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1:13 PM
@ShadowWizard This one, for the wife's vehicle:
100 KW
Very useful, just careful not to bring girlfriends female coworkers home so she won't shoot them down.... :P
Yup, it makes a nice hole!
And that's its battery?
(says 100kw battery here ;))
1:20 PM
Truth be told it's really quite a bit smaller, the above photo is what they release to the media.
It's almost as useful, like when someone has a question.
All this talk about laser reminded me of her:
Kind of a deal breaker in the Avengers vs. Thanos battle.... :P
I'd like to see the new Avengers, when it comes to TV.
Wonder how much kW she got? :D
@Rob you surely have tons of patience.... o_O
@ShadowWizard I already read half the spoilers on the internet.. didn't think I would be going to see it anyways. Now my friend texted if I wanted to go with her XD
Well, if you've been to the theater you know the deal. $15 to see the movie, plus $10 for popcorn and a pop.
1:29 PM
TBH I have no idea who or what an avenger is. (Besides what's in a dictionary)
@Rob whoa, about same price here, bit less.
@Rob It's a bit cheaper here, and you can bring your own drink/snacks
@VoteDukakis someone who avenge.
Like a downvoter?
@VoteDukakis Nah, that's a revenger :P
1:30 PM
Oh. But maybe we have avenge downvotes in addition to revenge downvotes?
TL;DR: bunch of superheros that kick the bad guys' ass every time. Until they meet one they can't beat.
Tink, there's only one theatre that allows food here, the stinky mad house, were a bad movie and bring your own food is what they are selling.
Anywhere else there's no outside food.
@Rob Crazy country, really :P
Can you sneak in a granola bar in ... some place they can't see it?
@Rob same here.... food is the main revenue for the cinema, think it's like 70% income from the insane food prices, 30% from tickets
1:32 PM
@VoteDukakis I usually just bring one of those small lady backpacks
Check out the price of NY Yankees stadium food. Home of the $100 hot dog.
@VoteDukakis sure but when eating it inside the cinema, someone will tell you to get out.
Never had any trouble, or anyone check it. And if they do, make sure the period pads are somewhere on top.
(or throw away the snack)
1:33 PM
Just kidding, it's the hamburger that costs only half that much.
Got it, eat a granola bar sandwiched between two period pads.
22 secs ago, by Tinkeringbell
@Tinkeringbell lol... and? You will go?
That's much more reasonable.
@ShadowWizard I will :) We do that often, especially in summer. Movie first, terrace, food and drinks after :D
1:35 PM
@Tinkeringbell nice... but did you watch other Avengers movies in the past? If not, you won't understand what's going on.
@ShadowWizard I think I saw one or two, but I'm guessing basic plots are to be found on wikipedia ;)
@Tinkeringbell yeah... but it's not the same. :)
To be honest, I missed most of the references too, even though watching all movies... due to forgetting tons of stuff. lol
@ShadowWizard Well, I don't have time to watch three movies before Saturday!
@VoteDukakis You do know that once you're in the theather and the movie has started, you can just get out the granola bar and leave the pads? :P
@ShadowWizard gone
Luckily I watched Ant Man and the Wasp couple of weeks ago by chance, on TV, so the main plot was clear. You really better watch it again if you haven't already. @Tink and @AnyoneWhoDidNotWatchEndgameYet. :D
1:39 PM
Various ballpark prices for ballpark prices, from a few years ago.
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog either I'm missing something, or this account hasn't posted anything anywhere. Also, their profile is empty, so.... nothing to do here?
@JNat thanks!
@rene this one's gone, but it wasn't me :P
@Rob That's not nearly as bad as you wanted me to believe!
@JNat just take the credits ;)
1:41 PM
Those are the old prices, and some of the cheapest places in the park.
Just a sec.
@ShadowWizard gone
Lol.... that one looks American XD
Warm pop, with cold nuggets and a few fries: U$20.
@ShadowWizard and gone
and I'm all caught up with my spam deletions
1:44 PM
@JNat thanks!
@Rob Yeah, okay. That does look like you're better off at McDonalds.
