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3:00 PM
@Feeds Do I get partial credit for a 50% correct guess?
Sep 15 at 18:39, by 410
I imagine some board members preferring a SEA woman for the role.
Now I forgot what I wanted to do just now...
Ah, YouTubing.
That's mostly what I'm doing now ;p
@ShadowTheCoffeeWizard The announcement said they are become an enterprise software company, so... what are these public sites, anyway?
A licensing headache, mostly.
Hm, reading that sentence I can't unsee "head" and "lice" together. :/
I'm not sure the enterprise software would have as much of an audience without the public sites.
But I think you kinda know that
3:17 PM
3:33 PM
@Bart mediation?
@ShadowTheCoffeeWizard resistance!
@MetaAndrewT. war?!
4:01 PM
What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Say it again y'all.
it again y'all.
4:57 PM
50 messages moved to Chimney
Does the sun shine @fbueckert ?
No sun. Cloudy. Demand a refund.
I guess this global warming is useful. We need less resources to keep warm in the winter and the sun will give us more electricity. It is a win-win.
5:17 PM
@rene If you're talking literally, a bit. This month has been uncommonly rainy.
If you're referring to my interactions with my solar company, dunno. No response after I made it clear I expect my refund.
Ha, rainy on both fronts ;)
I mean, it's not that large a pot of money. But between the goodwill they've burnt and aggravation I've had to deal with, I'm in zero mood to be accommodating.
Based on your end of the story I see no reason for you to act differently
I'm extremely tired of trying to be reasonable and being taken advantage of.
Past reasonable ...
deal with it ...
5:24 PM
I've already started looking at what I need to do to file in small claims.
Is that something you can do on your own or do you need a lawyer for that?
LOL Try to settle the dispute outside of court.
No lawyer required.
I will definitely be adding time and costs to whatever I ask for, though.
My rate for consulting work sounds reasonable.
?cb=1 is a onebox killer, isn't it
not rendering
> As the new CEO, I promise to make chat oneboxing work again.
Some links should work
This is the person linkedin.com/in/pchandrasekar
posted on September 24, 2019

Welcome to the Unicorn Meta Zoo, a podcast by members of the Stack Exchange community team. If you want to avoid spoilers, jump straight to the audio. Participants We are talking about how we handle difficult users. Links If you’ve never played Lemmings, fix that. Wikipedia’s Assume good faith policy. Don’t flip the bozo bit. (Not defined in The Jargon Lexicon as I assumed.) Our

5:54 PM
As Wikipedia:Assume the assumption of good faith is to Wikipedia:Assume good faith, this essay is to Wikipedia:Assume the assumption of good faith. Assume that fellow editors are assuming the assumption of good faith on your part. == Example argument == "Hey, stop trying to troll Wikipedia" "Hey, WP:AGF" "Hey, WP:AAGF"... ad infinitum. The real moral here is that it's usually best not to start talking about AGF. Though it's also not helpful to make someone think about AGF (by talking about trolling, for example.) == See also == Wikipedia:Assume the good-faith assumption of assuming the assumption...
Meta can be a plague.
@410 It's assumptions all the way down!
That sounds like there's some context behind that, @JonEricson.
@fbueckert Well, the assuming of assumption of assuming good faith is not nearly meta enough. Let's add a few more. ;-)
Even those two is enough to give me a headache.
Q: The SE Android app has not been working for half a year

SquirrelkillerThe Stack Exchange Android app hasn't been working for me for half a year. I only still have it for the notifications. Even after reinstalling, notifications are the only feature that works. When I start the app, it only loads for some time and then shows a loading error. No home page, no notifi...

