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1:41 AM
@mootinator - Care to give this short blog post about setting up the WinPhone development environment a run through for accuracy?
2 hours later…
3:18 AM
@Moshe I thought the SDK included versions of Expression/XNA game studio. But since you installed it more recently than myself you're probably right.
4:04 AM
@mootinator The links used in my post all require separate installs. When I installed VS, there was no XNA or Expression bundled with it.
11 hours later…
3:33 PM
(I choose the right timing.)
1 hour later…
4:39 PM
hi all ^_^
3 hours later…
7:16 PM
What does "prevent this page from creating additional dialogs" mean? @modOr20kUser
means your browser thinks the page is trying to annoy you, @Pop
Oh. Duh. I thought that was a message from MSO, not Firefox.
If MSO is poppin' up msgs left and right, could be both
(actually I think two dialogs will trigger it)
7:55 PM
(I am glad MSO doesn't pop up dialogs in the middle. :-))
I just noticed the strunk and white badge unlocks an editor feature; do we have any other badges that unlock functionality like that?
I wasn't aware that it "unlocked" a feature
look in the right bar
Your review progress
[Strunk & White] will allow you to:
Track your review progress
Unlock [Reviewer]
Might have to check a site you don't have strunk and white on
I just noticed it today, maybe there was a change
@BenBrocka As far as I know, that is the only one.
It has been changed when they added the new badge.
I don't even see what you people are talking about
8:08 PM
Ah. It's a very interesting idea. Looks like we're emphasizing the review thing?
I mean, the reviewer.
I don't think I had the review tab on most of my accounts before
I mean the review "tab"/whatever not the badge
@jcolebrand In the review page, you view your review statistics if you have the "S&W" badge.
There's numbers! And they go up!
Such fun
It's better than a slot machine. :-)
Dling, dling, dling!
A: New bronze badge for "reviewing"

Brian ReichleReviewer: 300 reviews, over 60 actioned. (possibly) Scrutiniser: 1000 reviews, over 300 actioned. Where actioned is: Edit (suggested edits don't count until approved) Flagged (only counts if the flag is marked as valid/helpful). Voted to close (only counts if the question is closed). Voted U...

8:10 PM
@kiamlaluno I have it, I don't see the tect "unlock [reviewer]"
You probably have the Strunk and White badge
I do have it
Am I supposed to not have it?
@jcolebrand You don't see it because you have the "S&W" badge, or you would not see the review statistics.
You have to not have it to see the item
I see
8:12 PM
MAybe you can see it on ux.stackexchange.com/review
you should ask that on meta proper, as a Q
Differently, you would see a sentence saying that when you get the "S&W" badge you would be able to see your statistics, followed by a number that says how much edits you still have to do to get the "S&W" badge.
Does that count only edits that were done in review?
It says I only have 1 edit in SO, I've done more than that before today
@jcolebrand When you don't have the "S&W" badge, the review statistics are like in this screenshot.
I had to find a site where I don't have the "S&W" badge.
Right, screen shots!
8:17 PM
@BenBrocka Yes, it does, so far.
There was a question on MSO about including reviews done outside the review page.
@kiamlaluno Nvm, it's only tracking my edits to other people's posts, dont' have that privilege yet
@BenBrocka Well, you are not allowed to review your posts, except in the case they are voted to be closed, but in that case you should be a 10k user, and see the "close" tab in the review page.
I had never used the review feature, just the edit button on posts. Still got S&W on UX that way
hm... Is this or is this not the place to ask if a general set of questions should be flagged as off topic on SO?
This is a place to ask, at least. What kind of questions were you concerned about?
8:27 PM
@BenBrocka The "S&W" badge doesn't require you use the review page; it's enough you edit 80 different posts that are not yours.
They should not be CW too.
@kiamlaluno That's what I was wondering, I think I just thought I had more edits because of editing my own posts. I'm not an editing demon on SO like I am UX
@TimStone I'm wondering about question on IDE's (e.g. how do I get syntax highlighting in such and such IDE). they aren't really programming questions but are they acceptable?
@BenBrocka If you look at the page that lists the edits done (I think it's the "editors" page), that counts the edits on your own posts, or on CW posts. Those edits are not counted for the "S&W" badge, or I would have two of them. :-)
Couldn't find that one
@Joseph Yeah, IDEs are "software tools commonly used by programmers," making such questions acceptable per the FAQ. Also, see this related question. Depending on the specific nature of the question it could also live on another site, but in a vast majority of cases posting it on Stack Overflow is fine.
8:32 PM
@Joseph Questions about developer tools are generally welcome; it then depends from the exact question.
@Joseph Seems alright to me if it's about a specific IDE.
@TimStone @kiamlaluno @BenBrocka thank you very much for the clarification :)
have a nice day o.o/
Aye, you too.
I am too slow to reply back with "you too." :-)
@kiamlaluno thanks...I'm invisible there though! oh well
8:34 PM
The few times I try, I come out with "yo tii," because I try to write as faster as I can, with bad results.
@BenBrocka I was going to say "me too"; I didn't notice it was the week page.
8:46 PM
What was I doing? Feeding the parrot?
I think it'd be a cool feature to be able to offer cash as a bounty... For example, keep the bounties working like they do, but also add an option to add a cash reward on top of the reputation points. So either way you sacrifice reputation points. On that topic, if having certain amounts of reputation could be converted into cool rewards like SO mouse pads, flash drives, etc, that'd be super awesome.
That way lies madness. Also, Experts Exchange.
(I am thinking to open an auction for an original t-shirt with written "english.stackchange.com" instead of "english.stackexchange.com.")
@kiamlaluno twitch
@BenBrocka Hey! It's unique!
Oh well, it's not that much unique, but there are few around. :-)
9:18 PM
Is there a reason the only flagging badges are for 1 flag and for 500 flag weight? Seems like it's missing a "medium" difficulty flavor
Q: Offering actual money as a bounty?

