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@user400654 who?
1:08 AM
Why does this user not have the association bonus? 400+ rep on SO.... superuser.com/users/1048852/kklouzal
1:46 AM
@pkamb looks like an edge case related to the rep change for questions. We’ll figure it out. Thanks!
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4:00 AM
@IamMonica Cannonized
4 hours later…
7:54 AM
@Mgetz Raymond Chen is awesome.
20 messages moved to Chimney
Quick question: What's the best SE site to ask OpenCV questions on?
8:27 AM
@user400654 what about it? He just fixed something related to him. He's not active neither in MSE nor in ELL where he resigned as mod.
@TheforestofReinstateMonica depends on the question, if you want help with the programming then SO, if the question is about the OpenCV itself then it's likely off topic anywhere until there will be SE site dedicated to OpenCV.
Q: The existence of answers.opencv

John DemetriouThis site http://answers.opencv.org works exactly the same as any stackexchange site. I was thinking of creating a proposal about opencv here given that questions are so many that they could sustain a site on its own outside SO. Now given that this site already exists outside the network would t...

I guess AI.SE might be able to help for some of the ML-related OpenCV functionality.
Might be, yes.
Talking about ML, saw yesterday a bot with ML going totally out of control. Was funny.
Mod ended up suspending the bot.
The bot spawned new instances for every command.
8:41 AM
Most machine learning, isn't :S
Sounds like a step up from the average IRC Markov bot at least. :P

ML bot out of control

18 hours ago, 6 minutes total – 79 messages, 8 users, 1 star

Bookmarked 9 secs ago by Shadow The Princess Wizard

@djsmiley2k-CoW ML is the fight between a human and perverse instentantiation incarnate.
@ShadowThePrincessWizard Have you ever seen two bots get stuck in a loop with each other?
It's so fun when they keep responding to each other.
@TheforestofReinstateMonica think so, yes. In some bot sandbox room.
Happens on IRC and XMPP from time to time, although there they tend to get kicked automatically because their replies hit the flood limit and they never throttle.
8:50 AM
grumble grumble what's this, SE made a positive change for once?
@bjb568 which change?
I've been asking for ages to reduce CVs needed to 3.
@ShadowThePrincessWizard Bet it's the close votes.
Q rep?
It's SO only.
Even I heard of those...
8:51 AM
winterbash2019.stackexchange.com This is hitting a round number in two minutes.
@rene No such command 'hats'.
@bjb568 get's popcorn
Awww, missed it! Now I need more popcorn.
Just wait another 100000 seconds.
8:57 AM
on it!
@rene gone:)
@bjb so what's up? You don't let the fire affect you? (Which is good and admirable, in a way. :))
Quick poll for anyone reading this: Do you intend to take part in this year's Winter Bash?
@ShadowThePrincessWizard No.
@ShadowThePrincessWizard Yes. I need a very red hat for the parrot :)
@Tinkeringbell good for you. :)
I'll do it like I did every year... get a hat that looks good with the avatar, then just enjoy the rest. Perhaps knit another ugly pattern ;)
@JourneymanGeek or kirin to nirik.
9:07 AM
@ShadowThePrincessWizard not decided yet, I might not opt-out but leave it at that.
9:28 AM
@ShadowThePrincessWizard Take my word here. If there is a brioche hat, I will go for it and change my avatar to this.
@Tinkeringbell on a side notice, "Canon-ize" can also have another probably more fitting meaning there. It could also refer to the act of taking a fan-made character in a media and recognize it as existing in the main show canon.
Hopefully, without having to use some weird names like "Muffin" because you have to avoid the real one after a big incident happened before.
Also known as
> Mail Muffin is canon
@Hitodama I'm not sure if that's a better thing when talking about real people...
9:45 AM
@Hitodama and if there isn't?
@Tinkeringbell depends on how you take it I guess. Considering that a common "slogan" (ref: see the original Scottish meaning of the word) in this fight has been "Recognize Monica exists", that could be very intentional.
@ShadowThePrincessWizard will see if I can do something similar.
But I seriously hope for a brioche.
really need a brioche.
@ShadowThePrincessWizard I might knit a link to monica's gofundme
@Hitodama here you go.
@Magisch lol
@ShadowThePrincessWizard need those as an hat.
@Magisch see here ...
@Hitodama careful, birds will eat it.
9:57 AM
Looks yummy, yes :)
@ShadowThePrincessWizard that is kinda what I want considering WHO the character in the picture I posted above is
@Hitodama is it a Doctor?
