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2:12 AM
@SFTP Which user is a mod on the most sites (excluding employees)?
And might I suggest you join the Sonic crowd as well...
Jun 1 '17 at 19:50, by Gerry
@Elephant Rory Alsop
Rory's down one but he's still the mod of mods.
@Catija Meaning?
I think ChrisF is second?
@SonicWizard one of the sites he mods closed down
2:21 AM
@JourneymanGeek Personal Productivity?
I might accidentally trolled Rory once but I am not sure ... I don't track my victims
Jun 1 '17 at 19:53, by Gerry
Monica Cellio is in the second place (5 diamonds), Rory has 7
Jun 1 '17 at 19:55, by Gerry
ChrisF is in the third place with 4. Quite a few people have 3.
(at the time asked)
@Catija I saw that page but it's not in a format to query, and I was too lazy to write code to find it
2:22 AM
HDE has four, too... I think there's a couple of people with four, actually...
Most I've ever had was 2 ;p
I think I saw Rory in the Aarthicast video linked in The Assembly?
(The main star is a former CM, Aarthi Devanathan)
AJ... also has four.
Aarthi is kinda still vaguely famous in some circles
(probably cause her turning up would cause outbreaks of transliterated tamil in root access ;p)
2:25 AM
6: Rory
5: Monica
4: AJ, HDE, ChrisF
3 : <many>
Does being a mod on three sites mean that you get three mod hats?
I know a bot sock imposter when I see one
@SonicWizard practically speaking, mod hats are "on request"
and sometimes new mods think we're trolling them when we talk about literal mod hats ;p
2:28 AM
But they'll still only give you one... unless they accidentally send more than one.
@Catija Were you sent multiple?
@SonicWizard No... I think Napoleon was.
I think I saw an eBay listing for one of those hats...could that be from someone who had their mod privileges revoked?
How would I know?
2:29 AM
As far as I know, quite a few people quit
but mods getting defrocked is rare
... or it could have been lost...
I've only known of one... though I'm guessing it's happened more than once.
@JourneymanGeek A Server Fault mod had their privileges taken away for abuse of historical locks
@Catija though, the person would need to know what it was?
@SonicWizard I did say rare
@JourneymanGeek Yeah. Sure. Most mods don't even know what they are...
Have there been any elections where more mods resigned than there were slots in the election?
e.g. election only had 2 slots, but 3 existing mods resigned
2:31 AM
My memory is bad, but I think this has been discussed before with net loss of 1?
We've probably had mods quit, and not had elections for a while
On mature sites, for now mod top ups are by request so I can see that happening as long as we have the minimum of 3
okay, not election, but pro-tem
Apr 10 at 21:40, by SFTP
@SonicWizard not resigned in masse... but Christianity had 5 pro tem mods before their 1st election, which became 4 after the election.
Possibly. Often times, they hold elections because there are too many "emeritus" mods who are only on the list for historical reasons... they've been trying to cut back on that a bit... so if mods stay inactive for more than a year, they'll reach out and ask if they want to retain the diamond... in that case, replacing the mod may be unnecessary if the site still has sufficient coverage...
so, similarly, if a site has two people asking to step down (say, out of five) and one emeritus mod who's stepping down due to inactivity... they may only replace two for the activity level of the site (leaving four).
and typically mods go quiet for a fair bit before they retire
2:34 AM
And, sadly, some never respond to attempts to reach them. I'm still not sure what happened to Aaron.
@Catija I've never seen mods have their privileges taken away due to inactivity. I've just seen other mods appointed to fill for them, but if the old mod wants to start moderating, they can just immediately do so
Q: Thanks to Aaronut for his years of service!

CascabelAaronut was appointed as a pro tem moderator in 2010, then elected as a moderator in 2011 in our very first moderator election. Unfortunately he hasn't been active on the site in the last year, and it's policy to remove inactive moderators, so his moderator status was removed today. Over the yea...

@Catija How long was he inactive?
@SonicWizard If someone steps down voluntarily (from an elected post), they can request their moderator status back at any time and have it granted.
yup, and I've seen it happen relatively recently.
