - not really complaining. Getting milage out of it ...
@Rob were is my frequent commenter discount ;)
3 hours later…
4:46 PM
@Rob thx Rob :)
3 hours later…
7:41 PM
@Feeds ^^ Great detective work Sherlock!
8:20 PM
Um, just a quick question: I flagged this question to request that it be locked, and the flag was marked "helpful - It's locked.", but the question wasn't actually locked.
1 hour later…
9:34 PM
Does anybody know how to go to the original version of a migrated question without the automatic redirect to the new site? I vaguely remember a trick like adding something like redirect= to the url, but forgot the details :(
9:44 PM
Never mind, ?noredirect=1 is the magic addition

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