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12:10 AM
Does anyone know were the term "patent troll" comes from? Looking for a citation for a paper.
Ask google: Define: patent troll
google is really good at that
Just did.
Hi @Jin
12:14 AM
No I did not look at my meta yet
i'm trying to remember, when was the last time we sent out stackoverflow tshirts to top users
i think jeff did it a while back right?
@Jin I got the Apple one a short while ago. The letter was officially dated Aug 15 or so, but got here in September I think. (I think my photos of it on one of my social network stuff is has the letter.)
@Moshe i'm talking about stackoverflow.com
not SE2.0 sites
@Jin Oh.
He sent a few of us some when we hit a million questions, but I'm not sure when the top users shirts got sent last.
12:15 AM
Ok. No idea.
If he wants to send me some for my CS Club that would be cool.
But we're not quite ready for that yet. I'll have to let whoever it is know when.
There's at least a post from March of 2010.
Do any of the top users on SO not already have a shirt?
Also, when do I get my business cards :p
@jcolebrand you mean the DBA mod cards?
I'm planning ahead and assuming I win in a landslide
I think you might be jumping the gun a bit, I haven't posted your subtly modified answers to the THC.
12:19 AM
@jcolebrand i'm waiting for DBA to have an election first.
aka, first one on the election results
@Jin what, we can't just take my three votes and run with it?
You horde of unbelievers!
@jcolebrand ha we only make mod cards for sites that have had an election... although there were exceptions
pshaw, I'm sure I'll be staring at some in 6-8 weeks
1:11 AM
Q: Stack Overflow T-shirt, 3rd anniversary edition

JinI was talking to Jarrod the other night about the early days of Stack Overflow. I then realized SO came out of private Beta three years ago. What better way to celebrate this milestone than making a T-shirt for it? I wanted to come up with a design that's interesting and regular SO users can r...

Hahah, that's great :D
1 hour later…
2:25 AM
So, this morning I log on to google plus to that article about more patent trolls. This time the target is anyone with wifi. I am now almost finished writing a paper on the subject of patent trolls and technology.
It was my day off from school project.
2 hours later…
4:00 AM
Anyone here?
Hi, @mootinator, I spent the day on a paper - not for school. I woke up to a troll suing for wifi. I wrote a paper on it.
Before I put it out, I want someone to look at it and tell me if I say anything colossally stupid or obvious.
Care to look?
It like a blogessay?
Sure I'll look
4:13 AM
@mootinator Yes, it's long though, so I won't be insulted if you don't read the whole thing.
You're under 40. It's colossally stupid and/or obvious
When you get to be closer to 40 you begin to realize that you've sounded that way your entire life
Heh, ok.
4:14 AM
Once you've passed 40 you tend to realize so has everyone else
@jcolebrand shuts up
@mootinator Okay, here:
I wonder if it would make a blog post, considering I shrunk it down by several pages.
@jcolebrand - By how much do I sound under 40 in that blogessay? </suspicious-squint>
You have yet to not-sound under 20
Well, I'll let you finish it first, but thanks. :-)
Oh, I haven't started reading it yet
I just meant in general
Heh, ok. Thank you.
4:25 AM
Very stream-of-consciousness.
@mootinator What?
you need to force format and remove the blue lines on the hyperlinks
@mootinator he does that A LOT
> On that note, please excuse
Revise please.
4:26 AM
This is a college assignment. This is not a discussion forum. They will not discuss this with you.
Take it to them and ask them outside of class
It's actually not an assignment.
but never ask for feedback in an essay
Honest, I wrote it for myself.
I know it's an essay, it has a bibliography
ok, then put it in the meta of the document
@Moshe Meaning it's very much a sequence of your thoughts more than an argumentative essay.
4:27 AM
It's not an essay, I did that for practice.
ask it in the surrounding context around the paper
put a header block at the top that says "author's notes" and ask it there in italics only
But never after your conclusion
For starters
let's say you make this a blog post
ask it before people ever read your blog. Then as they are reading they're wondering about it
4:28 AM
Very good idea.
You mention the point of it: 'If I patent the concept of buying patents for the sake of suing others, can I sue the trolls for trolling?' For general consumption, you would want to ensure it's obvios how each paragraph develops your conclusion (yes or no).
@jcolebrand I was trying to be clever there with the "trolling the trolls", but then I rephrased it.
@mootinator Yes, isn't that the proper way to do it?
What is your reason for writing this?
That was me trying to be clever (points up) but I do like @jcole's idea of using at a byline ore something.
2 hours ago, by Moshe
So, this morning I log on to google plus to that article about more patent trolls. This time the target is anyone with wifi. I am now almost finished writing a paper on the subject of patent trolls and technology.
I have to go sleep now, I hear.
4:30 AM
You didn't really sell me on that in the first two paragraphs
I have no clue why I'm reading this
@jcolebrand Why?
@mootinator you too? I'm being nagged at from two doors away
Yeah, you start with "what is a patent"
@Moshe because it sounded like a college freshman essay that was written because it had to be written, and not because you were passionate about it
That isn't the right place to start.
4:31 AM
Give me five minutes and I should be able to work up a sweat on being passionate about this
@jcolebrand No, that's not the case at all. I would tell you when it's a homework assignment.
> 3) For the love of god, DO NOT start with history!
I did use that style because I've been getting used to it for school, not because I had to.
@Moshe well I figured it was when you, a college freshman, had an essay for proofing
@Moshe whatever style you're using is a bad one, overall
it's cute and kitschy but it won't get the point across (as evidenced by we two peers being confused)
what was the article that sparked you off again?
@jcolebrand Not the case, honest. I realize that I presented it as such, but I would not do that.
@jcolebrand Those damn trolls.
4:34 AM
@Moshe you're getting too emotional about this to start
@jcolebrand ok
@jcolebrand The wifi lawsuit.
That tells me ZERO about the Q I asked
@jcolebrand Oh, hang on.
It was the headline and the ensuing comments.
waves :/
feels stupid again, and probably rightfully so
4:38 AM
"You can accept an answer in one minute" ... ffs
@jcolebrand Well, thanks for putting up regardless.
putting up what?
"you can accept an answer in 32 seconds"
@jcolebrand Me, being vague and boring.
I need to rewrite that though. The intro sucks.
Okay, night folks. Thanks for the feedback.
5:01 AM
Gah. Is there a way to have Chrome open new pages in a new window?
   Every day a throng of people around the world pass through coffee shops, universities, public libraries and their homes, connected to the endless web around the world that we call the internet. They do this over their wireless connections; using wi-fi in all its various incantations. But this could be taken away from them if the braintrust behind Innovatio IP has their way.
   They seek to take away the privilege to connect over wi-fi without paying them a royalty, because they hold a patent they say is key to the process of using wi-fi. Which means that you're going to have to go back t
@Moshe see the above as an intro that tries to grab the reader, based on your article
I'm not really behind it tho, so .. you have my apologies. I generally have spent more than 25 minutes reading on a topic before writing about it
5 hours later…
9:53 AM
shakes a fist at chrome
10:08 AM
Only because it keeps opening links in a new tab in a seemingly random window.
Hmm, it sometimes opens tabs in the wrong window for me as well (from external applications), but that seems pretty rare on my end.
Well, this was a link in chrome app. So, it opened a tab in the last chrome window I had active. It makes sense, except that I had minimized that window.
I just wish I'd have more options for how they are open, like Firefox.
11:05 AM
@Jin FYI, DBA incorrectly has .wmd-preview img { margin-bottom: 1em; } for reason.
Or rather the meta does, I'm not sure about the main site.
1 hour later…
12:12 PM
Hi there!
12:56 PM
It seems it's no longer possible to view the highest/lowest voted questions/answers on the tools page, why?
I used to get a lot of amusement out of that
Apple Engineer: "Why won't my code compile? Ugh!"

