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2:00 AM
@Unitato cause rss is old and works very well.
@ShadowWizard heh naw, just a comment on the swag post comments. Still in Singapore last I checked
2:19 AM
@JourneymanGeek Do you think that with my new username, people are likely to confuse me as @ShadowWizard ?
@SmokeDetector tpu-
@SmokeDetector delete
@SonicWizard this is something you might have wanted to thunked about before you changed it.
@JourneymanGeek do you know which 15? >_<
@JourneymanGeek Yeah, if my poll didn't end in a three-way tie, I'd probably have chosen something different. I considered Shadow's suggestion that I become a "wizard", and decided to reciprocally do so after he agreed to become a "hedgehog" as per my suggestion
Can you please move messages to Chimney?
2:38 AM
@SonicWizard no, none of that.
Just direct access to the webcam you didn't know existed, and powerful face recognition software.
@Shog9 On Wikipedia, CheckUsers have access to that info. How about CMs? Can they access it? Is the info even being recorded?
@JourneymanGeek Can you please move the recent SmokeDetector messages to Chimney?
@Shog9 So if a user is using multiple computers and a VPN on both, with one set to direct traffic through Los Angeles and the other through London, mods won't really be able to tell that the users are one and the same?
@TelKitty no
what if I run a 20 year old machine with no cam? I am safe to have as many socks as I would like?
@SonicWizard not now on my phone
@TelKitty Oooh I have a 1998 desktop too
2:46 AM
I know right, old technology rules
who would make virus for a 20 year old OS?
@TelKitty Windows 98 you mean?
hypothetically, yes
@SonicWizard depends
@Shog9 On what?
2:48 AM
On what they do
^what online police wants to be seen as ...
what they are ...
3:19 AM
@SonicWizard you are 4?
@YvetteColomb Cortana is
@SonicWizard unless they write the same way.
@SonicWizard ooooooh I missed that
@JourneymanGeek You could also be colluding with a pen pal in the UK while you yourself are in the U.S.
That's targeted voting. Different problem
We just sic a cm on those
4:03 AM
@SmokeDetector naa-
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5:17 AM
21 messages moved to Chimney
5:28 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Mostly dots in body: What does this Image say? by ev8903 on japanese.SE
@JourneymanGeek Overlooked in moving to Chimney:
Feb 8 at 9:24, by SmokeDetector
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with a link in answer: How can a specify specific bluetooth adapter? by Tomas Drinkwater on askubuntu.com
@SonicWizard used an automatic script. I didn't miss it, it did ;p
also, it was... months ago
@JourneymanGeek You could manually move that one?
Why does it matter? Why are we wasting bits talking about it?
It will be missed in potential statistical analysis of historical Smokey reports in this room
@JourneymanGeek Only six weeks, not months
5:33 AM
6 weeks is a month
actually 4 weeks is a month
6:23 AM
Why is this not reviewable?
@SonicWizard it's reviewable for me
@HTTPS Not for me
For me, it says "this item is not reviewable"
@SonicWizard did you flag it?
@HTTPS Yes. Does that prevent reviewing it? Where is this documented? If it isn't, where's the best place to document it?
Only from my personal experience, you can't flag and review the same item. It doesn't really make sense to allow that because you already have a goal when flagging it.
6:38 AM
You can review and then flag, but not the other way around.
Also depends on what review. E.g., First posts is okay with your prior flag; it sees it and even counts it as a review; you can just click "Done".
But flagging VLQ/NAA excludes it from reviewing by you.
Hi. In case any community moderator is hanging around, I have a question: On the new Quantum Computing SE site, a certain user has created a tag named quantum- mythology, which is absolutely irrelevant to the site, as other users and even Robert Cartaino (SE community manager) have agreed.
So, what should be right step now? Should I just go ahead and clear the tag?
6:42 AM
The user Discretelizard continues to instigate unproductive debate regarding this issue (both in chat and the meta site). I had sent a message to using the custom flag several hours ago but haven't received any response yet. I think this issue needs to be resolved quickly. Thanks.
It seems the user is extremely reluctant to have their posts edited. I'm not sure how the editors should deal with such issues. Obviously it's not always possible to ask for community consent before every edit.
@Blue ought to be a mod thing - but ugh, betas. There's a few things worth lining up.
@JourneymanGeek "mod thing"?
We don't have any mods on that site, yet
@Blue literally, you need a mod to deal with those situations. Also, I know you have no mods, hence the "ugh betas"
You have community consensus, so that's the second thing to line up.
6:47 AM
(assuming you do)
@JourneymanGeek Yup, that is there
Now, just edit it out - and if the user keeps acting up, the CMs will have to deal with it.
Just cause its a beta dosen't mean its lawless, and if OP's unhappy about it being edited meh
@JourneymanGeek I see. Thanks for the advice. I'll go ahead and do it, then.
also you guys ought to have a CM who's handling your site (or co gro does? Animuson was ours at SR.SE) +++ you're the bright shiny sponsorship experiment so... ya...
I think it'll get handled new work week.
Just edit, let OP complain, and let the mods CMs deal with it
