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7:19 AM
morning it is
And a Monday morning too... Not one single train has left on time this morning.
vierkante wielen ...
7:35 AM
vague grumbly noises
our office dog seems to relate
just made a grumbly welcome round and then settled down onto his blanket
I'm not privy to what's going on with Winter Bash (literally heard nothing about it myself, but maybe I missed something), but a major factor to keep in mind is our chief architect of fun things no longer works for us. — animuson ♦ 2 hours ago
Called it
Oct 20 at 8:27, by user58
I suspect that no balpha = no Bash this year. We'll see.
I reckon holding winter bash this year would be unwise anyways
they'd get even more flak then usual for it due to the situation
@Tinkeringbell mine was :o
7:53 AM
Not holding it might be a problem too
Also, fun has a bus factor of 1? :/
Fun hate us...
chat support also had a bus factor of 1
That's kinda true
but it is also that wierd thing that folks who don't really use the site fanatically don't get at all
Pre-Jeff vs Post-Jeff stuff?
Well I'd guess its more change over time
Its been slowly de-emphasised.
7:57 AM
like, more than 80%(?) meme born
(just a wild guess, lazy to calculate...)
If I worked for SE, I would not feel motivated to do fun for the community at the moment.
@Raedwald Actually that's exactly why you'd plan for it
@Raedwald as you scream into the forest, it echoes
If you're going to treat your community like they're toxic and unwelcoming, they'll become so if they're not. It's not a new concept
It's one thing to plan something and do the work. Another to be motivated and feel any joy in it.
At some point every job hits a point where you have to do something you're not enthusiastic about
but yeah
8:06 AM
@rene Perhaps. I suspect the last train was delayed because apparently an intercity full of people otherwise missed their connection...
ah, that's always tricky. It's nice to do for those people, but it makes it so that delays cascade through the network
Yeah... and it makes the train unnecessary full too.
9:01 AM
@Tinkeringbell trains suck :(
@djsmiley2k-CoW Usually they're actually pretty okay here... but just not today.
@Tinkeringbell well thats good
in my past experience, they were 'ok' about 50% of the time
good, maybe 5% of the time
the other 45% was nightmare on earth material.
Oh, yeah... they're never really 'good', I think. There's always something. The worst that get me are dirty floors, crumbs, people leaving their trash (mostly old newspapers/coffee cups), and really dirty windows that make looking outside impossible.
Oh, and train wifi being crap ;)
Two more delete votes needed for this one @Sha @rene
And the same for this one
Thanks Tink!
9:16 AM
You're welcome :)
@Tinkeringbell I feel this depends quite a lot on which route you use
I never had much issue with all that stuff
I might get 20k on wednesday if the change goes through
so.... now we have two foundraisers?
@Hitodama we do?
9:27 AM
looks like I got connection, but my phone not...
@Hitodama linky?
^ see above
I don't think somehow a thousand dollars will cover that lawsuit...
Shows some very realistic expectations there...
9:32 AM
halp, my internet is on fire!
full on copyright lawsuit on a high ambiguity question that is very fact specific like this is probably running you 6 or 7 figures
I'll send one of those firefighter airplanes :)
@mag Yep.. so I somehow don't feel any donated money there will actually go towards a lawsuit.
so with go fund me, is the donated money charged immediately, or only when the goal is reached?
Immediately, I think. I only did one once so my memory may be a bit fuzzy.
AFAIK, donated money will be charged immediately, but it could be refunded if the goal is not reached, unless it's "flexible goal"
9:41 AM
makes me wonder whether the goal is doing the lawsuit or raising $1k
lets be absolutely real here you can not fight a copyright lawsuit for 1k
you can't even fight one for 25k
drafting a complaint is going to cost you a lot more then that unless you have a pro bono lawyer or rewards based fee structure, which I can't see a lawyer going for in this case
well, my knowledge on fundraising platform was only from YouTube videos on scammy-raising though...
@mag exactly, so I was wondering how deep the dark pit was people are throwing money into
Or the goal is literally look I have a fundraiser too
Monica's situation is fairly more serious imo
@Tinkeringbell be aware that if the thing really is illegal.... then just calling that out could be enough to get on the bad side of some state agency.
