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1:24 AM
I’m not listed as being in this room?
Oh it’s just mobile
4 hours later…
4:57 AM
A: Is it safe to eat potatoes that have sprouted?

Shog9 Other online discussions suggest it's reasonably safe and the majority of us have been peeling and eating soft sprouty spuds for years. Is this correct? Um... Well, I grew up eating them. Towards the end of winter, all the potatoes looked like that. We snapped off the sprouts, ate the firmer...

@Shog nice answer XD
5:39 AM
> Unless this is all a dream, the last twenty years merely the illusion of my dying, spasming, potato-poisoned brain.
Yanno, this is a great explaination of the last half decade
6:18 AM
Disagreed. Shog9 may be nary but a floating head, but he's still the normalest of the whole bunch out there around our creator :P
6:29 AM
@NickCraver There's a server error when trying to load up a specific item in the Reopen Votes queue
Q: Server error when loading a specific reopen review item

GlorfindelThere's currently an item in the Reopen Votes review queue here on Meta, but I can't review it. Refreshing doesn't help (it usually does with this error, but not right now): The call to next-task fails, it redirects to the error page: (I've saved that call as a cURL but I'm not sure it's of...

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16 messages moved to Chimney
8:11 AM
@SonictheReinstateMonica-hog there's really no need to summon a developer for every bug. This one is minor bug that has no big impact.
@Stormblessed +1
8:37 AM
.... someone apparently is browsing the "Suggestion for Winter Bash 2019" question
noticed multiple upvotes
wonder if it is some random user or an employee.
a random user (could be an employee)
ah, nope, think I get it now.
someone had to bring the recent incidents to that post too.
And so the post was bumped. That is probably the reason behind the votes.
Speaking of bumping old posts, thanks @Glorfindel for fixing all those old posts with non-imgur image links.
8:49 AM
@Hitodama well of course
@Hitodama like with any bumped post, indeed.
@PM2Ring he's been doing it for long time, yeah.
9:21 AM
on an unrelated notice, it is just me or Youtube recommended videos feature got far more intrusive lately?
Intrusive how?
On which platform? Web? Mobile apps?
Waffles or Pancakes?
@Cerbrus have tested from an Azure VM (just to be sure that the IP isn't one they should have already tracked). Just watching a single video is enough to get "reccomended for you" links in the sidebar for every new video you watch. Even as an anonymous user with disabled cookies.
It is useless to say that the "recommended videos" aren't very related in most cases.
Yea, that's not new, is it?
Youtube has been insisting I watch certain videos for ages...
9:25 AM
I didn't see that happening for unlogged users until about... last week.
Recommended videos are just that, "recommended", not "related"
Like those Amazon recommendation...
my point wasn't about the "quality" of the recommendations (but I agree with you that they aren't good at all). My point is that I didn't see recommended video in the sidebar when browsing as an anonymous user before. At least, not after watching just a single video.
And this new behavior seems to be fully replicable from every machine I tested it on (multiple unrelated IP, browsers and geo locations)
What is this YouTube you talk about? I only know CathodeRayTube ...
Hm, I don't see recommendations on an incognito Chrome youtube page...
Even after watching some cute huskies
try something commercial related
like a videogame.
9:34 AM
@Hitodama it's like this ever since I started viewing YouTube some years ago. Only thing I can think of is that you have some adblocker that used to hide it and got borked now for some reason.
Nope, even with uBlock disabled
@ShadowThePrincessWizard nope. That is not an ad block thing. Before, if you opened a single let's say... dark Soul video from a private browsing browser window, you wouldn't get recommendations . Now apparently a single video is enough to have the youtube homepage suggesting you other Dark Soul video, Dark Soul youtubers channels and so on.
Problem is, apparently Youtube also believes that Dark Souls must be similar to call of duty, since it suggests those too.
Could safely ignore those, mind you, but I had that feeling that whatever algorithm they use it was made more "aggressive" recently
@Hitodama Category "gaming"
It's always been aggressive...
@Hitodama hmm.... perhaps, yeah.
9:52 AM
Microwaving reduces solanine in potatoes.
@ShadowThePrincessWizard just tried again. Incognito mode, vm with "new" ip, clicked a link to a video posted on reddit about a FF7 remake demo review. The sidebar already shows other ff7 videos with the "recommended for you" tag. Like I said, I never noticed that before. I mean, the related videos on the right were obviously similar video even before - and because of that it was expected that most were about FF7 if you were watching a FF7 video...