6:49 AM
@JourneymanGeek I messaged Robert in the comments several hours ago. He hasn't been on the site since the last 7 hours
Yeah, you're right
@Blue its the weekend ;p
:P Heh
Okay, cya. Thanks people.
@JourneymanGeek who knows... one day you might wake up in India, and not remember how you got there.... :D
@SonicWizard I think people might... same as was the case when I was Hedgehog. But guess it doesn't matter that much, we still have different avatars, different rep, so easily distinguishable. :)
@Blue nice name! I like. ;)
@YvetteColomb you are forgiven! :P
7:00 AM
@ShadowWizard lol, once I remember as a young kid I fell asleep on a plane and then was woken up by my parents as we were walking through Mumbai airport
@SonicWizard lol... they took you out the plane sleeping?
@ShadowWizard Yes...I remember my ears were popping
My son is the same, when he sleeps we just move him from place to place, he never wakes up...
so he falls asleep at home for example, then waking up in other place when we go out...
This was back when Air India operated from LAX...the plane flew with so many empty seats that they would just put me to sleep on a row of three seats
@ShadowWizard I checked!
7:03 AM
@SonicWizard so your parents work in India? Or visited for fun?
@ShadowWizard Thanks! It's just my online codename :P
@Blue whaaaat? Not your real name?! :(
@ShadowWizard Used to visit India quite frequently, living in San Diego. Last visit was just last winter
Haha, no
@SonicWizard nice... but why India, of all places? :)
7:05 AM
@ShadowWizard Extended family
@SonicWizard ohhh.. nice. Mother came from India? Or father?
@SonicWizard Which part of India? I'm from there
Later on, our visits went a bit down due lower international call rates, higher airfares, and, of course, high-bandwidth Internet both here and there
@Blue well if you grow blue feet, you will probably get auto diamond. ;)
@ShadowWizard Both. They are now both naturalized U.S. citizens.
I'm natural-born, though.
@Blue Near Nagpur
7:07 AM
@SonicWizard nice! Gives hope to others in India who dream to go out, I guess. :)
@SonicWizard Ah, cool. I'm from the Northern side. Kolkata.
@ShadowWizard Well, the U.S. immigration process has gotten even harder since 1997 (not due to Trump, my uncle was refused a tourist visa under the Obama administration).
@SonicWizard oh, sorry to hear! And now with Trump it's ever harder, which makes it totally impossible, I guess.
!!/tea @πάνταῥεῖ
@ShadowWizard brews a cup of lemon tea for @πάνταῥεῖ
@SmokeDetector thanks
7:17 AM
I used to fly long-haul so frequently as a child, and flying became an exciting experience that I used to wait for. Then I began flying so frequently between San Diego and Austin and it became so boring. So that's why last October I decided to begin collecting flight logs, to help add some of that excitement back
@ShadowWizard So far it has worked, you get to meet the flight crew and get free stuff...I've gotten invited to the flight deck twice and received a free beverage on a no-frills airline that charges for it
@SonicWizard whoa, nice! But not sure I follow. What you mean "collecting flight logs"?
> Another reason, arguably even more important one, is that it is a good way to start interacting with the crew and it often results in being given some extra perks such as receiving memorabilia to take home or even in cockpit visits.
^^That's very true
7:40 AM
@SonicWizard sounds good... glad you get to enjoy flights again! :)
Is it possible to have a user profile with "0 community"? AFAIK, you can hide the rest of the sites, but it should list "1 community" for the current site...
Also, there's no Network Profile for this user.. is it because QuantComp is special...?
or... private beta.
@HTTPS Private beta sites aren't shown there, and they used hidden communities to remove the rest.
okay, I can buy that even though it's strange
@HTTPS heh, I'm curious, but amusingly since I'm not on the beta I can't take a look
(nor am I sure it I can actually tell so, its probably pointless ;p)
@HTTPS when user has the current site you view their profile on hidden, there's no link to their network profile, as far as I can tell.
7:48 AM
@ShadowWizard yeah, the "network profile problem" is solved because the user indeed hide it (googling the username proves that)
@SonicWizard kaboom
2 hours later…
9:55 AM
President of the USA in 10 years has been revealed!
He is bold. He is crazy. He fits to will be president.
Especially if he'll run against a woman or black person.
sending FB friendship request while he's still nice
10:17 AM
@HTTPS Ah, my identicon. You rang?
stumbled upon
And yes, I hide a lot of my communities. CS should be visisble though
In fact, 12 should be visible. No idea why all are hidden
@ShadowWizard But what if he'll run against the master of FB? Will he pluck the Zuck?
@Discretelizard not all are hidden, e.g. here it shows all the other non-hidden sites and link to network profile
Only on hidden sites it won't show this info, which makes lots of sense.
@Discretelizard Zuck is already erased. The US people, in general, can forgive almost any crime, but not any crime.... and what he did can't be forgiven, not even by them. ;)
10:32 AM
@ShadowWizard who's he?
and can he win a fight with Joe Biden?
10:53 AM
@JourneymanGeek better.... he can put him on a rocket and launch him to outer space.... :D
11:04 AM
11:52 AM
Q: We are no longer accepting answers from this account. See the Help Center to learn more