9:50 AM
@Hitodama I'm not sure how stuff works in the US... but over here then you don't need a 1000 euros to shoot the state agency an e-mail/complaint form.
@Tinkeringbell I don't think the US typically interfers directly in stuff like that
ANd a grand sounds a lot less than what a lawyer would cost and I have no idea what the grounds for this would be
Where would a complaint like that even be addressed to?
there's not a regulatory agency to complain to about copyright violations
> I don't know exactly how much this will come out to, so I used the default setting for funding goal. I'll raise the goal as necessary, though.
if there's a copyright violation you can register said copyright and then sue for infringement
10:15 AM
@terdon don't know how it will go, nor if there is any ground for it (the only thing I can say is that the quote from the official license upgrade guide does read out like the company should have asked for explicit permission, but I am no lawyer or anything). Just pointing out that someone started that found riser.
Pointing things out is dangerous these days...
they'll start a donation box tomorrow
@Hitodama Sure, I was just pointing out that the objective isn't only $1000, so there's no expectation that whoever started this will be funding a lawsuit with just 1k.
@Tinkeringbell thanks for pointing that out.
10:30 AM
See... it's dangerous.
self-fulfilling prophecy.
@Tinkeringbell oh, I am no longer that active anyway.
10:42 AM
11:00 AM
Whoops for caps, and ty :)
As I understand it Jacob was perusing legal action on their own anyway. I suggested a fundraiser so at least those who want to can help a little.
I am really tempted to post a picture of Mitty now...
12:02 PM
@Hitodama Mitty? How about Miffy, for all those feeling miffed? :P
@Tinkeringbell as you wish.
Image not found, and imgur seems blocked here...
I'll look tonight ;)
@Tinkeringbell did you ever go to the museum?
@Tinkeringbell stack imgur blocked? good luck seeing the avatars then.
@Bart I've seen more parts of the RMO than you!
What's that for stupid question... Of course I went to museums. How else does one get a Master's degree in Archaeology with a specialization in Museum Studies and Heritage Management?
12:09 PM
@Tinkeringbell I was referring to the Nijntjemuseum. Miffy ...
@Bart Ohh. Nah. I was too old for that ;)
And I didn't feel like loaning a kid somewhere.
... right ... yes ... sure ... me too ... ahuh
Hahaha was it fun?
No fingerprints on the inside of the glass?
What kind of font did they use?
How was the lighting?
Apparently it has changed a lot, but in the beginning it had a lot of stuff on Dick Bruna, his works, his process.
Sounds good, he was a great artist :)
I should really get a museumjaarkaart some time.
12:12 PM
Yeah, it was really cool. But apparently these days it's more like a kids playground.
Ooh, I used to have that back in NL. Worth every cent.
@Bart Yeah, that fits my image of it a bit better...
Kinda sad
@Bart I miss having class at the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden each Wednesday. ;) And I really want to get back in the habit of visiting museums... They recently refurbished Naturalis a lot too...
@Tinkeringbell I haven't seen the Rijksmuseum since the reopening. I should really go.
@Bart Different Rijksmuseum, I think? This one is in Leiden ;)
12:15 PM
I did an internship at the Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde (that's in Leiden too :P)
The dusty one :P
I love the dusty one!
The one which allows parrots in
I think I've been there once in the time I lived in Leiden
12:15 PM
@Bart That'd probably be Naturalis :P
to vote
Naturalis used to be a Rijksmuseum too... nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lijst_van_rijksmusea_in_Nederland :D
Ooh, I forgot Twenthe is a rijksmuseum too. But I never enjoyed it there.
@JAD We had a lot of classes there, which was so fun! To see the statues that were part of the collection that once started at the Botanical Garden...
@Bart Are you more of an art museum or history museum fan?
@Tinkeringbell art.
History can be cool, but I prefer art.
12:18 PM
Got that impression XD
Ever been to the TEFAF?
The one art thing I ever did and now the conversation is going dead XD
My favorite is the Groninger Museum.
@Tinkeringbell the what now?
TEFAF was fun, I could get so close to all sort of famous art that I could touch it if I wanted (didn't do it, there was security)...