Gold badge privileges aren’t great
This is so, so not a duplicate
All app questions are duplicates of xkcd.com/1174
the app is dead and noone should be using it
(i still use it)
I still have it, but only because it puts my SE inbox messages through to my phone
@ArtOfCode That's exactly why I don't have it.
It got annoying, fast.
6:15 PM
That's why I have it, but that stopped working.
hmm... i think it's working for me? but only if i don't see the notification first through the web
6:34 PM
@Stormblessed it's not a dupe, but it's also unclear and should still be closed, unless the only question is PWA: "no, but the web now has responsive design, use it instead".
6:57 PM
DEV founder posted SO CEO news, with a tiny bit of discussion (so far)
7:42 PM
7:55 PM
For once, email spellcheck was more helpful than annoying. I didn't really mean to shart at 6:30.
@410 Well, if anything that's a nice time as you're still home and thus hopefully in the vicinity of clean underwear ;)
Nooo.... U.S. pm/am thing.
Was in the context of a dinner starting at 6:30.
At a restaurant.
Nice, dinner! What kind of restaurant?
The kind that spells "crème brulee" with one diacritic sign only. I take this to be moderately fancy.
"American", whatever that means.
Ah... yeah that says enough. Just a regular restaurant, not something that specializes in a 'foreign' cuisine ;)
8:00 PM
That's the French spellingeur
@M.A.R. Excusez-moi?
Merci, non
rien de rien?
J'aime la omellette
Je suis une baguette? :P
(My brother actually said that one out loud while we had the window open and a French parking lot attendant could overhear. Poor guy didn't know where to look)
8:01 PM
Non, Charlie
I assumed for a while Je Suis Charlie was some kinda food.
oui, oui, mademoiselle
A short while
@M.A.R. Ouch!
Hey, it's at least some sort of chocolate. "Charlie the Chocolate" Factory
I took some liberties with the title.
Ehh... don't know if you're supposed to joke about that one yet.
8:04 PM
Why, is it being remade? O.o
I want De Niro as the owner of the factory
I meant the whole Je Suis Charlie thing...
Oh wait, that one was about Casinos
Eh, I'm done with referencing it
Topic change!
I'm going to bed :P
University's first prof. is grumpy.
Really grumpy.
Grinch level.
Ah. Grumpy professors can surprise you sometimes though :)
8:06 PM
By . . . ruining Christmas?
Meh, two hours is too short a time to really get to know someone
Sure. Like you celebrate Christmas to begin with? :P
But he started out with the presumption that we're good for nothing lazy idiots who would rather spend the class in a handstand than studying
@Tinkeringbell Well, it's besides my birthday
Ah, always a good way to get your students motivated.
Threaten them with handstands.
@M.A.R. Ah cool, double dose of presents :D
. . . not far from the truth. But still.
@Tinkeringbell Nah, we don't celebrate Christian holidays here
Although oddly Valentine's day is pretty popular AFAIK
@M.A.R. No worries, Santa Claus isn't Christian. Go tell your parents :P
8:08 PM
Santa is just E.T.
And the lesson in that is don't eat too much candy.
Santa is the Coca Cola version of the Dutch Sinterklaas ;)
Agreed on the candy though :)
Oh cooooool. That sounds so badass.
Am I to assume he dresses in black overalls and shades?
@M.A.R. Like a pope, but with more red.
And dodges bullets
That's boring
Dutch can't be boring
@M.A.R. It actually looks pretty nice.
@M.A.R. That's why Sinterklaas comes with Black Pete ;)
8:11 PM
Look at Bart. He's probably Sinterklaas's glasses.
Poor Bart.
What a waste of awesome naming potential
What's Hoofdpiet?
@M.A.R. Like the boss of all Pieten. He's like the manager, only having to have Sinterklaas above him.
If I ever become a CIA hitman by any chance, I'd call myself Dutch L. Sinterklaas.
You do know that's now on the internet? :P
8:14 PM
@Tinkeringbell Nice, a grim bureaucratic hierarchy is forming
@Tinkeringbell It's so obvious so no one would look for it. Logic.
My password is also "password".
@M.A.R. The rest of them are just very chaotic. I think there's some kind of 'intern' rank too, but I didn't really follow the 'Sinterklaasjournaal' that closely for the past ... oh, decade? :P
The interns are paid starvation wages and form the frontline in battles with no shield.
Or sword.
Or shoes
Eh, I think they're mostly there for the storyline: Someone has to mess something up :P
Or . . . No wait put that back on
Also now I want to eat sinterklaas snacks :(
You're a bad influence!
8:16 PM
Like a pro CIA
You sure? :P
That obviousness logic is still at play here.
Watch the next romcom, and count how many times they explain how lame a joke or a plot point is so it automatically becomes un-dumb.
I don't watch romcoms. They make me want to puke.
> Ded Moroz
That's my Russian sidekick
With a thick accent and a kalashnikov
Sounds more like with training pants and loads of vodka to me :P
8:19 PM
Yeah, Russian folklore.
@Tinkeringbell Can't argue with logic.
Okay, that's enough stereotyping for today. I am still going to bed :P
I should too. The days of freedom and prosperity are over, and waking up at 7 a.m. is haunting our lives.
6:15 here
8:21 PM
Heh. I get to work from home tomorrow which means no pair programming, more chat during builds/tests/restarts, and sleeping in :P Still going though ;)
@410 22:21 ;)
The waking up thing.
That's just cruel
Heading to sleep, night
8:37 PM
Member for 2 months. Some activity on TWP and Space.
@410 Lacks the staff bit
Starting Oct 1.
In the past they could hand out staff bits without anyone noticing; now they can't
Better than the bozo bit.
Which isn't even marked in user profiles.
10:04 PM
Does SE staff visit IPS meta? especially if the FR requires their attention.
A: How do I get attention for old, unfixed bug reports and feature requests without official responses here on Meta?

Monica CellioFor issues raised here on Meta.SE, the advice in Sonic's answer about editing to clarify or answering to strengthen the argument is sound. Especially for feature requests, sometimes the actual request (in the question) is poorly-argued but a strong answer can help. Requests or arguments based o...

