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2:00 PM
Oh the humanities!
@avazula I think that someone on anime once actually suggested switching to the MakeGirl neural-network based anime character faces generator
ooh, that sounds interesting
and you're suggesting that for tattoos?
I'd like a male face though
or an animal, as long as it's not antropomorphic
2:03 PM
Like that?
@BlueSoul make.girls.moe/# ?
I suppose they trained the net on a bunch of pretty old art style images
Ah, the "passed out drunk and my friend loves abstract art" tattoo.
none of the reputable studios draw like that anymore
Mmh. I haven't found pics but I did draw them
Quality's a bit off, I'm sorry
medium.com/syncedreview/… better but still wacky
2:08 PM
did you draw that?
@user1306322 yep, someone suggested to use those as a replacement for gravatars :P
I wish I could draw like that
@Magisch yup
@user1306322 anyway seems that the experiment evolved quite a bit since then....
2:09 PM
@Magisch what have you tried? :p
I have just seen a video they posted on Twitter.
most artists recommend regular practice of the craft
It seems basically to be NVIDIA GauGan, remade for anime faces.
I've tried dark skin: on and dark skin: off, but it only generates whites anyways. No glasses either. Open mouth sorta works, but half of the ladies look like they've been passed through a mangle
That was a series of the faces I present when confronting to different situations :p work me is serious, at-home me looks like a cheap hippie, in-my-head me is a metal/punk rocker, ... you get the idea. This one here is how I'd think of myself when off duty :p
2:10 PM
On a side note, TIL where the word "mangled" comes from.
@user1306322 I can visualize something but I can't redraw it
@Magisch I can't even visualize faces
my mind works more on feel, extraneous detail and descriptiveness rather then actual imagery
@Magisch Me neither. My drawings never match what I visualize.
@BlueSoul Unicornify
2:13 PM
@Mithical there is a version with cats too.
you know when you browse art, some people clearly know how to draw correct body anatomy but completely ignore real world physics when drawing architecture and mess up projection, but others can draw perfect geometric shapes but can't draw characters at all
I guess you could spend years practicing but maybe you got better things to do in life
@Mithical also....
Mar 10 '15 at 16:14, by SPArchaeologist
@balpha Just saying. Isn't the time mature to redo that unicornify service using actual mlp flash puppet models?
Yep, I tried.
bring back south park character generator
@user1306322 some famous medieval portrait artists couldn't draw a passable cat
@user1306322 and then you have ancient art where apparently neither is very important
2:16 PM
A shog9ifier:
A: Thank you, Shog9

Rob How did everything run so smoothly ?               Shog9 at the controls.

darn that's good
remember these?
I have seen one or two of them
old.reddit.com/r/MedievalThings/top/?sort=top&t=all can be nsfw, you know that art, they didn't care about nudity
@user1306322 and the one on the bottom right looks suspiciously like Nami.
(and that is purposely avoiding to mention that some would probably join Street Fighters Ken in the "your victory pose will be changed on western release" club)
2:31 PM
@user1306322 no, where is it from?
from 2007 I presume
I've seen them all over SO since I found the site
some old avatar maker probably
I just googled "old avatar maker" and found it
"face your manga" apparently
My Samsung phone creates Avatars that are fairly realistic and customizable.
these people never saw a single manga in their life
2:34 PM
then there's this: thispersondoesnotexist.com
I got a young bill gates
@user1306322 well there are some that still work, e.g. this.
I guess he doesn't exist anymore
@Shadow9 none of these people have seen a black and white manga page ever
@JohnDvorak that's... freaky.
2:37 PM
Elon save us
@Rob Might was well use a Mii
Are they better?
Ah, I see that the bobblehead cheat has finally resurfaced!
^ mii avatars
@JohnDvorak the site is probably in "abandoned mode" now since they are apparently working on a related project
Apparently not better.
@JohnDvorak As I said, they are apparently using neural networks to animate character now.
@terdon no, that's freaky:
And it starts.....
2:50 PM
....until it ends
Apparently, someone in the land of Japan is trying to find a way to import MikuDance models into Dreams.
@Shadow9 let's see.. how can I explain... Do you know what Vocaloid is?
A new-ish videogame?
I can Google that
Hey I saw you rolling eyes. @Blue
2:56 PM
@Shadow9 Vocaloid is a software - a voice synthesizer - used to make music. It is made by Yamaha.
Breanne Boland on February 12, 2020
DevOps job posts often ask for automation skills, which is a positive way of asking for someone who’s professionally lazy in a way that results in efficiency. The good news is that developers can also learn a few tricks from the land of ops to make their days easier and their work better.
Sega - yep, the one who made Sonic - has a partnership with them. The software has multiple "voice banks" and most of them were given an anime like appearance for marketing purpose.
they do shows right?
@Shadow9 one of the more popular voices is Hatsune Miku.
I think there was one here recently in the NL
that one
2:59 PM
@BlueSoul OK
yep, they do. Holograms.
@Shadow9 btw, Miku is the one in the preview screen for the video I just posted.
So people imported her to the new Dreams game? Why is this unusual?
