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@ShadowWizard That box looks like it could easily hold a half dozen jars of the instant coffee that I buy ( not the same as you get) and it would cost less than $40 for a 6 months supply - and I drink over 2 dozen cups per day. 🌩️🏃🌩️
12:23 AM
Right. Hooommmeeee
Well after a long train ride
Err.. can a mod superping a user on comment???
Does the train have free WiFi? We're getting that in my neck of the woods
Tagging @Glorfindel so I am not talking behind his back. — Oddthinking ♦ 2 hours ago
@andmyself AFAIK
@andmyself no
@Rob no
It's Saturday so I have unlimited data thought
12:45 AM
That's great to have. In North America many unlimited data plans are quite limited, costing 3 arms, 4 kidneys and a leg. A couple of places have limited for less but then they throttle you. I rely heavily on Wifi, my phone says that I've used 50GB in the last month.
Oh my other plan has unlimited but slower data
I checked recent pricing if you buy a huge quantity it's $10 / GB, no deal for more. So ~$500 per month for my usage
That's... A lot
Checking my phone's specs it says: "Galaxy S9+ uses Qualcomm's X20 modem, which is capable of supporting download speeds up to 1.2 Gbps." So if I hit the wrong link I could be completely hosed in a minute and a half.
1:00 AM
It's a case of where your bank account catches on fire then in less than an hour your phone does too (they block you until you phone and confirm it's OK) then at the end of the month the bill comes and you're dying just looking at it.
I have a 8gb a month plan, and a 1gb at full speed than throttled plan
I'm usually on the latter
Also I use the telco apps to get an idea of how much traffic I use
This is handy
The best, the best, is if you're a good customer and you rack up a huge bill the day before the billing period ends, and they unblock you, then it gets continued on the next month. One person discovered how "call forwarding" works. They enabled CF and then got on a plane, all call forwarding was long distance overseas.
You are using ~$150 a month if you plan on doubling that (it's not the 15th yet).
I should say that instead of "using" twice 8GB would be $160
Naw. Will likely switch to the other line ;)
1:10 AM
You are looking at almost an $80 bill.
It's about 40 sgd
I can double it for about 20
I get distressed at $5 data charges, because they are for a few MB.
Hence the dual lines
There's no doubling for less here, the towers are saturated - if you won't pay don't use it and they'll sell your share easily enough to someone else. It's not like Fiber Optics were there's overcapacity, every tall structure is an antenna farm, with no room for more antennae.
Plus other things use data, like railway crossing gates and police tower cams, though sometimes they have their own dish and cell data is just a backup. All that adds to tower capacity load, preventing prices from dropping. So I use Wifi.
Work has no wifi
1:18 AM
Ironically for security reasons
Would be nice to have wireless.sg
Post on Workplace SE, How do I negotiate free wifi at work. 😀
When I was in the Tech Industry long ago I was on dial-up constantly, drove the owners crazy.
The red light on one of the lines on their telephone was constantly lit, indicating a call that was taking place for hours; then another one.
Looked like this, with one of the 5 clear buttons as red as the leftmost one:
Brings joy to my heart just thinking about it.
Eh. I don't see myself here long
Here, at SE?
I don't work for SE :p
I mean my current employer
1:30 AM
Long hours, low pay. Ah, where you work.
Could do better for myself
But this place gives me the stability to take my time :p
I left for where I was for another job paying over 5x as much - then dot-com, then everything went overseas and wages nosedived, so I left tech. Today computers are so inexpensive that a week's pay can buy one, or a month's pay if you want bleeding edge.
I had stability at the old place, because I was irreplaceable - 6 months after I left they tanked.
No raise in three years was all it took.
Well, you need to be local, and willing to do shifts.
That means it's a pain to find people to fill openings
Some places are what I call "Advertising Companies" - they are always advertising for employees, due to the turnover. That eats up the potential for profit and growth, it buries the place. If they bought the land or have deep pockets they might stay open, otherwise they close when the lease is up or they get bought out (to settle a lawsuit with a customer whom didn't want untrained employees doing the work incorrectly and late).
That's actually a business model, if you don't know how to run a business.
1:46 AM
@andmyself thank you!
afk ~1hr - thanks for the chat @JourneymanGeek
Parenting will remain on the HNQ (first result out of few sites that have been discussing of opting-out HNQ?)
(and... did I talk to a sheep? Maybe it was just my imagination...)
(apparently not... wrong user...)
(it's the time for election again?)
3 hours later…
4:58 AM
i found a user who's suspended network-wide except one site...
any ideas what's going on?
3 hours later…
7:36 AM
@ɪBᴜɢ link?
meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/378772/… — LOL, "insert them self [sic]"
Imagining a bacteriophage
I like that verb. Probably gonna use it in the future
8:24 AM
@ArtOfCode The above message, deleted so you can see it with your RO privs.
8:37 AM
@ArtOfCode never mind, found this post as an answer
@ɪBᴜɢ yup, known and intentional
ah that
@ɪBᴜɢ man, how do people even notice that ;p
so it must be a mod manually unsuspended them
@JourneymanGeek nah, just stumbling upon their posts out of randomness and suddenly surprised to notice the fact
@ɪBᴜɢ The user that post is referring to has an exceedingly annoying "please vote" gif on her profile that makes my eyes bleed.