mikez302I have an idea for dealing with a question you badly want to be answered, which no one will answer, even after you've offered a large bounty: cash. Users can offer cash, and whoever has the accepted answer can be paid, possibly via PayPal. Does this sound like a good idea?

(Also questions #102817, 57850 and 69537.)
@BenBrocka You missed the one for a flag weight of 749. :-)
Yeah, Deputy is the medium flavor.
That is why it's a silver badge.
@kiamlaluno Oh, geez. I guess I need more bad posts to flag =p
9:27 PM
@kiamlaluno ...I'm linking to this under your mod nomination.
I'm sure at least one of us will get banned...but as long as it's you I'm game! =p
(I'm not serious please don't ban me D=)
@PopularDemand I am not sure of what you are speaking. ;-)
Argh, should've waited until two minutes passed and you couldn't delete anymore.
@PopularDemand It's not your fault: My posts are automagically deleted. I am a M.I.B. agent, and the tracks I leave behind me are removed when I leave. Nobody remember seeing me, or noticing me in any way.
Even if some of my posts are left, nobody notices them. ;-)
Still waiting for @Pop to nominate
9:38 PM
Since that's the second time you've mentined it: what makes you think I'm going to?
I guess the election page doesn't show the "move the discussion on chat" message. :-)
@PopularDemand Because you avoid giving a straight answer every time I bring it up...
Clearly indicates a plan to sneak in a nomination at the last minute, thereby avoiding damning comments.
Also, the thought of having YOU and Popular Demand as mods is too appealing for anyone to ignore.
Are the comments on the election page counted as if they were on question pages? I mean, could anybody get a badge for commenting on that page?
(I keep writing, hoping that I will remember what I was doing.)
Like... what? Pundit?
Commentator and Pundit are the only two comment badges; neither one is particularly hard to get anyway
@Shog9 Yeah, one of those badges.
9:48 PM
My guess would be, probably. Easy enough to test.
@Shog9 They aren't hard. I was wondering what would happen if somebody starts commenting on the election page.
Well, I just posted rounded out 10 comments for an account on the election page. So, we'll see...
Why isn't meta chat linked on the header like other sites?
@kiamlaluno Yup! I can confirm, comments on the election page do count for badges.
@Shog9 How did you find out? :-)
9:57 PM
1 min ago, by Shog9
Well, I just posted rounded out 10 comments for an account on the election page. So, we'll see...
Sockpuppet! SOCKPUPPET! Mod! Mod!
note to self: next time fix the grammar on comments before quoting them
Oh… I am blind. Well, I need eyeglasses I am not wearing right now.
@Shog9 I thought you already had the Pundit badge. That is what I meant with "How did you find out?"
@kiamlaluno Use an account that doesn't have the pundit badge, of course
But I didn't go for Pundit, just commentator. Pundit would take too long.
@Shog9 Yes, but I have already the Commentator badge. :-)
10:03 PM
@kiamlaluno Well then, you'll have to make some really compelling comments
But please, not at the expense of @genesis. That's sorta played out.
@Shog9 Yes, I can reply to 10 questions asking about my nickname, or my avatar.
@PopularDemand If only you were a moderator, you could do something about this travesty!
@Shog9 I would not comment about who candidates for elections. That would be unfair, from my point of view.
@kiamlaluno Eh, @jco does it. So I say, he's fair game - go make some comments about his avatar.
@Shog9 What is his avatar?
10:07 PM
@kiamlaluno Some bearded guy
But not @GeorgeMarian.
No stogy
That is not a bear, I guess.
"Which shaving cream do you not use?" Umpft… That is banal.
I can write the joke about the two tomatoes who cross a street.
I know, I should write "that," but as the tomatoes in the joke talks, I felt as I should say "who."
Does anyone know why MSO chat appears to be separate from the rest of chat.stackexchange?
Originally, there was going to be a chat for everywhere
Chat.meta, chat.so, chat.su, chat.sf, chat.gaming... etc.
@SimonSheehan Because it uses a different domain.
@kiamlaluno but... why?
10:12 PM
However, we recalled all of them to make just the big network-wide chat.stackexchange. However still, Meta and Stack Overflow grew very large in those short times. Rather than break everything in migration and such, we let them live
Ah okay, that makes sense. Thanks @GraceNote
@SimonSheehan Uhmm…
Just means another tab open I suppose :p
Chat.SO is... pretty big all on its own. Not sure how it compares to chat.SE, but I'd be surprised if it was even close.
I think I have read that MSO and SO chats are so big that they require their own domain. :-)
10:14 PM
Heh, well, very cool! thanks for the info guys.
(Or that, or I dreamed it.)
There are... other special things about MSO chat, but I'm not sure shear size is one of them.
@Shog9 Like the notification sound I suppose :p
@kiamlaluno Gamings chat is crazy ;) they might need their own domain
That's one of them!
10:16 PM
@kiamlaluno of course :P
Runs to register the domain.
Comes back to verify he wrote correctly the domain name.
10:31 PM
@Shog9 LOL
10:54 PM
@Shog9 someone summoning me? :)
it would be funny to write a bot which will 'summon' people randomly here
@javagirl It would work only if the user is frequently in chat.
@genesis @mentioning you. I've been calling out to everyone. I'm in a chatty mood today.
@kiamlaluno how much frequently exactly? jsut curious
@kiamlaluno Not if the bot has mod powers. But we don't really need another Shog.
11:02 PM
@PopularDemand If that's your excuse for not nominating, think again
@javagirl I dunno, but a moderator on EL&U tried to ping me, but I didn't get any notification, simply for the fact I was not on chat from weeks.
@PopularDemand It happened with a moderator, in my case; I didn't get any notification of the @-message.
@Shog9 You're not going to let that go, are you?
@kiamlaluno aa, lets think its simply was a bug, as usual
@kiamlaluno I was referring to the special double-@ mod notifier.
@PopularDemand It's like you've met me or something
11:04 PM
@javagirl "as usual"? Do you find bugs often here?
sorry forgot a smile
bug? do I need to put my detective hat back on? (:
A: Getting Marc's chat notifications