If it's a game where you can create any content...
Now, as you may guess, when Vocaloid came out it gained a lot of fans - artists made a lot of fan music.
@Blue you made a Miku knitting already?
Then, Sega saw the opportunity to turn that into a game.
Enter... Project Diva.
Calling up on the thousands of fan made content and song, Sega though... Why not contact the authors, pay them for the license on the content, make videos for the songs and turn that into a rhythm game we can sell?
And so the Project Diva franchise was made.
Quite popular if you like Vocaloid songs.
Also, quite good ....
Average western rhythm game has... 40 song if you are lucky?
Project Diva Future Tone has... more than 250.
And then a next step was made.
@Shadow9 some fan had the idea "why shouldn't we try to make videos too?"
and the result was what is called Miku Miku Dance.
A character poser fan made software than can use fan made 3d models to create fan videos.
3:10 PM
@JAD which one?
@BlueSoul and that's where Dreams enter the stage?
@Shadow9 the Hatsune Miku concert
@user1306322 Samsung AR Emojis:
@Shadow9 if you search for Miku Miku Dance on youtube, you will see that people started making models for other characters too. So, you end up with videos of Goku from Dragonball dancing on World is Mine.
as for what all of this relates to Dreams....
3:15 PM
@BlueSoul Rock band and guitar hero have custom songs though. I think the base game of Rock Band 3 had 80 odd songs. My library has 500+
Some apparently are trying to reverse engineering the way Dreams stores model locally to find a way to import all the models that were made for MMD in the game
(and others are trying to do the same with blender)
About a year ago... someone was already wondering about that, but people concluded it was impossible since Dreams models aren't polygon based.
Halo - MLP Hack
Seems that now someone is trying to find a way to "convert" a model to the format Dreams uses.
Which is... quite odd if you ask.
From what I know, Dreams actually stores the sequence of actions that generated a model, not the model itself.
@Rob I don't think that actually exist, but if you want there is a fan made Ponyvania game that is based on Portrait of Ruin.
3:35 PM
@YaakovEllis I think we suspected you were being used (to some degree) as a mouthpiece. That's unfortunate. :/
Used is maybe too dark. Leveraged?
@canon implemented deployed
probably, on a Friday
....I'd forgotten just how much I dislike traveling in large cities...
this message posted from a crowded bus stuck in traffic
@BlueSoul Maybe not. I was having trouble finding the example I was thinking of and found that. The person completely altered the appearance of the game characters to something else, I think they made a few different ones; it was from the early days, when the idea first came up (? ~ several years ago ?).
@Mithical Jerusalem?
@Mithical It's annoying to crawl along at one kilometer per hour and be passed by pedestrians and cyclists.
3:50 PM
or those roads with bus lanes, so you get quicker to the next traffic jam.
@avazula no, Tel Aviv area
Where people use the inflatable passenger in the HOV lanes.
The question that broke me today - "I can't unzip this zip file which I take from a database". Yeah. No wonder. The method of unzipping was to take the binary data and turn that into an UTF-8 string.
@Gimby what
I can stomach the truckload of "I need to do TLS stuff and I refuse to even lookup what TLS is", but that was a limit that made me close the SO homepage tab.
3:53 PM
@canon I wasn't being used or leveraged. I offered to people to convey their words. I try to indicate in a post if I am quoting something or not. But this isn't me being taken advantage of. It is trying to cope with a tough situation, and support my coworkers, while still trying to keep the communication flowing as much as I can.
Nice avatar, Yaakov
@Rob ? There are plenty of mods that somehow add MLP character to other games. I just mean that I am not aware of one being made for Halo.
@Rob my avatar is same as always…at least for me
But you know, if someone made the Varia Suit in Oblivion, I wouldn't be surprised if some ported ponies to Halo.
3:55 PM
there was a Starcraft Mod that added ponies.
Yaakov, this is what we see, for you and quite a few other people:
i see an avatar
same here. I see the avatar
@YaakovEllis must affect a single server?
@user400654 Yours is missing too.
I see the avatar
3:59 PM
sounds like you're having trouble accessing gravitar
Have you tried turning it off and on again?
@Gimby I could just unplug the chat server running on my office, maybe that will fix it
Well, it would give SEI the opportunity to learn how much they need Smokey :D
4:08 PM
I have tried their avatar serving URL and can see the default image from: https://secure.gravatar.com/avatar - for what that's worth.
When I visit them directly I see this:
But above it said "image not found", but now it's changed to the words "user image". --- So I would suggest that SE is being blocked, and not me. @Yaakov
(both images look exactly the same to me. Is it not supposed to?)
"user image" is what shows when it fails to show an image in chat. I see both images.
This is what I see:
I also don't see that avatar, but that is almost certainly because of my settings for the Firefox tracking protection
I use TP too.
4:16 PM
it works for us
Then there is peace on Earth, and good health for all.
The default settings block Facebook avatars, the more strict settings also block all Gravatar avatars
Which brings us full circle to what Shadow said a couple of hours ago:
2 hours ago, by Shadow9
SE should have ditched Gravatar long ago, but they insist to keep using it, so often times the avatars are broken to many users.
and the ensuing conversation ...
