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12:00 AM
@Sklivvz There are a few people with that name.
If you want the few remaining comments that have @Gwideon in them to be deleted, then flag them, eg with "It's no longer needed".
@Gwideon for what it's worth, your post brought Xirema's answer, which I really appreciated, so thanks for that
You’re welcome. I think i’m Gonna let the comments remain
@LightnessRacesinOrbit IIRC, there are more people working at the average McDonald's than are keeping track of asteroids.
12:18 AM
@DavidA It's not quite that bad, but yes, we do need more funding & more people to track asteroids, especially in the southern hemisphere.
@Gwideon As long as you don’t comment on it, you can’t be pinged on it. If you decide you have more energy for it, you can comment again. :)
OTOH, the odds of a dinosaur-killer sized asteroid slipping through undetected are very small. But if there is such a thing headed our way we need to detect it & plot its orbit as early as possible to maximize our chances of deflecting it.
Oh dear.
12:38 AM
@Gwideon I said as much earlier, but I just got back and caught up some more, so I'll say it again: you have nothing to apologize for! You posted a useful point of view in a non-confrontational way and far more constructively than any dozen people who've been posting on meta the past few weeks.
And then you were incredibly civil and decent about it in here too! Don't apologize, I can only wish we had more people like you around!
yo, JMG
Remorning I guess. Been up since 4 ._.
Meditating? ;)
Q: scancf() I don't know how to use it

user631983Why do I use multiple scanf() in my program, but I can only read one data? include include int main (void) { char first_name[40]; char last_name[40]; int first_name_length = 0; int last_name_lenght = 0; printf("What's your first name:"); scanf_s("%s", first_name); printf("What's your last nam...

12:51 AM
@PM2Ring dog absolutely had to go
But I work 12 hour shifts and its been 2 days in a row its happened
@JourneymanGeek what do you do?
SO I'm pretty physically warn out
@Stormblessed Basically an onsite engineer/helpdesk for a big tech project.
Is the big tech project Stack Exchange?
12:53 AM
I also got asked to go to a site I never been to yesterday and got lost
@Alex no
I'm not an employee of SE
(sorry, I'm a bit weary of saying any more. Folks can be a bit irrational in times like this)
@Alex Its something I've applied for in the past
At the moment - if the right job turns up, I'd consider applying rather than "Oh hell yeah I want this"
Fair enough.
@JourneymanGeek Wait, what? You're not?
1:11 AM
Q: How can I use C++ for Deep Learning?

toto01I am working about a project in Deep Learning it's about images Classification and the problem is I should to work with c++ as a programmation langage and I don't have any idea about what librarais or software should I use. PS: I have a little experience with python and Tensorflow. Any software r...

Some deep learning is definitely in order. — Robert Harvey 4 hours ago
@terdon lol
Not like I haven't tried 😆
But you're always around! I never understood these people who spend so much time on these sites. Don't you have a life?
(looks at own profile; starts crying; runs away)
@terdon no? :D
@JourneymanGeek We should calculate how many hours we've spent on SE the past several years. That will be one big number!
I'm single l, help take care of my parents and my job often bores me to tears
1:16 AM
@JourneymanGeek Yeah, well shaddup, cause I have none of those excuses!
@terdon Someone has to keep Journey company.
@terdon I often have my PC on all day ;p
or a pc on all day
Well, at least I'm still not a front page user in chat!
I actually am remoted into my home pc (shhhh)
@terdon there's that
but chat has no real value ;p
Its being social
Or antisocial, but yeah :)
1:19 AM
@terdon Huh, I have the dubious distinction of having chatted in 208 rooms, which is more than all but one of the front-page users.
Ah, wait, but you have 563. That's . . . a lot more.
I don't have a lot of rooms ;p
Um. Yes. Wow.
I have a few and been here longer?
I do open a lot for moderation purposes. And I'm active on many sites, so I'll end up in various comment rooms.