@rene A UN Doctor?
your call
such responsibility. I'm not sure if I can handle that
10:09 AM
@rene nope, a very specific character from the "The Rose of Versailles" anime/manga.
you're all so serious ...
@Hitodama Maria Antonietta?
@ShadowThePrincessWizard yep.
@user1306322 Parrotmon?
I'll take the Crest of Light, thanks.
(also... weird coincidence. The parrot in Digimon is green. Just like our local one)
10:33 AM
@rene hats is currently commented out. :(
@Hitodama dynamax
@Rob Agnus is to blame ...
Great detective work
@Rob I always wanted to test that git blame feature. I mean, I did test it on Git repo's I own but the outcome is always disappointing ...
A: Craigslist Auto-Responder

BosYorkRemoved contents of answer as was linking to a porn site.

Sorry I may have abused my rights there.
I removed the entire answer.
10:46 AM
@user1306322 wonder how long before @Tink will notice what I just wrote....
I don't know if this is the right room to report.
> green. Just like our local one
@rene It's funny when people do it here, and blame themselves.
@Wes no, better use SOCVR on SO chat server but I already posted it there for you.
@Wes You shouldn't edit those, but instead use a spam or r/a flag, probably.
10:48 AM
I flagged
as well
then removed
@Wes Last bit only makes it harder for people to see/flag it too.
So it's usually not done, so things can be quicker.
@Wes No worries! Just explaining :)
I can revert. I didn't want anyone else to do what I did and click on the link at work.
excuse me, what I really meant was Gigantamax reddit.com/r/nintendo/comments/e5pybp/…
10:49 AM
there was a suggested edit that removed the link but that effectively removed the whole answer
Yeah, such edits do happen..
@rene thanks all.
Thats all.
Normally you'd want to edit to a minimum to not change the meaning, so others can vote / flag. By all means **** foulness and hate, or disable links, but leave enough to hang the poster. Otherwise no one else will be able to back you up without reviewing the history.
There's also the fact that a rollback will invalidate any pending red flags on a post.
10:53 AM
@Mithical so I really screwed up then cause I flagged then edited.
Kinda like cleaning up poo with a sponge, good intentions but bad results.
Next time I'll just ignore.
Someone else will be on it soon enough, and hopefully do the right thing. Don't sweat over it, but you might get a comment or other complaint.
When even musicbrainz can't identify your mp3s :(
11:37 AM
@Rob depends on the type, sometimes it's easy to clean. :D
11:51 AM
In the help on flag bans it says: "If at least a quarter of 10 or more flags were declined during the past 7 days, you will be temporarily banned from raising new flags. This ban lasts up to 7 days". These 7 days are sliding, right? If I only raised 10 flags 6 days, 23 hours ago and 3 flags got declined I'm flag banned for only an hour.
It's 10% of your flags handled in the past 7 days.
12:07 PM
@rene sliding 10% of the flags of yours which were handled in the last 7 days
e.g if you have 50 pending, a mod could flag ban you for 5 weeks by declining 10 every 7 days
ah, handled flags. That makes sense
@Magisch if we have a mod that has done that trick I hope I elected them ....
@Mith you're back!!1!!!
Welcome back, you were missed. :P
What about your diamond?
What made you change back, if I may ask?
That's gone.
@Mithical meh... can live with you not being a mod. :)
@ShadowThePrincessWizard The reasons for the anonymity were no longer as applicable.
12:12 PM
@Mithical the leaked data is still out there... no?
I could probably get the diamond back but I don't want to.
@ShadowThePrincessWizard Yes, but it's no longer as sizzling and the leaks are no longer a big deal.
As in... that's not the focus anymore.
@rene I don't remember which mod it was that told me about that tidbit but it was on SO
@Mithical true. And what's behind the avatar change? Also quite drastic, to a realistic one.
in the context of me having 600 or so custom flags pending at one point
@ShadowThePrincessWizard I need samples of my writing to send to the army. I'll let you figure out the rest.
12:18 PM
@Mithical how are samples of your writing related to your avatar? scratches head
Also... why to the army?? You'll be some kind of a Bard?
I want to get into a position that involves writing.
Some of my samples are on SE, so I need to provide a link. I was also going over them with my parents beforehand.
Become officer, they spend a lot of time writing orders. ;)
@Mithical so you didn't want your parents and the army people to see your previous avatar... that makes some sense.
Basically, yeah.