I can see my Avatar, as can (presumably) everyone else; so userX is sufficiently satisfied.
@YaakovEllis Glad it's not as dark as I'd thought.
4:33 PM
@YaakovEllis that Bug doesn't appear to have been previously reported on any site: stackexchange.com/search?q=Gravitar+tracking+protection
4:49 PM
In firefox I'm seeing a mixed content warning alert for this chat. Not sure what's breaking, but am curious if its gravatar and your FF is blocking the insecure content
Probably from disabling HSTS Tracking, which sites shouldn't be violating your privacy by using it.
If I visit directly I can see your avatar, Dan
could be, my fault recovery and fiddling hassle threshold tops out at messing with in browser and well known plugin settings. Been burned a few times in the past screwing around with obscure settings, and for as many times as spyvertizers have bought old and little known plugins and turned them into data vacuums I no longer trust Jim-Bobs Expose a Single Setting to a UI Switch type plugins either.
Or at least I think that's yours, adding .jpg seems to break it - I have to add #.jpg to the end of the URL to display Canon's avatar properly (otherwise it looks like a generated avatar):
It's doing that "image not found" there, but if I go directly I can see it using:.https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/fb28992cd1fc9cbc1d3b044f6bf63953?s=192&d=identicon&r=PG#.jpg
Tapping on the words "image not found" also shows the image; though I understand that many (some) of you see the image just fine ...
5:05 PM
that looks like my auto-generated one. I never cared enough to set something custom.
(If I did, I'd probably use Hoag's object.)
That's why I tossed in Canon's, as they uploaded a customized one; while my was uploaded directly to SE.
Just to make it interesting sometimes there's different results, though both are clickable and work fine once clicked.
5:44 PM
this is the best avatar ever:
we have this question: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/52945/… that is obsolete as that search parameter no longer exists. Do I edit the answer or dupe against a recent one (where I wrote an answer): meta.stackexchange.com/q/343602/158100 ?
All avatars are abducted at Area 51 - but I know that won't be fixed, unless it's part and parcel of the other issue.
@user1306322 I kinda like the Cylon or "Kit Car" (Night Rider) spinner, but Epic Spinners has almost everything beat.
6:12 PM
@rene Dupe them. I cast the first vote for you so it doesn't look like you're biased.
Sigh. yet another reason why it doesn't make sense to have rep on meta sites :'(
@terdon if you're still unbiased this one is similar?
@rene voted
Bring it home!
6:36 PM
That's actually "no-repro" because it's SC and changed circumstances - but flag/CV as you see fit.
7:27 PM
@user1306322 hey, that joke is copyrighted!
you're copywrited!
8:11 PM
@It'sOver Well, there's no ™ in your profile.
8:22 PM
another post with a welcome message that doesn't deserve it
what, the Schrute office troll?
lol, community wiki... why not just make employees immune to downvotes?
i mean, they are, in the practical sense
i'd assume making it CW just stops them from receiving endless comment pings and rep loss notifications in their inbox.
8:46 PM
FAQ posts are CW per policy.
Showing incompetence again doesn't shed a good light at the authors though.
more like showing stubbornness than incompetence methinks
Could well be coincidence.
9:41 PM
twitter.com/_aixile/status/1211091382976147456 that anime face generator apparently inspired by nvidia gaugan, not sure if there was a link to a video before
GauGAN is pretty cool indeed
10:18 PM
@Shadow A quick question regarding changelog entries: you always insist that it only list feature changes and not bug fixes. The question I have is that if there's a feature change that was made, but never really existed because there was a breaking bug that was later fixed, how should I list it?
Can anyone handle this trash....
A: Slushpool Miner Hashrate always Lower than Local Hashrate

Alan KideckelEliminate the hassle of buying, installing, running, and maintaining your own Mining Rigs. Learn a perfect way to mine block of coins with a remote data center with shared processing power that allows users to mines their coins without managing the hardware Earnings are appropriated based on h...

Should I list just the original change on the original date, the change on the new (bug fix) date? My personal opinion would be to list both, with a clear note on the original change entry that it wasn't really implemented due to a bug, and a second entry with the bug fix date indicating that the bug was fixed, but that would go against your advice.
@PimpJuiceIT That's a blatant spammer and troll. I'd stop engaging with them and just flag it as spam.
This dude post spam on my question and this community has no mod room so not sure if someone here could help get to appropriate mod, etc.
oh.... gotcha....
I already flagged so I'll leave alone
@PimpJuiceIT Yeah, I'm sorry, this isn't really the room to talk about per-site cases. We do have another room Charcoal where you can request escalation of spam cases (emphasis on spam) across the network in case they aren't handled quickly.
10:23 PM
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog Awesome sauce... link saved!!
I've gone ahead and reported it there. Do note that 99%+ cases of spam are caught by automatic triggers and reported there; this was among the <1% that wasn't.
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog You are too kind sir!! Thanks for help and clarification and teaching me something new!!
10:43 PM
11:03 PM
Just crossed 2,000 post edits
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