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8:05 PM
What's up with the invalid cert warning when coming to chat.meta?
Odd... says the cert is valid in the info box.
It does say valid actually
It just says site not secured for an unexplained reason
I initially saw the full page warning for the cert, proceeded anyway and now see
chat always has that problem, usually due to avatars, feeds or other random images
@Jhoverit images from non https source.
8:07 PM
It's just this server, too... the SE server is fine.
@Jhoverit that's NOT invalid certificate. It clearly says Valid.
So... it's just this room, maybe.
@ShadowWizard Uh yeah, we said that
Wait this is the room that's anti cussing my bad
@Catija any room with images to http:// source, yep.
So, the Fire Department is fine, so it's not even the entire server... So... now we have to figure out who's the culprit. :P
8:09 PM
You can sort by protocol in Network
several stack imgr links aren't https
My SO Dark Chat + theme is pulling in several over http
Man that's a bad warning from Chrome just due to an HTTP served image...
> Proceed with caution. Something is severely wrong with the privacy of this site’s connection. Someone might be able to see the information you send or get through this site.
The explanation for the specific error message shown
Yeah, nothing is "severely" wrong with that lol
@Catija this:
Image is not secure.
8:14 PM
Anyway what I came here to mention is that user reps are broken on all User searches exchange wide that I have found
Q: Don't allow embedded images from HTTP sources in chat

Mad ScientistQuite often I see a mixed content warning when looking at an SE chat room: This is typically caused by images linked in chat hosted on an HTTP source, not an HTTPS one like the SE Imgur account. Sometimes it is also caused by oneboxing of external content (this particular example is from a one...

@ShadowWizard But that image isn't in your den, is it? I guess it must just be triggered by something else.
This is how user searches appear on 6 networks that I checked
If someone feels like reporting a bug.
Have you earned any rep this month on those sites?
8:15 PM
@Catija Den? No, it's here in Tavern. When it will be buried, warning won't show.
I do not care for this place and will not raise my voice, you get in trouble when you help out here
@Catija Probably. DOes it only show changes??
@Jhoverit That rep is only for the amount of time in the tab you're in... you have to click "all" if you want their total rep for all time.
user search works fine for me, i made 103 rep this week
Hah, what a weird search then
I'm searching for users not rep changes. Confusing UX is not bug
Eh, it catches me sometimes, too... but then I just click "all" and it's good.
8:17 PM
Well at least nothing's broken
Just horribly designed haha
oh well. Less snarky comments, more questioners that formulate pretty much how they want, more thanks under posts. Yeah, everything's gonna be just fine.
When I click on the "users" tab, I actually want to see recent reputation gains.
@Catija exactly.
@Catija You do?
8:19 PM
That's actually why I go to that tab... to see how I'm doing compared to the other slackers in here... ;) Have to keep myself up in those leagues.
Ah you meant that you use it for what it does.
@Jhoverit one thing I'll support changing is for the users page to remember our last selection, i.e. if we see "all time" reputation, show it next time as well.
I meant... Why in the hell would you expect it to do that?
there's a tab that is selected that says "Reputation"
And I ignored it. First time searching by username for someone
The use case must not be searching for specific users, more of a communal activity log
8:20 PM
@FélixGagnon-Grenier you talk about recent blog post by Joe?
> 57 employees provided 13,742 ratings of “fine,” “unwelcoming or snarky,” or “abusive,” on random comments on SO
@Jhoverit Well, I see a lot of people complaining that the page is entirely useless and shouldn't be included in the sidebar at all... so... I guess somewhat useful but not what I expect is at least... better?
Sidebar? Hah.... Who uses that Teams Ad
Not me
8:22 PM
interesting. I wonder why they did not like... I don't know, ask the community, even random new users, what's snarky. It mostly looks like they want to decide what's what. :/
@Jhoverit I'm on two teams...
Do you like Teams?
I feel like it would just become a lot of noise in my organization. If you had the right group it could be useful
I'm still convinced no company in the world has a "right" or "good" group tho, jus 2-3 decent people per every 20
I do like it, quite a bit. I don't know that it's the best solution for everyone... if you already have an active internal wiki/documentation manager, you may not need it... but it's very helpful.
How large are your SO teams?
Feel free to roll eyes but I want to say "Why didn't Tim follow up to his own Post?" on the blog post...
The glorious pun would get missed and I'd be banned tho.
Tim didn't post the original unwelcoming blog post? I'll see myself out...
8:29 PM
@Jhoverit Well... one is about 400 people and the other is about 60.
@Jhoverit No, Jay did.
@Jhoverit reload now, it should be secured without warning.
(non secure images are gone)
And... CM list is down by one.
Only 10 are left.
That was expected, though... Ana tweeted about it a month ago or more.
8:45 PM
Yeah, better than the fate of the other employees few months ago who got it out of the blue.
Hard to believe it's been six months since then.
such curiosity
very want to know
amaze itchy
@FélixGagnon-Grenier know what?
8:46 PM
What curiosity?
I see my doge memeing is not quite on point
You just sound drunk. ;)
I meant, I'm not sure I understood what you were speaking about.
yeah, the six month earlier out of the blue thing
8:47 PM
JNat edited the list of Community Team members to remove Ana.
@FélixGagnon-Grenier The layoffs back in November.
@FélixGagnon-Grenier ohh.. when SE fired many employees all of a sudden, e.g. Oded, Jeremy, and more.
right, now that you mention it
It's all in chat transcript, feel free to search.
curiosity was fulfilled, I'm not so intent on having the gory details just now :)
They removed the page listing their employees as a result. :/
8:50 PM
I mourn the loss of the fun gifs, even if their demise was inevitable regardless of the page's death.
Anyway, presumably they'll be adding to the Community Team list sometime in the next month or so.
Were there like... reasons or something for the slackoffs?
or mostly "we don't air laundry in public"?
A: What happened with the Stack Overflow layoffs (11/2017)?