I wasn't active outside SU for a few years ago
1:21 AM
Yeah, I have >1k rep on 10 sites. And am vaguely trying to get some rep on Spanish SO as well.
Historically SF was my second site
Now its meta, pets is probably my third but I mostly find stuff through the chatbot
I think Gilles is probably the most widely spread user. I haven't seen anyone come close, anyway.
>1k rep on 45 sites!
@terdon at my 'worst' I had RSS feeds 'per site'
well for the ones I used anyway
I'm almost at 1,000 for my fifth site.
but tbh, I stopped chasing rep on SU a long time ago
MSE? eh. I've never cared about MSE rep, only what I can do here
1:25 AM
@Alex Nice! :)
How many people have reached the highest level (25,000) on multiple sites?
@JourneymanGeek Well, yes. Not much point after a while. I first started chasing rep on SU, but then moved on to U&L. Now that I've passed 100k there, I don't really have any other milestone. Maybe reaching 100k on AU, but that won't be too soon.
I'm sure there's some query that can return that.
10 over a thousand ;)
@Alex I have 2
@Alex More than you'd think. I have, for one. So has JMG here.
1:26 AM
Follow up question then is if those multiple sites are related.
Huh, 3 sites at >25 for me.
Like both technology oriented.
@Alex MSE and SU
@Alex Probably, usually. Mine are all three computer stuff.
Actually if you know the subject material and its not a tiny site its pretty easy
1:27 AM
Interesting. I think my two sites are relatively unrelated, but I suppose there may be a connection I'm not aware of.
But you also need to think of the different rep levels on different sites. For instance, I'm the 3rd user by rep on Bioinformatics but that's relatively new and I only have ~6k there.
Post a decent answer a day - that's 365 answers. If you get an average of 1 upvote a post, that's 3650 rep
Top user only has 15.6k
It's weird on the professional sites. The 4th user by rep, so behind me, on Bioinformatics is one of the leading experts in their field. It's kind of absurd that I'd be rated above them!
Especially since their field is also my field! But they know waaaaaaay more about it than I do.
@terdon Being able to 'use' Q&A effectively and communicating is a skill too ;p
True, true. For a while I was 4th by rep on U&L, but pretty much everyone behind me in rep knew a hell of a lot more than I did :)
1:32 AM
likewise even on SU
and folks can paperclip maximuse
@JourneymanGeek On my top site I’m averaging > an answer per day over almost two years so far.
Ah, crap. It's 2:30 again. I need to get to bed. Later, all!
checks which room we're in
There's some folks who focus on say bounties
Or only ask questions, but have a store of reputation from early days
2:31 AM
I never understood people who chase rep
its nice for moderation purposes but never cared beyond that myself
Its a concequence of gamification
Some people play to learn
Others play for the story
some people just want a high score
I also get the most rep (well, second most anymore) for one of my silliest answers - which happened to get on HNQ during the whole "HNQ blow-up!"
though, since I get more rep from my better answers anymore, it does show that a great answer beats an HNQ answer in the long run
@JourneymanGeek I've learned there's a good number of people (not alot) that hate the word gamification when used in the context of Stack Exchange
2:35 AM
My highest upvoted post evvvvvvvverrrrrrr was something literally posted in 30 seconds then went viral. On a alternative account
@StephanS Its pretty certainly gamified and folks know it
@JourneymanGeek yeah but then they have to acknowledge that they're addicted
@StephanS I'm here ;p
Q: How can we resolve the current drama without causing any more harm to vulnerable groups?

anonContext: I am a non-binary user who uses singular they as my chosen pronoun. I'm also a relatively new user who just started paying attention to meta right when the situation over the sudden firing of a moderator was becoming a thing. First, my thoughts on the Monica situation (1). From what I'v...

