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8:01 PM
The accepted has to have +10, and yours more than twice that.
Well, meh, then.
No wonder only 200 people have it.
And I don't trust the implementation to be consistent with the description as far as the strictness of inequalities is concerned.
"More than 10" can mean "at least 10" half the time.
Worth repeating: I hit the rep cap on my birthday, as well as my first two gold badges just before that
@ShadowWizard I'm thinking of updating my question (the really old one I linked to) with the new viewpoint as a mod.
8:19 PM
sd why
Huh?? I'm outta that.
just found this area, it's pretty niche
does anyone care about Title Case Question Titles on this site other than me?
guess I'm talking to myself here
I worry about this site more than its employees probably :p
I'm not a huge fan of title case
Title case is icky.
if Smokey doesn't notify about title case, maybe he should
at least for questions which get above some >3 or >5 threshold otherwise it might get too spammy
8:35 PM
Too much noise, honestly.
Looking at a stream of poorly titled questions is no fun.
And some SE employees Like the Title Case.
8:41 PM
There may be some negative correlation between using the title case and getting things done.
That frickin' format regex gets tricky, I have to start over and over again. But well, my regex fu is a bit rusty :-P
@bro In general it's as much well received as ASAP
put it another way, I'm ok with title case for titles, but titles shouldn't usually be titles but rather summaries and title case for summaries is just awkward
all caps is easily noticed by anyone, but less noticed things which are still frequent enough to get annoying should get filtered by a minimum positive total score
blog posts is a separate thing, I think they're exempt, even though I still don't like title case there personally. They're infrequent and I don't think many people read them anyways
The problem is that you end up looking at a lot of posts that you don't want to look at.
Moderate All The Things is a losing strategy.
8:48 PM
Nuke actively harmful things, improve good things, ignore the rest.
I really don't like it when in a title, some clearly unique names get mixed in with generic words, all starting with capital letters and you don't know if they mean "The Glowing Magic Bullet" or just a "glowing Magic Bullet"
anyways, I usually edit them if I see them in hot questions list
That's cool, going with the "improve good (or at least notable) things".
It's the stream of "Please Help With Jquery Pr0blem" that saps the editing energy.
BTW there's a trend to VTC Docker questions as off-topic / general computing, which I don't really get...
9:01 PM
For some reason, I always see the title case questions when I'm on my phone... and that's the most annoying way to edit them.
Frequent pattern seen with help-vampires
9:33 PM
For those who think 1-rep users can't utter wise words: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/309387/…
@SonicWizard I never had doubts, and current rep is already out of scope for judging.
But i see patterns though ...
9:49 PM
A: When can we use more than one dot (period?)?

FoestI say use it whenever the hell you want...... The English language has become a mess with the advent of texting so it really doesn't matter. Grammar is gone... Correct spelling is gone... And handwriting is a thing of the past. We're probably going to be speaking Chinese in the next 20 years an...

10:00 PM
Anyone notice anything...weird about closed questions on Area 51 Discussions?
@Catija that would be nice! :)
@SonicWizard Specifically?
@SonicWizard probably SOCK of some very long time user... ;)
@SonicWizard yes. All closed by same person.
@Catija @ShadowWizard With the closure notice?
It's orange and off center?
I don't know what I'm guessing at.
10:12 PM
It wasn't that way before
It was centered just like on other sites
Q: Closure notices appear wrong on Area 51 Discussions

Sonic WizardThere is a formatting problem on the closure notices on closed questions on Area 51 Discussions. On most sites, it's supposed to be justified to fill in the entire area. However, on Area 51 Discussions, it stops short of that: It used to fill the entire width before. What happened now?

@SmokeDetector fp-
10:27 PM
> Poor Area 51 and chat (and SE.com to be honest). They never get the love
This applies to any bug report, I'm afraid.
So unless there is really major bug, e.g. error on all pages, it's useless to post Area 51 bug reports.
@ShadowWizard Area 51 Discussions is on a separate code base.
(above quote is by Mr. Friend, but that's the case for long years now.)
@SonicWizard it's still a weird hybrid.
still pregnant in the foreground
And well fed!
10:30 PM
Area 51 Discussions runs on the same code base as per-site metas, which is why they were able to implement the new close reasons there, while Area 51 is stuck with the old close reasons for example questions ("not constructive", "not a real question", etc.)
It takes some parts, e.g. profile fields, from the "new" codebase, but its design is still based on their old schema.
@πάνταῥεῖ yep - sure is :)
They even have the new profile page there, while Area 51 is stuck with the original profile page (lacking the last two revisions to the page).
@SonicWizard design is differernt, since it's also based on CSS which isn't really standard there.
e.g. even chat (whole SE) doesn't have some CSS file, as Shog said, so we're stuck with ugly top bar. (no padding)
@YvetteColomb Reminder: Confirm that FB contact please. My nice is interested about your work with the brumbies.
10:32 PM
In my opinion, any bug is worth reporting. Even those relating to unmaintained features, or alexolut-style reports.
@SonicWizard even knowing for certain it will just sit there, and never be fixed?
@πάνταῥεῖ oh I'll have a look
@ShadowWizard I can earn reputation from the lone upvotes I receive over a long period of time, and it can be used as a duplicate target for other pedants...it's a long-term investment.
hmm... 8 minutes.... wonder if I'll get to next save point in time...
It also provides a record as to when the bug originated.
10:36 PM
@YvetteColomb I sent you a "friend request" at FB (pretty sure that this was your account)
@πάνταῥεῖ hm nope - not mine. I have the same profile pic as I do avatar, I usually keep them the same
@YvetteColomb You have my confirmed eMail address though, and we could clean that mess up ;-)
There are dead FB accounts as for my step daughter ones. She denies to remove them though :-P
10:52 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ tbh I kicked half my friends off my fb recently and am keeping it more private. FB is purely a way to stay in touch with my friends/family and share the pics... I'm not keen on mixing it with SO, even though I used to.
@Catija Observed a non-staged fist bump in the wild just now: on the sidewalk outside of my office. Between two students, both male. Probably not going to start keeping record. :)
No, you totally should. :D It would be a fun anthropology project.
Hm, if I can get it published...
@YvetteColomb You know I have that special concern to get you in contact with my nice, if you don't mind at all. There might be other channels available.
11:17 PM
sd fp-
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