12:21 PM
sending them a copy
*slaps @sha*
Thanks! :D
Oct 16 at 12:06, by Yvette Colomb
I can do this- he enjoys this type of violence
@Magisch yeah, I remember that you raised a few flags ;)
@rene I might start that again when the 3 or 4 new mods that will come in january are in
give them a warm welcome
12:26 PM
"welcome to all the new mods. Here's 100 hours of serial voting investigation work for you all"
May 12 '15 at 9:46, by SPArchaeologist
user image
1:11 PM
@SonictheReinstateMonica-hog gone
1:46 PM
SPFx project, hello world web part.
Created with the official Yeoman template
nothing added
just regular React Web Part
> 486 MB, 51881 Files, 6169 Folders
all of this, for a web part that displays a static message.
@Hitodama typical
I found YouTube vid showing the project I was part of in amdocs earlier
> NPM-a-gogo
It was kind of "internal facebook".
@Hitodama //help
@ShadowThePrincessWizard it gets worse if I use the PnP Angular template instead
At that point, an EMPTY Web part project goes up to...
> 814MB, 91919 Files, 10743 Folders
91919 is a nice number. I'd leave the project at that
1:53 PM
I remember vaguely that SharePoint throws everything into every page, yes.
Like giving the contents of whole super market to a chef so he'll make a pancake.
@ShadowThePrincessWizard Hey, there's load of stuff in a super market that goes great with said pancake.
Surely the one who's responsible believes in "We better be on the safe side" motto.
@Tinkeringbell :steers clear from the drogmetics section:
@JAD Pancake with toothpaste!
@Tinkeringbell that's probably the most edible out of all
1:57 PM
Luckily, 'load of stuff' isn't 'everything' :P
better than pancake with razorblades
hands @Tinkeringbell a jar of fermented red tofu
i'd take toothpaste, razerblades and a drizzle of bleach over that.
or even pineapple.
@JourneymanGeek That sounds gross... I was thinking breadsticks and nutella for the pancake. Though without pancake those are fine too... and now I said the n-word and want breadsticks and a jar of it...
@JourneymanGeek Okay... fun story!
@Tinkeringbell I'm allergic to pineapple remember? ;p
There's 'pancake restaurants' over here, and you can get pancakes with a lot of toppings. The one we often go to, has one on the menu that comes with ham, fried egg, bacon, mushrooms, pineapple, and some other stuff I don't know on the top of my head...
oh, we do crepes with mashed potato
@Tinkeringbell here too, we have a restaurant called "Pancake House"
Anyway, last time we were there, we saw the next table over order those... and this maniac of a mother figure puts 'stroop' on hers as well!
I like my pancakes with bacon, salted butter and brown sugar (with some cinnamon in the batter)
@Tinkeringbell at what point does a pancake become a pizza?
2:00 PM
@JAD As soon as it has tomatoes, which this one doesn't have :P
@ShadowThePrincessWizard can do better.
pancakes are girddled, pizzas are baked.
@JAD From the menu: Abnormaal (spek, ham, champignons, kaas, schijf ananas, twee gebakken eieren)
Oh, Google has a picture!
for when you want pancake but you also want it to be savory and don't want to give up on the 2000 calories you usually get from drowning it in syrup :p
2:02 PM
@Hitodama Actually, I think there's pancakes with horse meat....
@Tinkeringbell actually, it is a meme.
@JAD Well... Pizzas generally use yeast-raised dough and pancakes are generally chemically leavened... so by that definition, they'd never be the same. ;)
Long story
@Hitodama I get it... pancakes are idiots over here too, that pony doesn't look too smart, ruining the pancakes like that :P
2:04 PM
@Catija hmm, kneading pancake batter is a nogo
@JAD You could try, if you want to make a mess :P
I make enough of a mess making pancakes or kneading pizzadough separately
I would never make pancakes myself... I only eat them if I can't get out of eating those.
Can't say about pizzadough, that might happen some day if I finally live on my own.
2:05 PM
@Catija the indian version's kinda something like sourdough ;p
Making pancakes is fun... if you can get past the disappointment of the first ones always being "testers". :P
@Catija that's part of the job
@JourneymanGeek Of which? The first thing that came to mind is Dosa but that's more of a burrito.
Oh, so...
there's actually 2 (3?) kinds of dosa
The crepe sort, one that's fat (we actually call it a fat dosa) and a uttappam, which has additional stuff in the batter and sometimes toppings
@Hitodama That swirl looks suspicious.