2:37 AM
@SonicWizard As far as I know, his last seen date is still representative... so look at the date that was posted and compare it to the last seen date on his profile.
Jeremy did.
@Catija One year later
Oh, Jeremy is vaguely different
Eh... same concept.
But I've seen other cases where privileges weren't revoked even much more than a year later...I think that was just an oversight.
(though that you resign as moderator if you get hired by SE SO isn't compulsary - most do that)
Not really!
2:38 AM
@SonicWizard I know one on Hinduism.SE
So, if animuson were to leave SE...would he still be an SO mod?
He's be reinstated
@SonicWizard I think that they don't actively check activity levels of mods to find them... so unless their fellow mods have a reason for it, they may never bring it up.
But practically there would be little difference other them acting in a modly fashion
@SonicWizard That'd be his choice. He wouldn't be by default, I think...
2:40 AM
By the way, "procedural desysop due to inactivity" rules do exist on Wikipedia. Administrators automatically have their status removed after one year of inactivity. But there's one additional caveat: if the admin was inactive for more than three years in total, they can't just request their status back, they'd need to go through the same process they went through to get it in the first place (akin to a mod election here on SE).
@Catija welp, I did create a little program to stalk analyze mods' last activity. There's one whose last activity was 2015 (dunno if they is already demodded or not)
@Catija jmac is no longer a mod on any sites he was a mod on before he got hired as an employee.
before I was a moderator on SE... I basically was a moderator on a small battletech site that was mostly a bunch of guys from Virginia.
After a period of non activity, I ... offered to resign as moderator because it was the right thing.
If you're not able to give the time, it seems like a nice thing to go "hey, so... I'm not really pulling my weight. You guys might want to see if you could find someone else"
@Catija What would you think if SE had a rule, that if a mod's been inactive for an exceptionally long time, they'd have to go through the election process again?
2:43 AM
@SonicWizard I suspect elections are so much work they want to have as few as possible.
Dec 1 '17 at 1:22, by 6' white male
This also means that Nick Wilde♦, last seen August 2015, keeps his diamond until the bitter end.
Now that I'm looking at it, it looks like Wikipedia's introduced a new rule: if an admin hasn't performed an admin action within the last five years (regardless of other activity), their admin status would be revoked and they'd need to go through the request/election process again.
@SonicWizard When you're only talking about ~700 people, I don't really think that it's the same level of concern... I would guess that the CMs would query the current mods in such a case and if there's some strong negative reaction to it, they might reconsider... but if they've been active on the site other than as a mod, I'm guessing it'd be no issue.
@HTTPS According to a comment on the deleted site: they appointed another mod to replace him, but forgot to remove Nick's mod status.
I sure hope editing a fully-protected page counts as an admin action...
@dpollitt It's part of the job description for being a moderator that you lead the community and dedicate a couple hours a week to moderating the site. If you're not doing anything and haven't been seen in months, you're not doing that. We don't really need or want a publicly stated policy of "this happens at x activity" because it's not that straight forward, there are exceptions, and how much activity we expect can vary depending on the site. — animuson ♦ May 28 '16 at 16:48
2:47 AM
I think the minimum suggested was half an hour a day
Depends on the site though
@Catija Hmm...never seen that language before today, but I have seen that SO mods are expected to spend at least one hour per day just handling flags.
but there's a lot of stuff that's fairly quick
@SonicWizard ... half hour.
@Catija Stack Overflow moderators. They get 2,000+ flags per day
@SonicWizard SO's a special case
I actually suspect @Catija's site is just as bad in terms of moderator workload
I can literally handle most basic SU flags in time I do other things
2:49 AM
@SonicWizard I'm capable of reading... but if it's an hour, then at least one of the candidates in the last election under-promised their time... so don't look at me.
I've never actually seen anything that states a specific amount of time per day...
In one way, SO mods are like light bulbs in light strings in one way: if one light burns out, a shunt device in the light just directs current through it to allow the remaining lights to work. But the voltage supplied to the other lights is ever so slightly increased, which means that they have to work harder. Eventually, if left unchecked, the set will experience a cascading failure of all the lights and cause a short-circuit.
