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12:09 AM
Withdraw all the candidates! No vote (and badge) for you!
Naw, I got Constituent already. Cancel all you want.
Only my second on that site... but it's only the 4th election.
How to get the list of past elections while there is an active one?
I used to be able to do it by appending 0, but it doesn't work anymore: physics.stackexchange.com/election/0
just change the number on the elections/x page?
ohh I misunderstand
12:19 AM
I re-checked that I'm not misremembering the URL but it's correct, and was posted here a few times.
Jun 28 '17 at 14:57, by user315433
Apple site has this tradition of electing exactly 3 mods every time, and they are trying for 3 again.
1:30 AM
58 messages moved to Chimney
1:49 AM
9 messages moved to Chimney
2:23 AM
Anyone know why I'd get an error trying to upload an image to SE's Imgur?
Is it disabling hotlinking or something?
It works when loaded directly, so that's gotta be it.
2:44 AM
> 502 ERROR
> The request could not be satisfied.
> CloudFront wasn't able to connect to the origin.
> If you received this error while trying to use an app or access a website, please contact the provider or website owner for assistance.
> If you provide content to customers through CloudFront, you can find steps to troubleshoot and help prevent this error by following steps in the CloudFront documentation (https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonCloudFront/latest/DeveloperGuide/http-502-bad-gateway.html).
Well it loads when I open it in a new tab.
Anyway I found a better copy.
3:05 AM
Hello World!
hai hai
Next site to celebrate 10y, after SO and SF, will be... this one. stackexchange.com/sites#oldest
Hai hai to you too, @forest. What's going on.
@VoteDukakis Yup, Meta. Then, Super User and MathOverflow. See: https://stackexchange.com/sites?view=list#oldest.
SF got a swag contest for its anniversary...
3:18 AM
Wonder what Meta will have? Maybe a bug contest? Feature-request competition?
So funny that 8.5 year old sites are still in beta.
And still getting 0.4 questions per day (in case of Homebrewing)
Sound Design is 1.2.
Still far less than the required 10 QPD... if it's still SE's biggest consideration.
The least is Iota, hence its approx. 1.5 yrs. of age.
3:25 AM
Stack Apps is approx. 9 yrs. old, but has 0.2 qpd.
stackapps is one of those special cases though
It is about SE API scripts and all of that sort.
well and it isn't actually a Q&A site
Your writing style looks like rob, but you're probably not rob...
@NoDistractionWizard hehe...
@NoDistractionWizard I'm a little curious as well actually
the unicorn and the odd mix of knowledge and ignorance...
3:35 AM
Who is Rob?
Which Rob?
@NoDistractionWizard @JourneymanGeek The post this is replying to. Who is, in that context, "you", and who is "rob"?
Oh, the Rob that likes to over-emphasize some words
3:37 AM
@Mr.YouKnowWhoIAm which was understood. And responded to
The Rob I still do not know.
There's two Robs here.
I am suddenly confused...
Don't mind my muzing...
3:40 AM
Why does Area51 have all the styles different from the other sites. I get the aliens, but really?
@Mr.YouKnowWhoIAm legacy/hacked together codebase
4:20 AM
consecutive meta posts by different users but very related username... :?
5:14 AM
Q: Worldbuilding Custom Journals - Want one?

JamesI have been working with Stack and a vendor to try and sort out getting custom Moleskine journals created for Worldbuilding. After...eh...a bit of time, think we are ready to go. The planned swag: Blue hard cover moleskine notebook Worldbuilding stamped into the front cover A full page colo...