RobWhy can't SO focus on helping junior programmers rather than focusing on their upvotting system.

That's a new one...
Perfectly logical, that poor junior programmers are having trouble cause they can't post answers
... I can never remember how to do that
12:22 PM
@ShadowWizard Ah, yes that makes sense. Bit of confusing, though.
@JourneymanGeek Zuck, the boss of FB that thinks playing with AI doesn't make his wife jealous.
@Discretelizard [status-something] without any text after that
12:40 PM
@HTTPS Okay, works only if this is the only thing in the post. thanks
yeah, to be exact
4 hours later…
4:46 PM
Please, to help improve the quality of the answers of the community, downvote as much as possible all of the following answers (which are highly upvoted, but completely wrong).
A: How do determine if a polygon is complex/convex/nonconvex?

Eugene YokotaNOTE: computing the convex hull of a set of points is completely unnecessary if you just want to determine if a list of points representing a polygon represents a convex polygon. See Gift Wrapping Algorithm: Assuming all your polygons are in counter-clockwise order, the moment your non-init...

A: How do determine if a polygon is complex/convex/nonconvex?

Jason SNOTE: the following method does NOT work if the input sequence of points does not represent the vertices of the (convex) polygon listed in either clockwise or counter-clockwise order. For example, this method accepts star polygons, which are not considered convex. In other words, do not use this ...

A: How do determine if a polygon is complex/convex/nonconvex?

Uri GorenI've implemented JasonS's solution in JAVA. Perhaps it would be helpful public boolean isConvex() { if (_vertices.size() < 4) return true; boolean sign = false; int n = _vertices.size(); for(int i=0; i<n; i++) { double dx1 = _vertices.get((i+2)%n).X-_vertices...

A: How do determine if a polygon is complex/convex/nonconvex?