balphaOkay, we have made a change to the logic that we hope to be the best way to go. "@marc" will always be considered a match for your user name, in the sense that it will be highlighted if you look at the transcript etc. (following the "party" logic in my other answer). However, in most cases, "@m...

^^^ details on time-constraints for @-mentions
But of course, if it doesn't work as described, Detective Rchern is on the case
@PopularDemand That would work, indeed.
11:29 PM
@Shog9 huh?
@jcolebrand eh?
@Shog9 shoulda said "it's a photo of the guy who killed drachenstern"
@jcolebrand the hairy bastard!
yawns Hmmm
@Shog9 also, I only spoke my mind about one candidate, and I felt those words were fair and honest
11:31 PM
another one summoned.
@TimStone no napping at the bar! Want a bed, go upstairs. Here, let me fill you a pint
I'm awake, I'm awake... (now)
pffft, I can see I need to make skype ding more :p
@jcolebrand Didn't say they weren't - just that you didn't hold back out of fear that it'd look bad as @kia seems to be.
@javagirl Was that the effect of yawning?
11:33 PM
@Shog9 Ahh, I see. @kiamlaluno go speak your mind, or you won't be doing a service to anyone.
@jcolebrand It would be a "conflict of interests." :-)
@kiamlaluno how's that?
I'm a mod-nominate and I've spoken against some people running (and asked others why they're not)
Also, that reminds me:
It would be easy to make it a "mine is longer than yours" discussion.
@TimStone get your arse over to stackoverflow.com/election and self-nominate
I've got witnesses, don't wuss out now
I think I'm a little busy for moderatorship. :P
11:37 PM
nice beard btw.. @jcolebrand started doing 'movember' a long time ago
Are there nominations for being the owner of a chat room too? :-)
Yeah, @TimStone, go nominate! If only to get @Shog9 off my back about nominating.
Busy people get things done
@javagirl merci. I hate not having facehair
@PopularDemand why aren't you?
@PopularDemand But you should nominate. Get on with you!
11:37 PM
@kiamlaluno no, you gotta kill a guy
@kiamlaluno Only hostile coups
get thrown in the deepest slams
...because when I talk, it backfires.
@jcolebrand Who?
find a doctor to shine your eyes, maybe, 20 menthol cools
11:38 PM
@jcolebrand Well, that was the plan now that I've woken up again.
@PopularDemand ease up on the spicy food maybe?
@kiamlaluno The current owner(s), of course. What, have you never participated in a hostile takeover?
@PopularDemand Just do what I do. Whenever I say something, I'm told I'm wrong. Much easier.
Ask @Shog9 or @GraceNote
Brush your teeth with red pepper toothpaste?
11:39 PM
@GraceNote Just confirm that you beat @jcolebrand senseless when he's wrong.
@PopularDemand Well, I was referring to the Drupal Answers chat room. :-)
I wanna know how nobody seemed to catch my Riddick reference :p
@GraceNote Tell Popular that my streak of just being wrong works better than his streak of things backfiring. ;-)
@jcolebrand I did, and I thought it is from many years that I don't see a movie with Reference.
@kiamlaluno I love that trilogy. Have it on my iPhone even. I also love Handbrake
11:42 PM
I missed the last one. Sigh!
So all I wanna know is if I'm gonna have everyone's support in the upcoming elections.
@kiamlaluno there's an animated in between the two live actions
@jcolebrand Ah ah! Now it's all clearer, to me.
@jcolebrand Only if you change your name to Gortok.
11:45 PM
@Shog9 Wouldn't that upset Gortok?
He gave it up. FAIR GAME!
True, very true.
@jcolebrand Why? Are you upset?
@kiamlaluno I think I see what you did there.