They can reset it daily...
Also, as long as there's 1 active mod, the most exceptional case can still be handled...
There's no need to handle low-priority comment flags as soon as possible...
@HTTPS I personally tend to clear those fast ;p
on SU, not SO ;p
> "if one light goes out" = if one mod becomes inactive
> "a shunt...allows the remaining lights to work" = there is not much of a visible effect on the site initially
> "the voltage supplied to the other lights is increased" = the workload on the remaining mods rises
> "they have to work harder" = same
> "the set will experience a cascading failure" = mods will quit with the increased workload
> "cause a short-circuit" = the site gets closed
2:56 AM
@HTTPS true but they're obvious and simple to clear
in small numbers
And that is why you should always replace a burnt-out bulb in a string of lights as soon as possible.
if you tried to clear your flag allocation at once...
*SE mods (earlier)
(and someone did that :( )
2:57 AM
@JourneymanGeek Used their maximum 100 flags in a day?
I think 50
Just edited into a question on IPS:
> Now he's starting to make kissing noises while chatting.
Even more amusingly he was right to flag those but did it the wrong way.
meta.superuser.com/questions/12243/… (related ranty meta post)
@JourneymanGeek Don't forget SO mod Andy's old bot to auto-flag comments
@Catija without context, I'm guessing of... doing face-2-face erotic chat (and that's okay :/
3:00 AM
@SonicWizard least with what @HTTPS does, a good compromise would be to add "thank you" to the one flag autodelete list ;p
Q: How to get housemates to be quieter when video-chatting?

bighouseI live in a large shared house with international people. I noticed it’s natural to speak a bit louder than a normal voice when video-chatting (because the microphone isn’t right beside your face). I find my roommates use Skype video-chat a lot and this is affecting my sleep and ability to do wor...

@Catija ....
ah, just as I thought >_<
do people have no ability to act independently of the internet telling them what to do? ._.
"Let me know if you need some help with tactile responsiveness"?
3:02 AM
In Japan, it's called eroype ._.
"Hi hi! Couldn't help but overhearing and well..... Its getting a bit distracting dude"
@Catija is that a 2 dollar word for punch?
There's this assumption that everyone is going to take everything you do negatively... and that no one is a reasonable person any more.
"Hi! Can I join you? :)"
@Catija which is sad
@JourneymanGeek Actaully, my intent was to imply offering yourself up as "stand-in" lips for kissing their SO...
3:03 AM
There's a setting called microphone level...just have them turn it up
I think people just tend to talk louder with headphones
@SonicWizard That's not an IPS solution.
@Catija This room isn't the IPS site.
... I sort of get stuck in IPS mode sometime... I think I need help.
3:05 AM
I misread "self deletion" as self delusion
well, can't help inside the room. ask them to do that on a coffee shop
@SonicWizard yeah.
@HTTPS Noticed it's time for Norm's customary username change
@SonicWizard No... but I think it's something the ROs should decide... they're the ones who will be stuck picking up the slack when fewer of the messages are deleted automatically.
We need to clean them out anyway so \o/
Dosen't really matter?
3:07 AM
@Catija Angus said in a comment in the linked GitHub issue that they want the overall perspective of Taverners.
If I stop pinging you, will you stop pinging me?... I make an effort to ping you but you seem to not get that I don't like being pinged.
There's always someone else's message after yours
I'm a smart person.
chillax please...
@Catija It's just muscle memory...I always just reach for the reply button whenever I want to reply to someone's message
3:10 AM
@SonicWizard was not a reply
Pinging people for attention to $things when they don't want to be is not cool.
@SonicWizard So... because it's muscle memory, I have to put up with it, but because you're on the A spectrum, I have to ping you... so you win either way? Why do I have to respect you and you can ignore me because you have muscle memory?
Hmm...scrolling up, there are at least two messages where I would have pinged you but didn't after remembering...
But it's true...sometimes I do lose sight of theory of mind.
