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8:06 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted user (69): Does Jesus’ purification after death apply to all or just to him? ✏️ by SLM on christianity.SE
8:28 PM
@Tinkeringbell It is currently snowing. Sweater like things are important!
It's not snowing here (yet). But yeah, I know :D
Here, it's getting warmer again. Most snow will probably be gone soon.
Canada prairies like to hit -40. It makes for fun times.
That's not parrot weather. Thanks, but no thanks.
Free healthcare...
8:30 PM
@fbueckert Heh. I'm Dutch, but the company I'm working for has headquarters in Canada. One of the benefits I enjoy is getting an additional fee onto my paycheck to pay for health insurance :P
@Tinkeringbell Yeeeeep. I hear that.
@Tinkeringbell I fully trust you'e a god mod
@πάνταῥεῖ You're overdoing the complimenting again :P
We get most things, but the primary perk for most companies here is benefits above and beyond what's covered by the government.
@Tinkeringbell Well, for ladies it needs twice at least ;)
8:32 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ I'm not a lady. I may be female, but definitely not a lady ;) Now, if you'd let me finish my talk with fbueckert? :)
@fbueckert Let's see. I get healthcare, there's a lot of company programs that stimulate things like healthy living and such... Yup, you're right!
The only thing that isn't so great at this company is the lease-cars. But I'm travelling by train, first-class ;)
@Tinkeringbell Well, let me have that kinda satirical concern here. I am not pushing you into a drawer in 1st place.
@πάνταῥεῖ You can, but there's a time and place for stuff... and having to fend off random compliments when I'm kinda in the middle of talking with someone else does annoy me. I'm sorry if my reaction showed that a little too much.
Gender concerns are off-topic all over, no matter what!
8:41 PM
Chocolate letters
Chocolate parrot... Not weird like the one I found before! ;)
Though that's a cockatiel again :P
Lol saw it but 1) not a parrot, and 2) might appear to be cruel. :o
@ShadowWizard I think it's a gif that quite clearly shows the bird hopping in the chocolate fountain on itself, but I'll delete it just in case ;)
(like that frozen parrot I posted in olden times ;))
8:45 PM
@Tinkeringbell noooo
@Tinkeringbell nah it wasn't a gif
you could've just replaced it with a link and a "warning"...
@EKons just Google for chocolate parrot... One of the first results. :D
I found a good one but it had.... Something. Lol
It was on a stick. Like parrots should be
And back to discussing something else! :P
But even Derpy fell in this once, posted something found in Google without noticing its NSFW potential. So I am in good company. :P
@Tinkeringbell look again
I can add FHRC in Den if you won't see it... Lol
8:50 PM
Nah, I know exactly where to look ;)
Chocolate parrots just make me think of those chocolate easter bunnies you can buy.
Mmm. Solid milk chocolate bunnies.
'solid milk'? What kind of chocolate bunnies do they have over there? Ours are always hollow :(
Just bunny shaped Kinder egg. :)
(without the surprise)
@ShadowWizard wings?
8:52 PM
@Tinkeringbell Milk chocolate. Love the stuff.
I remember freezing them, and then having to gnaw off slivers of chocolate.
@rene nope. Something not helping one to fly. ;)
chocolate bunnies are always hollow lol
I love chocolate hippo
Maybe where you're from.
@ShadowWizard blue feet?
8:53 PM
It has cream inside
@rene closer... But still no cigar!
note: this white layer of "milk" doesn't count as a filling, period
e.g. in Kinder Surprise eggs
No cigars?! But.... where's my chocolate?!
I prefer cholate letters or bars to bunnies or santa clauses!
These guys are pretty good.
it took me more than a second to realize that the middle isn't the bunny's face...
8:56 PM
Almost 500 grams!?
Got one like that every easter.
@fbueckert wait... that's seriously 454g?!
@fbueckert wow... How much it cost?? ;)
1 bunny 2000 calories
$3.48 per at Walmart.
Bit pricey as far as milk chocolate goes, but for the most part, not bad.
8:58 PM
out of stock... ;-(
Bah here it would probably cost triple than that. ;(
@ShadowWizard That's like a whole days worth of calories!
that's great, you can just drink that and not worry about eating the rest of the day
@Tinkeringbell yup
@Tinkeringbell You try surviving in -40. We burn calories in shivering!
8:59 PM
so efficient
@KevinB um... usually, you don't drink filling...
eat, drink, meh
Melted bunny
9:00 PM
Gaaaaah. Computer died during video editing... just as I was about to finish....
So how you type now?
different computer
Now, the really good ones are the Lindt easter bunnies. Smaller, but it's Lindt. mmmmmmm.
Oh. Still no 🐁? @Mithrandir
@fbueckert I saw my first Lindt last week! Apparently there's one in Utrecht
9:01 PM
not on this one - on the other one there is
And okay. with -40 you're allowed an extra snack
There! Video complete. Now to find music.
@fbueckert 100g Lindt chocolate bar cost here $5
@Tinkeringbell They're so good! Silly expensive, but gooooooood.
9:02 PM
@ShadowWizard ooooooouch
@ShadowWizard I still remember when regular size chocolate bars were 2/$1. >< I see them at $1.30 now, and I'm so cheap.
...So I buy them by the case to realize some cost savings.
And then I have chocolate to last me for a bit.
@fbueckert well I buy non premium bitter chocolate, $3 for package of 3 100g bars. Cheap, tasty, but not Lindt. ;(
Think the brand name is Chokata?
@ShadowWizard Can't say I'm familiar with those.
Probably local import only.
@ShadowWizard Chokito?
9:05 PM
My favorites are Nestle Crunch.
ah, pretty unknown brand :P
my favorite brand is a Greek one
Cheapest I can find. ;)
ION Chocofreta (well... it's written ΙΟΝ Σοκοφρέτα in Greek)
@EKons I bought some when in Rhodes!
9:10 PM
Now let's see how many Dutch people that summons.
...weird hollow shape :P
Okay, random music that was the right length found and hopefully added. Editor crashing, currently exporting.
imgur.com/gallery/7HrRF6X seems oddly relevant today ;)
9:43 PM
There! Video finished.
Now to put it on YouTube and write my entry...
9:54 PM
You surely spend LOTS of time on this...
....time got messed up in this video, due to the clock falling off the wall
And it looks kinda silly ;)
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in answer, pattern-matching email in answer, potentially bad keyword in answer (186): Is it really possible to install spyware on a cell phone without having access to it? by Malcom Bryan on security.SE
10:17 PM
Aaaaaannd posted!
A: Time for some more swag!

MithrandirI hung up my clock on the wall. However, the clock then suffered a tragic malfunction, causing odd things to happen to time... To fix this, I set out to build a replacement clock... or at least the shape of one. However, due to the odd time... things ended up a little strange. Here, it's probabl...

Probably would have turned out better if I had accepted @Art's offer to edit... :P
@Mithrandir you lacked a second H cube, eh? :P +1
had to hack things together
also... you can embed a YouTube video in a post
btw, if you had put another purple strip, it would've looked like an uppercase H ;-)
Don't think that is enabled on MSE?
@EKons well, sorta
10:31 PM
It didn't onebox during the preview, so I assumed that wasn't enabled here - it previews on e.g. SFF
hm, looks like it
like it's explicitly disabled...
it has to be turned on per-site
11:32 PM
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