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12:08 AM
It makes good, if very strong coffee...
12:20 AM
My favorite way to make coffee is to grind it very fine and boil it in a small pot on an open flame. Pretty common in the Middle East. My friends call it Armenian coffee, but most people would think of it as Turkish. Add sugar and cardamom for full effect.
Oh hey. I wrote about that. But not on Coffee.SE:
A: Where in the US can I purchase Turkish Coffee/Cafe Botz/Mud Coffee

Jon EricsonIn addition to the other answers which point to getting very finely ground coffee, the method of preparation is critical. I learned to prepare it from Armenian friends, so I tend to call it "Armenian coffee", but the technique remains identical. They ground cardamom with the coffee and stored i...

my favorite way to make coffee is whatever requires less fine motor movement within 10 minutes of crawling out of bed
I gave up on drip coffee 'cause pouring water into the reservoir is just... too much
I can about hit the wide opening on a press pot with a tea pot spout
Cleaning coffee machine is a hassle. Also I need a new plunger. My current one looks like this:
3-4 cup at once
We have a Chemex. Single piece of glass. Easy to clean.
12:26 AM
Yeah. More than once I've started my drip coffee without adding water. Or without adding coffee. Or adding coffee twice. Or not pressing the button. Basically the only solution is to set it up the night before and use the timer function. (As long as we don't lose power or there's a time change.)
@Shog9 You need one of these... also doubles as a watering can for kitchen plants ;)
that looks like a pain to clean
also I have a sneaking suspicion that it's one of those where the water boils out of the spout if you forget about it
Only ever gets water in it?
ah, see... I have hard water
Yes... but Andy never lets it boil...
12:28 AM
stackoverflow.com/review/helper/19235744 is there a good way to edit out the codepen/jsfiddle bypass method? I can't remove the 'code' since it just leaves a link without code
That's just a soak in vinegar, though?
metal plunger is better than glass one in my opinion, I tend to break glass ones within a year or two, the metal one I had it for 5+ years
boiling with citric acid works, but only if no small crevices
I have an electric kettle that shuts off upon reaching a rolling boil. Less mental stress at wake-up time
Those are nice. Some of them you can even program for lower temps.
At 7K ft, a rolling boil is just a bit under 200F
which is about where I want it to be
12:31 AM
Yeah... I think the range is 90-95 c... which is about 195-205?
yeah. 92-93C I guess
@TelKitty Cat's PBW soak trick works pretty well for this. Takes the scum and stain build-up off stainless without much work at all.
We have a large bottle of fake vinegar for stuff like that. Water's reallllllly soft tho
fake vinegar?
basically acetic acid and citric acid solution
its food grade but probably not something we would actually eat
Ah. Hmmm.
12:37 AM
Its dirt cheap and works well for killing mould and other sorts of cleaning
Considering how expensive some cleaners can be, that's not a bad selling point. :D
citric acid and vinegar are both pretty inexpensive; I just keep both around for whatever purpose - cooking or cleaning
Also, citric acid powder in a teaspoon makes a great "challenge" for bored Millennials
Our water is pretty middle of the road, I think... though, when/if there's an algae bloom in the lakes... I'm happy for the water filter.
... because the Tide pods weren't enough?
or the cinnamon challenge...
kids need challenges
although my "boiled beef tongue challenge" did not go over well
@Shog9 man, when we were kids, we used to have these things called superlemon
12:42 AM
@Shog9 if I didn't notice your displayed name, I would have mistaken you for a spammer who was trying to promote something :p
sweet that was sweet on the outside, and then intensely sour
@Shog9 You have to frame it as the Frog and Toad picnic experience for it to go down at all... and the success there is still unlikely.
stupid kids just don't know what's good
oh well. More for me.
Also, beef cheek... will always go down well.
@Shog9 apparently they live off a diet of avocado toast and poverty...
and tide pods?
12:44 AM
When I was in second grade they did one of the Frog and Toad picnics at school... it was weird? I don't think anyone wanted to try the tongue.
what's a frog and toad picnic?
@JourneymanGeek They don't live off of Tide pods...
@JourneymanGeek There's a series of books about "Frog" and Toad"... in one of them, they go on a picnic... and there's a list of all of the foods they have.