12:20 PM
Even just the building alone :D
@Tinkeringbell I've had a few in Naturalis
And Boerhaave
@JAD The European Fine Art Fair... big thing, lots of auctioneers/antiquaries selling art. Anything from archaeological artifacts to full-blown medieval armors and Picasso's.
I felt a bit like a 'lompe boer' there.
But it was fun, and I learned a lot, talked to interesting people :)
@JAD Boerhaave is great too, we had a class there too! We didn't ever go to Naturalis for class, but students had free entry so we went regularly anyways ;)
It had this machine with free lettuce seeds, so we'd go in spring XD
"Welcome, let me tell you about our exciting exhibi....." "No thanks, lettuce seeds!!!"
@Tinkeringbell Wait, what? What do you do with lettuce seeds? Are they good for anything other than becoming lettuce? Are the seeds edible or something?
@terdon-stopharmingMonica isn't becoming lettuce enough?
12:29 PM
@terdon-stopharmingMonica Yeah... you grow them into lettuce, then have a free meal ;)
@Bart I still haven't seen the T-Rex XD
For shame! :D
Wanna hear something even worse? :P
We visited Naturalis with my grandparents once. They're very strict Christians... so we skipped the whole bottom floor with fossils, and just did the upper floors about animals right now... :|
Like, if by skipping the bottom floor it suddenly stops existing XD
ah that point, why not go to a zoo?
Oh, we did... You know, the old zoo in Emmen (I think it was) had this entry where you'd walk through the whole evolution of earth too?
ah yes
I have been there once, a long time back
(it's kinda far away)
12:34 PM
Emmen isn't too far from here, but the new 'zoo' is more of a theme park and I'm not going to stand in line to see a giraffe :P
@Tinkeringbell ooh yeah, Emmen. Man, that brings back memories. And the verkeerspark in Assen. Does that still exist? :D
@Bart sadly not
@Bart Sadly, no. The Verkeerspark is gone :(
although apparently they did a restart as a part of some other park
@Tinkeringbell it's 220km from where I grew up. It's a bit far for a zoo
12:35 PM
But that was indeed awesome... cycling round in one of the cars until some employee calls your number, and says you need to go to the gaspump for gas... where of course your parents are waiting to tell you to get out :(
@Bart Speelstad Oranje is gone too :(
That used to be a big part of my childhood...
What's next? Ponypark Slagharen?
I think the ponies are already gone, and it's just 'attractiepark' now.
Julianatoren also isn't what it used to be.
:'( What's becoming of my country?
But the petting zoo in Malkenschoten is still good (though they did switch to smaller food portions to feed animals, but that's good... those goats were always too fat when I was young.)
@Bart Is this the time to start about Zwarte Piet? :P
@Tinkeringbell Hahaha, I'm sure those debates have started again.
12:39 PM
@Bart Did they ever stop? :P
Ever done a Sint Maarten run?
No, Sint Maarten was never really a thing near us
There's going to be a load of disappointed kids here tonight, as my parents aren't home and my brother and I will both be home late :|
@Bart I used to get sooo much candy! And a mandarin. I had one neighbour that always handed out mandarins for some reasons :|
@Bart The Efteling still exists
@Tinkeringbell OK. Kinda confused about why having a machine with free $ediblePlantSeeds is such a good thing when the seeds themselves aren't edible. I'd get excited for free food when I was a student, for free food that requires planting, watering, and several months of waiting, less so :)
@JAD Yeah, but it's getting too big/busy? A bit like Disneyland, you pay a lot of money and in the end you haven't even been able to see everything if you go on a busy day...
@terdon-stopharmingMonica Oh, this one had a 'goal': It was a quiz, so you had to say for 6 species of lettuce whether they were a 'old' or 'new' (bred by man) species. If you got it all right, you'd get some kind of tissue with seeds between the layers that you could plant and grow, with seeds from an 'old' species of lettuce.
It was tasty lettuce :)
Also... lettuce grows amazingly fast.
12:52 PM
@Tinkeringbell Ah, that makes a bit more sense. There was a game involved! I thought it was just a machine giving free lettuce seeds which, while neat, didn't seem to merit much excitement!