@ɪBᴜɢ quite frankly - the user's issues were not on those sites anyway, and if they can be a good, productive user - shrug I don't see there being a problem
8:43 AM
What was their problem?
Well, we don't discuss suspension reasons
wait, nicael? as a 20k+ MSE user, being suspended is just something ridiculous
Guh, that just makes me waste time looking through comments.
Was Nicael suspended?
@JourneymanGeek as linked in the linked post above
8:44 AM
@JourneymanGeek According to the post @ɪBᴜɢ linked.
@forest we're sneaky like that? ;p
But no longer suspended.
yep, and has been helpful on MSE
I don't know anything about that at all XD
neither do I
but the one I noticed earlier is way more complex than nicael
8:46 AM
She seems perfectly polite in the comments and she doesn't really give off the aura of a shitposter or someone who brings drama around everywhere.
Oh who did you notice earlier?
@ɪBᴜɢ no recent suspensions for nicael from what I can see.
I have heard that it might have had something to do with this:
Q: Gaming system with accepts

nicaelWell, it is not really efficient, but gives some reps (tried two days ago, only 41 reps :-) ). I have, for example, 50 question where I had accepted answers. And 101 reps, because each accept gives you 2 reps. Then I offer 100 rep bounty (or lose this rep by some other way, e.g. downvotes), unac...

@ɪBᴜɢ Ah ok.
I remember that (as a normal user)
8:47 AM
@forest could have a hint. If I'm correct, there's only one previous moderator that's later suspended (except for testing, which IDK)
@MEE that probably explains the suspension
> Ban the user doing it
I think @ShadowWizard talked about this six to eight weeks ago...
@ɪBᴜɢ a legit suspension of a site mod is going to result in some...
uncomfortable conversations
I mean it's a clever trick.
8:48 AM
@ɪBᴜɢ is that one also a former employee?
@MEE yep
@ɪBᴜɢ Was that person a moderator? If I'm thinking who you're thinking, I have no idea what their backstory is, just that they are supposedly suspended.
@forest clever tricks stop being clever at some point.
to be honest, this "valid" hint is the very way I learned the history of this very user, first told to me by Magisch or someone else
Did they just overdo it?
8:50 AM
I'm highly unsure, but prior to this 1-year network-wide suspension, they has many previous suspensions, including network-wide and MSE-only ones.
and, according to some regulars in this room, they once trolled SO or MSE with the keyword "clickbait"
What was this hypothetical user suspended for those other times?
All the same thing or something?
I'm completely innocent about this. It's a real mystery
but common sense, SE wouldn't have suspended a former moderator-and-employee should they hasn't been particularly disruptive
If we are talking about the same person, I need to use wayback machine to get to the network profile.
Ironically this is exactly why we don't discuss these things.
@MEE If you know their name, you can just Google out their profile :)
8:53 AM
I wouldn't know.
Strisand effect and all that
@JourneymanGeek Ah, so you're a fan of that effect too.
Clever you, promoting it by trying to keep things quiet!
and Google will give you all their profiles on many other sites, among which the first one I noticed is Cryptography Meta.
Eeh, I only know one person with any sort of drama on Crypto.
Practically speaking - when things like this happen, we really don't think its fair to stir it up
its been handled.
8:55 AM
@JourneymanGeek that is why I am not sharing my theory: they are suspended for bfusnudubavdub ;)
practically, there's no way to stop any discussion really
I'm having an odd sense of deja vue.
@JourneymanGeek Ah, so rather than satisfying people's curiosity, you initiate the Streisand effect in order to let people figure out on their own.
@ɪBᴜɢ no not really
one example I just learned recently (it happened a long time ago) was the ban of "rep whore"
8:55 AM
@forest naw. I'm strongly suggesting its a waste of time
@ɪBᴜɢ that's been a while
which resulted in names of various vegetables being used as a substitution
Practically - considering its about the content, not the user, ideally...
@ɪBᴜɢ That's silly. I still use the term.
the term is a bit.... of a legacy bit of cultural tech debt.
s/legacy //
Ok looking through Crypto.SE meta...
8:57 AM
but around those substitution terms like "cucumber", other terms also rose, like "fertilizer" lol
I try to use rep-farming instead, when being confronted with this problem...
Farming is a neutral term though. Rep whore indicates that it's a negative thing.
@JourneymanGeek soon you'll have deja angular and deja bootstrap
@forest but cucumber means the same thing :)
8:58 AM
Oh damn I forget how to search for the lowest voted questions and answers.
@JourneymanGeek The interesting thing about the Streisand effect is that it's triggered by attempting to hide things, and inhibited by honesty.
like the Chinese goverment has always been doing :)
they try to hide (censor) everything, but ended up making everyone curious and consequently know everything they want to hide
I'm so paranoid right now I feel like everything you say is a hint.
Why does this happen to me.
hint to what?
