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12:52 AM
Hmmm, SO elections again?
Seems so.
Planning to throw your hat in the ring? :P
Absolutely not :P
Rep's not going to be high enough anyways
The pool's not too deep at the moment, perhaps in part due to the badge requirements, but we'll see how it turns out.
Needs some Adam Davis love to skew things along.
Should I stick a link to elections.se onto the announcement post on Meta?
12:56 AM
We need to coax the auto-updater into adding the election first, heh.
Hmmm, is it because SO's election announcement used a different tag?
That, and I used the wrong tag filter URL in the config file.
(so me updating my filter didn't fix the problem)
I added the tag now, let's see if that does it.
Although the polling period is something like an hour, whoops.
Can you force it to repoll manualy?
Yeah, but Rebecca doesn't have access to the server it's on at the moment.
I already forced the one on my server to update, so it should be working there.
I should take some time to implement the feature request that wanted a direct link to a site's election info page
1:02 AM
Hm, I thought it had that already?
Oh? In that case you can just add a link that goes directly to SO's election info
I may be misremembering.
That page already works.
It's just the homepage that isn't updating correctly
Yeah, I'm hoping that the homepage will indeed update.
Also, you still need to give me an account for Google Code so I can make you an owner on the project. :o
Eh, it's the same old Google email
1:09 AM
Just making sure
the existing SO link on the page works and goes to this election instead of the old one, but it isn't at the top and doesn't think it's current
So I was thinking we should just link directly to SO's election data page, but I don't remember implementing that
Actually, I'm not sure why SO's tag is not . There aren't any other types of election, so we can just do a synonym here, right?
Ohhh, you mean to bring up the stats for that site automatically, yeah, that's not implemented.
1:26 AM
Also, you should be an owner of the Google Code project now
1:50 AM
Alright, I'm beginning to think that it's not going to work. I could blame myself, but I'll just blame a sysadmin or something.
2:00 AM
Remember "No generalist badge, I like my moderators well rounded"?
Who was that?
@Trufa Adam Davis
@YiJiangs独角兽 Ha! Good memory!
Oh, it did work! Hooray.
mmm, apparently we need to strip out the sponsor images from tags. |:
@TimStone I had no idea that sharepoint existed, cool design!!
Ah, and it seems that the candidates submitting their nomations/commenting on said nominations causes some issues.
Yeah, the SharePoint site is pretty nifty
2:06 AM
@TimStone Is it supposed to make me remember windows 8?
Hahah, that I don't know. :)
@Yijiang - what's the link to your election web page?
14 mins ago, by Tim Stone
@Moshe good luck with your run!
2:26 AM
yo @JeremyBanks
Uh oh, she totally just called you out. Run!
@TimStone At least she hasn't oy'ed :P
but I was going to give him good news. |:
Did he get his badge?
not yet, but I did find a bug there
2:28 AM
Ah :)
So, should I stick a link to elections.se on the announcement post?
I was thinking maybe we could do something once the nomination period had ended, on account of the links to nomination material not working. But it's your call :P
It's not? Lemme see...
why can't I add deputy as a noteworthy badge? ):
Oh man, Jon Skeet is even causing problem on the election data page
2:32 AM
@RebeccaChernoff Hmm, good question.
Too many badges!
@TimStone Hmmm, relative URLs
I'm down-voting him now that I know.
That's going to be troublesome, yes
2:36 AM
@RebeccaChernoff Ah, because you already had a sites.json file the server is waiting seven days before updating the site list (which also updates the badges list).
Speaking of which, you might want to add deputy and marshal to the default list of badges
And also reviewer, maybe.
Yeah, that seems like a good idea
I think adding the CSS for tag formatting in the body of nomination text would also be needed
@TimStone server's been running for much longer than 7 days...why hadn't it updated?
or when updated today were there changes in there that got pulled in but had old badge data?
Hmm, had it been up continuously for seven days?