Just in case you want a custom Journeyman journal
6:09 AM
square wheels train ...
6:27 AM
@rene Never a good thing. Did it at least get you where you were supposed to go?
well, I'm still east bound
Apeldoorn atm
> A full page color insert inside the front cover featuring Slarti and Pandora from the main site art
I am seriously tempted
@rene How far east are you going? XD
@JourneymanGeek And then you have a majorly expensive notebook with such a nice print that you'll never dare use it for anything? :P
@Tinkeringbell this happens suprisingly often
I'm down to one though, only my maker notebook (which i got cheap)
@Tinkeringbell Deventer is the plan for now
6:39 AM
@rene Should be doable ;) Deventer is nice :D
It sure is.
@JourneymanGeek I'm thinking that if I ever need to write a lot again, I'm going to get the same gadget as one of my coworkers, just so I don't waste paper ;)
@Tinkeringbell a tablet?
Speaking of knowing whom it is:
He's got this really neat electronic notebook. Not exactly a tablet, it's more like an ebook with e-ink
But then one you can write and draw on
6:40 AM
does it let you export or... ?
@JourneymanGeek It does. The only thing I'm doubting about is that the internet says that function isn't flawless yet, but my coworker says everything works fine
@Rob I see Geek already answered that. Means I don't have to read it, yay!
@Tinkeringbell ._.
@JourneymanGeek Just kidding. I'll look ;)
@Tinkeringbell I actually had an answer halfway written, it was dupehammered, and I reopened it to answer ;p
6:42 AM
I always miss all the fun!
They should assume that they should decide carefully before they do something, rather than decide to do something and not think about it until later.
Tried hard to word that politely, it loses in the translation.
Q: Search operator inquestion:this broken

LaurelI'm following these directions: If you are searching using the search box on a question page, you can use inquestion:this to restrict results to the post you are already viewing. Advanced Search Help I have done this in the past and it has worked. However, right now it is not working and ...

The big joke is, I read it as inquisition, and did not expect to see my comment....
@Rob especially not me.
7:08 AM
So am I in big trouble?
@Muze Yes.
Especially if you're going to ignore what I told you last time you dropped in here in whatever conversation you're planning on having in here right now.
Who is the architect?
@ShadowWizard I was googling the exact same thing
7:15 AM
You saw all three?
eh yrsh
had a friend who was nuts about em
The first was superb.... the others felt "forced"
I watched the first over 20 times at home in VCR
7:16 AM
@Rob I've always wondered where that was from. Now I know!
Wait... maybe 50... lost count.
Personally I think first > animatrix > second...
I just had the tape and watched at night sometimes.
anyway.... Endgame is a perfect movie. It's not possible to make it any better.
Spoiler: someone dies?
But less than half
7:19 AM
... that dang Hulk HNQ...
oh lol
Hulk doesn't die no worry (didn't see HNQ yet)
we just had a very spirited discussion of spoilers so be mindful that some people really hate them.
Yeah, at the time like this is what Spoiler Overflow will be
@JourneymanGeek the recent one of MSE? I think it's just a rehash of many spoiler meta posts, not even counted on Scifi.SE & Movies.SE own meta...
@NoDistractionWizard somewhere else
More of a gentle reminder ;)
Well, Luke is Darth Vader's father...
7:26 AM
Rosebud was his cat.
And the box in 7 had cake.
Too soon?
... 20 years ago?
sd autoflagged
@NoDistractionWizard [:7692604] That post was not automatically flagged by metasmoke.
the user seems gone too.
meta.stackexchange.com/questions/327519/… probably a multi-dupe but its a big-current issue so I'm disinclined to dupehammer ._.
@JourneymanGeek Meh. It's going to be a big-current issue next time there's a new popular series/movies too...
I'm entirely not averse to someone else closehammering it ;p
8:23 AM
I was going to comment-bomb, but now still considering it...
> Should? Probably. Related discussions: MSE, SciFi.SE, Movies.SE, SO.
But maybe not that helpful...
@JourneymanGeek I'm not sure what to hammer it with, as I can't really find a Q&A saying 'no, we're not going to exclude sites from HNQ just because of spoilery titles' :/
8:48 AM
Hey @iBot, what're you doing?
@NoDistractionWizard Is your comment here missing two links?
@Tinkeringbell from the sidebar...
Q: Prevent questions with movie/tv shows/game spoilers from appearing in the hot questions list

NobilisI've noticed that occasionally "hot questions" from SciFi and the Movies & TV network contain major spoilers about the movie/show discussed. The Matrix spoilers: I like browsing through those but fear that one day one of these questions will spoil a show I'm excited about and yet to finish ...

