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12:47 AM
Watch what you say about Klingons.
3 hours later…
3:59 AM
Any bored devs floating around? Need to verify cause of a hard HProxy block
@Undo first question: how are you asking that question?
@Shog9 As in "knowing about HProxy"?
Stalking Nick on Twitter
Anyway, if it's fast for you to look, I'm betting the block for is from a bunch of really fast requests to api.stackexchange.com/2.2/users/<nnn>/associated starting at around 02:00Z
HAProxy, I guess. Close.
No, I assumed you'd banned yourself. Then I remembered it doesn't affect chat. It's late
I figure that's what it has to be when I start getting HTML responses from the API
Wait, you're API banned?
Yeah... If you ignore backoff, you will be banned for a while
Go take a nap
4:06 AM
yeah, know how most of that works. What bugs me is that I think I know what caused it (nightly diamond check for Charcoal autoflag processes), but that code has been the same since forever
It was written to respect the backoff, but there's a (kinda) edge case where it doesn't.
So fixing that, but we should have hit this like a year ago
Ton of requests for associated users
sweet, thanks
Can dig more when back at PC, don't feel like writing sql on phobe
And that's why
Nope, that's good enough for me. Thanks :)
aw, come on, you don't have the SQL variant that accepts "sekect logs.8 form Ogs"?
need swype for SQL
you're still hitting the API, btw.
4:17 AM
on /associated?
Expect some hits on some other routes, they don't know they've been blocked
you were making 10-20 requests per second earlier (for 11 seconds - then you were banned)
how the heck did that not happen a year ago
@Undo naw, most recent requests were to posts//revisions
yep, expected
The /associated ones are from a 02:00Z job, it'd be long dead by now. And fixed to never do that again
it's been entirely too quiet tonight. I say we blame this on the GPS rollover thing
4:24 AM
huh, that's kinda cool. Didn't hear about that
Are you making two identical requests for revision history back to back?
Shouldn't be. Doesn't show up in my logs that way
@Catija Ah, now I understand. The image that shows up in the bottom right on chat rooms parented to a given site is the same image that shows up in oneboxes. (Which means weirdness for stackexchange.com and partially for Meta, since theirs are white.)
1 hour later…
5:54 AM
@Shog9 Its a weekends. Also I got home from work, then promptly fell asleep.
6:05 AM
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That's better
That's butter
6:21 AM
That's bitter
6:32 AM
That's batter
That's wrecked, train wise ...
6:51 AM
Let's keep an eye out to this Area 51 Discussion post!
Q: Let's keep an eye out to this proposal!

double-beepProposal: Ontology Network The owner of the proposal failed to create Ontology Blockchain proposal and he came back; seems like more prepared. What should we do, now? Skip it?

Eyeballs are gross
They can be humourous.
Well, only British
Or Shrek if you're Eddie Murphy
1 hour later…
8:02 AM
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Q: How can a tag badge for 👾 be tracked?

Pikachu the Purple WizardWhile viewing a user's profile, I found that the next tag badge being tracked is the bronze 👾 badge. There is not even a 👾 badge, and I don't understand how or why this is possible. So, uhh, what's the deal with this? Is it intentional behavior?

(it's also started to get ab used on other sites)
Morning on a saturday
Morning \o
8:59 AM
Hey, what's this "happy hour" thing I just got a notification for?
@Eleeza Long over :P
Happy hour is every Friday night when I'm asleep :P
It's a chat event, though I haven't seen many people observe it lately.
Oh ok
Could that be because of timezones? After all this is the internet
@Eleeza Probably ;)
Nov 16 '18 at 20:19, by Catija
Happy hour in here is generally dead.
9:08 AM
You have to bring your own booze and I forgot
@rene One benefit of having a now 18 year old brother: We're never out of booze.
Ha, some benefits.
He also has a drivers license and a car, so I have another person to drive me places :D
though that's going to be fixed soon hopefully.
@Tinkeringbell then you can get you own booze ... don't consume it until back home ...
1 hour later…
10:46 AM
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11:31 AM
@GetAnswerWizard Is Pikachu implying that aliens can't program?
@M.A.R.TheChemicalWizard that seems xenophobic
12:16 PM
@rene meh, having a little confidence drink before driving never hurt anyone ... except drivers, passengers and innocent bystanders.
right ... :D
Q: How to join these smoothly

Daokr23 So I have a problem with joining these smoothly, and as a practice I want to learn this in general. So, how to join it?

