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1:14 AM
So an hour later, I'm not working on a coding problem. I'm playing Xbox. Thanks MS Propogandist program.
@amanAplanAcanalpAnAmA we have an Xbox here. You should stop by.
1 hour later…
2:36 AM
3:25 AM
(pokes @moot)
why would you go around just poking a guy?
that's hardly fair
I want to know what the "hooray" was about. And I'm impatient.
Yes, we all realize that
pokes @moshe to remind him to poke @moshe later on when @moshe is busy playing xbox
2 hours later…
5:04 AM
Eh. Point taken.
Good evening.
3 hours later…
7:37 AM
Q: The single most useful Emacs feature

ReadonlyMy primary editor is Emacs, but my usage habits and knowledge of features has barely changed over the last few years. What are the Emacs features that you use on a daily basis? Are there any little-known Emacs features that you find very useful? Edit: Made this into the recommended poll form...

Got closed after showing up on Hacker News, but it's at 4/5 to reopen...
1:56 PM
Howdy yall
2:34 PM
Pokes @Moshe
3:28 PM
4:00 PM
@jadarnel27 what?
@amanaP I asked a very silly question about how your got your name to be mirrored like that (on your meta profile)
Then I realized you probably just typed it in reverse (since the letters are not actually backwards haha).
TL;DR: I'm an idiot. Disregard.
@jadarnel27 haha my name forwards and backwards is the same thing ^_^
@jadarnel27 try reading it both ways :-) its the same B-)
Ha! That is a very clever palindrome. Wow.
@jadarnel27 See the comments under this answer.
@jadarnel27 i loved it ever since i was told about it when i was a little kid ^_^ its awesome
@PopularDemand ha! howd they do that?
4:07 PM
Good question.
@PopularDemand meta q abt it? :-P
Would be off-topic.
@amanaP Indeed! It is awesome.
@Pop Holy cow.
@PopularDemand not really. why would that be off-topic?
It's about formatting text on the web, not the Stack Exchange network.
4:10 PM
Many Unicode control characters are used to control the interpretation or display of text, but these characters themselves have no visual or spatial representation. For example, the null character () is used in C-programming application environments to indicate the end of a string of characters. In this way, these programs only require a single starting memory address for a string (as opposed to a starting address and a length), since the string ends once the program reads the null character. ISO 6429 control characters (C0 and C1) The control characters U+0000–U+001F and U+007F c...
see "Bidirectional text control"
@PopularDemand no. they flipped the hole comment! even the timestamp! thats an SE thing
‮Unicode is awesome
Does this work?
@balpha how do u flip the part that the commenter has no control over?
‮A man a plan a canal panama
4:11 PM
46 secs ago, by balpha
see "Bidirectional text control"
no worky
@Shog9 any way u type my name it is still correct :-P
@balpha that doesnt answer how they flipped the stuff they have no real control over....
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Are you a programmer?
@Shog9 yes. well, web dev
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA EVEN BETTER!
4:14 PM
You now have a debugging problem ;-)
@Shog9 lol im still lost
Break out your favorite DOM inspector and learn something
i am!
but how can they edit the dom.... html gets parsed out
Does anybody know, how long it usually takes for the reputation screen (on the profile view) to synchronize with the actual /reputation data after I've triggered the "rep recalc"?
@Shog9 :-(
@Idolon 2 seconds
just refresh the page
4:16 PM
@Idolon It's always been pretty close to immediate for me
@amanaP I am still quite confused as well.
Q: Reputation history on my profile page is inconsistent with /reputation log

Idolon Possible Duplicate: My /reputation score and shown rep score are different This is the screenshot of my reputation taken on 2011-12-06 (so "today" means Dec 6, and "yesterday" - Dec 5). Note the "0  Dec 2" section: And this is the part of my http://stackoverflow.com/reputation ...

it's been closed as a duplicate, however I still believe there is a bug on the reputation profile screen, as I did the rep recalc and data is still inconsistent.
‮txet emos si sihT
^^^ somebody star that message
4:20 PM
@balpha what the what?
what character did you put in there?
All i see in the inspector is this:
@balpha ??
Is it this? ‮ ?
4:26 PM
@jadarnel27 i tried that. it ddnt do anything
@jadarnel27 yes
Chat doesn't support entities. Anymore.
@balpha Ah, so I was close. I prematurely ragequit then =)
4:32 PM
?edocinu ruoy s'woh ,rettiwT oS
twitter strips the character
U+008D This? U+008D
@balpha Thanks, I'll quit spamming the tavern now =)
still dunno how to do it though :-(
4:39 PM
Ask on... Web Apps?
How is "how to type unicode characters" on topic on web apps?
@balpha No, no no... "How do I type unicode characters in a web app?"
Oh, then!
4:43 PM
:-( i cant do it...
@balpha haha awsome :-) google.com/…
i figured it out. look at the title of the page
@amanaP Nice!
@jadarnel27 but its not working on the SE :-(
it keeps becoming a .
Well that's down-right frustrating.
4:46 PM
I want to make the whole internets backwards!
To low-tech blogs!
@jadarnel27 lol try typing in that google search box now
@jadarnel27 hehe look at the latest comment: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/3122/formatting-sandbox/…
@amanaP Typing what?
@jadarnel27 in the search bar of the google link from before
That comment is epic.
4:51 PM
I can't tell what you typed into the search bar. Just UTF-8 test?
@jadarnel27 huh? whatever u type will come out backwards
@amanaP hahahahahah
I see it now =)
@jadarnel27 try that
OMG your name came out backwards
Oh wait.
4:53 PM
@mootinator :-P
@moot lol
5:14 PM
@balpha Is this coincidence?
Damn, doesn't onebox right.
5:51 PM
Q: convert svg to image programatically

astrocybernauteim trying to convert my svg to an image i ve been looking into several tools and still cant make this hapen :( now im trying SVG rendering engine but im having trouble with it since it has no documentation this is my code: using (FileStream fileStream = File.OpenRead(@"C:\sample.svg")) ...

