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2:00 PM
I need a lot of refocusing then. But that might explain why yesterday was so exhausting.
some days I'm just not feeling it
Well... nowadays my mind got quite exhausted because it's unclear what to do at office...
Did you see that article from a couple of months back about programmers who program themselves out of work? When I saw it, I thought of you, @Magisch
@Somewhat vote to close?
@Tinkeringbell well, if he can work from home... :P
I answered that TWP question, I remember
Not sure how I feel about my answer there now, though
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted website in body (99): How To Add Additional Options In Magento 2 Cart 鉁忥笍 by Samantha Rajasingha on magento.SE
@Magisch TWP is a hard site to write answers on. I've also deleted on of mine there, as I was no longer satisfied with the tone of it.
@ShadowWizard that said, I think there is a simple way to explain the American cartoon / Japanese Anime difference
@doppelgreener isn't probably going to approve it, but... I still stand my point. :P
workplace.stackexchange.com/questions/93696/… early magisch had different values
2:11 PM
@Catija heh, it helps a lot with what I'm working on for fun too ;p
@Magisch hehe, I already upvoted it, probably when you first linked to it here in the past. ;)
@Magisch That actually sounds like the good values though :P
@Derpy let's try with... The Simpsons! Or Futurama! Or the lovely Kenny from South Park!
My department has automated a bunch of people's jobs away though
as we speak I'm working on it
2:18 PM
@ShadowWizard sorry, had to go AFK for a while
Back now.
As I was saying, this is an American cartoon.
This is anime:
"Cartoons are for kids" is a long standing fallacy. There's been pleny of adult animation out there, and not eastern only. Fritz the Cat is an animated western film for adults - from 1972.
There are so many anime shows that I wouldn't have my kids watch till they grow up a bit (mosty due to the themes, but for some - they are risque without any real reason).
If my memory serves well.... you had to bring as an example of "adult animation" an "uncouth" one?
One of the aspects I mostly dislike about anime/manga is the whole fan service thing. It is mostly for the young male audience.
I've only just joined the convo, @Derpy, so... no?
we haven't gone to 馃悢馃憯 area yet...
@Oded Let me se... Wonder Woman, Raven, Cat Woman...
2:24 PM
Yep all those fall into the same basket.
so I don't think you should blame "anime" fanservice. Just fanservice.
That said, I won't say anime isn't one of the worst offenders.
@Oded also these days, old stuff that used to be considered totally innocent get whole new, bad, meaning... e.g. "讗转 讛专讬抓', 讗转 讛专抓', 讗转 讛专讬爪'专抓' 谞驻转讞
讜谞专讗讛 注讜诇诪讜转 诪砖讜谞讬诐". If it would be written today, the writer would be arrested... lol
arrested Shadowy Wizard
@ShadowWizard Oh cool. Now I can turn the conversation back to horrible Dutch song lyrics, right? :P
2:26 PM
@Somewhat oh wait, that was my sock. sigh of relief :D
@Tinkeringbell yes! :D
@ShadowWizard ... I have soooo many. Yet I hesitate to post them :P
@Tinkeringbell If you have old songs about opening zippers, that is. :P
@ShadowWizard I have worse :P
@Tinkeringbell if you like, since @ShadowWizard has called MLP an anime, I could just post a series of pictures of the anime-style Pinkie Pie action figure Kotobukiya is going to produce.
2:27 PM
@ShadowWizard ew
> Self-automators show that coders are in a unique position to negotiate with employers over which automation-derived gains鈥攍ike shorter workweeks and greater flexibility to pursue work that interests them鈥攕hould be kept by workers. There鈥檚 little evidence of any interest in doing so, but theoretically, self-automators could organize, and distribute automation techniques among middle- and working-class coders, giving rising to an industry that could actually enjoy that 15-hour workweek.
I find that to be naive
@EKons that's what the children's song I quoted from before is about.
@EKons Bags have zippers. Isn't bad by default :P
@ShadowWizard wait, is "The runner, the runner, the runner\nAnd we'll see strange worlds" a childrens' song? o_o
The more likely reaction is "Thanks for automating your job, your last day is in 2 weeks, remember there'll be no severance and you signed that non compete when you started, so prepare to get bent"
2:29 PM
@EKons lol... no... your translator is borked. It translates to "Let's open the zipper and see weird worlds (inside)".