Sometimes I see my own perspective as the world's perspective
3:35 AM
@ShadowWizard and that's a key reason there's friction with others
... shadow!?
3:53 AM
Did someone revealed the intention to visit prostitute and gay bar today? (visit does not imply bodily contact). We are not here to judge of course, misfits don't judge others ...
Wait what?
@SonicWizard and that's a key reason there's friction with others
@ShadowWizard ignore the ping before this. I dun goofed. SORRY!
@JourneymanGeek I know, right? What if people write bots to impost as others and ruin their reputation on the internet?
@TelKitty Words would be had.
@SmokeDetector bounty troller
4:21 AM
@JourneymanGeek even worse in case of @Mithrandir and @Mithrandir24601 ;-)
4:32 AM
@ShadowWizard You pinged him twice
(First one pinged both of them simultaneously, while the second pings the latter user exclusively)
Perhaps it's time to stop allowing users to immediately delete their accounts if they've posted only once?
@ShadowWizard I have a FR for that
(That had some utility back when all other deletions required an employee to perform the deletion, but makes little sense now that it doesn't)
Q: How do I ping the right bob?

Journeyman Geek We have two bobs at the moment. Bob (with the fox avatar) is a long time user, and bob, with the green avatar. I'd like to ping Bob, without bothering bob with my pings. I see two ways to do this - It's trivial for me to get the username - so could we have a way to ping a user by user id numbe...

@SonicWizard nope
@Mithrandir both ping both?
4:38 AM
24601 doesn't get pinged by "Mithrandir"
So exact matches only unless you do the partial nick ping?
I think so
hah I'll probably want to confirm with the other one, then update/bump my FR ;p
or maybe rename aibobot to journeymangeek12345 to test ;p
5:47 AM
@JourneymanGeek Voluntarily deleted
Wasn't when I posted
@JourneymanGeek It is now
Not sure what value I get from being told something I can and do look up
since one of the reasons I post them here is so I can find them to delete
It's for the transcript, to more easily note what happened to them should someone search for these requests. The fact that a reply pinged you in this case was an unintended side effect.
"Unintended side effect" is also me getting a notification and needing to check.
5:54 AM
If you dismiss it in time by clicking on the number, it won't show up in your inbox.
"in time"
but but
I shouldn't have to
I'd rather just throw a closevote request and forget about it
You don't need to actually weigh in on everything.
Now I want to throw yet another CV request and I do not want to be pinged for this
You know what would be nice? A setting to turn on and off notifications for replies. You can turn it off, I can turn it on, and we'll both go about with our day.
Well in theory I could just ignore you...
6:03 AM
May I ask, why do you hate pings? Why does everyone hate pings? I like them. I don't see a problem with them. I don't see why others have a problem with them. Am I weird?
Now, if someone were to tell me why pings are problematic, then I'd understand and be less likely to ping, whereas if users consciously refuse to tell me why, I won't understand and such an incident is more likely to happen later.
@JourneymanGeek I am weird?
@SonicWizard having to explain every single thing is...
something I usually hope people grow up from at 3
You aren't willing to ward such incidents off? I tell you how you can ward it off, and you refuse.
If its important, or if you know they need to know it - and your sense of what's critical and what's not can be flawed at times or its needed to follow through on a conversation.... its useful
6:07 AM
@JourneymanGeek How demeaning.
@SonicWizard see, you're expecting multiple people to adjust to your needs. You can adjust your behaviour too
You overlook the considerable adjustments I made. I used to ping Shog for everything. Questions about how the system worked, with [del-pls] requests, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Do you ever see me irrationally pinging employees these days?
After a ton of complaints.
On the other hand "Hey, I don't need you to do that" is good enough for most people
@JourneymanGeek Even @Shadow complains about this behavior of yours, refusing to explain things.
@SonicWizard I hate ping because it pulls my attention directly to the asterisk on the title bar and pink circle on the avatar. My vision is kinda sensitive to trivial changes like that. If it's important/related to what I've mentioned, I'm okay with it, but not to sudden unrelated topic coming out of nowhere.