2:07 PM
@Catija nah, my sister make pancakes for my kids every week. The little one (2.5) eats the first batch without complaining. :)
@Mithical it's white
And she's a unicorn.
Oh, by the way, naan is the staple bread in most of the indian restaurants in the states... but I had paratha at one place and they were way better. :D
@Catija Isn't the trick just to give the pan enough time to heat up really hot?
@Mithical Would imagine rainbow colors then. ;)
@Mithical alicorn. She has wings.
2:09 PM
@Tinkeringbell yep, and the reality is that it's never hot enough for the first batch
@JAD Patience?
@Tinkeringbell If it's too hot the side will burn before it's cooked enough.
heat management is the trick
@Catija oh erm
I dunno. I don't often make pancakes, and if I do, mom tells me when to pour batter and the first ones are always just as good as the last ones...
so.. the indian paratha and the south east asian prata....
2:10 PM
I currently have a ceramic stovetop. I really hate it since it makes heat management really awkward
are different
and I prefer the local one
@JAD I need fire.
@JAD Oof, yeah.... Though I still prefer that over gas, I am getting induction for my apartment.
@JourneymanGeek The ones I'm talking about are kinda thick but even (no puffs) and they have layers... somehow. and they seem very buttery.
@Tinkeringbell I'm considering swapping it for induction yeah
@JAD Induction is very nice :)
2:11 PM
@Catija I saw someone make something that fits that description by pouring a layer of batter, flipping it once, pouring another layer, etc.
I love my gas stove. :D
@Magisch Oh, that's interesting!
I hardly ever cook because I don't enjoy cooking and cold food is as good as warm for me
when I cook it's "omelette of everything leftover" type food
Once we ordered so much naan at an Indian place (for just my wife and I) that they asked me 3 times on the phone if they heard me correctly. And again when I picked it up lol.
@Rubiksmoose How much naan was that?
Gonna make some nice Boerenkool stamppot today :D
2:13 PM
@Catija For some reason... I'm always a bit scared stuff may explode :|
I don't remember. It wasn't that insane. But it was well in excess of normal naan orders we figured out later lol
"This is rubiksmoose. I want to order all of your naan" "Sir we have 1.3 tons in the fridge" "You heard me"
@Tinkeringbell Ah... well... I've lived in a house with a gas stove and/or gas furnace for most of my life and I've yet to have one explode. :D
I love naan
@Catija Glad to hear! :D
2:14 PM
@Catija Even better, I have lived in a students house with gas furnace(s), and only had a few fires.
That said, if i'd had a probalem, I probably wouldn't be here to talk about it.
I'll stick with induction, my apartment won't get a connection to gas. Only electricity :)
survivorship bias
Induction is great... as long as you have the right pans and the pans have flat bottoms... and I'm pretty sure it doesn't work for an oven.
@ShadowThePrincessWizard @Mithical Please, I already have to live seeing ads for this daily thanks to the usual "It is Christmas! Let's spam your TV with toys commercials" thing, no need for you to remind me that someone had to come up with such a toy.
2:15 PM
Nope, the oven/microwave will be different... electric
@Catija I don't think many ovens are gas-heated in the Netherlands to begin with
Just electric?
at least as far as I know of what is being sold these days
@JAD Friends of my parents have a really old home with a gas one.
there is currently a huge political push here to reduce gas consumption
2:17 PM
It's very old-fashioned, I think
Since most "stoves" in the US are all-in-one units with the hobs and the oven in one, I guess it's just considered easier to have the same heat source. There are some with gas hobs and an electric oven. I would probably have gone that route but that there's not many options and there's not a huge difference in quality between the two.
due to earthquakes happening in areas where gas is being won.
@Catija I'm not 100% sure
I'm in Texas and fracking is "all the rage"... and people (of course) are claiming that the quakes are just from active fault lines (there are none, really) and not the fracking.
2:18 PM
@Catija No, just the soil becoming 'empty' and collapsing.
But the fracking likely doesn't help that sooo... perhaps.
Yeah, seems that fracking is not allowed at all.
@Catija My guess is 20-25 years down the line we will find out hydraulic fracking was terrible for the local environment, water tables will be contaminated with no way to clean them up, and quality of life in affected areas will degrade.
The idea is that by 2030 the gas field will be shut down. So there's a push starting to move homes to all electric
@Catija Weird...
> In 2019 heeft het Rijk de NAM toestemming gegeven gas middels fracking te winnen in Pieterzijl.[5][6]
Apparently the NAM got permission to use fracking to get gas in '19.