then again, when I was working on Python I mostly just hungout in the chatroom cause that was the place to learn the most (and the Q/A was & is so hard to find gems) so rep != privilege at all
Why is the username displayed as “anon”, not as “user1234567” or something?
2:38 AM
(and with Java I'm rarely on SO at all)
@Stormblessed Post was dissociated
Don't dig any further, trust me ;p
@JourneymanGeek oh ok
@JourneymanGeek oh bad stuff happened?
@Stormblessed uhm,
I'd suggest - for various reasons that we leave it at that ._.
A: Need to ask a question anonymously

Adam Davis 'ze-zir-zem'Testing shows that logging out will work. Here's the process I followed to test it: Hover over username, click logout Log out of all sites (don't know if this is important, but one can't be too sure) Post question Log out again (it created a temporary cookie-based account - you need to log out...

Dissociations are by request, and I'm sure the user had great reasons to keep the question yet preserve their privacy
2:40 AM
^ for the link to Jeff's "posting anonymously is by design" quote
Shit there’s a really really bad bug
Totally breaks disassociation
@JourneymanGeek sorry
It’s very bad though :-/
@Stormblessed fun part. If it does break, how do you ask to get it fixed while still respecting the user's privacy? ;p
@JourneymanGeek yeah that’s a problem
Do you know of it?
2:43 AM
use the contact us form I would assume
can't mods see IP addresses?
That would work
@StephanS well IP addresses are of limited value
and typically we don't check them for curiocity
How can I post and have it be disassociated to test this bug?
(I’ll be secret—use different account etc.) eh that’s a waste of time
Dissociation needs a CM
I’ll just email then post about it after it’s fixed maybe
2:46 AM
@JourneymanGeek community?
Yeah it’s a dumb word
the cat killing thing.
Ugh I hate how in English Greek words are spelled so confusingly
@JourneymanGeek what?
@Stormblessed Like architecture, Philadelphia, etc.
2 mins ago, by Journeyman Geek
and typically we don't check them for curiocity
cough cough let's all use Latin
2:48 AM
cough cough shameless plug for Spanish SE, where they use a language with actually consistent spelling cough
@JourneymanGeek curiosity
@Ash I never got a request from you on discord
Yes, that word
English is hard enough. Let alone on 8 hours of sleep over 2 days ><
though that phrase never made sense to me: wouldn't the horrible thing that the cat was curious about the what killed it?
but nnnoooo, we gotta blame an inquisitive mind ;)
2:53 AM
@LinkBerest the rest of it is satisfaction brought it back
@StephanS ?
@JourneymanGeek that one’s non-canon, I think
Added later
@Stormblessed first activity from if account, haven't read yet
@StephanS tempted to answer that and embed a morse code...
"Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back" is a variation of a proverb, "curiosity killed the cat", that includes the rejoinder "but satisfaction brought it back." Although the original version was used to warn of the dangers of unnecessary investigation or experimentation, the addition of the rejoinder indicates that the risk would lead to resurrection because of the satisfaction felt after finding out. The resurrection element may be a reference to the "multiple lives" of a cat. == Origin == On 10 August 1905, The Galveston Daily News newspaper (page 6) printed the following...
I always said it as a "level 9 Paladin with Revivify" that brought it back but to each their own
2:57 AM
@JourneymanGeek it says it's been here acouple of years but i'm not sure if it's a dup of another account or a random troll
the name doesn't help either
multiple accounts are allowed and if they are trying to troll they are doing a bad job with their first post
I mean who asks for a secret code in public....unless it's on puzzling where I've solved/gone mad trying to solve those riddles
well want makes me think it's a troll is the line "All trust I've ever had for SO has been shattered and scattered to the wind. As someone who controls the budget for my IT Department, I can safely say that there is no possibility of my ever adopting Teams now."