@JourneymanGeek Yeah but that one talks about using some kind of spoiler tag, not about entirely excluding sites from HNQ?
@Tinkeringbell no, just a word replacement
Since I modified the quote to be self-contained
... I think I need to put double quotes to make it clear...
Help me, MSE mods? Wink, wink ;)
or you can repost what you need
5 hours later…
2:04 PM
> The answer had +518/-2. We don't tend to look at this a much as I think we should, but 18 people clicked the upvote arrow while anonymous or not having sufficient reputation to vote. Nobody in that situation clicked the downvote arrow. That indicates that most people who saw the question and nearly everyone who read the answer appreciated the content. meta.stackoverflow.com/a/384400
Hm. An author of a popular tool says a few words about the history of the tool, and explains why he made it free.
Sure, the programming web/twitter/etc goes like Like LIKE LIKE LIKE.
How does one actually use that answer?
Chance Heath on April 30, 2019

Single Sign On (SSO)

Invoice or Credit Card

Analytics dashboard

Priority Customer Support

Stayed tuned! We’re working on lots more features geared to Business users

Looks like we have a new tier of Stack Overflow itself: guest blogging.
2:11 PM
Oh noes! Is the world burning again? What ever shall we do this time? Me, I'm opening a beer.

Sorry. I had to.
> questions are merely the sand that produces the pearl
Where's the pearl?
GAA I've got questions in my eyes!
Programming jokes and cartoons had a lot of upvotes too.
With all of the existing statements I could remember that can be quoted on meta, I don't know how many are contradicting each other...
2:13 PM
Let me play a little devil's advocate here. Bobince's world-famous answer has less utility than an equivalent comment. It is to stay. That one about trains backing up to switches? Awesome answer, but what practical use does it have?
@JohnDvorak Works for you better than for me, time-wise at least. 10 in the morning here.
Think that can be seen as rare edge case, since the library creator posted "official" reply. Without it, doubt it would have gotten any notice.
@VoteDukakis Not medical-wise though, if that lady paid by my health insurance is to believe :P
@ShadowWizard It's more than that. It's not the answer being upvoted, it's Stenberg being upvoted in appreciation for his work.
At the very least, I could only think that downvoting bad questions with awesome answer is still valid...
2:15 PM
@JohnDvorak I mean it educates people about branch prediction in a easy ish to understand manner
So much for vote on content not on user.
@NoDistractionWizard all of them. Heck, I'm sure that even userscript dumps contradict something
How useful that is is debateable, but it's an actual concept that one can extract utility from knowing in certain circumstances.
Surely, the branch prediction answer is not upvoted in appreciation of Mysticial.
@VoteDukakis so that's wrong. Bounty can fit in such case.
2:16 PM
anyone else seeing chat breaking in chrome > 74?
Nope Still in 74
Thus, they are right after all: bad questions can produce great answers, so don't close bad questions...
disagrees in Firefox
@Mgetz not yet breaking even with 3 active userscripts...
@Mgetz wait, 74 is the last stable no? So you're using unstable release, bugs are kind of expected.
2:17 PM
yeah I'm seeing really weird behavior if a tab is backgrounded for any length of time
@ShadowWizard I'm seeing it in stable too
@Mgetz what's the weird behavior?
it looks like a MUCH more aggressive throttling policy by chrome
like... big whitespace on the bottom? waffles is good for your health
@NoDistractionWizard If you want to test that out live, do let me know. I still have some sausages left over from the CEO's political rant.
@ShadowWizard websocket seems to disconnect until the user switches back to the tab preventing any notifications
2:18 PM
it's not immediate but it happens quickly
@NoDistractionWizard that happens when first opening the tab, but for years, fixed by resize and maximize the window.
@Mgetz oh, that's not good.... but no, no repro here with Chrome 74
99.999% one of your userscripts cause this. ;)
@ShadowWizard leave a chat window backgrounded for a few minutes
@ShadowWizard zero userscripts
I leave them for hours
well then fair warning that 75 will definitely break them if these changes land in stable
2:20 PM
Chrome 74 is already stable, I'm using it right now...
So prepare the bug report already :)
Though, I always pin important chat rooms
so I don't think they get memory throttled...
I saw the title here as "What happens to Tim Stone".... o_O :D
posted on April 30, 2019

Welcome to the second episode of Unicorn Meta Zoo, a brand new podcast by members of the Stack Exchange community team. If you want to avoid spoilers, jump straight to the audio. Participants We’re talking about moderation and how it’s different on Stack Exchange than on forums. Links Our OG Theory of Moderation Our refined Theory of Moderation My explanation of moderator elections

