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9:06 PM
why would a review be invalidated? it's currently +1/-3, the UV timestamp is after the invalidation timestamp, and I've been unable to find an answer on MSE -- the flag is new, marked helpful, so it wasn't a discarded (skipped) review (screenshot to follow)
Is that on a question or an answer?
Well, it seems the post is deleted now. That would probably mark your flag helpful but get it out of the queue?
Or was the deleting after the invalidating?
it's not deleted, that's just the timeline's color scheme for reviews
nor was it deleted/undeleted
@ymb1 can I have a link to the timeline?
9:09 PM
Edits do that. Let me see...
No wait, that makes them end up disputed :/
Hmm. I'm stumped on this one :/
is it something only a site-mod can know?
@ymb1 Probably, yes. Mod timelines do show a bit more. I have this answer meta.stackexchange.com/a/329080/369802 from a while ago that clearly lists some stuff that can invalidate reviews, perhaps they can check if one of those things happened.
@ymb1 if the flag was handled by a mod, that would invalidate the review.
@Shog9 but if handled, say "looks ok", wouldn't that make the flag itself at the least disputed?
9:20 PM
Mods can just say "helpful" and do nothing. Flag is handled, review is invalidated, nothing else happens.
An edit to the answer will do the same thing for VLQ flags
(mark the flag as helpful, invalidate the review, leave the answer undeleted)
the post was edited, but none of the edit timestamps match the invalidation timestamp
nothing will match the invalidation timestamp
I see
the queue syncs every few minutes; tasks that are no longer valid are discarded at that time
@Shog9 They do, are you sure? Most stuff I found said edits mark VLQ flags disputed, not helpful.
9:22 PM
try it and see...
IIRC they disputed until ~2013 or thereabouts
Bring back disputed, please!
@Shog9 Oh. Guess I just found the old posts then ;) I'm on mobile, didn't look too closely. Sorry!
9:50 PM
@MetaAndrewT. it's not my fault
I bought the computer in 2015, didn't find Chromium builds; building Chromium was such a pain, I'ven't made again.
Nice to know you've been mayors, check out github.com/JimmySnails/Cytopia it's early, but is something. :)
1 hour later…
10:58 PM
@john teeeeehniccalllyyyy....
hmm chromium.woolyss.com seems to have updated chromium builds. though there's actual, and pretty nice alternatives around
mmhm maybe that existed in 2015 but I distrusted - I don't trust it today
then maybe its time to build a new one.
The web's evolving very fast and outdated browsers are a security risk as well
it's a browser only for SE. I hadn't used it for anything since GitHub deprecated it. But it's the only one I can properly use for SE
What fo you use elsewhere?
I take good care not to open anything external, I copy and move the link to Opera open there
11:07 PM
SE only supports/tests for the last 2 versions of any supported browser
haha, I just left a job where IE 7 and 8 where still supported
(granted I run unsupported browsers and don't have issues but I run the latest versions of falkon and vivaldi)
I count SE still supports IE9 then
IE11 actually
Q: Which browsers are officially supported, and what else do I need?

EarlzWhich browsers are officially supported by Stack Exchange? Also, what else is needed in order to use every feature of the site? Return to FAQ index

Meta Andrew T already sent me there :)
11:10 PM
with good reason
I'll rebuild when SE stops working. Feels like chances are either I'll drop bored of browsing SE daily, or I'll install Debian in the host; before you break my pet CHromium 47.
technically its already broken ;p
I'll have a look in cvedetails
(using my Opera browser)
also, I miss the old presto based opera :/
(vivaldi is slowly getting to the same feature-ness on blink and isn't chinese owned...)
may I hop in ?
11:16 PM
whoah surprisingly low chromium cvedetails compared to chrome or, say, gitlab
but that makes no sense
chat is fine though
@JourneymanGeek Have you heard Storm by Vivaldi?
I had this ready to send after affirmation
@ankii no
I mean the browser ;p
ohh, I just saw opera etc.. do listen if it interests you. youtube.com/watch?v=NqAOGduIFbg
I wanted to ask if there had been any discussions about diamond mods being able to hide the diamond
or just be a normal user, like VTC without closing it single handedly(or with 1-2 votes behind them)
@ankii you have my bow, er, vote
11:22 PM
many many discussions
@ArtOfCode could see any on meta.. My searching skills are so bad *-*
@ankii I'd almost ask why, but MSE's a site I've sometimes wished I could do that ;p
@JourneymanGeek ummm . . . asking for a friend xd
@ankii that said there's good arguements against it in general
On most main sites - in day to day usage, it shouldn't matter
When the diamond matters we're using our diamondy powers (say to closehammer or such)
On per site meta, the hat matters
On MSE, its... confusing
yeah I agree, the opposition is strong.
in Ask Different Chat on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 25 mins ago, by LangLangC
Or just voice their user role, but "diamonds are forever" 'influencing' people. (Well, and I suspect as well that it mods might often feel that that is actually too often not the case. Being restricted from acting normally and seen as normal users on SE)
@JourneymanGeek how so ?
in Ask Different Chat on The Stack Exchange Network Chat that's quite a description
11:28 PM
We have community mods (who have diamonds and shouldn't be taken as canonical), CMs and Devs (who have diamonds mostly and speak from a position of slightly deeper knowledge and might be canonical) but also non diamond staffers who might be the subject matter experts in some things (and could be taken as canonical)
yeah that's true..
But on say SU
guess the discussion is closed there(AD chat) too..
Actually kinda ongoing
but no one's really that sure of how best to handle it
In the past there was a staff page but there's multiple good reasons not to have it
@ankii you just... act as a normal user and you are
I wouldn't be a moderator if I didn't have influence
and that dosen't go away when I take off the hat
"I influence therefore I am dia-mo(n)d" - Descartes
just an edit with diamond + diamond moderator..
11:37 PM
diamond operator is not cool anymore, now spaceship operator is all the rage
ah, diamond moderator, yeah
yea I've seen you doin terrible things
specially you Community<>
11:55 PM
@ankii actually kinda yes
The most important tool of a moderator is surprise... no wait, that's the inquisition
Its the ability to convince people to do the right thing. ;p
When I was new, every mod I saw was high rep.. thought: wow, at least somewhere, being able to talk well doesn't matter
just answer and participate.. not much decor required for the messages.
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