@ShadowWizard Google Translate tends to have a bad reputation, yeah
@ShadowWizard if you watch the original dragon ball anime, in some episodes Goku is running around naked, all bits showing. Very innocent really, but not something that would be approved today.
@Oded indeed. Innocence is lost...
@Tinkeringbell might not get flagged in Den then.... ;)
I seem to have been out of the loop for quite a time... congrats on the baby and on becoming a Stack employee, @Catija - I am assuming as a CM, please correct me if wrong...
@Oded Bart skate scene in the Simpson movie.
2:32 PM
@Oded You're correct in both! ;)
@Derpy yep. Can't do that anymore...
@Oded Thanks :D Yep. It's been a fun three months.
we're in 2018...
@Catija great place to work at. I can't believe it's been over a year now for me.
@ShadowWizard I'm not going to post that kinda stuff in the Den either ;)
2:34 PM
@EKons ???
@Tinkeringbell over a year? damn
@Tinkeringbell :(
blame Chrome for not rendering the male-variant of the emoji...
I still remember you as an employee more then not
@Oded that's how that emoji is rendering for me in many places... I know that's not how it's supposed to look
2:34 PM
@Somewhat well I see blank squares
@EKons hahaha
@ShadowWizard I'm still a network site mod. I'm going to behave :P
@Oded Yeah, I realized the year mark got hit last week (it was my wedding anniversary, so easy to remember). Bunch of people I'm missing getting to see on the inside, including you.
@Tinkeringbell but what's done in Den stays in Den... I promise! :D
@Magisch Wrong ping.
2:36 PM
@ShadowWizard I don't care. I have principles!
sometimes I wonder if working as a programmer in the current market is unethical
and then appears a green parrot
Your Den is still part of the network, so it's supposed to have the same standards!
@Tinkeringbell whoops
2:37 PM
@EKons chases it out of this room, red parrots are the best
WTH?! Flagged as abusive, same as gibberish answer.
@ShadowWizard yeah, might be worthy of a !!/report...
@EKons nah, not spam and not offensive, just.. total crap.
except that such posts are generally regarded as tpu- in Charcoal
like, the system should've blocked that, so it's a true positive (er, a false negative, but Smokey doesn't know the difference)
that's his (suspended) Twitter's profile picture...
2:44 PM
how did you find out?
reverse image search?
I look away for 5 minutes and I miss all the drama! My timing is getting better! :D
searching his username, return same image with Twitter link, went there and got "suspended account" information
i guess reverse image search might work as well
@Oded who is this with you here?
@Somewhat nope, tried it, it gave some totally unrelated results (Buzz cut)
Alex Miller
@Oded I see. He still works for SE? checking
> I lead Stack Overflow's Teams & Enterprise groups, helping companies build their own private communities internally, using the Stack Overflow Engine. More details are here
So yeah.
2:51 PM
@Oded How's the year been for you?
@Magisch Took a few months to get my head in order. Then started looking for work - mostly wanted to find something that worked for me, which I did. Started work about 6 months ago (and getting back to a daily commute to an office took a while to get used to).
@AlexMiller hey there! Your global flair is borked in your profile About Me, both the image and the link. Just letting you know... :)
@Oded sounds like you're right back in it
Now I am working in a completely different environment, doing very different things with (mostly) different tech.
With a different (and crazy) community 馃ぃ
I'm still doing ERP systems, just for a different company
speaking of automation, this project we're on right now will make half a full time job obsolete
2:57 PM
I'll assume that's a good thing, as I recall our convos about your previous employer :D
@Magisch good for you... then figure out what to automate next.
Good for me, not really for the person whos workload is about to halve
Nothing you can do about it.
Hope this place is treating you right - and paying well.
paying well is just not happening in my part of germany
I think I make about 15鈧 an hour or so?
