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2:19 AM
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4:06 AM
The Insticator ads are getting annoying...
The ads are localized
4:36 AM
Mod treat as RO on chat ?
Hmmm? Mods have more powers than ROs for all public chat rooms on the server they're a mod.
@Shree more than RO, but yes. It's chaotic on Chat.SE server
@MetaAndrewT. Humm thanks. Same user again mess on charcoal-hq. Can you show your RO power on that room.
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog and gone
@Shree I flagged one message for mod attention /cc @MetaAndrewT.
4:49 AM
Done the need, hopefully.
5:17 AM
@MetaAndrewT. thanks and I see you left your rationale for the move as well. Appreciated.
5:49 AM
is there a search operator to search on your accountid? For example user:811 works remarkably well but only because Shog9 managed to have userid 811 across two sites. If you could search on accountid with for example account:620 would be awesome....
6:30 AM
7:03 AM
@rene wasn't there a recent MSO/MSE post asking for that? Though AFAIK it's not possible
because user:me doesn't return expected result on stackexchange.com search :/
@rene coffee?
@rene nope
Quite the same as this:
Q: How can I view all my unaccepted questions across SE?

david.libremoneI mean to get back them, really I do. So, how can I view all my unaccepted questions across the Stack Exchange network? Searching for user:me hasaccepted:0 works for a single site, but the stackexchange.com search doesn't work the same way (it searches for the text). Is there any way to do this?

7:22 AM
yeah, the most recent question (30 April) is
Q: How can I find all my questions (all stackexchange sites)?

U. WindlI'm active on many stackexchange sites, and I've asked a question recently. I know the topic of the question, but not the exact tile, and more specifically, I forgot on which site I had been asking (it's not always clear which is the correct site to ask). So is there a way to list all my questio...

Want to change avatar and maybe name. Ideas, anyone?
(name must start with Sha and contain Wizard at some form)
7:45 AM
Shattering Steel Wizard
and have a picture of a 6 link armor from Path of exile as your avatar
@Shat won't be good though... :/
I would advice to keep the Shadow. It's more menacing.
Well I was Sha Wiz Dow Ard for a while
That's menacing.
Shaman the Meta Wizard
Shards Of The Last Wizard
Shampoo Wizard
Shame On The Wizard
7:54 AM
Sha of Mediocrity
as reference to the Sha type enemies in world of warcraft's pandaria expansion
Sha of Dispassionate Ridicule
@Magisch I'm not even sure he's a medium level threat
Shahahahaha The Insane Wizard
@M.A.R. No the Sha in WoW all represent negative emotions or states, like Sha of Anger, Sha of Violence, Sha of Envy, etc.
Shaogorath, the Mad
@Magisch He is the Sha of Urination then
Although, hmm, that's a very positive feeling!
Shaggy The Hairy Wizard
7:59 AM
Shaggy The Hairy Meta Wizard, composing two of Mithra's.
Can be that long?
Shallow Ocean Sea River Lake Pond Wizard
Puddle Wizard
8:19 AM
Hello, I've been going through the post What can I do when getting “We are no longer accepting questions/answers from this account”? and found that many of the links point to SO instead of Meta.SE. It is locked so I cannot suggest changes on it
8:35 AM
was checking some random questions and I very much wanted the haha reaction button.
8:50 AM
@Mithrandir I'm not that hairy! :D
@fedorqui you mean MSO, and why not? 99% (probably more) of the question banned users who read this are banned on Stack Overflow.
FWIW, the content of the help center is the same, so...
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10:00 AM
@M.A.R. correct
5 hours later…
2:46 PM
Sean Bave on September 19, 2019

Control the types of ads you see. We’ll categorize the different advertising offerings and you’ll be able to select the ones you want to see.

Report specific ads you don’t like and we, together with our ad partners, will make sure you don’t see them again.

