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12:00 PM
Because I've even seen a Catholic chat with a more relaxed bad words list.
Oh man the search is bringing up a lot of flaggable material.
I might have to script this if I want to get anything done.
42 mins ago, by Journeyman Geek
@forest might be a better idea to, well... consider what you say rather than testing the waters and seeing what gets you kicked
preparing pizza intead of popcorns...
Making threats probably isn't the best idea here, forest.
Hey I just want to help clean up this place of filth like the word "sc*ew"!
@andmyself Can we not do that either? Thanks.
12:04 PM
What, do you have something against pizza? O_o
I prefer pizza to popcorn any day.
Actually I don't like popcorn period.
I like popcorn, if it's well-made
Biggish if
I've never liked popcorn.
Well-made or not.
@forest Lots of forests have been burned down and replaced by corn fields, I understand
Ok I need to find an appropriate bad words list from Catholic forums, but I'm not sure how to acquire that. Maybe those weird Mormon web filters will do.
I don't think bad words are a no-no here, but bad words with questionable uses are
Or with high frequency
12:07 PM
Need a lot of content to ensure I say nothing objectionable.
High frequency?
Is this still about that message?
Dunno. I got kicked for 30 min when I used the term "scr*wed with".
So more of bad phrases than bad words.
Since I assume I can say "screwed a screw with a screw driver" safely.
But not "scr*wed up" or "scr*wed with" or anything similar.
I rarely ever asterisk my words, but the atmosphere got a little bit fragile after the first kick so that probably was the reason
The sooner you and everyone else drops it the better
Oh I'm never going to let this down.
I mean I'd understand getting kicked for the f word but...
Or racial slurs or personal attacks.
@forest Yes, you are. Now please.
Stop pushing boundaries and seeing what you can get away with.
12:10 PM
@forest Well it's of course your choice what you wanna do but whether you or anyone else will achieve the results they wanted by the actions that pursue
@Tinkeringbell If you consider the phrase "scr*wed with" to be pushing boundaries, I don't know what to say. I can't think of anything more benign.
I doubt it. Just some ruffled up feathers. And wool. And hair. And what's those things on @rene, I forgot
Yesterday I got a 30-minute autosuspend for calling a crap post crap so don't expect much proportionality here
Is rene a bird?
@AndrasDeak Ah, confirmation.
And I thought Root Access was puritan. :D
@forest In the context of the messages above, I support the decision to kick you at that moment. You were coming across as if you were pushing boundaries after the first kick, whether you were aware of that or not.
12:12 PM
@forest Doesn't justify being a jerk though
This is the opposite of dropping it, so I guess it's only me who's going to adhere to my advice
Did I show you all the turtle I crocheted?
@Tinkeringbell And what context is that? Before getting kicked, I was being perfectly nice. It's only after getting kicked for next to nothing that I get abrasive.
Nice image not found ;)
Ugh... :(
12:13 PM
@Tinkeringbell Murderer! Wait, no, they deserve it. They kept us in the shadows for 250 million years.
It's a really pretty turtle.
It shows as a turtle for me.
@Tinkeringbell its back legs are a bit ... short?
Also finally finished! #crochet
Does that work better?
Woooow. Big onebox
Whoa wait, I totally read that message wrong
12:14 PM
One-boxes are allowed here
@rene sea turtle
@rene Yeah, but ... That's what the pattern said to do :(
I like that three big images I can't see have filled up my screen
@AndrasDeak I sea
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ this time it's not just your country
12:15 PM
@rene How can you call that one box? It was at least five
:( I want to show off the turtle. Why does chat not allow that?
I allow it
@Tinkeringbell I see your turtle
url: https://cdn-chat.sstatic.net/chat/img/ImageNotFound.png
12:16 PM
Someone is chatting on mobile
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ a five-box then
no, the keys are right next to each other
though admittedly I was gaming a little
Did you even get sleep?
couple of hours
I need to get back to day cycle early next week
Artificial jet lag
12:17 PM
Wait, jet lag is kinda artificial itself, so
You're pushing the boundaries of human invention
@AndrasDeak not really
I needed a job, this was a job.
Everyone's pushing boundaries today
12:18 PM
@AndrasDeak try this one: i.sstatic.net/cR2VT.png
Tim lost again?
Drink lots of water, and stop spending so much time in front of a blue screen
@rene link worked from Tink's post, just the onebox didn't
Thanks though
Its me time though ;)
12:19 PM
@AndrasDeak I was going to reply to this by pushing boundaries further, but I'm in the middle of arguing with someone about short cycles in OFB mode, so I can't. :(
@AndrasDeak I'm trying to help ...
@andmyself Is Tim an Asian country? Because national leagues are the hype these days
@forest that would be a terrible idea.
@AndrasDeak thanks for noticing
12:20 PM
my pleasure :P
@JourneymanGeek You're right. I know too little about the math behind permutation cycles and I'll probably just make a fool out of myself.