@JNat thanks! :D
Where did you think the NY Yankees was,?
you need to change your avatar, @Shadow, 'cause I look at you and see @Tinkeringbell now :P
little red avatar == Tinkeringbell
1:45 PM
She can type with both hands.
in my head, at least
@Rob What gave it away?
I can make the avatar bigger for you @JNat
just a sec.
tahdah! :D
@JNat there will be more. Mwahahaha
@Tinkeringbell hey! I can
Do it
@Tinkeringbell so you and @Shadow just need to make sure you always post at least 3 images in a row
1:47 PM
The hair is styled like that gif I uploaded a few days ago:
that works too
@JourneymanGeek I know; there's always more
@JNat I'm wondering
how quickly
people will tire if we keep this up
I can type
you just need to watch out for not getting rate-limited too ;P
I did :(
get rate
1:48 PM
@ShadowWizard You did?
1:48 PM
@Rob whaaa
is it?
Someone wanted to be remembered for making that video.
@Rob oh, yeah, they make fun things with her hair in the kindergarten. :P
A highlight for their resume, like the P&P job a half dozen screens above.
Anyway, here the popcorn is HUGE:
Same for you? @Rob
(41 NIS are 11.44 USD)
1:52 PM
Almost, maybe a half inch less on all sides.
Also two bucks cheaper.
with cola?
Why 41 and not 39 (so people think it's inexpensive)?
The biggest popcorn you can get over here is €5,95... and add a half liter bottle of cola for €2.95.
so €8,90 for popcorn for three and a cola...
With cola!?, where you frum!
@Rob Netherlands :)
1:55 PM
@Rob 39 won't work only 39.90 (39.99 is forbidden by law)
Back in 10m
Actually, I think you even get a discount if you buy two coco-cola company products (so you can get a fanta, sprite, cola, combination)... two for €5.50
@Rob 10 meters?! :D
@ShadowWizard Waaah?
39,95 forbidden too?
@Tinkeringbell good for you then.... :)
@Tinkeringbell hmm... not sure, but it will be rounded down to 39.90 anyway since we don't have .05 coin anymore.
1:57 PM
@ShadowWizard Ahh. So everything needs to be rounded down to 10 cent ?
@Tinkeringbell only if <=5 yeah
But over here that means people can still ask prices like .99, and if you buy multiple things ending in .99 in the end at the station it's rounded to a multiple of 5...
@Tinkeringbell looks so... clean and organized. lol
Here it's a mess.
so is .99 really forbidden or ?
@Tinkeringbell yup, quite a recent law.
1:59 PM
Yes, I have to back in; because going forward is difficult when it's 10m.
@Rob yeah, sometimes it's just too long indeed. :D
@ShadowWizard woow, that's unreadable. I have to disable adblock and when I did that, the full article was still hidden :/
@Tinkeringbell hmm... that's a not-so-good site, let me see...
Hurts - your browser.
@Rob My browser should stop whining and just do what I tell it to do :P
2:02 PM
@Tink here's the pure text of the article:
> Israel to Abolish Deceptive Pricing Ending in .99 Shekels
The government phased out one- and five-agorot coins years ago, but a law against dodgy pricing will go into effect January 1.

From the beginning of next year, Israeli retailers will be barred from charging prices ending in 99 agorot in an attempt to make a product appear less expensive.

Gone will be items for NIS 9.99, for example, after the Economy Ministry and the Consumer Protection and Fair Trade Authority issued guidelines on Thursday requiring retailers to designate prices in multiples of 10 agorot.
(from 2013)
sits back while @ShadowWizard installs a virus
oh and yeah "multiples of 10 agorot" - @Tink
(agora is the equivalent for cent)
@ShadowWizard Would be called 'betutteling' over here XD People are expected to realize that 9.99 means 10,- if they don't buy anything else! ;)
Well, most places still use the trick just with xx9.90
@ShadowWizard I guessed that much ;) Thanks though :)
2:05 PM
Even cars... e.g. car will cost 99999.90
You go betuttel somewhere else
@ShadowWizard That's just... plain weird XD
@rene Go @Bart -tutel?!