@Feeds Number 2 was a feature that was present back before 2015 when SE used Adzerk as their ad network; it was lost when they moved (back) to Google
iirc adzerk was just the platform and they ran it themselves
and that's kinda the big difference now
3:02 PM
Instead of reporting specific ads, I want to share them to you all, because sharing is caring ^^
Anyway, anyone know about a common display resoultion with 476-pixel wide, instead of 480?
oh maaaaan
hmm... looks like NTSC vs PAL VS whatever... might need to research more
ok could be TVs?
3:09 PM
ah, yeah for the context, it should be on TV, not PC
should said video resolution instead of display resolution...
Standard-definition television (SDTV or SD) is a television system which uses a resolution that is not considered to be either high or enhanced definition. SDTV and high-definition television (HDTV) are the two categories of display formats for digital television (DTV) transmissions. The two common SDTV signal types are 576i, with 576 interlaced lines of resolution, derived from the European-developed PAL and SECAM systems, and 480i based on the American NTSC system. Common SDTV refresh rates are 25, 29.97 and 30 frames per second. Both systems use a 4:3 aspect ratio. Standards that support...
also looks like no
PAL vs. NTSC: PAL usually has 576 visible lines compared with 486 lines with NTSC [...]
probably this...
there's a 427 width listed ....
no, 10 pixel less, ugh
okay, I give up, thanks for your contribution >_<
3:18 PM
is chat being worked on because it's giving 500 internal server errors on stackoverflow?
I only get them when I try to reply to someone.
ditto, weird
Same here.
3:20 PM
I guess that's one way to dodge getting notifications for bugs
I get "An unknown error has occurred", which is what I usually get when I'm disconnected to the internet...
Yeah. We're poking at it.
Oneboxes seem borked too.
Trying to open a user profile too
56 secs ago, by Catija
Yeah. We're poking at it.
...or at least cross-domain oneboxes.
3:22 PM
Got HTTP 500 on /user/info path
Huh, you can reply to a feed though, apparently.
On one hand brokdedness
Yeah, I noticed that, too.
On the other stuff getting worked on?
@JourneymanGeek Should be good now. :D @Mithrandir @Tinkeringbell :D
3:26 PM
@JourneymanGeek teeeessssst
@Catija someone smacked the server hard and it's working now ;)
yup.Is worky
@Mgetz forgot to feed the unicorn hamster
Yep. And cross-database oneboxes seems to be working again.
I hope I don't fall asleep at work again
I had a unplanned 2 hour nap last night
@Aibobot yeah they get hungry
3:27 PM
Unicorn hamsters sound terrifying.
I'm an idiot, trying to reach TL by googling...
@Mgetz Apparently "build doesn't run migrations"...
@Catija Then fix the build so it does... that's not that hard
@Mithrandir they're breaking part after part, for years, never to be fixed.
Soon there won't be any oneboxing left. :(
3:31 PM
@ShadowTheDragonWizard or no chat
and they'll integrate us with slack
and we're d000000med
wait, amazon?
Surely more have gone without anyone noticing.
3:32 PM
oh yeah
@ShadowTheDragonWizard if no one noticed, no one knows
if a bug manifests itself in a forest and there's no one to see it....
Well it's expected to be honest: the code of the onebox target changes, and there's nobody on SE side to make the proper adjustments.
Even if the target belongs to SE too, e.g. blog.
the blog has moved... 3 times?
maybe 4
@ShadowTheDragonWizard That, or SE intentionally disabled it due to, e.g., mixed content. *shrugs* Dunno.
and been reconfigured a few times,
Marc once tried to look into the Amazon onebox bug and after several weeks said it's just not worth fixing.
3:34 PM
@Mgetz I'm not a dev so... :D
Noun: buggy (plural buggies)
  1. A small horse-drawn cart.
  2. A small motor vehicle, such as a dune buggy.
  3. A hearse.
  4. 1920's arr: Jimmie Rogers Frankie and Johnnie
  5. Bring out the rubber tired buggy/Bring out the rubber tired hack/I'm takin' my Johnny to the graveyard/But I ain't gonna bring him back
(6 more not shown…)
Adjective: buggy (comparative buggier, superlative buggiest)
  1. Infested with insects
  2. (computing) Containing programming errors
  3. This software is so buggy that I don't know how anyone can use it!
  4. Resembling an insect
  5. Crazy; bughouse
this still works...
Wikipedia onebox still look weird sometimes but at least working. :)
oh wait it's not even Wikipedia
(changed the word because the image on the previous one was a bit... buggy)
@MetaAndrewT. Analog TV doesn't have a horizontal resolution
3:56 PM
I'm already confused though...
@Catija You've reached the voicemail of... Tink! Leave a message after the beep.
The canceled Tor election got un-canceled, with 1 candidate for 2 positions. tor.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/356/…
They don't get two diamonds, however.
4:34 PM
30 minutes later, the user has not been granted moderator privileges. Oversight? — gparyani 6 secs ago
Could depend on them visiting a page to agree to the mod agreement thing.
at least IIRC
@gparyani: No. It's a little odd timing since we normally do these on a Tuesday. Expect the new diamond in an hour or two. — Jon Ericson ♦ 1 min ago
This must be a Thursday, then.
@410 When was that originally posted?
4:41 PM
I suggest we put social media weapons ... down.
Weapons of mass destruction, mentally ...
Weapons of mass distraction at least
4:58 PM
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog Google Cache
1 hour later…
6:09 PM
Weapons of Mass Distraction is a 1997 television film directed by Stephen Surjik and starring Gabriel Byrne, Ben Kingsley and Wooski Hart, Mimi Rogers, Jeffrey Tambor, and other stars in an ensemble cast, about two media moguls and their fight over ownership of a professional American football team. It was written by Larry Gelbart. This film was nominated for four Primetime Emmy awards. == Plot == Lionel Powers and Julian Messenger are filthy rich men with dirty family secrets. They play dirty as well, fighting for control over a professional football team in Los Angeles with every weapon at their...
What a waste of a good title.
6:30 PM
@ShadowTheDragonWizard Sham pain for real wizards, real pain for sham wizards.
Over the character limit. :(
@Catija Is Code Golf not going to get uniquely-designed error images (404, 500, captcha) as part of its design?
Same for Anime.SE
I filed this bug report asking about why the site-specific error images were themselves 404-ing; in the meantime, the devs seem to have manually forced the pages to load the same images from the folder used for beta and non-designed sites.
So, possibly for all future new site designs...
@MetaAndrewT. Seeing as multiple sites are affected by it (and more are likely to be), I'm going to ask on MSE about it. (Previously I only asked on meta.CodeGolf as I thought it was specific to that.)
@MetaAndrewT. Mind linking me to a relevant meta.Anime post?
6:48 PM
A: Congratulations! Your site design is now live!