Oh, that might be the case. Let me see.
Ah, yes.
badges.js is versioned since it was originally a static file, so I guess it would have overridden any changes performed by the server.
2:45 AM
@RebeccaChernoff Are the elections for the other sites starting up soon?
Hmmm, I was just thinking we could add in the "required" badged for SO nominees into the list of default badges
But it won't be useful for some of the newer sites to have "Yearling"
Or some of the other badges that are required by SO
Yearling got dropped, apparently.
So it's just Civic Duty, Strunk & White, Deputy, and Convention now.
Well then, we've got all of the badges covered now
We just need Deputy (and Marshal)
The thing is, those pesky election comments still don't work
The supercollider handles them fine, but the API doesn't provide the data needed for it to work
2:53 AM
2 mins ago, by Yi Jiang's 独角兽
The supercollider handles them fine, but the API doesn't provide the data needed for it to work
what data?
this...does not explain...
The /timeline API route doesn't return anything that says "the associated post is an election nomination"
      "user_id": 82187,
      "timeline_type": "comment",
      "post_id": 8045321,
      "post_type": "answer",
      "comment_id": 9852520,
      "action": "comment",
      "creation_date": 1320720747,
      "detail": "No Deputy or Convention badges."
2:56 AM
@RebeccaChernoff oy
post_type says answer, but even if it says election or something, there's still nothing we can do because the /q/{id} route doesn't work
Well, we know where the elections page lives, so we could create the URL ourselves if we knew to do so.
what data are you trying to get?
I'm confused as to the missing part
And the post lacks the description field, so all it displays is no title
^^ seems like you've got the comment
2:58 AM
Hmm, we could hack up a fix.
@RebeccaChernoff The API response for comments on election nominee lacks: a) A way to distinguish it from comments on normal posts
b) A proper way to link the the nomination post c) A description, like "BoltClock's Nomination" or something like that
@TimStone I'm pretty sure we could
I think we always scrape the elections page, so we could probably precompile a list of IDs of the posts on that page..
Just match the id from the nomination page to the id in the timeline response
Bit of a pain, though.
Uh, the URL part still isn't won't be fixed? Let me check...
3:00 AM
..wha? :P
The link, currently it goes to /q/{id}, which fails
If you click on any of the (no title) links you get a 404
Right, so if we precompile the list of nomination post IDs we can map the /timeline responses that belong to those specific posts to a different URL that will go to the right place.
Time for me to take a break now though, my brain is getting all...slow-like. Back in a bit.
3:29 AM
So, uh, I have a question about how the Google Code repo for the election thingy works
If I make changes to the code on the repo, how does it get deployed to the server?
we're working on that on our end
1 hour later…
4:37 AM
I thought I had a good nomination. I'm not so convinced anymore, seeing what some of the others are purring up. sigh :-)
Is there a way to see my badge progress?
Well, the data explorer will help, but it's running on stale data
@YiJiangs独角兽 How stale is the data?
It could be as old as two months
Let me see...
Last update is in September
4:43 AM
@YiJiangs Is it possible for you to put together a "progress meter" or something, as of september, for the badges shown on your elections page?
I managed to get Deputy today, and I'm not far from Convention. Not that I'm actively trying or anything, today was the first time I've flagged anything (in a while)
Hey, @Fosco - What's up? I'm trying to bolster my elections image.
@Fosco Wow, heh.
@Moshe Eh, no, not really
@YiJiangs独角兽 Not gonna lie, I suppose that was bit of an unrealistic request.
Yay, just got copy editor!
Now, this is a story tailor made for The Register: Blogger freaks after airport lackey fondles checked-in vibrator
5:45 AM
Does anyone have links or titles for the MSO questions about writing question titles? I recall having read somewhere about dropping ‘How to’ but now I can’t find it.
6:32 AM
Q: Should question titles be phrased as questions? (A straw poll)