@ShadowWizard 'tuttel'... the tripple t is important!
@Tinkeringbell but it works.... otherwise they wouldn't keep using it.... lol
2:06 PM
@ShadowWizard I guess ;)
I mean... I still sometimes calculate stuff back to guldens, and then realize I realy don't need them :P
I guess the reverse can happen too
@Tinkeringbell well, no chance for Brexit for your country? lol
Nexit? I dunno. I think the last time I saw it mentioned, polls indicated an 80 percent majority against it.
Dutch withdrawal from the European Union, (colloquially "Nexit," a term composed of 'Netherlands' and 'exit') refers to the conjecture that the Netherlands might leave the European Union. == Polling == A poll by the Pew Research Center in June 2016, conducted before the British referendum, found 51% of the Dutch respondents to have a positive view of the European Union and 46% a negative view. Another poll by peil.nl in the aftermath of the British referendum found 50% of Dutch respondents to be against a similar referendum in their country, with 46% of respondents in favour of remaining in the...
Much less than 80%
But yeah 64% vs. 29% is clear enough.
Though in Dutch, very recent news article that says that 86 percent of people would vote against a Nexit
Fun fact: right winged people in Israel lie in polls to "confuse the enemy" and admit it after elections.
2:14 PM
@ShadowWizard That's not good :(
@ShadowWizard Yes, we did away with small coins; but the pricing didn't really change - if it's 2.5¢ then it's 5¢, otherwise it's not charged for.
@ShadowWizard I have a cart:
An old photo of the cart in use:
2:47 PM
@Tinkeringbell well been like that for long years, ever since our local media turned against our PM
@Rob big wheels!
And third line so I won't look like @Tink ;)
Circus Tent?!
Toilets are more useful.
3:05 PM
I'm not a parrot.
Affogato! thanks bot! really needed it
@JNat Oops, I think I linked the wrong one...and it looks like the one I intended to link has been taken care of.
3:36 PM
Q: Reputation Expiration and Deterioration

Mr.YouKnowWhoIAmI think that making reputation temporary will increase constant participation, since the reputation will slowly decrease if they do not participate and gain more reputation. I thought of two ways to do this: deterioration and expiration. Deterioration Deterioration is basically taking a certain...

Too much like the Android games that bug you into making a purchase
Also it's weird as hell to see someone with 1 rep and a silver badge o.o
Reminds me of Crash Loyale
their rep... deteriorated after asking that question
Rule 0 of meta. Do not mess with rep
@VoteDukakis that explains this comment....
Snake bit? Who's the snake?
All design discussions summarized: it's not your site. It has an owner, who decides how the site will look. Want to do something constructive, mine bitcoin.
3:45 PM
Not a serious suggestion, but it beats arguing on meta.
Unless there a way to harvest meta hot air for coin mining.
@VoteDukakis eh to an extent you can influence things
I don't have any comment to the reason I won't comment on the site design...
Aside, well... I lost 4 privileges :)
Oh.. graduation?
Site design. Anime has graduated since 2015, but no site design
> In the coming months, the site will receive a full design from one of our designers, which will be packaged with an increase in the amount of reputation needed to access each privilege.
which was 44 months if I didn't miscount, less than 60-80 months
4:00 PM
@NoDistractionWizard You sure it's not 600–800 months?
Based on the recent meta post on Code Golf, looks like they're finally gearing up for a design
@NoDistractionWizard though I think they were massively overwhelmed...
5:00 PM
@VoteDukakis bitcoin mining is also not a useful suggestion, in fact the last time a home user, even one with a few decent machines, could do any useful mining was a few years ago now. Back in the first year it was incredibly easy to mine bitcoin - even my car stereo (which ran debian) did it for me. Now it's impossible for a home user to mine and make money (unless someone else is paying power/cooling etc)
@RoryAlsop I think that's vaguely the point he's trying to make ;p
@JourneymanGeek oh. well, now I feel stoopid
and I'm usually great at spotting sarcasm online
Being British, and all
6:03 PM
Something is borked in the client-side javascript. And it is not one of my userscripts AFAICT. something in review is kaput and users have problems asking new questions on SO.