Makotostatus-bydesign https://anime.stackexchange.com/404 is still generic. Can we spruce that up, too?

oops, bydesign
@MetaAndrewT. Ah, I see it already has an official response. Will rephrase my question to ask "why"
. . . I'm just gonna sit back amazed at how @Sonic didn't know about that.
He's been the encyclopedia Britannica of metas for quite a while now.
@M.A.R. I didn't know because my anime character is non-canon
@MetaAndrewT. I'm just patiently going to wait for a response to that one
If it's a recent policy change, cool - I'll roll with that
7:04 PM
What do badge medals represent in CS.SE?
> take up the tree metaphor in that gold badges are root nodes, silver badges inner nodes, and bronze badges are leaves. - Raphael's answer on "Computer Science New Site Design"
What. Did they copy us.
I should feel angry.
They they'd us
Perfect, thanks!
Q: Why don't newly-designed sites get custom 404, 500, or captcha images anymore?

Sonic the Anonymous HedgehogBy "error images" below, I mean the images used on each site for the 404 Not Found page, the 500 server error page, and the captcha page. I'll admit that I'm a bit biased as I strongly believe that each site should have its own, unique set of error images, as they add a certain level of charm to ...

7:25 PM
because noone ever sees those pages, errors never happen
7:39 PM
I often land at 404 pages.
8:09 PM
Feature request: embeddable hosted audible sound clips. Finally, a FR that looks likely to be implemented soon.
The clips being embedded in sidebar ads, of course.
I understand being frustrated about a bigger ad unit, but let's be perfectly clear about something: We will never have animated ads or popups or popunders or layovers or anything like that. The day we do that is the day I quit working here, and I don't think I'd be the first or only one to do so. That's not who we are, and it won't be. — hairboat ♦ Jan 8 '16 at 16:11
Checking user profile... still works here.
8:28 PM
@410 I'm confused as they are not trying to start audio so enabling hosted audio would undermine that claim, right?
Until it happens... no point in being upset over it
@KevinB animated ads are a thing already (on TWP and some other sites)
And if I was upset... the overflow into indifference happened long ago.
And what's the stance on them?
@ShadowWizard No, we will continue to maintain our high standards for ads and will not go down that route. We want to do this right and add value across the board. — Juan M ♦ May 21 at 15:49
Personally I'm fine with those ads, they're automagically blocked anyway. I hate all the other ads that can't be auto blocked, like the one in the announcement banner on SO.
9:08 PM
> At the end of the day, I want some actionable insights that will improve our cross-platform integration. dilbert.com/strip/2017-04-10
9:25 PM
Anything can be auto-blocked. Most things can be blocked by a URL filter. Most of what's left can be blocked by a CSS path that's autogenerated for that element by your favorite ad blocker. Most of what's left can be blocked by a CSS path generated by deep understanding of the page structure gained by staring at the DOM for a little too long. The rest of the rest of the rest, just cobble up a oneliner in jQuery and paste it into greasemonkey.
TVTropes uses a randomized CSS class for their anti-adblock banner, so I had to resort to a first-child selector. As for a custom script, it's never got that far.
that's.. not auto
i'm hesitant to go through the trouble of blocking the announcement banner, with the hopes that one day they'd actually use it to announce a new QA feature.
Because it's broken?
@OptimusPrime There's something off about how we cache rep on metas and it's been that way for a couple of years at least. There's a bug report floating around on MSE somewhere. :D
Q: Meta sites in "Your Communities" display different reputation

DarkCygnusWhile using the top bar to navigate across communities, I noticed that the reputation displayed on meta sites on that list does not match the one of their corresponding main sites: I have noticed on past situations that reputation gained takes a bit to "update" on the display on Meta sites (th...

> There'll be the breaking of the ancient Western code
Your meta rep will suddenly explode
10:12 PM
Haha, WTH is with the two items in the close vote queue?
Are we building a water slide or something
. . . I'm in
11:03 PM
@M.A.R. Basically, I voted to close question C as a duplicate of B, not realizing that A existed and B was a duplicate of it. The best thing I could do next is vote B as a duplicate of A.

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