Frog and Toad are the main characters in a series of easy-reader children's books, written and illustrated by Arnold Lobel (who also wrote Mouse Soup). Each book contains five simple, often humorous, sometimes poignant, short stories chronicling the exploits of a frog and his friend, a toad. Some of their adventures include: attempting to fly a kite, cleaning Toad's dirty house as opposed to waiting until "Tomorrow," and figuring out the ethics of being "Alone." Frog is taller with a green shade, and is more cheery and relaxed than Toad; Toad is shorter and stout with a brown shade, and while just...
So, the odd part is that now I can't find anything about a picnic or beef tongue in the books so I wonder where I'm going crazy.
When in doubt, blame the mandela effect
even if he actually is dead
12:54 AM
It's just so weird. I remember it so clearly... the paragraph about the picnic had all of the words run together in one word, so you had to parse the words apart on your own.
What's the reason for keeping <=0 scored closed questions with a <=0 scored accepted answer?
If nobody liked the answer, except the OP... and the OP was posting offtopic/unclear stuff to begin with...
Maybe it didn't get the publicity it deserved?
Clearly didn't otherwise there'd be enough delete votes.
Iunno I've found some old answers 0 upvote that helped me out
1:02 AM
I mean closed questions... like 2D game development for example.
Closed since 2012... 0 score, 0 scored answer but it's accepted...
Why I can’t see answers?
Found it, finally... Wind in the Willows, not Frog and Toad :D
Ah. But, it does include a toad, so you were close.
1:03 AM
@SFTP well that's just a bad answer in general. Link only
Also extensive, loving descriptions of food
@Fawad Because it's Quora?
There are some great 0 score answers out there
Yeah, I think that's what was throwing it off.
1:04 AM
@Fawad Quora is building on their revolutionary "No question body questions" design by adding "no answer body answers" - all the Q&A, none of that annoying content.
Answers should have OP's name, their occupation, various claims to fame, and the score.
That ought to be enough. No need for text.
canned tongue is something I have not tried
but slow braised, chilled and sliced thin... Mighty fine.
I admit to not having tried it since then. Though, it's not something one comes across on a regular basis.
well... There's only one per animal.
There's a meat market about 90 miles from here where I can usually find them frozen. I believe the asian/pacific market nearby has them too, but I haven't been there in a bit.
1:13 AM
Well, there's only two wings on a chicken and somehow thousands of wings shops stay in business.
Though, I guess that technically there's four, since they divide each wing in two?
chickens grow fast, take up not very much space each, and... for whatever reason, most folks prefer breast meat.
Leaner... no flavor, though. Thighs for me.
Hey, I'm not complaining. The worst thing that can happen is a lot of folks figuring out that the cuts they've been ignoring and hence have been selling cheap are really flavorful.
That's how you end up with $20/plate fajitas
poor skirt steak.
rich skirt steak, I guess?
The mexican places that serve tongue ("lengua") around here are still charging bargain-basement prices for prepared meat, so... Don't think I'm in any danger just yet.
1:17 AM
HAHA. There's a place here - every Monday they have "Fajita madness"... they sell the fajitas for two people for the price of the fajitas for one.
Yeah, the small Mexican places here all sell it... not the Americanized ones, though.
1:41 AM
C:\Users\Sonic> _
Sorry, testing out a user script
There's a sandbox...
Is there an API for making stackexchange chat bots?
@Unitato Does SmokeDetector exist?
For Javascript preferably? I tried to find it, but couldnt
1:44 AM
A: Is there a way to programmatically access chat?

Nathan OsmanThere is no official API provided for the chat network. As Marc's answer mentions, there are a number of community efforts to bridge the gap: Go go-sechat JavaScript ChatBot ChatExchange ThirdPlace ArtOfChatbot Python ChatExchange Rebol RebolBot If you are the author of a library...

Spring? No, for Australians it is autumn. — Peter Mortensen 4 mins ago
THERE it is.
I am desperately looking for a (new) job — Peter Mortensen
owl can get endorsement from SO for the most hardworking editor
@Shog9 I suppose, additionally to that, the first 2/3rds of the election wasn't during the spring, even in the northern hemisphere. (assuming you start counting at question collection phase)
2:02 AM
"Stardate 31153.7 Moderator Election"
2:35 AM
> Hello and Welcome to the bot friendly site. Please learn how to answer in order to make it a damn cool answer. Plz take some time for that.