SekhatTo test if a polygon is convex, every point of the polygon should be level with or behind each line. Here's an example picture:

Hey, someone was getting worried that the question view gets barely updated on the new QC site. I'd say it is nothing, that the update frequency is likely based on the actual number of views or that a new site with few traffic and slow updates. What do you guys think?
5:02 PM
@nbro I've had a quick look. Flagged obviously wrong ones, upvoted correct ones and commented on the rest.
5:25 PM
I hope moderators do not decline my flag...
5:41 PM
It's not kosher to ask for downvotes
5:51 PM
But maybe it's okay unless the downvotes are requested on Mi Yodeya
That said, I've no problem with those answers. They are useful in that one can copy paste them in, punch the clock and go home.
Whether the logic is correct is a separate issue, which could be above the user's pay grade.
Developers are glorified typists anyway.
6:16 PM
@Discretelizard naturally, there aren't many people browsing private beta... since views are unique for logged in users, it's totally expected that all questions will have low view count since non logged in users can't visit.
e.g. if you reload a question 1000 times, view count won't increase at all due to this.
(unless you are not logged in, clearing cookies every time, etc.)
IMO 100 views in private beta is very good.
6:31 PM
Q: Raise the limits on down/close votes at weekends, (and especially Sundays)

Martin JamesThe weekend homework dumps are becoming unmanageable. User-moderators are running out of their vote allocation much to early. I've run out of dv/cv with 5 hours still to go. I can manage OK with the current allocation of delete votes - they are only really useful on the few really bad question...

Probably not... But I stupidly spent all close votes early in the day and now browsing SO is painful because of that. A tactical mistake.
Don't touch the reviews. It's a trap.
Suggested edit reviews are moderately safe, but also low-yield
6:45 PM
> "how do I wipe my hard drive?"
... With a wet sponge?
is there an occurance where a spammer post spam on private beta?
going to sleep since it's already past 1
6:59 PM
It ... shouldn't
Agree with that but it is not impossible ...
7:18 PM
@JohnDvorak My favorite is LQ, especially after I userscripted "submit RecDel automatically with no comment". One click, one review.
7:41 PM
@ShadowWizard Yeah, off course. But this is a post that is stuck at 1 for a suspicious long time
7:58 PM
@Discretelizard oh. Link?
@ShadowWizard I made a meta post regarding that issue: quantumcomputing.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/105/…
Apparently it takes around 10 mins for the counter to update
@Blue more like 15 minutes, on all SE sites, always been the case.
Thought "suspicious long time" was like hour, or more.
@ShadowWizard Doesn't seem so. I've been on Physics SE and Math SE for a long time. View count increases from 1 to 2 almost immediately after posting a new question
We can actually do an experiment if you need proof, maybe
8:09 PM
There is a lot of caching.
@SFTP Could you elaborate?
@Blue yeah, you might be up to something.
A: Views indicator inaccurate, shows one views on question with two close votes

Nick CraverSince other questions are being pointed here as dupes, I'll update this question. From a technical standpoint, this was a separate issue than we have currently with caching. Since this question, we greatly changed how ViewCount is stored/processed/updated. Starting last night new questions are...

So should be 30 seconds
Pinged Nick there already, let's see if he replies.
I see. Thanks. Let's wait
Maybe this change doesn't apply to private beta, so the initial cache expire time is still true, which I think was indeed 10-15 minutes.
Ah, well. But the meta site of the private beta seems to be working fine (in terms of view counting)
8:12 PM
yeah, weird.
A: Does Stack Exchange use caching and if so, how?

Kevin MontroseOh boy, have I been waiting for somebody to ask something like this. We really aggressively cache... basically everything. Virtually all pages accessed by (and subsequently served to) anonymous users are cached, whole cloth, via Output Caching. This isn't terribly interesting, but it is terrib...

but expire times are not mentioned there ^
There also a few more bugs. Gotta write them up
@Blue We ran an experiment with view counts already.

Frank's Famous Question

Oct 30 '14 at 3:04, 45 minutes total – 64 messages, 4 users, 9 stars

Bookmarked 26 secs ago by SFTP

This is the other one
8:14 PM
No site name there. But if you click in that region it takes you to the main site
@SFTP Oh cool. I'll read through
@Blue there is, but REALLY hard to see.
It's transparent, and the color is almost the same as the background color.
@ShadowWizard Well, guess they should work on the contrast :P
@Blue well this one is already reported, kind of...
Q: Site oneboxes are often white, invisible

fredleyOneboxing of site links is often not visible, especially on beta sites: Many sites, like Ask Ubuntu and Sharepoint also have predominantly white logos in oneboxes. These images should have a background colour, so that they are visible. chat.stackoverflow.com has a slightly off-white bac...