> you probably are a moderator if you're listening to this
Guilty as charged, Abbey
2:33 PM
@Feeds Yeah, sure. Like I'm going to click a link with redirect.mp3 in the middle of the URL.
@Mithrandir snort
@Mithrandir the joke being, as with many things, we almost have some idea what we're doing
Wait... we know what we're doing? Uh, yeah. Right. Sure. Of course.
I'll probably give it a listen tommorrow
@Mithrandir almost
@ShadowWizard No congratulatory comments yet, or they were deleted... (post Id 100000)
2:51 PM
@JourneymanGeek Watch out for spoilers in the meantime ;)
@Mithrandir I take it you listened to it, can I get a summary?
haven't finished it yet
lotta talking about the interaction between mods and CMs
@Mithrandir That's a summary too ;)
they're talking about interviewing mods on the podcast in the future
@Mithrandir Oh fun! Are you going to nominate yourself? ;)
probably not, I'm not interesting
2:56 PM
So when I nominate I have to look good as well?
Yeah, don't be blurry...
Oh, just saw the blue "NEW" on the top bar about SOfB...
@Mithrandir Says you ;)
3:16 PM
@Mithrandir Lies! Then again, I did zone out after a while, so maybe it's a sign ...
@VoteDukakis new badge given to the author of a question having id of 1000, 10000, 100000, etc. ;)
the order-of-magnitude badge?
Fair name. :D
3:42 PM
Though it should also include powers of two
3:55 PM
Anybody know what is going on with this post? It was closed as an old-style duplicate, but uses the new-style banner:
A: Removal of <table>s from SO HTML

TheTXII show amusement at Div vs. Tables holy war Here

* and title suffix [duplicate]
today's annoyance: My company spends 45k on a new telephone system because its IP based, but is unwilling to buy SO for teams for 20$ a month
face meet palm
4:14 PM
@Magisch Duh... They just spent 45k on a new telephone system!
@MEEthesetupwizard It doesn't show a banner on the website. (The mobile app adds a banner to all duplicates, so older-style duplicates where the banner wasn't edited out will show two banners, e.g. this one).
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog yes, I know that it has been edited out (probably edit conflict-thing). However old-styled dupes had only [closed] and not [duplicate] as title suffix and used a different closure banner (below the post) IIRC. That's what looks strange to me
@MEEthesetupwizard No, it was retroactively changed to "[duplicate]" (though they did show as "[closed]" in the past).
Since when? I remember seeing them as [closed] not so recently. Also I am quite sure that they used a different footer text than "This question has been asked before and already has an answer. If those answers do not fully address your question, please ask a new question." (Might be wrong, though ...)
All older duplicates use new banners. The sole exception is target links, which were kept as their old edited forms to prevent potentially unwanted effects (usually due to edits). The behavior of the new (and retroactive) closure banner is to check the target question for answers, and if there are none, it displays "this question was marked as an exact duplicate of an existing question".
Out of curiosity, are you remembering the text "this question covers exactly the same ground...its answers may be merged..."?
A: Why are there two separate boxes about duplicate questions?

Sonic the Inclusive HedgehogThe reason for this is mostly historical. In the past, the closing system was a lot simpler, and the duplicate close reason was treated internally in pretty much the same way as other close reasons, with just a different name and reason text. Back then, every close reason had to fit in the follo...