6:10 AM
@SonicWizard I'm fine with explaining things when they need explaining.
My common sense is full of bugs. So when I ask for an explanation, it means I genuinely need help understanding something.
@SonicWizard but people only have a limited amount of patience to explain.
Yours seems to be more limited than most people's.
So much more limited that I'm not the only one complaining about it.
shrug You get what you get.
Spending 15 minutes explaining a simple request gets tiring after a while. And after a few times, I figure I'd rather be doing something else.
And another reason why I really reserved pings: I can infer the flow of a conversation without ping. If I don't, I will re-read it again many times. If I can't, then I'll ping the poster, or just move on...
(and yes, I'm the opposite of Shadow who loves pings)
6:23 AM
Which is also fine
okay, now I'm feeling stupid because I don't know how to checkout/fetch someone's remote branch despite following most answers on SO...
ah lol
I used to know how to do this...
git checkout branchname to switch?
Done that, but probably I realized the problem is not that... hmm, I used --depth that limits the branch... I'll try other approaches...
Good news! You didn't miss something trivial. Bad news, down the rabbit hole you go.
7:20 AM
@SonicWizard not really complaining
"curious" doesn't mean "complain"...
@HTTPS - heh, @ShadowWizard prefers I thread conversations. Sometimes I forget, he asks for context. Kinda works?
While I prefer that threads happen when needed only
Too few mixed content warnings...
FR: When there are 2 overlapping conversations, add feature to move each conversation to... chat?
@HTTPS moving chat conversations to chat?
7:33 AM
You mean ability to group chat messages
@ShadowWizard I hope he does!
Okay.. from now on, let's use #hashtag or [tag] to group chat messages! #YesWeCan
7:45 AM
@SonicWizard Nope - @Mith (e.g.) will ping both of us, @Mithrandir will only ping Mithrandir, @Mithrandir24601 will only ping me
@Mithrandir Then I spot this bit of the conversion. Of course
@Mithrandir24601 ah hah!
8:00 AM
@Mithrandir24601 You've become annoying to distinguish from the other mith since you both have blue names on chat.se now
Mental crutch I was using no longer works
soon, everyone will become annoying...
it started from here...
1337 troll seeking next prey, apply within xxx
8:11 AM
interconnected pizza boxes?
>name's telkitty
>not even a cat ava
@Magisch :P
@telkitty that's it, it's a self pilot drone making and delivery pizza!!!
@TelKitty fund it!!
@Magisch what's ava?
8:14 AM
that's a cat, look closer :p
That's some weird lizard thing
With a smug look of self satisfaction, but not a cat
@HTTPS I will fund the pizza, you make the drone, deal?
@TelKitty uhh...
morning other mith
@Magisch you should have seen last night :)
@Mithrandir You could change your name to Mithrandir24600
Actually, I ended up temporarily changing it to Isabella Garcia-Shapiro to escape the TL madness, further details of which will not be provided
@Mithrandir change to Dan. Best results.
No @Dan here!
8:45 AM
Next level Mith trolling: Change name to Mithrandir 24600, change ava to be the same, hide same communities, edit chat blurb to be the same
Bonus points: try to become mods on the same sites eventually
@Magisch Morning!
changed name to Mithrandir Wizard
@Magisch Hehehe... There's a small chance that... Nevermind ;)
9:09 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted website in answer, pattern-matching website in answer: Bluetooth not detecting any devices in Windows 7 by HP Technical Support on superuser.com
9:21 AM
@SonicWizard nope, single chat message can't ping more than once. @Sonic @Sonic
More bonus points: make both be hired by SE. #HTTPS
I'm trying... #HTTPS
channel created: #HTTPS
They'll rename it to chat teams
#HTTPS channel description added: anything related to, or meant to, @HTTPS without pinging him
@ShadowWizard could use search there - so @HTTPS can find whatever's in #https
9:27 AM
How's the weather? #HTTPS
It's hot outside, but I'm sneezing inside #HTTPS
Me too!! #meToo #HTTPS
this is... weird...