@Magisch this reminds me, another reason I originally thought you're from India is your messages about low salary; I assumed in Europe programmers always earn tons of money, and know for sure that in India the salaries are usually low, so I made 1+1. :)
3:02 PM
I just did some windows-calculator tier math and it's about 15,38鈧 / hr
@ShadowWizard hahaha, come over Greece then :-)
assuming 4 39 hour work weeks per month
@Magisch SO got salary calculator, no?
@EKons I did! Kind of...
in Shadow's Den, Oct 18 at 6:03, by Shadow Wizard
Going to Rhodes! Will be back in Sunday. Cya everyone! :P
Rhodes is part of Greece. ;)
South-East, part of the Dodecanese <3
dude what?
3:04 PM
but yeah, I've heard that place is very tourist-oriented
Dude Can Use?
salary calculator says I'm in the 25th percentile
@Magisch which is good?
The Dodecanese (UK: , US: ; Greek: 螖蠅未蔚魏维谓畏蟽伪, Dodekánisa [ðoðe藞kanisa], literally "twelve islands") are a group of 15 larger plus 150 smaller Greek islands in the southeastern Aegean Sea, off the coast of Asia Minor (Turkey), of which 26 are inhabited. 韦his island group generally defines the eastern limit of the Sea of Crete. They belong to the wider Southern Sporades island group. The most historically important and well-known island, Rhodes, has been the area's dominant island since antiquity. Of the others, Kos and Patmos are historically the more important; the remaining eleven are Agathonisi...
3:04 PM
@EKons yeah though in mid October most places were already closed.
It was end-of-season.
"most places were already closed"... why does this sound oddly familiar to me, even though I've never been there...
@EKons dunno... why?
Stack Overflow?
Greece was in some really deep financial trouble, no? You refer to that?
nah, reference to our financial crisis (honestly, >_<)
3:06 PM
@Magisch I'm at 4 40 hour work weeks, I get 12,35... Are you doing before or after taxes?
"was"? hahahahaha, "was"?!
@EKons I didn't pay enough attention to it to be honest... how did you get out of the crisis?
more seriously, I thought it's referring to most shops are already closing at 6pm in Australia...
@EKons Well the fact you can write here means the crisis can't be that bad now. ;)
@Tinkeringbell before
3:07 PM
but we didn't... it's still roaming all over, even though the media is trying to suppress it very much
@Magisch Ah. I don't know my before rates, so ...
After taxes is ... 9.74鈧 I think
Israel went through similar crisis back in the 80's, it required lots of very tough decisions and some luck to get over it.
@ShadowWizard I'm very, very lucky to still have food to eat...
@Magisch On second thought, I need to recalculate. The 'after' I used includes stuff like insurance benefits.
3:09 PM
@EKons huh. It's that bad? Sorry to hear!
I think we're not that far apart, to be honest.
@ShadowWizard 25th percentile means in the lower fourth of all programmers with similar skills and experience.
Mine also includes after paying out insurance
@ShadowWizard yeah, I'm constantly worrying about my future in this pothole my dear homeland
@Tinkeringbell hopefully your salary isn't impacted from you being, well, not male? In my country it's still a thing. :/
@Magisch I think I was in the 25 to 50, but that was for Java. I switched languages recently ;)
@ShadowWizard Nope.
We're all just people here ;)
3:11 PM
@Tinkeringbell good! :)
@EKons well, worst case... relocate to different place. No? :)
actually, I was considering that, but, well, I'll definitely go to a Greek university :P
@ShadowWizard please remove your now strange out-of-context comment here ( I insta nuked the thank you comment )
uh, you can flag that as NLN...
it's obviously a reply to a "thank you" comment
Yeah, next time, let us score a free comment flag too! :P
@rene hmm? What comment? ;)
3:15 PM
did I miss a free flag? :(
it's not like I'm going to be craving for that free flag if the comment poster has been explicitly told...