@terdon-stopharmingMonica Hahaha no, there was a game involved ;) But they also did have this flower like display, somewhere in a bit of a dark corner... It had a bright neon sign saying 'gratis' (free), and it blinked and stuff... and if you came near it (or pushed the button/put your hand into a hole, can't remember exactly) it had this really annoying voice that said 'you've been enticed, like a bee would by a flower' XD
@JAD ^ You remember that one? Did I get it right?
@Tinkeringbell I honestly don't recall
That's how impressive it was XD
@Tinkeringbell best tactic is to go in the middle of the week in may or something, outside of schoolvacations
@JAD Yeah, we used to do that too. Whenever my brother's school had a 'studiedag', either I'd try and arrange a free day through 'snipperuren' or mom would call me in sick and we'd spend the day in a theme park :)
I did have 1 teacher that could see really well when I was lying. So when he asked if I was feeling better after such a day I got this weird 'I know you're lying' look... and a concerned talk after class because he thought there was some bad things happening maybe. It became a bit of a running gag for the next two years after that XD
1:06 PM
/me looks in
@djsmiley2k-CoW Cool. What's the best museum around there? :D
We have a toy museum?
Oh, those are always great :D
especially if you're still allowed to play with some of the games.
No idea, sadly never been
We also have a car museum, which is quite good (and doesn't just cover cars)
and a art museum, which does quite a lot of interactive stuff for kids
just wondering... does anyone remember who worked on Winter Bash last year?
1:12 PM
@djsmiley2k-CoW I've never been to car museum, but there's one for trains that is pretty good here.
6 hours ago, by user58
I'm not privy to what's going on with Winter Bash (literally heard nothing about it myself, but maybe I missed something), but a major factor to keep in mind is our chief architect of fun things no longer works for us. — animuson ♦ 2 hours ago
@animuson tbf balpha has not personally done winterbash for years (e.g. Oded and I did one) — Sklivvz 44 mins ago
hmm, then I think those who appeared in the chat at nearly the same time of the Chicken Quest
2:13 PM
"To the best of my knowledge there has been no attempt by SE to fill those missing volunteer positions." Just so you know, we don't run elections this late in the year due to holidays. The earliest possible we'd start running elections again is in January. — animuson ♦ 13 mins ago
I called that in september and nobody believed me
2:42 PM
@mag I'm sorry! :)
giving the parrot side-eye
Aww! There's a parrot emoji?
I like that one too :)
2:48 PM
@Tinkeringbell That looks like it could be a new avatar for you
looks so friendly and personable and approachable
@mag I kinda like my chubby current parrot a lot too... or maybe that one? ^
@Tinkeringbell somehow that looks more like a male parrot although I can't pinpoint why I think that
@JohnDvorak Too bad... still at work, can't watch. What're they launching this time?
@mag It's the aggressive pose ;)
A large stack of Starlink satellites
2:51 PM
took me a little while to find it with windows Super Emoji Adderer Dialog. apparently "parrot" is not the name, but "perroquet"
works with parrot in english
... oh wow. it's actually because for some reason, localization makes the name of the emojis in french
whereas the system's language is english
o.0 that sounds broken...
that's some sneaky optimization...
@JohnDvorak thanks for the headsup
2:52 PM
@FélixGagnon-Grenier keyboard language is my guess
since emojis are vaguely a keyboard feature
hmmm good point, I use a french layout for them pesky accents
T-3 minutes
I use a custom layout, Dvorak with Czech accents
@FélixGagnon-Grenier I really dislike people typing with a French accent in chat. Makes them sound so unintelligible :P
is it like, super long getting used to dvorak?
@Tinkeringbell [laungh in Québécois]
Sure enough, the Emoji search is in friggin Czech
I never learned to touch type on QWERTY
It's all I can do, touch type on QWERY
@FélixGagnon-Grenier Î jùst cân't sêé whý ýôú'd nééd âccènts.
I'm going to leave that like it was deliberate.
2:56 PM
This is the Czech idea of a pangram: příliš žluťoučký kůň úpěl ďábelské ódy
(way too yellow horse wailed devilish odes)
Das sieht aus als wäre die Sprache nur dafür da um schwer zu tippen zu sein. Warum würde jemand so viele verschiedene Varianten der einzelnen Buchstaben verwenden? Erscheint mir durchaus unnötig.