Yes it is #HTTPS #Hashtagabuse
See? I can live without pinging! It's hard, but I manage. #hardLife #HTTPS #pings
9:33 AM
#I #think #this #is #not #a #good #idea #...
ITT we call ppl by the wrong name ...
@turtle I don't see how you could live without pinging
@teledog my thought exactly
Excellent Idea @udp
@FTPS are you talking to me??
9:36 AM
Maybe @IPV6
@Apprentice Geek I think you have the wrong version of that protocol
@Glasses where are you?
Trivial with @bluefeet, or just @blue
dang, my schitzels are small
@TelKitty ^ are you comparing @ShadowWizard to this one?
9:53 AM
too many teeth
tail too short
hands too small
no shadow
@ShadowWizard what can I say, FFXI wikia had this one.
huh, I skipped FFXI
Jumped right to 12
Don't remember why
And recently finished FFXV
because XI is online?
oh, might be
I don't like online games very much, and for me FF shouldn't be one
@ShadowWizard what about this one instead? yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Kagetokage
9:59 AM
I love to take my time, not being dependant on others, etc.
@Derpy that's shadow Bill!
@ShadowWizard dosen't going the other way for the logos dupes make more sense?
@Derpy heh, nice name :) (kage = shadow, tokage = lizard)
@JourneymanGeek not sure, I didn't check deep though, just saw high enough score and same request.
(the original one says "no" - the dupe has links to SVGs)
Possible duplicate of /dev/null.
10:04 AM
actually not dupeish at all
@ShadowWizard taken care of! :)
@JNat cheers!
10:19 AM
Hello everyone!!
sd gone
ns hello
Hinduism Meta got a question about its site specific feature. Any developer is free to answer? Shog?? hinduism.meta.stackexchange.com/q/1262/5212
@JourneymanGeek C hashtag?
Next MS language?
1 hour later…
..... Linux Mint (Cinnamon) documentation reports that Brasero should be pre-installed as the default dvd burner tool.
and yet, seems it isn't. At least it explains why I wasn't able to find it anywhere.
@Derpy maybe for the best
> the other commonly used burning app Brasero, is rather unreliable and regularly spoils your DVD's
@ShadowWizard taken from?
@ShadowWizard Xfburn is for xfce based environment, while brasero is for gnome based ones.
The site is about linux mint - MATE edition, which afaik is a xfce based version of mint. This could explain why brasero is working badly for them
But I assume that the same would happen if I tried xfburn on Cinnamon
11:38 AM
1 message moved from Shadow's Den
1 hour later…
12:56 PM
1 hour later...
1:15 PM
6-8 hours later...
1:29 PM
6-8 weeks later...
Suddenly, TROMBE!
2:22 PM
Possible account burination winner here. Please purify with fire.
2:51 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted website in body: Health issues with several Fruits/Grains/Legumes by hawrdstrack on health.SE
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer: Hold'em help playing online? by user81199 on poker.SE
3:15 PM
:6863966 BUG! Classified info disclosure! You removed your message, but by hovering above it, I can see it was a reply to Feeds.
deja vu
Hi. Is it possible to delete my chat.stackexchange.com account? I don't see any "contact" option there.
3:31 PM
Q: How does one delete a chat profile?

Normal BotThe process of deleting a site profile is explained in Help Center and elsewhere. But I don't see any instructions for requesting the deletion of one's chat profile. (Why delete it? To disassociate self from chat content, for example. The chat profile may contain information that identifies the a...

> So for merge cases, deletion of only chat profiles, all account deletions prior to August 16th of 2016, and all other activities that caused chat account weirdness... you'll have to contact us if you want something done. The link at the bottom of every page should suffice; just select "other".
@SonicWizard I am not sure of the context for your message (it's not replying to anything that I can see?), but my thoughts: the primary mission of the site is to provide the best information to people arriving to Google. Noising up the front page for a couple minutes is an acceptable cost, if it means we're directing future visitors to a better post. The close vote info is still in the post history for what it's worth.
just use the "contact us" option from the main site, use "other" as the topic and be ready to give out a valid reason.
@Derpy Thanks, I wrote to them.
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