Isn't that a bit like asking "Do GL accounting programatically". And then saying how you've been failing at using Quickbooks.
That title is just really bad.
They want to convert a svg to a non-vector format using any third party tool.
2 hours later…
8:05 PM
in SE Podcast Live Chat on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 16 hours ago, by Alex Miller
So change of plans - we're actually doing a podcast on Wednesday @ 4pm - tune in!
podcast today; just FYI
with special guest rchern!
Yes, it's an Oycast.
8:21 PM
Movies is in public beta and the universe hasn't imploded yet. I don't understand.
it has, but turns out they faked it all on a soundstage down in Arizona
8:58 PM
Hi hi all
@mootinator Why the hate for movies?
No hate.
There just seems to be a lot of "I don't see the point of this site." surrounding it.
I'd participate in a site with no point to it.
Fair enough
Trivia, perhaps
Hi there!
I could also see people asking for the name of a movie given a description, just like people ask for the name of a game given a description on Gaming
9:13 PM
Dumb question... why the Tavern is not on the regular chat.stackexchange site... I always forget to bring it back when rebooting my browser...
Insanity of this kind has to be isolated within the high-walled boundaries of Meta.
@mootinator rrrg and i can't create tags on that site
@Mvy Like many new features, chat was launched on Meta for testing before it hit the other sites in the network. Pretty much the first thing that happened was someone making a "general chat" room. People used it because there was no other chat to go to. That room still exists today as Tavern on the Meta.
Yeah I know... but still I always forgot because it's not in my bundle of "favourites" on the global chat :P
9:19 PM
Q: Can we add the following tags:

NealCan we add: montages80sandthemes They are needed for questions like: What 80's movie was first to have an official montage?

@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Oh nooo I need 100 rep to get my close votes back lol.
@Mvy That, I can't help you with. Now, if you'll follow me this way, our tour will continue to the Decisions by the Team that Users Hated gallery, including a perfectly preserved copy of the very first "Eeeek!" post ever published....
Your question just made me lol.
9:25 PM
@PopularDemand Excellent history lesson. This should be pinned.
@mootinator whose?
hehe where did the 80s tag come from?
I added that.
I'm not sure if the other two are useful.
ooo u hav rep :-P
9:26 PM
'Edit Tags' button. lol
i wanted credit :-(
I cant create tags yet
@mootinator ^^^
i need 150 rep :-(
@mootinator i like asking movie Q's :-)
add 15 posts, I'll sockpuppet them.
I mean er...
Q: What are the main differences between the `new` Producers and the original?

NealAside from the singing (and the actors) what were the main differences between the two? I was always told that the original was much better (with Mel Brooks in the lead), but I have never seen it. What are some of the selling points of the original that make it better? (need original and prod...

need a couple tags...
9:41 PM
@mootinator see the question.
I'm not listening lalalala
1 hour later…
10:59 PM
@TimStone: chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/512/se-podcast-live-chat --> "You are trying to visit a web page that falls under the URL Category Web-based Email . By clicking the link below, you acknowledge that you have read and agree with [company policy] Information Technology Acceptable Use..."
Well, that's a little less devious than originally anticipated, but somehow not any less confusing.
Glad to see that they're making sure your eyes don't see bad things on the interwebs by making you click an extra link!
I'm beginning to suspect that this is all a complex and devious plot to get me to do some of the work for which I am nominally paid.
If there was any chance of that you'd probably be doing it in the first place.
What's that? Sorry, couldn't hear you, was busy finding a way to install Diablo III on my work machine here.
11:05 PM
What's that?
Oh right there's a beta for that.
in The Bridge on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 2 hours ago, by Tim Stone
I'm afraid for a Diablo III release when I consider how many hours of my life went into Diablo II.
Wait, seriously? I intentionally chose that game because I thought its beta hadn't started yet.
It gets worse.
I'm pretty sure it's a closed beta, though.
Bleh, at least I won't have time for it. All my co-workers do 40 hours a week in the office and 20-40 on Skyrim. I haven't even had time to buy Skyrim yet. Why did I choose grad school, again?
11:07 PM
@PopularDemand steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197973295394/stats/… (subtract 11 hours for the 11 hours I accidentally left the game running while I went to sleep last night)
Oh...you probably should not have shown me that.
11:29 PM
@Shog9 that answer was really annoying with the anoying image and all
@Wes Thanks, man!
was tempted to edit it. But that would get me nowhere
Wasn't there somewhere you could see what percentage of each privilage you had got?
@TimStone never got what was so popular about Diablo2.
maybe cause I never played it online.
@Wes hover over your name in the header -> click privileges
Ah, yeah, it's one of the few games that I actually did play online.
@Shog9 Did you make that annoying graphic yourself?
11:38 PM
@Kalamane Naw. A quick search for "annoying gif" turned it up
-------s---o----rry bus----t-- --------k--e----y--b--oa---r---d----
"annoying gif" also turned up this... I went with the first result.
not safe for brain
safe for work
11:45 PM
Touched the blade of my Chef's knife with enough force to cause a small amount pain, but I'm not bleeding all over the place. Too dull.
Callus building?

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