I guess I just go back watching "Human: Fall Flat"...
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ No Joy for that one, only sorrow.
Welp, gotta go before I get suspended again
Brave soul, walking into the middle of the battle field with no fear.
12:24 PM
@JourneymanGeek Hasta la vista, baby
You don't get suspended for existing. You get suspended for doing suspension worthy things.
and FYI @AndrasDeak I've been an RO for .... almost 9 years?
Well he did say he got suspended for calling something cr*p.
After a while the need to kick hopefully gets less, as people work out, well, what the acceptable boundaries for polite society is
12:28 PM
@forest Your posts are all crop.
That's very rude to a terrestrial ecosystem such as myself.
I am nobody's crop!
Only 4 percent of you is original though
(WTH is an original forest BTW?)
Maybe the rest is plagiarism
That's... secondary
What's secondary?
My ability to survive in puritan chats was part of the 96% that was left.
12:33 PM
@forest Its not puritian, its polite ;p
Hey man, people who are afraid of the terms cr*p and scr*w are absolutely puritan.
Purilite. Sounds like some weight loss serum
I mean, except for the silly boots and clothes.
Is Normal the usr guy without the e?
Naw. I don't think normal has been back since they last self nuked
12:40 PM
They literally deleted their own account
His use of hyphens is more excusable than apostrophes
I wonder what English will really look like though in, say, 2050?
It will be 60% emojis.
It's around the same year China's health authority (forgot the name and acronym) predicted half Earth's population will be diagnosed with myopia
Haven't we been doing this for a century now though? Predicting the future is grim and we're all done?
Maybe not a century, but since WWII
The scary side of numbers finding its way into pop culture. That 10E5 people can be killed by 1 in 1 attempt.
12:47 PM
Yeah but we've also been predicting it'd be a utopia.
We should have MathJax enabled here. Anything to slow down my internet because it's too fast.
That we'd have flying cars. But now, we have slave labor in the west through for-profit prisons being used to manufacture surveillance devices.
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ that seems...short sighted...
And drones to murder people and their families in other countries.
And I also want to be able to shout in colors. Preferably blinding pink
@JourneymanGeek I think the building didn't have such a nice view, or the people claiming it are just too short
@forest And Facebook
12:49 PM
Ah yeah, selling our private information to the highest bidder.
And paying millions of dollars to psychologists to learn how to best manipulate us.
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ You wish you had Synesthesia?
Well yeah, a trend that came about round about 1980 (? Dunno, wasn't around at the time) was overexaggerating what science can and will do and completely dissing moral concerns as popcorn-worthy material in theaters or conspiracy bullshit
@Rob I read a couple of paragraphs and it seems more like a funner and more colorful life than a disease . . . What am I missing?
P.S. now I can prove you're an alien since you speak in e instead of en.
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ A healthy dose of LSD.
That's what you're missing.
12:54 PM
@Rob I like linkifying things.
If you tap (or click on a black spot) of my comment it shows which comment is being replied to.
@Rob Oh but that sentence of mine came after I was wishing MathJax be enabled by default
The only thing more fun than abusing MathJax on SE sites is abusing votes.
Let's request that all comments be written in MathJax.
Just flagged a comment and it immediately went woosh. It feels God-like
@JourneymanGeek your RO history is irrelevant. If you had handled it as a RO you'd have kicked me and trashed the message (and I'd have no hard feelings). Instead you nuked my message with a rude flag, without giving me the same luxurious patience that the actual rude user was given.
1:06 PM
dat comment
omg xd
"Sure, just nuke the entire OS to remove the package. Works like a charm every time. +1 would recommend"
1:34 PM
@AndrasDeak well, that is an option for a reason.
And in some situations the flag-nuke is a better tool
@JourneymanGeek AFAIK his socks is alive on MSE...
he likes to do statistics...
my sharona?
(oh I noticed ;p)
Suggestions such as "drop table" and "rm -rf" are usually not helpful and can have unfortunate results. Such answers or comments are often scrutinized.
@Rob bit of a story behind that post actually
they actually merged in another post cause it was a (poor) troll people took in good faith
and exploded all over the internet
1:50 PM
Q: What to do with the "rm -rf" hoax question

SvenIt turns out the the recent question regarding the misuse of rm -rf in Ansible was actually just a hoax (English) in some kind of viral marketing effort. It become quite famous on various media and gathered a large number of views. Since I don't think we should allow ServerFault to be abused in...

I was searching Meta to find the Q&A that says it's abusive but couldn't locate it, so in the interests of not spending 15 minutes looking I came up with that example.
@Rob if something is clearly meant to trap an unweary n00b... it probably should be flagged anyway
Also, don't believe everything you read on the Internet.