But the "recommended for you" tag.... I don't think I saw it so frequently before.
i mean, incognito mode doesn't stop anyone from targeting you these days
all major ad and insight pixel providers use browser fingerprinting by default
10:05 AM
@mag that's why I also tested on a vm that shouldn't be "fingerprinted" in other ways.
It just seem that they have lowered the minimum threshold before starting to show "recommended for you" videos to basically 0.
Mind you, not a great problem, but it removes spaces for other videos.
Ironically, the "related" videos that are normally shown on the right sidebar when watching a video are more "related" than the "recommended" ones
Not that I am surprised of that: related videos probably work on TAGS, while recommended are just whatever content they are promoting at the moment.
There's also this thing that you have a session open...
@Cerbrus ?
Your session persists between page loads... (Not to mention YouTube being an SPA...)
Did... I mention multiple azure VM, different "just opened, clean state" browsers in incognito mode, different IP, direct video url copied in the url bar and... still recommended for you on the first page load? Yep, I did.
10:21 AM
clearly they are profiling you as a privacy-afficionado. It's given away by the fact that nothing is given away
@JAD yep, and they recognize me even from IP I never used before, multiple os, browser versions and such. ^_^'
@Hitodama They don't have to recognise you, just match enough of you with what they think someone like you would like
@JAD again, I think you may be missing my point here. I am not talking about the fact that I get recommended video. I was saying that I don't think I ever got recommended video on the first watched video on a new browser session (no cookie, different IP, not logged in) until about last week. I think they have "tuned up" their algorithms to start showing recommendations to anyone as soon as they have "watched" at least one video.
stayin' alive, stayin' alive
Close enough
No cigar?
I eat small salad now.
And a big toast.
10:58 AM
I'm off to the train now
the train
lunchtime :)
@rene to see the hand-painted blue-and-white pottery there?
Take your coat too, it's cold there now. :D
11:02 AM
Nah, the weather's okay now in Delft... aside from some rain
Nothing a dutch flower can't handle
Nothing significant
Only 70mph? ;)
As punishment for not replying, a boring picture of my workplace cupboard!
11:21 AM
there's something weird with that cupboard, but I can't seem to pinpoint it...
Anything related to me is weird. @M.A.R know this for long time. ;)
Dang, forgot to eat the wafer. (See @user58? I remembered! ;))
hmm? avatars don't fly-in/out anymore when entering/leaving a chat room?
@MetaAndrewT. It's the instant coffee. Nobody wants to drink that.
maybe just my imagionation...
@MetaAndrewT. dunno, leave and I'll tell ya
kicking @Meta out
Yup no animation
Pretty sure unrelated CSS change borked it
Dev removed CSS that they thought isn't used/needed anywhere.
11:25 AM
but it is working in The Future...
@dim or the fact we have 3 different brands of it? :D
@MetaAndrewT. CTRL+F5?
@ShadowThePrincessWizard Do you mix a bit of each of those three in the same cup, to make it taste better?
@ShadowThePrincessWizard no, business meeting
11:28 AM
How much you got from it?
@dim nope. Knew few people who did, but I never even tried.
@ShadowThePrincessWizard ?
One coworker at amdocs years ago mixed instant coffee and chocolate milk powder, every day. o_O
@rene if you did business, it means you earned something from it, no? :D
@ShadowThePrincessWizard not yet ... that is the point of the meeting
Oh. So wish you luck getting the most out of it! :)
I'll make sure everyone gets their fair share
11:33 AM
You 99% and the rest 1%?
No, they are not evil
Also, I keep getting confused... aren't you a freelancer? @rene (if so, how come there are others working with you?)
Yes, I freelance and I co-own a business
So that's not really freelance. I think. #isConfused
What you write in your resume, for example? @rene
Just the name of my own company. The rest is mentioned as project/consultancy wprk
Yes, I'm technically what is called a ZZP-er
@ShadowThePrincessWizard hey, my privacy!
It's in Mexico so you're safe. :P
@ShadowThePrincessWizard this: nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/ZZP
11:39 AM
> elfstandige zonder personeel; zie Freelance
in Shadow's Den, 11 secs ago, by FOX 9000
@ShadowThePrincessWizard [Powered by Yandex Translate] > elfstandige without a staff, and behold, a Freelance
beholding @rene
11:51 AM
@JNat super cross site spammer (12 sites!) for your ever caring treating. Thanks! :)
12:30 PM
@ShadowThePrincessWizard I do that all the time
@user58 O_o
It's like... umm.... mixing two stories into one...