Siri: "Fool. You are missing. a colon in. your function prototype on line eighty. Five."
Ping for a moderator, please.
Q: Why is Java used so much in Academia?

ionicEven the inventor of the language, James Gosling, agrees that Java is not an interesting language. He created it mainly to test the concept of Virtual Machines, not with the goal of making a novel language for people to learn. Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JluAg5ylgWE

1:13 PM
Nice prediction from 1987. waxy.org/2011/10/…
2 hours later…
3:31 PM
Q: Clean up on aisle [Dive into Python] 3?

Bill the LizardSince the author of Dive into Python and Dive into HTML5 has apparently quit the Internet, we're going to need to clean up all of the Stack Overflow posts that link to these fine works. Posts containing links to Dive into Python Posts containing links to Dive into HTML5 The folks over at redd...

Ah, that explains a lot. And by a lot I mean one specific question I had one day, but. :P
Talk about coming up with an excessively complicated solution to a simple problem.
Q: Converting to Enum using type variable

ValamasPart of my software is using reflection. The issue I am having is that while I can get the type of the property, I cannot convert the string value using the Type from the PropertyInfo. This is the reason why i am using t in the sample code. The below code demonstrates the issue with the error me...

@mootinator O_o
3:46 PM
wow, did he really not grok that?
3 hours later…
6:17 PM
`catch (Exception ex) { throw; }` On what planet is this code acceptable? Why does my coworker think it is?
I guess your co-worker doesn't read your twitter?..
I should hope not
I don't think he even has a twitter account
and if he does, I want him to confront me about it. Violently
A co-worker of mine, in my interview, grilled me about a past tweet.
So I can smack him
cos there's nothing quite like obliterating the call stack
not as bad as his pokemon error handling tho in other places
He social-network-stalked me... I was able to successfully answer his concern, but it kinda contributed to my exodus from the social networks.
6:21 PM
Q: Why is this C# code valid?