@LinkBerest Its not about the secred code though
its the insinuation that SE has dirty laundry on us
(If they do, I'd like it back clean please! Folded, not hung!)
oh, I didn't say it wasn't a troll - I just said it was doing a bad job at it (too obvious)
3:09 AM
AH hell
might as well have a little fun ;p
man, and one of my favorite characters in Discworld is Detritus...all these trolls, given honest trolls a bad name
yeah but if you're going to troll at least do it well
I write slow.....
@AdamLear Hi, I've got a quick question: does markdown work in the Contact Us form? I'm writing an important thing in it on a bug that should be private, and want to format it nicely.
@JourneymanGeek do mods see the Contact Us thing?
(I know you're not a mod now)
no, contact us goes straight to internal support
3:18 AM
@AdamLear ok thanks
as for markdown... uh. good question. I don't think so, but lemme check
@Stormblessed As I understand its just a shiny interface to send to their email
so... I wouldn't rely on it
@JourneymanGeek why is your username italicized in chat?
room owner
@Stormblessed I'm not a MSE mod (at the moment)
I'm still a SU mod
3:18 AM
@AdamLear oh ok
I took a mod vacation from SU, sure...
@JourneymanGeek oh you're not blue here because it's Meta, so I never realized that :o
@AdamLear! how are you? I kinda imagine all the employees to be a worn torn atm
oh hi @Yvette
wait.....did someone listen to my advice? (man after a day like I had, that's shocking :)
3:21 AM
@Stormblessed hi
@LinkBerest which one?
Dang lots of people here all the time
38 mins ago, by LinkBerest
use the contact us form I would assume
@Stormblessed Doesn't look like it... I believe paragraphs would carry over fine, but I don't think we actually process markdown otherwise.
Its email ;p
falls over
@AdamLear oh ok. It'll be an eyesore then but thanks!
3:22 AM
@Stormblessed BACK IN MY DAYYYYYY.....
umm...if you just close the browser without clicking "leave" you kinda stay in lurk mode (on all chatrooms)
@YvetteColomb Hi! It's ... been a rough couple of weeks, but I'm not on the proverbial front lines, so I'm doing alright all things considered. How are things on your end?
@LinkBerest incorrect
you time out eventually
@JourneymanGeek yeah less than an hour I think?
nah, the full "leave the room" timeout is on the order of a few days
3:23 AM
"leave" is more for leaving specific rooms
I dinnae say for how long
@AdamLear actually good. Started a new medication and that's helping. I'm frustrated to not be a mod and being powerless to help clean things up
@YvetteColomb Glad to hear that about the medication. I recently went on a new one for me and it's also made my life a lot better. It's good to live in the future :) Sorry to hear about the rest though, I know it must be tough
I'ts worrying. I hope the community comes through this. It's like civil rioting
also there's an "all" next to leave (like when I used to be in C#, matlab, Python, and like six other chats when i used to use SO more - I used the all a lot)
3:25 AM
@YvetteColomb eh, some of it is very civil ;p
hehe yeh it was
@AdamLear oh really? I'm never in the other rooms when I open Chat in the morning
The only thing I know for sure is - I need more ale
@Stormblessed I'd have to look (and it's almost midnight, so I'm not going to right now), but if I recall right... there's a couple different definitions of "in the room"
@AdamLear oh you mean pingability
3:28 AM
@AdamLear have a good night
@Stormblessed pingability and event notifications persist longer, I think
@YvetteColomb you too!
Heh, I kinda want a coke
But the proper stuff is in the next building ><
I mean, its all connected and allllll
they only have Pepsi in your building?
Light, zero and stevia
I kinda prefer the naturally sweetened sort
If I wanted to drink healthy there's this coconut water/watermelon stuff that's good
or water
coconut + watermelon seems too sweet to me (I do love watermelon aqua fresca though)
its water + watermelon + lime juice + agave nectar + some mint if you have it
and tequila if its after five and your in one of those moods :) ;)
3:45 AM
@LinkBerest it isn't much
@LinkBerest it's been sent
Though my current fav drink is cumin soda
@AdamLear did that get through alright?