Same root issue.
Maybe they can create two versions of a logo, one transparent like now, and one with solid background, used in chat.
Could you please unblock me? @StackOverflow I have a coursework soon
8:19 PM
lol some people are...
At least it's not "Can you plz giv mi codez, @StackOvrlw"?
@SFTP Humans...
8:40 PM
@nbro Sigh. On a closer look it seems you were overreacting. Most answer assumed that the polys are simple. This is reasonable, as checking for simple polys is easy and then it just works. The assumptions that vertices are in order is needed, or else the polygon simply isn't specified
So, next time, think a bit longer before you cry wolf. I've wasted quite some flags on your behalf, most of them not needed.
I mean, or don't. Next time I'll be very critical of such requests.
I mean, SO isn't that good in formal proof, but most people test with nice, non-edge-casey simple polies and that works. I guess if code is given, a lot will test. So the post indicates that it works most of the time. Which is true. No harm done here.
@PrincessLuna So yeah, humans, sigh.
Really, just surrender to the space reptiles already. It would be a lot better.
meh, I prefer fur over scales :>
@PrincessLuna Tsk. Feathered dinos ok?
Not my fave species though :>
(my favorite is not ponies btw, lol)
Discourse has a badge for using emoji in a post. Seriously, Jeff?
9:31 PM
@SFTP it's the lowest requirement they could possibly think of for a badge aside joining. You know, to make sure everyone gets badges so everyone feels included ;)
Q: Reverse tag synonyms to restore question tag state

Vadim OvchinnikovSomehow tags with hundreds of questions were incorrectly synonymized. I wrote a post on a local meta about this and a moderator unsynonymized the wrong tag. Now the tag that used to be false "main" tag has all questions of both tags and the other tag has no questions. Is there any reliable and fa...

@SFTP Are you still allowed to RC flag if you run out of close votes?
@SonicWizard An inexperienced moderator's lament
No, RC flags are not available to users with CV privilege.
If one attempts to cast such a flag, it's rerouted to CV automatically, and fails if there are none left.
@SFTP Can users who run out of close votes cast "Recommend Close" reviews in the Low Quality Posts review queue on sites other than SO?
...or do they have to skip those reviews?
9:48 PM
I think they can't, for the same reason. The button will always say Close for them, but won't work if they don't have votes. I'm less than 100 percent sure on this.
It's different for answers, where I recall that 20k users have Delete button while they have delete votes, and it changes to Recommemd Delete when they run out.
@SFTP So then the FAQ is incorrect; the anonymous guy who wrote that in was full of crap.
Actually, maybe not. Let's check the guru @Shog9
I think the difference is in that Recommend Deletion action is not tied to casting any flag or vote, it's special thing recorded within review. But Recommend Close is raising an actual Closeflag, with everything this entails: 3k users must have a close vote available.
How about reviewing in Triage as "unsalvageable" if one has run out of flags or is temporarily banned from flagging? Is that allowed @SFTP ?
10:04 PM
@SonicWizard No. I ran into it just a couple of days ago, and it's been since I can't mark questions as Unsalvageable in Triage when I'm out of Close votes for the day.
Consistent with the theory that there are no virtual close-actions in the review; everything is via closeflags for <3K and closevotes for 3K users.
@SFTP But you can still review as "unsalvageable" by casting a moderator flag and then retracting it?
Conveniently, I'm out of CV now, and there is an awful post in Triage.
Yes, I was able to review as unsalvageable by mod-flagging; then retracted outside of the queue.
Too much hassle to be useful in practice, but it's possible.
10:09 PM
Triage is different from Rec Close in that you are not restricted to Close flags.
But if I was flag-banned, I would not be able to raise any flag, hence not able to mark Unsalvageable.
@SFTP It's even more convenient with a user script
Sources have it that this, posted by itself, exploits a security hole in Edge: !https://stack-exchange-login-dot-com-dot-me.glitch.me/
Eh. Considering that retracted flags still exist and are visible to any mod who looks at the post, I'd rather not leave them out like that.
10:19 PM
They can also be declined by a mod, despite being retracted earlier.
10:30 PM
@JeremyBanks A phish in a pond
big ocean
As a side note, I've seen the fake "virus - call this number" popups begin to use password dialogs to sidestep past Edge's allowing users to close tabs even when there is a message box or a close prompt
(Back in the IE days, both of those would prevent users from closing a tab - the only way to do so was to open Task Manager)
@JeremyBanks Did you report the security flaw to Microsoft? It seems like images embedded from sources which require authentication should not prompt for such authentication. It can be used for phishing purposes, like you demonstrated.
By the way, since you frequently bounty FRs and bug reports, what do you think of my answer about getting official SE team attention for requests?
@SonicWizard I'm sure they're aware of it. Not sure why they haven't decided to fix it, though.
@SonicWizard Which post?
@JeremyBanks Their system may be like Apple's where filing a duplicate will bump the priority a bit
10:40 PM