(addresses a different question, but also mostly answers yours)
4:32 PM
No, I haven't been to SE so long (I do know the text from SEDE and older announcements though). IIRC it was similar to/the "exact duplicate" text. Maybe I had just "luck" and all posts I can remember had the "exact duplicate" reason.
I remember, when I first signed up for SE, the new duplicate enhancements had just been implemented. For a few months after that, recommend closure flags for dupe closure used to still show as "exact duplicate of [x]", but they were later retroactively modified to say "duplicate of [x]".
5:02 PM
how may mods be nominated for appearance on the podcast?
@ocæon I think the transcript mentioned something about calling a phone number :P
@Tinkeringbell lol affordable from uk? fundraising flail :p
@ocæon Perhaps you could post that as an answer under the podcast post, and see if they already have ideas ;)
5:53 PM
@Tinkeringbell done ... now cringing as it looks like there may be a question hiding in an answer.
@ocæon On all other sites that's bad beyond words, but on Meta posts like this having a question in an answer isn't bad :) Looks good!
... and i said thanks ... shudder
@ocæon It's the good kind of thanks. Don't worry too much!
on a completely different thought, is it appropriate and or possible to start a chat session with another user, when i feel they may have totally misunderstood something about this network beyond the scope of any one post?
6:05 PM
Why not?
Yes and no, totally depends on first impression of the user and what you're planning on explaining to them...
@JohnDvorak I'd just be wary, some people don't take it well and before you know you're stuck in a room and conversation that never ends :P
How do I disable the "new feature" ads for that crappy teams thing?
Interesting... Adblocks's "block this ad" feature isn't working on the "NEW" annoyance in the top banner...
it also still has the "unread" class, but i've definitely clicked it
The X button seems to do the trick
Same here.
6:07 PM
What X button?
(I'm not using adblock on this browser)
Click the orange new square, then click the X button in whatever pops up
Click the annoyance, and there it is
it shoudl go away through normal dismissal too
Honestly, it's just a tiny little orange square...
Hardly worthy of annoyance?
I presume adblock didn't like all the spaces in the class attribute
6:09 PM
Can't. Unsee.
@Tinkeringbell Yes but it's CHANGE and I don't like it.
it isn't a new feature for SO
is it even a new feature?
@forest If you put all your change in a jar, it adds up over time, and you'll start to like it. Trust me :D
It's something that wants my cash, but I'm a freeloader.
6:11 PM
s/freeloader/unpaid contributor to Stack Exchange, Inc/
After all, the community is 100% of what makes this site popular.
so true
@JohnDvorak Make your own team, then charge an 'monthly subscription entrance fee' from the people you allow in. Make it slightly more expensive then what SE is charging you XD
Then put that change in a jar ;)
and, if they want that to pay off, they can do the same trick I did!
That's brrriliant
I'm full of brilliant ideas lately!
Or don't make a Team at all, and instead have people pay to sign up to SE.
"Accounts on a Q&A site, only $2!"
6:13 PM
Do we have a vert handy who can check if the parrot has swallowed a lightbulb?
@forest Heh. That's starting to sound like people do with games sometimes, make an account, get all the privs, then sell it! :D
I'd want more than 2 dollars for mine though, it has two diamonds ;)
@Tinkeringbell that sounds both illegal, and under minimum wage
@JohnDvorak I know a few guys that made money that way... it's only illegal if they ever find out ;)
@Tinkeringbell The work required almost never makes it worthwhile.
6:15 PM
Illegal where?
It'd be against most games' ToS...
And it's more of a side job than a real job.
Much easier to just sell gold.
@Tinkeringbell I'll give you 5
@forest ToS are wonderful, sometimes ;)
@Mithrandir dollars? or chocolate bars?
ToSes are meant to be broken.
6:16 PM
@Tinkeringbell take your pick
@forest Or to be used against those you dislike evil grin
lol yeah
@Mithrandir Hmmm. both? :P But you already have an account with a diamond, why'd you want mine?
because 3 > 1, although the question is if chocolate > diamonds
I'll trade you a picture of SANIC for a diamond account.
6:19 PM
@forest That's almost as bad as that charmander...
@Mithrandir technically a diamond cannot be touched.. but chocolate can be completely merged with in sooo many ways.
6:37 PM
actually cancel that claim, i cannot find any support for what i had believed about diamonds oxidising as fast as they are polished. perhaps it was an urban legend?
@ocæon If I'm not mistaken, it requires high temperatures
I think I once read something about eroding diamonds with lasers...
Now that's real science!
@Mithrandir that sounds . . . painful
@Tinkeringbell I can erode a diamond by dropping it
6:54 PM
concentrating a laser on @Mith's diamonds
I wonder what evaporating diamond smoke looks like...
Probably looks like regular smoke. It's just carbon after all.
I doubt it retains its crystalline form in that state.
@forest :( Booooring XD
Go to Neptune. Supposedly has diamond lakes and icebergs.
diamond lakes with regular icebergs?
6:59 PM
Regular lakes with diamond icebergs.
Now that does sound pretty :)
what is a diamond lake
And then those little Swarovski crystal penguins and icebears :)

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