Yes that's my paranoia. Brb
I probably shouldn't be online if I'm high. This tends to happen.
take some rest, then
a hint to your paranoia? :P
9:04 AM
Now I'm tempted to say random unrelated things...
There was a thread on 4chan where some dude was dropping acid for the first time and was asking what to expect (they had already used a blotter), so people started posting close-up images of the faces of large spiders.
Did that as soon as OP started acting less coherent.
@JourneymanGeek For example, do you think AMD's new 7nm GPU that rates at 300W power but still can't beat RTX 2080 will cause a global economy drop due to major consumer complaints?
AMD has a 7nm GPU??
@ɪBᴜɢ no
@forest yes
woah neat
I know close to nothing about GPUs but I know 7nm is a very small process.
9:07 AM
@forest Radeon VII
I wonder how good it is for hash cracking.
AMD is usually better than Nvidia.
Because moar cores
@forest In short, AMD Radeon VII is their latest GPU, made with 7nm. It eats 300W power, but in benchmarks and gaming still can't beat NVIDIA's RTX 2080, which eats 215W power and is made with 12nm.
Never used a gaming computer.
I'm fine with Pentium II graphics tbh.
@forest that doesn't even run Win7 Aero Glass!
Although NEC PC-9801 is also nice even if it's older.
@ɪBᴜɢ I don't even run Win7 Aero Glass.
Not even on $10,000 computer.
9:10 AM
Win7 Home Basic was one of the most criticized product because it cut off Aero look (Home Premium does have it, though)
I wouldn't know. I hate Windows.
Only Windows I liked was uh... Maybe it was 98 I forget.
The one with that trippy maze screen saver.
With the brick walls and the 3D shapes at the end, and that rat thing.
@forest you would have remembered Windows ME ...
ME was actually not that bad.
It was pretty at least. I liked the old graphics.
Same with 98.
I kind of liked XP as well especially when it would bug out and moving the windows would leave a blue trail of their borders all over the screen.
If I moved the windows in a certain way it would give it a sort of 3D effect.
haha what
Well that was deleted quickly. Now I'm not even able to check the MS link.
1 hour later…
10:28 AM
nicael? basically he found many bugs on SE and abused them for fun much to some users' demise
11:11 AM
1 message moved to Trashcan
let's not qualify users like that.
1 message moved to Trashcan
I think it's just easier if you bring the trash can closer?
that got you kicked. Don't push it @forest
11:16 AM
It feels like such a hassle to move things to trash can every time
Trashcan on the Meta™
@rene When someone does s/foo/bar/, that means they are implicitly replacing "foo" with "bar". My post was intended to replace "****" with "rude person".
In order to avoid breaking the rules after you told me.
You could have just left as there was nothing to correct after I moved the message. The Sorry should have settled it.
I didn't notice it was moved.
sure, It is settled then, let's move on
11:19 AM
The s/d[a-z]{3}/rude person/ was meant to change my wording to something more acceptable. I was not aware that the word itself was a kick-worthy word.
So yeah. Killing someone's rep like that is rude.
Why would someone even do that?
@forest might be a better idea to, well... consider what you say rather than testing the waters and seeing what gets you kicked
@JourneymanGeek How would I know I was going to be kicked? I used s/****/rude person/ as shorthand to say "OK, what I meant to say was 'wow, what a rude person'", because using the word **** is apparently too offensive.
@JourneymanGeek Consider your wrong ellipsis sign
@forest well, if you think you found an exploit you try to repro ... when to stop might be hard to determine in some cases if you take caching into account.
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ its correct
11:22 AM
Somehow the kick button doesn't work in your case, but I'll fix it
@forest eh. Be nice to people and treat them with respect... even if you don't think their actions deserve it.
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ ...
@forest "for science", it's Nicael after all
@JourneymanGeek Next thing you know, I'll forgo calling a terrorist a jerk and I'll get kicked.
@forest you might.
@For @Journey dropping this is the best option, no?
11:23 AM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ the elipsis or....
Let's talk about Journey's ellipses
@JourneymanGeek Love everyone! Love the police as they kick the s*** out of you on the street!
(Frank Zappa)
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ Too many ellipses!
Actually I was minding my own business, shooting flaming arrows from hiding at romans, and accidentally mugging folks who thought I was shooting at them....
11:25 AM
replace ellipses with interrobang ... ?!?!
was a bit of a pain, and a pretty big pile of bodies.
The horror
I mean, like seriously! I was trying to snipe the other guy
Oh I see Nicael's rep hack was only temporary.
it got undone
11:27 AM
And here I was thinking they were being a rude person.
Overenthusiastically experimental...
anyway, random unrelated comment
Note that often when a Nazi account is destroyed, there is completely coincidentally a picture posted in our Time Machine chat by a moderator showing a Nazi being punched. We here at H.SE don't as a rule like to discuss user disciplinary action in public, so of course these two things are unrelated, and it is just a really weird coincidence. — T.E.D. ♦ 16 hours ago
11:59 AM
well ok
So should I like, flag posts that contain the phrase "scre*ed with"?
Or variations thereof?
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