Everyone to the life boats, parrots and children first!
I thought parrots were last, given that the captain is last...
And in this special case, the parrot IS one of the captains
6:21 PM
"The captain goes down with the ship" is a maritime tradition that a sea captain holds ultimate responsibility for both his ship and everyone embarked on it, and that in an emergency, he will either save them or die trying. Although often connected to the sinking of RMS Titanic in 1912 and its captain, Edward J. Smith, the tradition precedes Titanic by at least 11 years. In most instances, the captain forgoes his own rapid departure of a ship in distress, and concentrates instead on saving other people. It often results in either the death or belated rescue of the captain as the last person on...
6:35 PM
@Shog9 if you have a minute do you want to check if this bug report that I have repro-ed might have the same root cause for the issues for this new user that is being treated rather harsh IMO while I doubt if it is 100% their fault but can't rule it out either. I can't repro that one, in case that matters.
@rene I see the cause of the bug in the first report; can you reproduce the second?
@rene Don't worry
@Shog9 No, for that second one I only went so far to see if https://stackoverflow.com/posts/0/editor-heartbeat/ask would bark at me, which it doesn't. I tried in guided mode. Only got a 409 once.
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog The best case is if nobody goes down at all
6:48 PM
@Mgetz Okay, but that is a bit boring ...
@rene Chivalry is for the dead, good captains work very hard to ensure that never happens and if it does happen everybody makes it off safely because the crew are well trained
7:10 PM
4 messages moved to Chimney
7:53 PM
My first CS course at Cornell they threatened us with an academic integrity case if you used stack overflow.... so there’s that. https://twitter.com/kevinmdark/status/1123369090217697281
(Regarding the Cornell CS Queue)
In other news, Twitter redesign has broken my tweet bookmarklet...
@VoteDukakis Hmm. I'm willing to bet it was more nuanced than that ;)
8:09 PM
I don't get something. The "official justification" for not allowing recently suspended users to nominate in elections is because the suspension itself would derail election discussion, not that the users themselves are inherently bad candidates. However, apparently, there was a case where a nomination was removed because the user "should have" been suspended.
8:53 PM
A: Why don't we hard-prevent users from nominating themselves as a moderator candidate if they were suspended in the past year?

Sonic the Inclusive HedgehogAs of May 2019, the warning system now indeed hard-prevents such users from running in a moderator election. Basically, there was a case where a user with a perfect moderator candidate score but with a past recent suspension ran on the end of a week, and their nomination went unnoticed over the ...

Two things here, @SonictheInclusiveHedgehog
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog good intentions don't always end up working as expected
1: what Rory mentioned in the comment
2: that's wrong
there isn't a hard block, but before you ask we don't wanna get into details
9:08 PM
My mistake. I saw the lack of a "continue anyway" button and thought it was a hard-block.
Let me guess: those who are allowed are provided a JS snippet that adds back the "continue anyway" functionality?
you can guess away ;)
16 mins ago, by JNat
there isn't a hard block, but before you ask we don't wanna get into details
it's just gonna be a bit of a one-sided guessing game... ;)
@JNat Why hide this information?
this isn't a block, it's a velvet rope. We don't need to block you unless you step over it.
FYI I deleted my answers mentioning these and rolled back the changelog edit. I'm keeping the FAQ edit because it's simplified.
(and doesn't mention a soft vs. hard block, just that the system will prevent it)
9:23 PM
@JNat So, without mentioning any specific details, it's basically a medium-level block now?
if that's what you wanna call it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
14 mins ago, by JNat
this isn't a block, it's a velvet rope. We don't need to block you unless you step over it.
Also, sorry if you felt stressed by the requests for details. I'm naturally curious of how the system works, to the point of wanting to know every minute detail about it. I noticed that many of others' comments on your answer were simply things that could be answered in the general announcement, and I understand if you felt stressed by having to handle all of those.
9:39 PM
(trying to fix a roll film camera here)
meh, it doesn't matter since I have an SLR
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog didn't make me feel stressed as much as frustrated; feel like you've had this conversation on several other occasions with several other people :\
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