Someone took the road paved with good intentions. islam.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/3302/…
3:53 AM
@TelKitty I was the most hardworking non-pedantic editor
@SonicWizard Peter didn't seem to do it for the recognition, even if he got it ;)
@JourneymanGeek I didn't either, until just days before I came out
...just to play a little game
but you are now, and fairly constantly
If I wanted recognition, I would have used an account
...to earn rep
edits are a terrible way to earn rep
1 hour later…
5:15 AM
@JourneymanGeek not so terrible when you have 1-50 rep
@Fawad there's better ways to earn rep.
I like posting answers.
Edits are mainly for when stuff bothers me
Unless you want to follow me around and fix my its and it's
But there is limit for at least 5 errors
You can always find something to fix
1 hour later…
6:36 AM
What a busy morning...
@HTTPS are you a bot?
half a bot
@Unitato Everyday is a beautiful day.
SFTPHTTPS is the whole bot
In some aspects yes.
Wow, SE is a strange place
We have unicorns, ponies, half-bots ...
corgi's fighting style: 'look at my butt, just look at it!!!'
That was an unfair fight. The chicken had a navy backup.
so? dog had big butt
Clearly the corgi is used to fighting the cat :)
7:15 AM
how can you tell?
Very dexterous arm movements, present the flank, classic dog v cat moves. We trained our dog to play with the cat, learned the same tricks :)
Here comes a new challenger! A chicken came...
Dogs must adapt their fighting styles for each possible animals...
Dogs who are used to playing with other dogs don't use their paws as much, and just try to go for a throat hold with their mouth.
Other than Meta SO, is Meta IPS the most active meta site? It seems they have a never ending discussion on meta...
Software Engineering?
How much wood could a Woodchuck chuck... if a Woodchuck could chuck wood?
7:43 AM
Can someone kick the buildgroup for SEDE so we get this PR? It doesn't seem to be in rev 2018.3.27.61 or I must be hitting a stale cache or so. I can't run queries when logged in (the captcha route works)
Maybe that needs Nick first ...
@ShadowWizard I blame the spelling corrector, T9, Clippy and Zelda.
8:03 AM
I'm okay, just testing magic link
on wrong place (should be in comment -_-)
don't be silly ...
8:09 AM
> Except for [chat], [mcve] and [edit], and with the addition of [chat-faq], those also work in chat.
I should have read that first >_<
8:32 AM
Did you bring enough for everyone?
@PrincessLuna plenty
inb4 my comment got flagged as "no longer needed"
wow, now I just experienced it. The jump was so aggressive @_@ (on Chrome)
yeah, it is kind of scary
now I'm afraid to click "show n more comment" anymore :(
8:40 AM
n hates seeing more comments
has that bug "leaked" to all sites? otherwise, wanna test?
someone comment here?
@HTTPS only on MSE so far, if I read the post correctly
@HTTPS and done
hmm, it seems I misinterpret "Of course I forgot to do the final step and roll that change out to the sites." as "Of course I forgot to do the final step (whatever it is), and (accidentally) roll that change out to the sites."
@rene yeah, still normal, thanks
offensive comment removed ;)
9:26 AM
20 days later, still looking for Nier alleged secret. So far, findings have been far from satisfying .
At least, by now I am pretty sure the camera must have something to do with it.
@Derpy What's stoping someone from looking in the code?
@HTTPS bungee?
@rene where?
@ShadowWizard waffles
@HTTPS where?
@Magisch the fact that probably it isn't something that can easily be noticed that way.
9:29 AM
@ShadowWizard out of stock :/
Because rene bought them all for the room :3
@Magisch Example: Mario Sunshine. Thanks to camera clipping, someone noticed that there is a book hidden behind a wall in the game. The book is probably so a left over of a scrapped mission. Even if someone looked at the code, the only thing they would probably notice is an "unused texture that looks like a book". Now, suppose that the texture was used in some other place, so it wouldn't stand out anymore if someone found it...