You have to enjoy each on its own merit. ;)
That coworker also ate מנה חמה almost every day for lunch. o.o
I would do that and it would make coffee palatable for me but chocolate milk powder has calories
Calories. I need calories. Lots of them.
I don't. I maintain weight at ~1750/day
I think I burned more than that in the past two hours
12:39 PM
I think my broken digestion causes me to loose a lot of the calories 'normal' people would take in
so I appear to eat/drink tons...
@user58 doing what? raising eyebrow
@user58 That seems rather impossible. Even intense continued cardio doesn't burn that much?
@ShadowThePrincessWizard I just spent two hours on my MTB doing technical practice
are you weightlifting whilst on a bycicle?
If lifting the bicycle repeatedly in the air counts, then yes
12:41 PM
@user58 Mobile Turning Ball?
mountain bike
(Also, there may be an element of hyperbole here.)
Doubt riding bike burns so much calories.
Only your legs are working.
exercise has a longer effect than just the time you spent doing it
12:42 PM
There's a different between "riding a bike" and doing technical XC MTB practice
No idea what's that, so can't really know...
strap the bike to your back and run!
You mean doing exercise with the whole body while riding bike? @user58
@djsmiley2k-CoW no, that's CX (cyclo-cross)
From what I see it's riding bike in rough conditions. Still, don't think it burns 1000 calories per hour. :D
!!/calories user58
12:45 PM
@ShadowThePrincessWizard No such command 'calories'.
@Raedwald No such command 'waffles'.
@ShadowThePrincessWizard No such command 'brown'.
there are few things more terrifying then talking to a lawyer who assumes you know what you're talking about
like, no, thats why my company is currently paying you so I can ask you stuff
12:50 PM
Talking about your company, or SE?
@ShadowThePrincessWizard might be easier than you think
@ShadowThePrincessWizard mine
I asked them to get me some time with a lawyer and the lawyer is all like "you're the DPO, what do you think"
like, mate, I'm paying you specifically because I'm not a lawyer and you are
reminds me of a case when a lawyer (and also a YouTuber) was accused...
1:10 PM
@user58 That seems a little circular. They're using some device that measures heart rate as a proxy for calorie loss and then call the winner based on the person who had the highest heart rate, which was simply because that particular one of the three masochists was running with more clothes on. I don't know if that actually means that he burned more calories. Is there any link between an elevated heart rate (when not caused by exercise) and calorie loss?
I really doubt that I'll burn more calories if you strap me to a chair and scare the living daylights out of me for half an hour than if I was to walk at a leisurely pace for the same half hour.
@terdon Stress or anxiety often goes with a higher heart rate and can cause weight loss?
Want some popcorn with that? :)
@Tinkeringbell True, but as that link mentions, it's less than you'd burn by walking for half the time. Therefore, using heart rate as a proxy for calorie burning doesn't make much sense when your heart rate is being elevated beyond what is actually caused by the exercise you're doing.
Well... as I can't find any answers on fitness.se, here's a quora link: quora.com/Is-heart-rate-proportional-to-calories-burned
my estimations of calorie consumption is all about personal experience
I measured calorie intake and delta of weight over some months (calorie intake down to single calories) and came up with ~1750 to sustain, and so far it's been proven mostly right
@Tinkeringbell that seems to confirm my hunch: you cannot just use heart rate as a proxy since the reasons for the increase in heart rate can vary and it's the reasons that cause the calorie burn.
1:20 PM
@terdon Oh wait... yeah. If you use more muscle, you burn more energy. Heart is just one muscle.
Using it more will use more energy, but not as much as using it more in combination with other muscles?
cognitive effort also burns calories
although I feel how much everyone uses and how much everyone even extracts is a thing that can only be sussed out via trial and error
for instance, if a food is labeled at 50kCal/100g, that means for the average person's intake efficiency. You may get more or less out of that food
for instance, someone from my old school class used to put away an easy 4k kCal a day and was still paper thin and hungry all the time
I can smell food and gain weight :(
It's unfair, one of my brothers is like your old school classmate.