dreevesShould the titles of Stack Overflow questions be phrased as questions? For example, if I would like to learn good ways to "foo" a "bar", which is a better question title: How do I foo a bar? Fooing a bar Let's assume that in both cases I explicitly spell out the question in the body. Which ...

Q: Would the Stack Exchange network be better if titles contained complete, grammatical questions?

Joel SpolskyWe have had quite a few discussions here in the past of whether titles should be phrased as complete questions. For example: Should question titles be phrased as questions? (A straw poll) What's in a Title (line)? How can we get more people to make their title a question? Our guidance is a li...

No problem!
Though I’m not quite sure how to interpret those. For example, in Sathya’s link, the most upvoted answer is for How to. In Chris’ link, it’s the opposite.
That would tend to indicate disagreement.
Note, however, that the two questions were asked a year apart.
Perhaps the consensus has changed since the first question was asked?
6:42 AM
Maybe. It’s unclear to me how SO/MSO works in this regard.
How so?
Is it generally accepted that, if two contradictory answers are the most upvoted answers in their respective questions, then the most recent answer is regarded as the consensus and the other answer should be ignored?
And, if so, shouldn’t the older question (or maybe the answer) have a link that shows that it’s been superseded by the most recent question?
No, I think that two competing answers indicates lack of consensus
Otherwise, someone who reads the older answer only have no clue that it doesn’t apply any longer.
6:50 AM
Oh, I see what you mean.
I don't think that there's a really strong opinion on MSO about it.
Some people may feel strongly one way or the other, but overall I think that the reaction is rather "meh."
Controversial topics tend to generate far more votes.
Actually, looking at the answers more closely, I think that they both agree that questions are better than statements.
Note quite. Jeff would rather not have ‘How to’.
Ah, true
I was reading Robert's (accepted) answer. Silly me!
Basically, though, I think the idea is to summarize the question as best you can in the title.
If it turns out to be a question, that's just icing on the cake.
6:58 AM
Sure. I ask this because I edited a question to make it clearer and, as part of my edit, I wrote the title without it being a ‘How to…’ question. The question was later edited to add a ‘How to…’ to the title, and it was the only edit.
Chalk it up to individual preference.
To be honest, I think trivial edits like that are generally frowned upon, but of course people are free to make them if they want.
I think the editor was rushing to get a Copy Editor badge (which he did).
Or that.
3 hours later…
9:45 AM
Huh. Fanatic badge on M.SO, two days after Fanatic on SF.
@tombull89 that gets activated at random times for me :/
@Sathya Random fanaticism, activated!
@YiJiangs独角兽 :D
1 hour later…
11:18 AM
I'm at work at 6am.. haven't slept.
4 hours later…
3:05 PM
I'm at work at 9am. I had the most relaxing evening in a long time. Made up for the awful drive out here.
Cool... The reason I didn't sleep is that a girl was over, and I'm smitten. Had a great night.
Nice :)
If I recall correctly it's easy to fall asleep at one's desk after doing that.
Yeah, I am struggling so far.. on my 2nd coffee and drank half of a 5-hr energy
3:59 PM
3 hours later…
6:36 PM
@mootinator: hi , how are you mate
Q: Why is my iPhone app is crashing when working with a database?

gslI am new to Objective-C. I have created a UIView based iPhone app. After creating the .ipa, I have uploaded it to the iPhone through TestFlight. Now it runs smoothly everywhere. However, after clicking a button, it is crashing - where I have used a database related job. I'm using a sqlite databas...

You seem to be repeating yourself.
Um, @SankarGanesh, you've posted the same article three times.
@Moshe Sorry guys here net problem so i am getting messgae that retry /cancel
that's why the problem also my browser throwing me an error regarding that you're seems to be disconnected that's why this happened let me check and remove
@Moshce and @mootinator: and @TimPost: and @TimStone: and @All: Gotta for a sleep , Bye Guys , Take Care, cya
6:52 PM
7:05 PM
A wild @GraceNote appears!
I had to double-check to make sure I was still on Meta chat.
3 hours later…
9:36 PM
looks around
Ahoy hoy
10:25 PM
11:02 PM
Is there any way to tell whether a that is not is under consideration and/or being implemented?
11:32 PM
actually exists, and is... somewhat used.
Wasn’t there a chat room for close/reopen… requests?

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