Meanwhile, Oracle won >_<
I don't expect new content like new bosses, secret levels or new weapons. But I wouldn't be surprised to find the Red ones hiding in some blind spots in fixed camera segments of the gameplay.
Or anything similar
9:38 AM
@Derpy red ones?
@HTTPS I just hope this doesn't push Android away from Java :/ It'd suck if they had to change the entire SDK
@Magisch I refuse to call them with any other name since someone in the room may still want to play the game :P
I think oracle just wants google alphabet to buy them
@PrincessLuna it pushed Android to Kotlin~
but yeah, the underlying is still JVM
which is the problem
The JVM still exists. The only remaining is the native layer (C/C++), meaning if it gets pushed to Kotlin they have to use Kotlin Native, which doesn't support anything but ARM kernels atm
2 hours later…
11:15 AM
@Alisha It's just me or @Luna is getting fatter? Did she ate all the cakes in her sister secret stash?
@Derpy How can I //help?
... I expected a better reply. Sigh.
@Alisha You're not a very good bot
@Magisch How can I //help?
she's clearly a //helpful bot
11:17 AM
apprentice geek strikes again
@Alisha //help
@Derpy How can I //help?
It is a single purpose bot
@Alisha /help
@Derpy How can I //help?
11:20 AM
nope, not even a single slash.
At least it conforms to the be nice policy
contrary to a single purpose flower @rene
photosynthesis, that is
@Magisch he is very friendly, he is always trying to give free "friendship pellets" to everyone he meets.
..... wait, wrong flower.
"Dear Nintendo,
I can somehow understand an event where I have to catch small Infinite-wanabee duck eggs that may spawn on heart shaped flowers in my garden.... after all it is somehow "Easter" related. But please, explain me.... WHY are all the rewards "Alice in Wonderland" related???

... not that I will hate having free Alice themed decors....
11:39 AM
I can't understand why you play this game
11:58 AM
@Magisch you mean Pocket Camp?
@Derpy The mobile animal crossing thing
@Magisch to be fair, I am not the main player, but I do sometime help the actual owner of the smartphone to stay on track with the various events.
And that means that the owner will often discover that all the furniture in the camp has been magically replaced for a new theme.
12:16 PM
@Derpy this is weird
@Magisch If I have to log in the game every three hours to catch fish for the fishing tournament, I may as well have some fun and turn the camp into a japanese tea room
@Derpy this is weird
@Derpy But why do you have to?
The timed cooldown thing is a psychologically intentional addiction hook
@rene you think?
Feb 18 '14 at 14:41, by SPArchaeologist
@ShadowWizard - would you believe me if I said that I am a tea ceremony student?
@Derpy I'm a flower I have no think ...
12:27 PM
so why do you spend all day trying to seduce bees and butterflies, flower?
@rene Can you unblur on command?
Or is your default unblurred and you blur when threatened?
flower puns are always joyous ....
2 hours later…
@Derpy I don't think they're an horrible idea. I think they're a horrible idea.
@Derpy Now we have unveiled your sock
Also closing as "unclear" since you don't explain what you mean by "pay" at all. Pay with what, if not actual money? — Shadow Wizard 40 mins ago
@Sha stop nitpicking
Bitcoin hasn't replaced dollar yet
Wire transfer
2:12 PM
@SmokeDetector by paying SE bounty with real money
RegEx based HTML parsing level of bad. ... I admit that is bad, yes.
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ blame the exception based "pronunciations system" that language has, not me. Even Japanese, which has over-complex writing systems and grammar rules at least has constant rules when it get to how a word is pronounced. :P
Basically: you went for an hard-to-learn, memory based language? Don't cry when I can't seem to get how to pronounce a word. :P
Also, tomato.
hey I have a meta-meta question, mind the interruption?
go for it
you just interrupted us, so go on :)
2:18 PM
I am wondering how are sites - like brainly.in - able to attract so many people who are willing to spend all their time to answer low quality questions
like look at this question - brainly.in/question/3104941
no attempt by the question poster, and yet he got two volunteer answerers who're very excited to help the question poster
that too within 7 hours
That... should be a post on their meta (if exists) :/
they'd probably get offended. Anyway, actually I wonder how they're able to pull so many volunteer answerers ready to even answer LQP posts
The real question is, how does Yahoo! Answers (might be NSFW?) manage to do that also?
ah yeah, Yahoo Answers is a much much better example
good point!