JaydlesBecause our users do so much to make SO what it is, "Default public" has been one of our core philosophies at SO since the early days. And that hasn't changed, so I'm happy to share thoughts on how the difficult changes we made last week fit into our current outlook, and what our current focus is...

thanks for the link.
on that, laters o/
9:36 PM
@Catija the gifs were dead long before the page
Shhhh... let me live in the dream.
Q: Would like to see more employee animations

Shadow Wizard There was a recent change in the design of the team page, removing all animations. This request has become irrelevant due to this. Thanks for all the supporters! In the team page, 40 employees got a cool animation, e.g. Geoff animation. However, looks like no new animations were created...

best ^
I like Jarrod's
1 hour later…
10:53 PM
Looks like it's going to be another exciting Happy Hour in the Tavern!
ugh sleepy morning...
Some whisky'll wake you right up
Hair of the dog?
I read that as "half of the dog" and thought, "yeah... a leftover hot dog with whiskey would go just fine"
...I'm hungry. I've eaten a cinnamon roll today
it was a good cinnamon roll, mind you
had walnuts in it
and a sour cream frosting
... pecans are better.
11:01 PM
Have plans for dinner?
not really
I mean... I'm going to bake a couple of strawberry rhubarb pies
but that's not a proper dinner
Are they? They're the state tree of Texas, so they're everywhere here... we never bought them growing up because we just got them out of the yard.
yeah, they don't really grow here
they're easily obtained shelled, but then you're paying for someone to shell 'em
hence the expense
Walnuts have to be shelled, too...
11:03 PM
yeah, but they're relatively easy
not black walnuts
those are a pain
This reminds me I still have my giant bag of chopped walnuts, I should...do something with them
they're really good in oatmeal
that's why I keep 'em on hand
Did you ever make those Brave Tart Brownies I linked you to?
(My uncle acquired a....very large box of chopped walnuts. I got a very large (5 lbs) bag out of the box)
Wow, nice.
11:04 PM
growing up, we had hickory nuts and black walnuts
hickory nuts are tedious - not a lot of meat per nut. But they crack relatively easily. Hard, but very thin shells.
They don't call for nuts but I'm sure you could add them pretty easily... if you like nuts in your brownies... I know lots of people don't.
You just spend a lot of time picking out the meat
@Catija I do, so I should do that :)
Maybe I will make brownies AND madeleines this weekend as I have more time than I thought
I don't think I've ever had hickory nuts.
11:05 PM
Black walnuts... Those shells are like rock. You can smash 'em with a hammer, but woe betide you if you hit it wrong and it goes flying at you.
@Catija they're like pecans, but better
and smaller
Ended up using a rig my grandfather built, with a hydraulic jack, to crush the walnuts. Then the meat could be extracted, assuming you split them on the right axis
That was after dumping them in the driveway and driving over them for a few weeks to break off the outer fruit
@Ash Absolutely. You can bake since I never can any more.
@Catija Deal. Now if I could only share it with you.
Yeah, I think getting it here would be a bit of a challenge.
Brownies don't fit in the interweb tubes so well
I suspect the madeleines wouldn't either
11:09 PM
Probably not. And those sound really good, too.
@Shog9 that sounds... laborious.
And amusing to watch.
it is. But, they're delicious once all is said and done.
so good in oatmeal
with some dried apples
and a little bit of brown sugar
just a pinch of salt
and a drizzle of heavy cream
any spices? Nutmeg, maybe?
all of those other ingredients... the oats, the apples, the nuts... the bit of molasses in the sugar... they're kinda earthy flavors. Good, but subtle. A bit of salt brings 'em out.
but I don't trust myself to spice subtly in the A.M.
Yeah, nutmeg is easy to overdo... but it would match those flavors, I think.
Oatmeal is one of those foods I want to like but never quite do
11:14 PM
But, it'd probably be great without it.
I loved it when I was at camp... and nothing has ever stood up to it since then. I think making it in huge batches is somehow different than single-servings.
But the oatmeal cookies I make are probably my favorite cookies... oatmeal, dark chocolate mini-chips, currants or dried cherries, and pecans... so amazing... amusingly, they have nutmeg in them.
11:26 PM
Yum! I made some pretty great oatmeal coconut cookies the other week.
oh... I use steel-cut oats too
you can cook them longer, more slowly
helps develop flavor without an overly-gluey texture
I use rolled oats in my cinnamon rolls though
Yeah, we have a method for steel-cut that involves boiling them quickly the night before and leaving them on the burner (off) overnight... and then cooking them in the morning. It actually works pretty nicely.
I just throw everything into a pot, bring 'em to a boil then drop the heat to a low simmer and cover
it cooks while I make coffee, drink coffee, and grouse at whoever pinged me over night
The overnight version works well for people who don't loaf around their houses all day.
...oh yeah; stirring is very important
I stir once right before I cover, and then once again right before I serve
If you don't stir, it'll stick
if you stir too much, it'll get all gluey
it's pretty good cold too
11:55 PM
Well, at least it's inexpensive enough to mess up a few times, since getting the stirring just right seems very complex.

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