@Somewhat yup
but yeah, otherwise I'm an expert in free flags :D
Think @rene got a script to find obsolete comments though, you can borrow it and flag tons of comments if you want. ;)
nudge Andy on SO instead
3:18 PM
but the worst thing is, we didn't lose one, but two free flags!!!
aargh!!! >_<
(the first would've been a race)
@Derpy (what's going on? :O)
American cartoon / Japanese Anime difference
oh, Avatar: the Last Airbender vs (the Gainax's anime that I can't safely mention here)
3:27 PM
don't worry, we won't google it
@doppelgreener oh, was just a reference to an old "why are many modern American cartoons poorly drawn, apparently on purpose"? discussion I had in the Not a bar room long ago
think you may have been in that discussion too. BESW and Pixie surely were
... "Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt" (yeah, that's the title)
... I think many users in this room may benefit in reading the difference between shoonen, seinen and gekiga ...
meanwhile, a rare HNQ from Ham.SE
Q: How does the signal know where the cable ends and the antenna starts?

fluxI know very little about antennas. I know, that for a certain frequency the antenna needs a certain lengths for good sending/receiving conditions. Often the antenna is at the end of a cable. Why doesn't the length of the cable count in addition to the length of the antenna?

@EKons but flags (specially comment flags) take a bit longer on MSE then on regular sites. I rather choose to nudge the comment poster instead.
3:39 PM
but you could just post "hey, flag this while Shadow isn't looking!" to get us some free flags... :-P
@Derpy i only vaguely recall it sorry
though i wouldn't say many modern american cartoons are poorly drawn
if it's the aesthetics thing, choosing a weird nonrealistic (even kinda ugly looking) aesthetic is fine, the cartoon medium exists for being able to do those things.
@doppelgreener yep, that was precisely one point of the discussion there. Me claiming that was "low cost animation" vs some calling "simple art style"
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Pattern-matching website in answer (80): Is it true that onions antibacterial and absorb germs that causes illness? 鉁忥笍 by Sherni Malik on cooking.SE
The fact my country mostly gets thing like Cow&Chicken, Ed,Edd&Eddie, Chowder and so on may explain a lot...
I prefer Foster
3:48 PM
and comparing them to things like 5 cm per second may be the other part of the problem.
better than Crayon Shin-chan
Looks like the old accept is no longer valid... this is the reason accepts should float after a certain point in time... — Aaron Hall 13 secs ago
please use Twitter instead
@Somewhat probably the wrong audience for me.
lol didn't you get the reference?
3:52 PM
@EKons I guess not, clue me in?
basically, there's been some drama recently after IPS got kicked off the HNQ list because of a Twitter post
ah, didn't make the connection... still don't really...
And the whole Welcome Wagon and new CoC are also direct result of a single tweet.
that led some people into thinking that their voice isn't being heard over the "official" channels, while it is over Twitter...
Timely and timeless posts only, for me...
3:54 PM
So this led many to believe Twitter is the most efficient platform to request major changes of Stack Exchange.
"Twitter-Driven Development" might get into the dark side of SE meme...
I don't just randomly come here to complain about something with long-run importance, I wait until I have a particular instance motivating me...
you have preached about "acceptance should not pin forever" many times on here though...
TL;DR: if you have enough (more than 1K) followers on Twitter, just ask there for whatever you want to be done on SE, and chances it will be done are higher than if you'll ask this on MSE or here in chat. @Aaron. :)
gawsh darn it, SO is 10 years old. The number of bad accepteds is too darn high.
forms a political party called "the bad accepteds is too darn high party"
If "darn" is too strong I can say "durn" instead...
3:58 PM
"darn" is already a cleaned-up version of "damn", btw...
OGM u can't say that here!
@AaronHall Just say "fake news cause bad answers to be accepted" and see how you magically get more attention, at least in USA.... :D
It's fake news!
See? Already gave you a golden star. :P
needs moar.
4:00 PM
@AaronHall sure we can, even Shog says this.
Nov 3 at 2:51, by Shog9
yes. She's pretty damn savvy
@ShadowWizard "golden", eh? I think I have a clue as to who starred that...
or... "wrongly accepted answer on Stack Overflow costs NASA eight million dollars"
OMG he's in so much trouble!
@EKons who? ;)
Jun 22 at 4:11, by Somewhat Memorable Name
except I was wrong: 1657 "damn"s and 436 "darn"s on here.
@Aaron ^
In jurisprudence that's called precedence.
4:02 PM
Just this morning I grabbed a regex from SO that would have taken me 10 minutes to make
membership paying off ^^
did you give attribution?