Trying to convince Tim to run on Skype.
It doesn't seem to have a positive affect
I dunno... it is -- for the most part -- a solid field.
11:46 PM
@jcolebrand Tell me more about there.
@PopularDemand pffft, I'm running. How solid can it be?
But seriously, I am not sure where any of my three votes are going
there's at least 6 good candidates
@jcolebrand Did you candidate 6 times? ;-)
@jcolebrand I can't image you thought it would :P
George, IRC, OMG, Bolt, Brad ...
Those are most likely the order I'll vote. Notice that I don't put my own name on that list. I should, huh? Like I told the guys on dba.se during elects, if you can't vote for yourself, what was the point in running?
However, I already covered that answer:
> Should be good for a laugh
I think that we've let ourselves get distracted from the real goal here, which is to peer pressure @PopularDemand into nominating. I mean, per his name, it's clearly What the People Want.
11:53 PM
Thank you, @Tim. Let's stay focused here
How much is Shog paying you? I'll double it! ...I mean, um, my name isn't Popular Demand over there, [...yet...] so that logic is invalid.
@PopularDemand You're correct. What you represent is the popular demand. Which means that your assertion that @TimStone needs to run is all that we need as proof that he should.
Seriously, if you two run I'm rounding the three of us as a ticket -
Thanks, @jcolebrand. I'll slip you that +500 bounty after a few days have passed.
- a ticket for trouble! Way-oh
@PopularDemand shh, np np
I'm sorry, but as much as I like @Tim, there's already a SO mod named Tim.
11:56 PM
So all I have to do is change my name to Shog?
And your point?
@PopularDemand Afraid I'm not a SO mod...
@jcolebrand too much tim
How many of our current Stack Overflow mods have solved as many meta-issues as Tim that aren't on the payroll?
Michael, then.
@PopularDemand I came prepared for this retort, since being Lord Torgamus clearly indicates your desire to sit in the seat of power.
11:56 PM
I can see that what we need to do is get Tim on the payroll instead.
@PopularDemand @Michael would not appreciate that if they came in here anymore
@Shog9 Exactly
@PopularDemand Yeah, that would work. Entirely too many Michaels around already.
Anybody that's not a regular is gonna be a little lost in this round of conversation
I don't mean to interrupt your peer-pressuring, but I can anybody tell me if this is new? i.sstatic.net/cDHUx.png
I'll openly admit why I want mod-ship
11:58 PM
@JeremyBanks It's old.
Quite old.
Okay, I hadn't noticed it until now, and didn't see it on the front page of SO. (I only saw it on MSO so I thought they might be testing it.)
Q: What is the significance of a mostly blank user card?

this.joshWhat does it mean when the "user-details" block of a "user card" of an answer has a name but no link, no reputation, and no badges? For example: on this answer by "Peter" on Mar 8 '09 at 14:26

I want to be able to transfer things back and forth between Database Administrators and Stack Overflow, I want to be able to see crap on Meta Stack Overflow without having to get to 10k, and I want to have mod powers over the remaining two chat servers. I think that sums it up.
@jcolebrand I think that is perhaps the required tag most directly related to moderating, and it's the one I have the lowest activity in. ;)
11:59 PM
@PopularDemand: Thanks.
Dang, wrong link, hold on.
@TimStone nah, that's not it. is likely what you were going for
@PopularDemand I thought so but wasn't sure what the right one was

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