@Tinkeringbell Yep. But the more you use your muscles, the more oxygen you consume and therefore the more oxygen you need and that raises your heart rate. So it is reasonable to use heart rate as a proxy to measure energy consumption (calorie burning). However, you need to remember that it is a proxy so drinking coffee to raise your heart rate seems completely irrelevant.
@Tinkeringbell the flipside of this is that you need less food to live
which these days isn't crucially important anymore but sure used to be
User58 linked to a video where three people ate some food and then tried to see what was he most efficient way to burn 1000 calories by running. But they used heart rate as to measure calorie burning, and of course the winner was the one who had the highest average heart rate. But they all used tricks to increase their heart rate, not their energy consumption, so I think the whole video is based on a flawed premise.
1:27 PM
@terdon Yep. It definitely isn't a very accurate experiment.
....but interesting, nonetheless.
@mag I'm similar to this. My parents complain I eat them out of house and home...
basically right though. More oxygen === more cell respiration === more hydrocarbons + oxygen turned into carbon dioxide === more usable calories (= complexes the body is able to metabolize into hydrocarbons) consumed
@user58 I doubt it, to be honest. Any differences discussed are based on measuring heart rate only. And if that isn't a useful measure for the reasons mentioned above, then all of their conclusions are baseless.
@mag ummm... not really :)
conversely, people get hot and sweat more when they have elevated heart rates, so there is excess thermal energy coming from somewhere
@terdon no?
The oxygen mask thing was just silly. You need the oxygen to burn the calories, so limiting that is counter-productive.
Maybe the "more oxugen -> more respiration", but even that is likely not true. I don't think an increase in oxygen will necessarily cause an increase in cellular respiration. More oxygen simply means more respiration can be supported, I don't know that it means more respiration will happen.
1:30 PM
I'm not a biologist but I've always assumed that the mechanism by which our bodies translate calories to energy (kinetic, thermal, etc) is cell respiration
It might. It might not. I don't know.
@mag Yees. But respiration doesn't produce hydrocarbons, it brakes them down. OK, it does produce some, ATP for instance, but the general idea is to break down hydrocarbons to release their energy which is done in the form of the molecule ATP.
I thought the cellular respiration worked like this:
1. Body metabolizes available calories into simple hydrocarbons
2. Simple Hydrocarbons + Oxygen =exothermic=> CO2 + some stuff
3. Emitted energy is utilized and CO2 breathed out
So more cell respiration would lead to fewer hydrocarbons (well, fewer sugars, mainly) not more.
@terdon the hydrocarbons in ATP already existed in ADP before respiration though
@mag Pretty much, yes. Except that there is no such thing as "calories" that's just a measure of energy, so it isn't something that can be metabolized. We eat the hydrocarbons that are then broken down during cellular respiration.
1:34 PM
calories being a shorthand for the potential of energy in a ratio of joules the body can get out of a specific form of hydrocarbon via cellular respiration, right?
e.g 1000 calories == an amount of complex or simple hydrocarbons that can generate 1000xsome rate joules of energy if broken down and used with oxygen in cellular respiration
3.6 : 1 I think? maybe wrong
@JAD Um. Kinda. Yes, we don't create matter out of nothingness, but the hydrocarbons (which is a very broad term, by the way, ADP and ATP are also hydrcarbons) "burned" are glucose molecules, mostly.
@mag Something like that, yes. I am trying to remember my undergraduate years here, I haven't touched biochemistry since university.
I haven't touched chemistry since 10th grade :p
I know the A in ATP/ADP is a hydrocarbon. I'm just saying that the energy is stored in the phosphate, so if ATP is produced, it's produced from ADP, so the net amount of hydrocarbon in ATP/ADP stays equal
Yes. Exactly, but that isn't relevant to the process, as such. The "input" hydrcarbon here is glucose, not ADP.
1:38 PM
iirc our body can't even directly use complex hydrocarbons (like fats)
Sigh. I used to be able to recite the entire glycolysis reaction (and Krebbs cycle) by heart, including chemical formulae and molecular structures.
and they're broken down into some form of sugar first
I can barely remember to draw a glucose molecule these days.
I wonder why a lot of new users attempt to use single line breaks as paragraph breaks.
Are they used to some platform where that works?
Single line breaks? You mean pressing enter once instead of leaving a blank line?
1:41 PM
It seems awfully counterintuitive that anyone would try to do that.