@Stormblessed its past midnight ;p
Let the poor lad sleep
@Stormblessed No idea, sorry. I'm no longer on the team that receives support emails :) But I'm sure we got it
3:47 AM
it's not past midnight....its like 15 til ;)
@JourneymanGeek well I just saw he was online just now so I figured it wouldn't be bad to make sure
@AdamLear ok thanks!
Good night
Its past midnight somewhere? ;p
Don't mind me, I R grumpy
@JourneymanGeek might be the fact that I live in Florida and I swear people think you need to make every coconut drink super sweet here
... I've been summoned...
3:48 AM
You drink it straight up ;p
@Catija typo...SORRY!
I was trying to type @coconut .
for some wierd reason
... I'm a coconut? Do I at least get a lime?
^^ hah see lime makes it better ;)
I'm running on 8 hours of sleep over 2 days ._.
me too
...maybe 6 actually (I do that a lot though)
3:49 AM
@Stormblessed no worries :) I am heading out for real now, though. I'd hit "leave" but then I'd have to remember to rejoin tomorrow
@LinkBerest my dog has been waking me up at 4 am the last 2 nights
He poops goes back to sleep. I can't sleep ><
sorry to hear that. Its not fun if your not used to it
or even if you are I guess.....
@LinkBerest If I could sleep in sure
I'm on shift ._.
I just realized when I last was able to sleep for more than 4 hours at a time without injuries waking me up.....man, its been a while
I guess that's worse ;p
3:53 AM
I'd send you my sleep if I could but I can only say I hope you get some of your own tonight
nope. I'll catch up over the weekend ;p
@JourneymanGeek you get used to it
@LinkBerest I am barely used to swing shifts
ah, just started them? yeah, it takes a bit to adjust
been here over a year ;p
3:55 AM
I'm to the point that I hate working a normal day cause I'm so used to night shifts
been working night shifts pretty much exclusively since 1999 (give or take a month or two)
@JourneymanGeek is that your dog in your picture?
@Stormblessed yup
He's 14
what type?
my aunt had a dog which always woke her up at 3am - she just started feeding her pup earlier and made sure to "go for walkies" right before bed and pushed the wake up back to 6 (when she got up anyway)
Actually no idea
3:58 AM
Though don't know if that would help with an older dog
@LinkBerest he usually goes like clockwork
his mom is supposed to be a white mini snauzer
No one, even the petshop his ex owner bought him at knows what his dad is ;p
looks like some sort of terrier
dang, yeah sometimes older pups get set in their ways
...granted terrier doesn't narrow the choices very much and it could be a kokoni (due to wavy hair & face) or any other of a number of small dog breeds but I'd still say terrier
Legally he is a westie
Most poodle crosses have rounded ears. Wheatens look a good fit but uncommon
oh, I would have guessed Cairn Terrier due to facial features and coat
4:13 AM
Uncommon here too ;p
or a Sporting Lucas Terrier
but both of those were used in the breeding of westies so it could just be latent (recessive) traits
also, Lucas terriers are a fairly new breed (esp. the "sporting" variety) so yeah, it would likely just be traits that are shared among those Scottish breeds
He was a singaporean local dog, so probably something akin to a backyard breeder
But also nothing too new and exotic
He's much too big to be a yorkie, Aussie is possible but his coat is ... kinda wierd?