If you wouldn't wander around at 3am then you need to be careful on the Internet too.
actually, I have an (unpopular?) opinion that folks are too focused on code and there's not enough attention on the things that keep things running
I mean, you would know rm is remove, rf is recursive and force, even if you didn't remember you wouldn't horribly nuke your system without no preserve root
that said. I actually have no clue about the inner workings of the system I babysit at work.... so....
Correct code keeps things running correctly. Vulnerable code leaves vulnerabilities exposed (zero-day). So write stuff bulletproof, don't be a hack.
1:55 PM
or just randomly fails
and you just keep kicking things if they do
There are better images, but in the interests of not spending 15 minutes ...
Repair, using an Engineer's Hammer:
2:17 PM
A: What if Schrödinger's cat's meowed?

Max DestinyPrinciple of uncertainty is not correct. I believe that during the experiment or they scientists were drunk , or they changed the experiment to say that they discovered something new and get a nobel prize.

Wait, it's actually not that high quality
Best trolls do it subtly, not in an obvious fashion like that
Chem gets better random troll posts but they're more obscure and crackpot edge science type
Bio gets the best type because (mis)understanding creationism is common and comprehensible enough
Yeah those ones I find amusing.
I had this favorite water-as-a-fuel screenshot but can't seem to find it
2:25 PM
The mime should create an impenetrable box.
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ (Making) water as a fuel works out pretty good:
2 hours later…
4:14 PM
4:58 PM
I'm not sure which search brought you here but the problem you describe will not be answered on this specific site. To get an answer from users that have the expertise about the topic of your question you'll have to find and then re-post on the proper site. Check How do I ask a good question and What is on topic on the target site to make sure your post is in good shape. Your question is definitely off-topic on Meta and is better deleted here. — rene 45 mins ago
@rene missing the first sentence? Hi $name, welcome to Meta!
@ɪBᴜɢ meh, I used my other stock comment, not the lost soul one
@rene anyways, I personally think the welcoming sentence is useful
@rene I asked Glorfindel if he could add the feature to automatically upvote others' lost soul comment. He said this could be implemented as upvoting every comment containing "welcome to"
@ɪBᴜɢ I have mixed ideas about that. It feels a bit like "Welcome! And now get out of here". I still feel the tone is not right but I can't come up with anything better, except leaving no comment at all.
@rene yeah I agree, but the fact is, there's no other solution than "get out", except we could try to be as polite as possible
5:34 PM
@rene Use a hi then
> HELLO HUMAN, I'm not sure which search brought you here but the problem you describe will not be answered on this specific site. To contact us, dial "pgdn", to get out, press "alt + F4", and here's some 1980s music that feels like it was recorded at 1880s while you wait until we sweep your question under the rug.
I like the fact that when blatantly OT questions are tagged , the first question in the related bar is usually "How does deleting work?"
meta.stackexchange.com/questions/322265/… — This is a useful dupe, probably should stick around
I usually start with "Sorry, but your question is off-topic here" instead
without 'welcome' or 'hi' or any pleasantry...
Sorry hi welcome excuse me good morning, your question is off-topic here. Have a good bye day
that's also what the clerk says if I ask for an alcoholic drink on non-alcoholic stalls...
2 hours later…
7:56 PM
@andmyself I always love those: "May God bless your pamjaputan"
Bots are already funnier than humans without even trying
1 hour later…
9:23 PM
@Rob I can't access that, YouTube is censored, but if you make water by burning fuel, you're not using water as fuel, but hydrogen. Water is "fuel waste", it's what's created after fuel burns. Water can't be fuel in the traditional sense. That's why it's famous among crackpots to create "water engines", after being popularized by pulp fiction. I doubt NASA would use other methods (electrochemical &c) for use in an engine since they just suck big time and the required material won't scale
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ No YT NASA, well there is this: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_rocket - Not as impressive as the tests at Stennis.
On which SE can I ask if a wall is going to work?
Definitely not home improvement...
FYI: I jump around to a lot of sites leaving mostly junk comments. If the behavioral algorithms are only per site, you'll never catch me, and I'll never know anyway.
9:40 PM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ - A screenshot from YT showing a fire extinguisher on a skateboard: youtube.com/watch?v=FKv8mdXAvm8
9:54 PM
@Rob That's not water as fuel though, just water as liquid
Water, if used as fuel, would get oxidized by some supernatural force, produce lots of heat and some products that are certainly not water
@Loong you look less opaque than usual
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ Probably a new element symbol in the 2020 recommendations: Hm
But don't tell anybody
@Loong So you're saying you've been mis-capitalizing an element's symbol since Adam bit the apple?
I remember the scene in Doctor Strange when Mordue finds out the ancient one has been using time spells despite her teachings advising the opposite
@Loong Longium. It'd be one of those confusing elements with the symbol derived from Greek instead of normal ass English, increasing the brain power needed for pupils to memorize it
10:44 PM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ :D
11:41 PM
@Mazura Politics. ;p
Maybe worldbuilding depending on the size of the wall
sci fi ? ;p
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