2:20 PM
... As a Texan, it's kinda hard... The things we're "known" for are oil / gas and cows... both of which are pollutants. What else do we have if we have to give those up????
I feel for y'all in texas, it's not like environmental regulation is forthcoming or that the next generation will see any share of fracking profits or increased employment once the boom is over, but they will have to live with the consequences.
@Catija cowboy hats and line dancing? :P
Not... exactly economically viable.
@Catija Honestly? I see texas going the way of some parts of mexico. Economically destitute and sparsely populated in future.
2:22 PM
@Magisch Yeah, and on top of that, with the price of gas so low right now, it's often costing more to get it out of the ground than they can sell it for. Plus they're having to build pipelines which people don't generally like.
not to mention the fact that simple errors or regulatory noncompliance can contaminate the groundwater and subterranean aquifier supplies with carcinogens
Well, we're certainly building up a tech hub here in Austin at least.
there is no feasible way to clean those once they're contaminated, it'll be a matter of don't drink or use the groundwater for some decades.
Regulations? What are those?
2:23 PM
tech hubs are notoriously flighty, though
Well, tech companies like cheap, available land and... apparently we have a lot of that.
that is true
Switch from cows to insects. Those are apparently the environmentally friendly substitute?
larva can be tasty when grilled or served with vegetables
I must admit I haven't had the courage to try yet.
2:25 PM
We do a growing amount of solar and wind... when you drive out to West Texas, it's fun because you see oil wells in the low places and wind turbines in the high.
and apparently an excellent source of protein and other nutrients. I'm sure our current aversion to eating it is cultural
I think I'd rather be vegan than eat bugs.
Or... at least vegetarian... cheese is important.
@Tinkeringbell if you don't think about what you're eating it's like slightly different chicken. I shudder when thinking about it too but that is almost surely cultural, they love eating those in some countries with no qualms
@Catija cries in lactase tablets
Awwww. I'm sorry. :(
@Magisch Oh, I think that at some point, I do want to try...
2:28 PM
@Catija It's not as bad as others have it, I have a fairly high tolerance for small amounts and with the tablets it works well
just a cheese pizza for instance would be a very unpleasant weekend
but like with ... some other stuff ... I want to make sure that when I try, it's good stuff that won't ruin everything forever.
@Magisch I hear that the higher fat percentage, the less lactose? So... clearly full-cream ice cream is your answer. ;)
I don't like ice cream
or whipped cream
... you are starting to sound like a party pooper.
@Mithical Oh... hai... you're not a "user" any more. :D
2:30 PM
...my family on my grandmother's side basically worships ice cream. It's a known thing. Ice cream is awesome.
@Catija Yep. :)
I have ASD and loud noises (especially people talking consecutively) gives me splitting headaches, so I dislike parties too. I kinda am a party pooper, I suppose
Ah. I... haven't been diagnosed with any neuro-atypicality but I've also never been tested for it... so I think I'm mostly just anti-social... but I get really excited when the house I'm at for a party has a cat because it means I have someone to interact with.
I try to just avoid people... and communicate via text if at all possible. I also stutter a bit which doesn't help...
I love animals. Whenever there's a dog or cat or any animal that likes me, thats where I spend a lot of my time
I don't think any of us are big "party" people. :P
2:33 PM
@Catija er the difference is whether its "indian" maida flour or more normal general wheat flour
something about gluten levels and texture...
@Magisch I would... but I can't touch animals because of severely allergic family members... :(
So I usually just wind up standing in a corner.
@Magisch hahaha
@Catija I'm also the one who typically socialize with host's animals x)
one of my aunts has a running joke (not really a joke) that I only come to visit the cats and the ferret and the chinchillas and the dogs
@Mithical nice avatar btw! Did you change it? I just noticed it
2:39 PM
amusingly enough the chinchillas hate me and will bite
@curious I did, this one looks a bit more like me IRL
I'm bi-polar
or at least, I act this way in some situations
so at parties I'm either the awesome party guy
or..... sat in the corner
I have no clue how to interact with muggles ._.
2:52 PM
@Mithical Diablo 2 used to have that line "the power of mana refocused renews". I would change it into "the grudges of meta replayed ruins"
@JourneymanGeek best answer is don't
but i'm lucky, i'm highly functioning, enough to hide all my issues from everyone if i want to
@djsmiley2k-CoW eh, I need to for work
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