I guess that works in Microsoft Word, come to think of it. If you press enter once, you get a paragraph break instead of a line break.
Well, that's how it works everywhere except in the rare exceptions, like this one, where what you write is then converted to a markup language.
Maybe these are all Word users.
Word and every single other text editor out there.
Name one other?
emacs, vi, notepad, sublime, atom...
1:42 PM
Enter doesn't give you a paragraph break in Notepad, Wordpad, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, vim...
@TannerSwett As much as in word. Users just expect what they see while they write to be what they get when they post.
Yeah, that makes sense.
I mean, Word is unusual in that hitting enter gives you a paragraph break instead of a line break.
It does? Oh, you mean it starts the next line indented?
Depending on the paragraph settings, either it does that or it leaves some space in between the last line and the next line.
That's what it does with the default settings on my machine.
I see. I haven't used word since the 90s.
2:12 PM
@terdon Me too, but that is something that is very hard to keep in memory as you generally don't actively need that knowledge
Remembering the cofactor structures was quite annoying
I always feel dumb when people are like that... But I could read French at a native level back in high school?
@Tinkeringbell Pfft. That and a dozen other things you can do that many people can't. Crafts, for one thing :) And didn't you study archaeology? I'm sure you have forgotten all sorts of arcane knowledge, just like what we were talking about!
Yeah, true :P But somehow it feels I'm missing a lot too ...
@MadScientist I know. It's just an odd feeling when you clearly remember knowing this stuff and then come up against the limits of your current knowledge :)
@Tinkeringbell Well, join the club!
Why would I want to join a dumb people club? :P
2:17 PM
"I've forgotten more about foo than you'll ever know" sounds really cool until you realize that all it means is that at this point in time, you don't know anything!
@Tinkeringbell Hey, some of us have no choice!
@terdon That sounds threatening...
@terdon funny thing that.
I found a solution to an issue that was kicking my rear.
and forgot to document it
@Tinkeringbell Oh? It wasn't meant to be.
@terdon Everything sounds threatening in the right tone
threatening @Tink
2:19 PM
@terdon Just kidding ;) But it sounds like you're making people join at gunpoint or something XD Otherwise, you always have a choice in life ;)
@ShadowThePrincessWizard Oh, you're escalating quickly... stalking, threatening :P What were you doing in my tweets from March this morning? XD
Oooh. I see. Nah, I meant some of us got membership to the Dumb Club the day we were born! ;)
@terdon Oh, so it's a bit like baptisms? :P
@terdon I was born wise. I had to be dragged into the world kicking and screaming.
Was all downhill from there.
@JourneymanGeek Say that again! Say it again! I swear, I am going to cook you a great meal, you bad dog!
@Tinkeringbell followed someone who follows you, browsed his Likes, saw that, Liked too. :D
2:20 PM
@ShadowThePrincessWizard Ahhh... That makes more sense :P
@terdon SEEEE
And.... another one just to annoy you! @Tink :D
Am I the only one that fails to find words scary if there's no body language to back them up?
(but that's actually nice paint :))
2:22 PM
Is it "Miss or Mrs., etc." #selfpartnered ?
@Tinkeringbell that's hard to understand... example?
@ShadowThePrincessWizard Oh, Geek and terdon were talking about threatening...
talking to someone face to face, you don't only have what they say, but also how they act
like how sarcasm doesn't work well online
@Rob Hmmm. Well, that's one good question. I have no clue, though I guess Miss would be fine?
@Tinkeringbell oh.... "no body language"! I read that at first as "nobody language". lol
2:25 PM
Reading can be hard....
It's a CoC question, thanks for your answer.
@Tinkeringbell yerp
@ShadowThePrincessWizard It was damaged/gone within 24 hours. I'm not made for nailpaint.
@Rob Use whatever you guess is right, if corrected, don't make a fuss.
2:26 PM
IMO better not use Ms. or Miss. on SE since it's impossible to guess.
OK. Also no objection.
Hard enough to guess he/him or she/her.
In that case we know the gender throughout their life.
@ShadowThePrincessWizard the messy part between birth and death
2:27 PM
You mean profile links to whole life story?
@JAD lol
Are you suggesting some secret change?
This is getting confusing...
The person is famous.
@Rob Its "Stop bothering me about getting married" ;p
2:29 PM
First off, Ms. or Mrs. are salutations/titles, someone threw in pronouns, and selfpartnered sounds like a sexual orientation which is unrelated to gender, pronouns or titles?