If SE staff has not responded to a per-site meta request that's received a lot of community support, you can ask a local moderator to escalate that request to the CMs
Ironically, this thread is status-review since last October.
Putting a status tag on this so I can pick it up again soon as we solidify how meta and our behind-the-scenes bug tracker coordinate, and one of the first goals is to show a better sense of presence (is it being worked on? if not, when? Is it even being tracked? Can we give users agency into how priorities get set? Etc) Anyway, more to come, but this is a great reference point for more visibility into internals. — Tim Post ♦ Oct 31 '18 at 18:23
Clearly, this hasn't happened yet.
I'm not getting a better sense of presence.
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog well the voting is poor on the post.
But I feel that's due to lack of conversation about it on chat
10:08 PM
@410 Also, IIRC I'm the user with the highest number of posts here
if I had discussed it beforehand, it might be better
> That part about support is important; get your community to show up and vote on meta.
Sorry, clipboard error
ah found that in Monica's post
Q: Improving "Other" Flag text for uniformity in close vote comments

ankiiFor questions like this (not calling out, it's just recent and an apt example) . . How can I read faster? . . and comments like these . . I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because this question is not related to interpersonal skills. . . which: vary user-to-user and are n...

That's what I linked to
UMZ #10: How do we handle Sonic?
10:10 PM
it was long
More than greta's protest, I'm interested in A51 storming
Actually I may have misunderstood your intent - if you mean changing the pre-filled text in the free-form text box, we would need a SE employee to do that, mods can only add new (static text) reasons. — Em C ♦ yesterday
well summarised.
bringing it up here(Meta) would require me to know what the close voters see (>3k) in the "other" close reason, in some other sites. I am currently a close voter only on IPS
It's the same everywhere
> I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because
@410 So it would be helpful.. ?
My favorite approach there was to delete "because".
The reason cannot be submitted as is, but changing it does not require adding text.
10:21 PM
as mentioned in the meta post, " are non-informative about where to look for help on on-topic questions" This is the main concern.
People should know where to look for closure reasons. Not everyone comments with magic links
hi @ankii
Actually we need as you said some official reply, but they may strike it off claiming poor votes.
I don't really any opposition. (except one -1 on CWiki answer, idk why).
It's just that there's no +1s
The post notice says "If this question can be reworded to fit the rules in the help center" which links to closed-questions
I haven't written an answer there yet bc I wanted to look up stats first
Which links to various things, including on-topic page.
10:26 PM
but yeah, what @410 said - the on-topic page is already linked if the question gets on hold
s/said/is saying :P
And SE is working on revising the post notices, so maybe the link will be better placed there... ?
oh yeah, that's a good point too
I suggest to shift your effort in that direction: seeing if that notice can be improved further.
that's a good chain you made
Q: How could we improve our planned post notice improvements?

Journeyman GeekMegan has written a post on the Stack Overflow blog about changes that are planned/upcoming on the Stack Exchange platform. I've seen a bunch of discussion about it on chat - but it feels like having it purely on the blog is a little clunky. So specifically - what does the MSE community feel ab...

10:27 PM
and good points too. Didnt really pay attention to the yellow banner
closed post won't let me flag other.
Still, the banner is only shown after the question is closed. And it gives no notification to OP.
Whereas your custom close reason is shown immediately and with a notification.
a lot of damage is done before closure.. Dvotes, no attention(comment/answer) and silently a bomb of closure. Silent closure is rare, but a comment early is best to have.
So/.//./....././//. maybe keep lobbying for that change. But I'm skeptical. The string is likely to be network-wide.
And if it's changed, the localized sites get an untranslated string and... it's a high bar to meet.
@410 what do they see in local sites?
@ankii could you post a screenshot of what it looks like to you?
10:32 PM
@EmC flag with rude, spam, mod attention. Otherwise reopen.
@ankii There is no free-form "reopen" reason like the close reason.
@ankii oh nvm, I misunderstood
@410 yeah I meant, when I needed the text, I didnt pay attention to already closed posts, so neither their banners.
If any text is changed network-wide, the new string in English gets automatically pushed to localized sites, and they will have to work to replace it with translation. It's work. And repetitive one.
well I'm in dilemma. As you said.. keep lobbying. I am not very hopeful about FRs. (recent issues. )
I can try to put be nice references and see how it goes
Thanks a lot for the input!
11:15 PM
Keep lobbying probably dosen't work any more imo
The best you can do with an FR is get attention
11:37 PM
More specifically - its impossible to tell who is or reach your intended audience when metaing if you're actually trying to get something changed
its easier with incremental changes - but a lot of it is having your finger on the pulse of things and pushing things so they happen maybe even years down the road
Butterfly effect.
Well or more or less taking a longer term view of things
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