Let me adjust my spine so I can fit smoothly
Wait, it's actually about whatever the image is, not SE
I have no spine
12:33 PM
You probably have an ovary though. Close enough.
Q: Are the Stack Overflow mugs dishwasher or microwave safe?

doppelgreenerI was recently sent a Stack Overflow mug. It's the nice big one with the code snippet about filling it with coffee on the back: Is this mug dishwasher or microwave safe? I didn't receive any information about that with the swag drop. I'm assuming no for now.

But how are you going to drink coffee while it's in the dishwasher?
Well, for the coffee at work you'll not notice the difference ...
BTW, any new news on the new CEO while I was away?
Or is it a 6–8 weeks thing?
@M.A.R.TheChemicalWizard it has to be
@Tinkeringbell It was originally created to test out the then-new chat event feature, and then stuck around
12:41 PM
@rene Well of course, but I wanted to know if there was any news on which phase we're in now/were when the announcement was posted
The 6-8 weeks phase
@SonictheWizardWerehog Happy hour? I don't remember it to be there THAT long
IIRC it was created as an excuse to be around and say happy things when things were a bit down (don't remember why, but 2016 was full of shitty moments anyway)
It worked, and people said happy things
Now it mostly serves as an email reminder to visit this chat when I've closed the tab for too long
@rene no u
1:35 PM
@M.A.R.TheChemicalWizard more likely 6-8 months.
@M.A.R.TheChemicalWizard no
2 hours later…
3:38 PM
> Well, I'm sure we all know the stereotype: as a programmer, you sit near-motionless at a desk for 23 hours a day, covered in cheetos dust and bed sores, until exhaustion overtakes you and you fall to the floor and briefly sleep (wherein "sleep" consists of convulsing while sweating out Mountain Dew and soiling yourself). And of course, as the stereotypical programmer, you never shower... Though you do have an impressive collection of cologne and deodorant spray given as gifts by co-workers who thought they were being subtle.
Unfortunately, despite such an elaborate setup, the question did not generate much discussion.
<- morning, after stationary bike
Joel gave his first interview to Israeli media (Google translate works okay, although the site name becomes Stack-Overplowe or Stack-Overfelow)
Stack Overplow is accurate
The translated interview reminds me of Star Wars novels with their mangled nouns.
3:50 PM
> from there several successful spin-ups (such as Stack-Oberplow and Tarlow) were launched. "We developed different products at Foggrick
Slack Powerflow
Google Translate does not help with charts :((
> The most active programmer in the Stack-Overfloo community is John Scythe. He works at Google London
> It's been 10 years and we've tried to educate the whole world to stop thanking you
I want to teach the world to vote in perfect harmony.
4:03 PM
Looks like a fresh picture from SO HQ but I can't read the whiteboard... Could be some D&I event?
> You have to stay on Facebook for as many hours as you can, and to do that you need angry people and anger and clicks that can be produced by the torch, and that's what makes the result.
@AskQuestionWizard with those circles it is more like a new episode of Startrek
My blog is suddenly big in Japan... (found the tweet after a traffic spike).
tried with waifu2x, but...
didn't really help, aside of "Talent" and "bundle"
Looks like some marketing strategizing.
4:33 PM
Note, the meta site is far more antagonistic than the main. Don't worry on your downvoted and closed question, it only represents the general attitude of the MSO community, but not the attitude of the sane readers of the future. Furthermore, the votes what you get on the MSO, don't affect your reputation, and practically there is no automatic post ban here. — peterh 2 hours ago
Sane readers of the future, unite and take over the meta.
5:08 PM
yah not much better unless you already have more context from the diagrams
5:48 PM
should have done it from your waifu2x version, it's a really effective tool!
6:11 PM
No autoflag even with all those reasons? Something seems wrong.
Ah... metasmoke.erwaysoftware.com/flagging A lot of failures.
Something went insane on April 2.
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 7 hours ago, by Makyen
Autoflagging and some other MS actions don't work right now. This will be the case for an unknown period of time, but probably less than 24 hours. More information: short version; long version
6:59 PM
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7:32 PM
Parrot flowers in minecraft :D
2 hours later…
9:09 PM
All my answers where deleted in EE?
@Muze let's not start another debate about how unjust SE is to you, please
9:55 PM
Hello folks. I just read a really good answer on SO and aked myself whether there was a mechanism on SO to not onfly flag posts or answers as spam but as well-written or very-helpful to award the author
Or is this covered by upvoting posts or answers since you're gaining rep with every upvote?
Yeah, that's what upvotes are for. In addition, there's also the bounty system, which you can use to award some of your own reputation to the author of the answer.
2 hours later…
11:56 PM
@Anticom upvotes. bounties and sharing offsite I guess.
or what Mith said ;p
stares at coffee YOU HAD ONE JOB. ONE. JOB.

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