Gaan we nou een Babylonische spraakverwarring beginnen?
All that looks like something I'd spell if I wasn't looking at my keyboard
dutch kind of is like that
3:00 PM
Speak for yourself, German is way worse :P
I don't think it's valid Perl.
How to speak German: each time you're about to press a spacebar, roll a dice. If it rolls 5 or lower, don't press it.
@Tinkeringbell au contraire
@JohnDvorak Just talk Dutch with a pretty big accent, and they'll understand you.
@mag Rollkugeleingabegerät
le French is sneaking in
3:05 PM
French is like that...
@Bart I'll watch that tonight. Still at work!
Technically. 10 more minutes and I'm packing up to take a bus home :)
@Tinkeringbell this
ahhh the painful broken hope of clicking a link, all happy at the perspective of hearing some humour, only to be mercilessly crushed by the overwhelming realization that one does not, indeed, speak german.
Geoff Dalgas on November 11, 2019

We are always looking for ways to make it easier to be a part of the Stack Overflow community. One of the ways we make things easy is by offering the option to log in via other services, like Google or Facebook. As of today, we’re adding another option to log in – GitHub!

What this means to you is that you can now sign in to Stack Overflow by choosing GitHub when logging in, just like you can do now with Google or Facebook. 

Speaking as one of the developers who helped build this, I’m excited to bring this feature to our community especially because it’s been a longstanding request fr …

3:09 PM
@FélixGagnon-Grenier Dutch.
@Feeds hmm., google, facebook, now MS? ;p
I er... don't speak it either :D
@FélixGagnon-Grenier That's okay, but I don't like you dissing my beautiful native language like that! :P
awwww :P le apology
3:11 PM
You better... I have mod powers evil laugh
@FélixGagnon-Grenier I experience the reverse problem here. So often I want to reference Dutch comedians, but that simply doesn't work :D
@FélixGagnon-Grenier You can run, but never hide!
indeed. but at this time, I really need to commute to work, so laters o/
See ya!
STOP! There's only 1 parrot here.
4:03 PM
awwww :)
So it's the first day with a visible layer of snow on the ground, so I put my winter boots, and downright proceeded to fall when running in the metro like a newbie. Whole generations of my ancestors are facepalming in their frozen tombs.
I wish :) but more specifically some amerindians and french folks
Well, are you OK?
Falling isn't pleasant, no matter how it happens... :/
sending a doctor to @Felix
4:07 PM
@ShadowThePrincessWizard No such command 'doctor'.
strained my calf, still hurts a bit but it will pass. every single hockey game generally hurts as much
@FélixGagnon-Grenier We just invented some kind of spiked you can add to your regular shoes for such purposes. Are you still in one piece?
Ah. Already answered that I see ;)
I am, thanks :)
@ShadowThePrincessWizard It can be very pleasant when happening to someone else.
2 hours later…
6:39 PM
i fixed the tumble drier \o/ i'm a real boy
I thought you just had to be brave, truthful, and unselfish for that? :)
But sounds cool. I wish I could fix things like that ;)
7:14 PM
!!/test skyalerts.io
> Would not be caught as a post, title or username.
!!/watch- skyalerts\.io
@Stormblessed The regex contains an unescaped "."; in most cases, it should be "\."; append -force if you really want to do that.
1 hour later…
8:39 PM
@Stormblessed Escaping characters:
"The regexes for the blacklist-keyword and watchlist have \b prepended and appended to them prior to testing against post bodies, titles, and usernames. For both of those lists, the i and s flags are set (case insensitive and . matches anything). The other lists do not bookend the regexes with \b and only have the case insensitive flag, i, set.
Other than the -number lists, what you are providing is a regular expression. As such, make sure regex special characters are escaped (in particular, . characters should be escaped as \.) when not used as the special character. The regular expression variant that SmokeDetector uses is the regex package.".
1 hour later…
9:49 PM
1 hour later…
10:55 PM
@Feeds still better if it's only the imaging sensor...

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