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10:07 PM
@Shog9 IMO the damage from tag burnination comes from the removal of the content associated with the tag when many of the questions get deleted for just having the tag on them. Tags always come back anyway :P
10:48 PM
@Shog9 - In order to get to 40/40 I need to get another few hundred edits in. I don't mind editing, I have edited hundreds of pages of Master's thesis, business documents, court documents, and all sorts of emails for associates. However, users generally seem to get upset when their content is edited; in addition, users in the active tab get upset when something not up to par was bumped into their view. Do you have any advice for what angle of editing I should aim for to maximize edit reception?
@TravisJ what's this about?
The edit badge? I don't want to just go blindly editing stuff, I was hoping for some advice on what you think needs editing the most, as well as what might be most well received by others.
Pretty much every question ever asked could use some editing.
Make the title a succinct summary of the actual problem. Add relevant tags / remove irrelevant ones. Basic copy editing. Sometimes extensive editing for grammar and clarity.
I know how I should edit, just not what. I tried just setting out to edit questions at large, but it seems that upsets some users when editing material that is of mediocre value gets bumped into the active tab.
@TravisJ if you're on Stack Overflow, there's an entire queue: stackoverflow.com/review/helper
10:53 PM
Bumping mediocrity into the active tab seems to be low hanging fruit to get serially downvoted.
...some of them are desperately bad
I wish all of my SO encounters went like this...
@TravisJ Bless you kind sir! I was about to give up and you showed me the way! My code actually runs again and I can get back to it. You have taught me something valuable and I will never forget your kindness to help an idiot who didn't even realize he was in a different namespace. I will name the game's master character after you. — 3rrr6 2 mins ago
@Shog9 I will try to see if I can edit in that queue and perhaps it wont lead to instant retaliation.
@TravisJ expect a lot of edits like this
it's... a long shot at best
But, better'n nothing
I don't mind the work of editing, I just feel like there is angst in the community sometimes against editing questions which may end up being closed anyway.
Anyway, thanks for the advice!
11:25 PM
@TravisJ if you're worried you're going to polish turds that are gonna be flushed anyway, a sure way to avoid that is to stick to editing stuff that you come across naturally. Any time you hit a non-garbage question through Google, if there's anything that can be done to improve the question or any of the answers, tidy it.
As someone who basically never opens questions from the front page, lots of the experiences of people who do (including yours here) are just really alien to me. I find so much stuff to do just from favouriting questions that I reach through Google that can be improved, that I don't have time to do it all.
@TravisJ I didn't know that people said "bless you kind sir!" outside of RPGs.
Are you sure you helped him with a programming problem, and didn't, say, save his wife from orcs?
It's all that orc-fighting that's been keeping him out of the editor, I'll bet. Were it not for the horde, he'd have earned that badge ages ago.
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