Basic Auth

21 mins ago, 1 second total – 2 messages, 1 user, 0 stars

Bookmarked 6 secs ago by Jeremy Banks

Bounties on bug reports tend to be a bit of a waste, yes, but bounties on feature requests can result in new input or alternate ideas from the community that ultimately leads to something getting implemented. I've seen quite a few feature requests follow such a path in my time. — animuson ♦ Jan 30 at 15:03
@SonicWizard ^^^^^
@JourneymanGeek In the linked post:
> In any event, you're welcome to leave a bounty for any reason that you wish - just know that it isn't mandatory in order to make sure we see something that might have fallen through the cracks.
- Tim Post
What do you think of it?
Tim sometimes describes things that ought to be, not the things that are.
10:46 PM
It seems like good advice, but realistically most posts won't get addressed.
If it's a bug, and you get upvotes, that'll probably get addressed.
@JeremyBanks Hence the first paragraph about "increasing the chances"
Yeah. It's a fine answer.
And the link to the request for a "guaranteed pipeline"
I have only cynical things to say. :P
10:48 PM
for bugs: get upvotes to raise it in the internal bug queue.
for everything else: spam frequently in reply to any remotely-related official posts.
This is not criticism it's just they have a lot of high priorities filling the queues.
I think there should be a post detailing how to get official attention, since it's different from getting a good answer on a main Q&A site. The only things that were close enough to it were this terse post that was formerly closed as a duplicate of that other type of question and this rant.
@Discretelizard The question is "how to check if a polygon is convex, non-convex or complex". Why would someone even assume that the input polygon is simple? Overreacting? Do you have a minimal understanding of computational geometry?
@Discretelizard lol
@nbro Because it's an assumption that holds in their situation, and that is good enough for them?
10:56 PM
@SFTP The assumption that the polygons are simple can't be made given the question. I have no interest and time to continue with this discussion.
@JeremyBanks I think you should read that second post - it's very funny and a dev closed it as a duplicate of my post
@SonicWizard It doesn't look like a dev closed it, assuming we're talking about the same post.
@JeremyBanks That second post in this message:
10 mins ago, by Sonic Wizard
I think there should be a post detailing how to get official attention, since it's different from getting a good answer on a main Q&A site. The only things that were close enough to it were this terse post that was formerly closed as a duplicate of that other type of question and this rant.
The "rant"
1. Crowdfund open-sourcing the site.
11:10 PM
@JeremyBanks No label on horizontal axis. :(
Is the jump in the middle the transition from primary to main stage?
this is bad and labelled wrong
yes, but this is caucus not consitutent
So, all these are caucus badges? Looks like most of the voters in final stage do not participate in the primary.
Yes, that seems to be the case.
11:14 PM
It's possible this code isn't working right; it was hacked together two years ago and I ran it without reviewing it at all.
election 6
The first hours of the real elections seem to contain the majority of views.
Log scale might help
11:28 PM
But ... 360 hours is 15 days. So this is from the moment the nomination stage begins?
Then I don't see the transition from nomination to primary round.
11:45 PM
Now that makes more sense. Primary peak, then final stage peak.

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