10 minutes = 1000 rep IMO
enforces the license
@AaronHall actually did, albeit for selfish reasons
it's only the letter of the law that matters, not the spirit...
4:04 PM
I left a comment linking to the answer in the code so if anyone ever wants to maintain it they know what demons drove me to such a thing
enforces the lice... no wait, fills DMCA against that post instead
@Magisch but if you're really concerned, self flagellate while saying 10 hail Jeff's.
does liberal use of jQuery selectors count as self flagellation?
nah, using regex to parse HTML is quicker :P
@Magisch Don't let anyone talk you into that ;) You're not a bad person.
4:12 PM
I just read that there's no longer a patent on broccoli that grows slightly higher. I didn't even know that was possible.
That's why I was so confused!
> flagellate: A protozoan that has one or more flagella used for swimming.
but... can you use that as a verb?
patents accepted answers floating after a year of being accepted
And then sending take down notices? :P
4:15 PM
I just this week realized just how monotonous some office jobs can get
(I gotta fly, my co-worker is finally ready to drive me home)
opens the parrot's cage so that it can fly
we have a person who does data input of request emails into the system and transcribes sales consultation reports into a word document to send to the bosses
uh... I think Mith just opened the cage of some unknown parrot...
I would go mental doing only data entry
4:16 PM
> Corporate accounts payable, Nina speaking, just a moment
@Magisch why don't you... automate it? ;)
@Mithrandir He closed the cage again. We're not going yet
I really, really need to get back to driving
I think I have a skewed view of corporate culture. Due to nature of being in IT, I can see every department's dirty laundry and how the company is doing at all times
aint nobody keeping secrets from IT
4:32 PM
...why the heck did I sign up for the Google Code-In and take tasks when a.) I don't code and b.) I'm seriously busy? *questioning own sanity*
to learn to code?
Hasn't worked the last two years :P
I did get a t-shirt both times though
I guess Mith would be better off writing a sci-fi novel lol
The Shakespeare Programming Language (SPL) is an esoteric programming language designed by Jon Åslund and Karl Hasselström. Like the Chef programming language, it is designed to make programs appear to be something other than programs; in this case, Shakespearean plays. A character list in the beginning of the program declares a number of stacks, naturally with names like "Romeo" and "Juliet". These characters enter into dialogue with each other in which they manipulate each other's topmost values, push and pop each other, and do I/O. The characters can also ask each other questions which behave...
So far this Code-In I've a.) added an artist to an online database and b.) written a regex
4:34 PM
@Somewhat nah, that doesn't eliminate the need for coding
instead, it makes coding even more cumbersome...
you do know where I have most of my rep, right? :-)
But now I'm doing this. That's a bit more out of my depth.
@EKons try golfing with it instead? :p
The regex task was easy - I literally spent 9 minutes between claiming the task and submitting it with 4 different variations of what the answer could be because it wasn't 100% clear :P
regex is totally not coding :-P ;-)
4:37 PM
I like regex
see? that's proof that it's not coding :-D
@Mithrandir and now, meet the dark side of regex! alf.nu/RegexGolf
oh i like golfing regex... sort of
I usually go for readability, though, especially in the many bots that I contribute regexes to around the network
you don't see every aspect of the dark side at the beginning...
try solving some of the easy ones and you'll then realize
you think it's only 3 problems? hah
I'm actually going to stay out of the rabbit hole, I only have 2 hours left for this task
4:52 PM
Q: What would a fractal universe tell us about Time?

christo183To begin with let's look at what is known as the coastline paradox. Briefly it goes like this: If you measure the circumference of Britain with a 1km long stick, and then do the same with a 100m long stick, you will find that with the shorter stick you obtain a larger measurement. This will happe...

5:27 PM
I'm Frreeeee!
And hungry. Time for a cracker.
Ice to meat you!
Parrots are friends, not food
Aren't parrots just LGBT chickens?
That is, fruit and meat?
Nah, I'm pretty sure I'm straight :P
...and not a chicken
5:30 PM
Hmm... punk chickens?
Yeah, get rid of the chicken part!