The Glen of Imaal Terrier (Irish: Brocaire Uí Mháil) is a breed of dog of the terrier category and one of four Irish terrier breeds. It is sometimes called the Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier or the Wicklow Terrier, and the name of the breed is often shortened by fanciers to just Glen. The breed originates in, and is named for, the Glen of Imaal in County Wicklow, Ireland. It was recognised first by the Irish Kennel Club in 1934 and most recently by the American Kennel Club in 2004. The Canadian Kennel Club voted to fully recognize Glens in 2017 after the breed spent years on the Miscellaneous list...
is impossible
well, for an Aussie he'd have to have that beard (or main) that they're owners always brag about (along the neck/cheeks and flowing back)
Oh he has a bit of a beard
ah, cannot see it in the picture
aussie is possible considering the mama (with the coat) but I cannot see ears to see how triangular they are
4:28 AM
they are slightly oversized and very triangular
yeah, that would fit aussie
<- uncle used to breed Scottish & Irish dogs on his farm (in case you wonder)
Aussies tend to be brown to black? ;p
(the running joke is he is decended from dogs bred in secret experiments. They suceeded, and escaped...)
Aussies tend to give odd coloring when you don't control their mating (like when your 6-year old nephew takes all the puppies out to play and doesn't understand they need to go back in the exact seperate cages at night :)
and there's dogs who look vaguely like him in many places
that kinda explains him lol
or they were trying to breed for something and he wasn't it. The fools.
also he was runty
most westie pups I've seen in stores are like 2-3x his size
yorkshire have that black backhair (pretty much exclusively) but I've seen aussie's range from all blonde to various mixes
to be fair - people want either all blonde or the black back pattern way over the "dirty blonde" ones but it wasn't uncommon
4:34 AM
yorkies tend to be about half the size he is?
Granted he's rather fat at the moment
ears are wrong for yorkies
and size ;p
eh, yorkies have a lot of size variance (and other variance cause everybody tries to breed them with everything)
always feel bad for that breed - so many health problems
ah ya
this chap had some skin issues as a pup
Other than that, really bad teeth ( :( ) and his bad leg (from falling off a shelf as a pup) seems pretty robust
yeah, yorkies have joint problems, digestive problems, teeth problems, breathing problems - not breed for long life anymore :\
esp. the toy ones (my uncle refused to even try to breed those)
teeth problems is consistent with aussie's though (they could have some issues if not really careful during 1-2 year mark if I remember right)
....."teeth problems" is bothering me....I think its actually the correct grammar but it just doesn't sound right
fyi, dental issues was like the number 1 problem with all the dogs: I just remember the aussie breeds having a couple of extra issues
well, anyway. I think Aussie is as good a guess as I can see (assuming a single breed in the mix with the father) so I'm call this case as closed as it can be and heading off to bed :)
4:55 AM
good idea
5:17 AM
@202324 brews a cup of Cappuccino for @202324
5:39 AM
does anyone else find this rude/abusive meta.stackexchange.com/a/335694/310756?
@JourneymanGeek that took me back when I read that. Over here westie is an insult for someone == bogan
@YvetteColomb I flagged
thats pretty rude
@Magisch I thought so. The site is so crazy these past weeks, I've lost my barometer O.o
How are you mags?
@YvetteColomb west highland white terrier 🙄
5:46 AM
@JourneymanGeek don't give me googly upwards eyes :p
how come he is keeping you awake @JourneymanGeek?
what are google upwards eyes anyway? Like yahoo upwards eyes
He is old and has trouble ... Keeping his schedule
Also too proud to poo on paper in the house
XD. Its rolleyes 🙄
@JourneymanGeek i know, I'm being silly :p
you know building bridges through the power of silliness
5:52 AM
since the meta riots of 2019 I wonder what I was worked up about in TL now
So the 7:47 got cancelled and I'm now in a sprinter with a broken announcement system ... also good morning to y'all
@YvetteColomb in spite of many differences folks fundamentally care
I agre
5:56 AM
even though we come at it from different angles, we all want the site to be the best that it can be. And even people who annoy me, I don't want to see them leave
not even @rene and he's the worst
And well a lot of TL and mod team stuff does eventually come out. Even intentionally 😁
or @Shadow he's the double worst
@JourneymanGeek come out? like publicly?
5:59 AM
I come now second?
depends. You've unique
bloody flowers - not keeping them happy

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