I'm losing the thread/question here...
@Rob and is SE user??
@Tinkeringbell I feel this tends to happen a lot here :P
@Tinkeringbell "selfpartnered"?! lol first time I hear it. But isn't it just a way to say "single out of choice"?
@ShadowThePrincessWizard No clue.... it sounds a bit more ... narcissistic? than just 'single'.
One can't be their own spouse, it just makes zero sense, technically.
2:31 PM
nor fiscally
and it leads to nasty breakups
You'll also have to say "I and I went to buy something, but I wanted ice cream instead".
or in afterlife.
Sorry... reference not gotten :(
@Tinkeringbell welcome to "Let's try to understand Derpy @Hitodama" club.... :P
At least it's not ponies this time :D
2:33 PM
Surely there's something with ponies in it, somewhere. ;)
> "Don't be afraid. I'm going to give you the choice I never had." - Lestat de Lioncourt (Interview with the Vampire)
@ShadowThePrincessWizard since you asked....
@Hitodama Ah, sorry. Never watched that. Should I?
Wikipedia says: Born: Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson, Partner(s): Emma Watson. "Watson was born in Paris, France, the daughter of English lawyers Jacqueline Luesby and Chris Watson. ..." --- This isn't a "CoC gender question" it's a "CoC 'Mrs. or Miss's question".
@Tinkeringbell vampire movies are usually nice
@Tinkeringbell depends if you like vampire movies and also on which type of vampire story you like.
2:35 PM
@Rob Ehh... Just use her name (Emma Watson) if you're going to ask a question on Movies. If you're going to write her fanmail, you might ask one of the English sites... but for the rest, it seems quite irrelevant ;)
@Rob Neither? Who uses Miss these days? And Mrs is almost gone as well. Just use Ms for everyone and you're fine.
What's different in her case?
It's a "she/her"
(if she'll be on SE without telling otherwise)
@Hitodama Hmmm. Nah. I don't really like vampire movies I think. Though I can't remember watching any either...
@ShadowThePrincessWizard here you are
in this cover, each pony is a different character from a different vampire-related story.
since you asked, Twilight is indeed dressed as Lestat.
2:37 PM
You see @Tink? Told you. ^
yep, but I think you got it reversed, @Sha.
This one is a little unsettling... I like normal ponies better, I guess :P
This is ponied referencing Anne Rice's books, not the opposite
@Tinkeringbell the MLP comic can indeed be unsettling at time. The misconception that the comics is aimed at children is wrong at best.
MLP is originally for children, I think. But yeah, not all comics, I agree.
Ok I'm divided... do I change the string in this question or not...
Q: Unable to get Visual Studio Code to stop at a conditional breakpoint in a C++ project

Andreas YankopolusI'm using VSC on a Mac to work on a C++ project running on a Linux VM using gcc & gdb. Everything works great, but I can't get conditional breakpoints to work. If I set a breakpoint, execution will stop there every time. But if I make the breakpoint conditional on an expression, execution never s...

2:43 PM
@ShadowThePrincessWizard that actually is a misconception too, at least from what I gathered. The original idea was to create a sort of "Transformers" cartoon that girls would also like. Then, they switched to "just for girl" for a while and kept that way until lately when G4 managed to get the attention of older users.
at the very least, I think that there was some interview that states that originally they didn't plan G1 to be "for girls"
@Mgetz imo, yes
but that's just my opinion, which doesn't bear much weight anywhere/on SO
honestly I'm not going to touch it at all, it doesn't seem like it can go well if I do.
anyway, this one is for you, @Tinkeringbell
Comment, instead.
2:47 PM
@Hitodama I see.... pixels
@Mgetz mod flag then :)
@Hitodama Nasty!
@Tinkeringbell for what?
@Mgetz That SO post, if you don't want to edit or comment, you might ask a mod to take a look?
Or raise something on meta if there isn't already.
@Tinkeringbell be careful of streisand effect
2:50 PM
@JAD Oh, I was thinking something generic about language/statements... not the specific post ;)
There might well be something around already that can be extrapolated to this case.
that works ye
@Hitodama it's unreadable. :(
@Tinkeringbell yeah I flagged only for the string literal and drama, not for specific politics. The question could be improved but looking beyond the string isn't horribad.
Sounds good to me (but I've never flagged anything on SO)
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