5:47 PM
heh, Tink won't accept herself as a lowly chicken :-D
well... she is a shiny red parrot, tbf
How do you call baby parrots then?
are you implying any aspect of baby in her? ;-)
@JohnDvorak baby parrot works ;)
Though dangerously close to being confused with baby carrots
6:00 PM
@Tinkeringbell no, he's probably referring to the fact that baby parrots are also called "chicks"
@JohnDvorak the serious answer is chick for one and chicks for two or more ;)
hehe, ninja :-)
Ah, thanks
Still, not all chicks are chickens
some chicks are even... HUMAN...
6:01 PM
@EKons nah, I would've beaten you to it if I wasn't on mobile ;)
Also, I've just eaten so now I'm really full and slow :P
let's butcher th...oh, right, not all chicks are chickens
Bright colours are used by animals to indicate they may be poisonous. You were warned.
or venomous
Oh, that definitely ;) I promised not to bite though. So my only hope is ...
declaws Tink
6:07 PM
Animal cruelty! Flags...
Is it?
Parrot bites can be pretty painful, you shouldn't ask for that ...
@蟺维谓蟿伪峥ノ滇繓 I was led to believe my bite can damage nuts :)
Luckily it's November so no nuts this month
@Tinkeringbell And fingers or other limbs :3
6:09 PM
@JohnDvorak Wait... Am I missing some no nuts November thing or did you make that up?
It's a thing on Imgur
@蟺维谓蟿伪峥ノ滇繓 I'm aiming for the whites of their eyes ;)
@JohnDvorak Ah, must've missed it. I saw secret Santa was open yesterday... But haven't really had time to properly browse Imgur lately
You could probably crack a macadamia nut with your spout ;-)
"Wait until you can see the whites of their eyes" they said. We were going to fight Anubis they didn't know. Dog-face. No whites in his eyes. We realized too late what was the situation we'd gotten into.
@蟺维谓蟿伪峥ノ滇繓 That is in no way a valid way to describe a parrots beak ;)
@JohnDvorak Ooh, short stories :)
6:15 PM
@Tinkeringbell Probably fault of my translator usage fu.
@蟺维谓蟿伪峥ノ滇繓 Probably ;)
I've overseen the [ZOOL.] hint :D
7:04 PM
@Tinkeringbell "no nuts november" eeeeewwwwwww....
(and yeah, I actually think the reply has to do with that)
@EKons I've seen nothing on Imgur yet though. Maybe JohnDvorak hangs out in usersub :P
@Tinkeringbell imgur isn't the only place to look for "no --- november", there are other places such as 9---, etc.
9--- is forbidden territory for those that use Imgur!
1 hour later…
8:31 PM
@Tinkeringbell huh?
@ShadowWizard It's an Imgur thing.
9 minus minus minus?
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body (97): extracting information from running windows process by dan b on reverseengineering.SE
So... 6?
the -s are censoring
8:32 PM
Though no --- november makes no sense. What three letters are you censoring? :P
I don't really think it needs censoring?
Ah well. Other topic!
No Bob November
Oh dear, that's going to cause a rise in traffic accidents.
No Tax November :P
Great idea
All in favour?
I heard about something where men not shaving (their face) for whole month. Related?
8:34 PM
@ShadowWizard Yep ;)
That's Movember though, as far as I can remember
@ShadowWizard No 'stache Movember :-D
So maybe it is a fork where they.. Eh... You know. ;)
Nope, I don't!
I never know.
I'm just an innocent parrot
@Tinkeringbell Don't bother to bite though!
8:38 PM
Oh, I do bite. Especially when I'm hungry
Parrot bytes hurt!
so, 010100000100000101010010010100100100111101010100 hurts? :P
I'm not feeling it.
yeah, parrot bytes don't really hurt...
Just wait and see.
One day...
I still have dreams and ambitions!
8:50 PM
@Tinkeringbell Keep on, heads up!
@蟺维谓蟿伪峥ノ滇繓 Well, I was actually thinking heads down, onto a pillow! I'm getting sleepy ;)
@Tinkeringbell Wish you good dreams, and if you awoke just bite those !@f!%k whatever. Just my support for your colored feathers ;)
Tell Geek not to start shouting tonight :P
9:32 PM

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