@HTTPS Many years ago, a video game reviews magazine from my country proposed a solution for that.
2:22 PM
I wonder that, if these sites are able to pull people willing to spend their time answering LQP posts, why can't SE pull in people to answer actually good questions on beta sites as well?
what exactly is that "pull in factor"?
@HTTPS Basically, they argued that many users where using Yahoo! Answers as a sort of MMORPG/ ARG game. They were purposely posting bad answers and/or bad questions only to laugh at the results. Basically, a sort of "Twitch Plays" arena, with trolls facing other trolls in the endless quest to generate bad content while making fun of other users...
@Derpy hmmm interesting
@GaurangTandon because some people like to help, but that's not the main goal of SE.
If those questions were posted and allowed on SE, then I believe many people would participate on SE.
But we have higher quality bar to even post an acceptable question, and that also seems to reduce the number of possible answerers due to above "restriction"
@GaurangTandon question is, could those folks even answer higher quality questions?
2:34 PM
@HTTPS No, I meant posting answers to already existing good questions
@JourneymanGeek hmmm yeah, that's a good point
also, different folks have different motivations.
Some folks just go for high scores and damn everything else.
Some folks figure that its helpful or nice.
I mean - why're you on MSE? ;p
just to ask some random noob questions and to understand how this giant web of high quality posts, users and communities - Stack Exchange - works :)
@JourneymanGeek hmm, that could be the reason
though the privileges and the reputation system on these "other" forums is so low quality itself, I wonder what those people run after anyway
TBH, my initial motivation for being active on MSE was to hit 10k ;p
2:43 PM
like privileges on SE are a real thing/big deal
you get to see site analytics at 25k, who wouldn't want that?
@GaurangTandon well, SE's kind of had that quality control, and attendant good and bad things from the beginning
but what privileges do those forums offer to high rep users? none I guess...
@GaurangTandon site analytics are meh ;p
I wanted to see a post where someone complained about me ;p
@JourneymanGeek you're already a mod, what do you need the points for :P
Only on SU ;p
2:44 PM
I got site analytics privilege on one site, I only accessed it once or twice -_-
@HTTPS i was hoping to use it everyday, if I ever hit that anywhere :/
i thought it's full of glowing shiny numbers about the entire site
also 25k site analytics work better than mod site analytics IMO
they are? though who needs the analytics, when you can suspend users in one click? ;P
I think mentioning what the 25k site analytic can do is not something that's prohibited?
2:48 PM
Not one click
ofc. nvm, i think we went way too off topic
so the conclusion was that the people on these Yahoo! Answers-type sites ask poor questions, and answer poor poss, and they're probably just running for points
still it's unclear what's the gain in gaining points for such users, especially when they don't even get proper privileges on that community from those points ?
this is plausible
or want to be helpful but don't know any better
(I don't know how community in yahoo answers is like)
@JourneymanGeek doesn't seem to have any substantial depth from the looks of it. am myself not sure of the exact details though
looks like there's a point system en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yahoo!_Answers
ah, that makes some sense
it encourages quantity
"The point system ostensibly encourages users to answer as many questions as they possibly can, up to their daily limit"
that's my answer I guess
2:56 PM
On the other hand...
while SE is a tougher crowd
"One journalist observed that the structure Yahoo! Answers provides, particularly the persistence of inaccuracies, the inability to correct them, and a point structure that rewards participation more readily than accuracy, all indicate that the site is oriented towards encouraging use of the site, not offering accurate answers to questions."
the answer
33 mins ago, by Derpy
@HTTPS Basically, they argued that many users where using Yahoo! Answers as a sort of MMORPG/ ARG game. They were purposely posting bad answers and/or bad questions only to laugh at the results. Basically, a sort of "Twitch Plays" arena, with trolls facing other trolls in the endless quest to generate bad content while making fun of other users...
SE quite literally wasn't the first Q&A platform
but it picked up a lot from the mistakes of others
@Derpy yep, right; the dots are connecting together
^ still tied to that theory. You post messages just to see the results, nothing else
I somehow remind an old Italian song I once heard...
let me check...
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