StilgarToday I was trying to wrap my head around immutable objects that reference each other. I came to the conclusion that you can't possibly do that without using lazy evaluation but in the process I wrote this (in my opinion) interesting code. public class A { public string Name { get; private s...

Eric Lippert AND Jon Skeet
BOOM and then BOOM again
Daaaamn.. Eric Lippert in da house. Excellent answer.
Bunch of students taking the "activist route". Idiots. Cutting class does Not further your education. It does not lower tuition.
It doesn't further communication .
It gets the attention of the faculty
6:55 PM
I know. But. Remember how you said that I sound my age when I talk?
Those guys didn't even sound that.
"they owe us free printing!"
No. No they do not.
Intellectual honesty and luxury.
Two important ideas.
And being on time for midterms. Ugh. I am late.
Well faculty noticed.
Just overheard a Convo.
7:32 PM
Q: Rhino Mocks - Accurate and Up To Date Tutorial

Mike CheelIs there somewhere within the internet that I can find an accurate and up to date tutorial that I can read? It seems that every tutorial I find is either out of date, scrambled together in a hodge podge of mess pulled together from 20 different blogs or assumes you you are simply migrating from...

The poster linked to the exact duplicate. Heh.
It's a 3 year old question, while he is looking for any updated information.
The most recent answer is from July 12.
I find Ayende hard to read.
Which from a casual glance, does not look like a good intro to Rhino mocks.
Ok, I'll try to be less of an ass ;)
2 hours later…
9:50 PM
in Re: the Joel Test and "Can you make a build in one step?" do you think that means "an installer" or just "the finished product as it is expected to be used"?
10:06 PM
I can release a build in two steps. Mainly because I'm too lazy to fix the bug which is preventing me from doing it in one.
10:19 PM
How do you mean release?
I mean it's a website.
If I want to release, I say msbuild Project.csproj /target:Deploy /configuration:Release
and what does that produce for you?
for me it produces a directory
It also produces a directory for me.
Do you consider that a "release"?
It does other things.
10:24 PM
whenever you have a new version, for whatever you define as a new version...to use that in dev for instance, how many steps are there?
it isn't talking about production releases, it's talking about building
I can press a button and get a directory that I can install on a server
but is that produced directory conisdered "the release"?
i.e.: Downloads any changes to the branch from svn, Disables the production site, runs any new db scripts, builds the app, copies the files to the production IIS instance, then re-enables the p.roduction site. Not necessarily in that order.
but you have to manually install it on the server
Does SE produce a msi or anything that then gets installed?
How much manual work do you have to do with your folder to get it working?
I heart my build process for exactly those reasons.
usually it's just configuration file fiddling at that point
and I've got an open ticket (months old) that I'm itching to be given the greenlight on to move all that crap into the database, where it belongs
fiddling is a step.
then we will only have configuration fiddling in ONE FILE and everything else will be "nuke and replace"
because it's a place where errors can be introduced
10:32 PM
So the way I figure it is every app we have has ~4 steps from "push the build button" to "up and running"
Picture training someone just hired today to do a build.
Yup, four steps (besides introducing them to our build process in the first place)
as for dev-testing, all we have to do is check stuff in
(I missed the incrementing version number, minifying .js files and changing web.config settings bits of my build.)
but for customer-site, gotta keep the old config values
And I gotta say, when I broke SEDE last night, and was writing and rolling out new code at 5am, testing my own code is a bit hairy, if I had had to do anything other than "1) press button", I don't think my brain could have handled it right then. q:
10:40 PM
haha, I know the feeling
that's why I'm still really hoary about what the hell we're doing post-dev-server-CI
I wish my other project had a nice build process.
Right now it consists of: 1. Build binaries. 2. Copy changed binaries only to FTP. 3. Rename binaries being replaced on target server. 4. Run SQL scripts manually.
I should actually modify that to be post-build-server-CI because we maintain side-by-side repos for the stable branch, so to get a build you first push things to stable, then you can force the build if you want or wait ten minutes (no web-hooks yet)
@mootinator sounds like my system :\
I worked on embedded software a few years ago.
1. Fix typo in HTML. 2. Build image. 3. Start copying image to hardware. 4. Grab coffee. 4a. Read Slashdot for 20 minutes. 5. Discover some other minor typo somewhere. 6. Repeat.
Now I have a slow fogbugz instance, so it takes the place of the slow image copy.
1. Make hotfix. 2. Deploy hotfix. 3. Enter fogbugz URL. 4. Grab coffee.......
11:42 PM
Is it odd that "Oh No" is trending on twitter instead of "Steve Jobs"
Steve Jobs died. Wow.
@mootinator Damn :/
Q: Can we get a banner in memory of Steve Jobs on Apple.SE?

MosheCan we add a banner on Apple.SE in memory of Steve Jobs? RIP.


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