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10:06 PM
@SFTP That's the default Word stylesheet. The good (or bad) news is there are 30 or 40 other built-in stylesheets, and some of them are really not as objectionable.
Been working on being able to automatically organize and verify a set of data dumps, given that we have a bunch of files but we haven't bothered to spend time meticulously re-creating the original torrent directory structures and figuring out how to get the information we need out of a torrent client. As I was hoping, every non-identical file across the releases has a different file size, so for complete files the identification problem becomes almost trivial. :)

Non-unique file lengths described in known metainfos:
There isn't a Data Preservation Stack Exchange site...
Libraries and Information Science existed at some point, I think.
20 days * 0.9 questions per day => 18 questions in total.
10:15 PM
That's probably one of the worst-ever.
never assume linear when it can be exponential or logarithmic
maybe quadratic even
How does that even get through Comittment?
It had "56 Example Questions", yet ended up with 18 total? It must have had no users.
10:21 PM
Right. Which makes me doubt the Commitment phase going well... maybe it took 11 months to get there? Or was there a time that there wasn't a time limit attached to that phase?
On the other hand, my chickens have lost weight it seems when I was far far away on holiday - they were like growing like balloons, now they are sticks and bones wrapped in feathers. Left a large jar of chicken feed, but the person who were feeding the chooks didn't seem to be giving the chickens enough feed. Came back with 2/3 of jar and some skinny chicks :(
Yeah, Commitment was almost two years... that explains it.
@JeremyBanks There are 83 questions in the data dump. Area 51 lies.
But it went from proposal to commitment in two months? ... Wha?
chickens breakfast today consist of piece of salmon and some cheese
10:26 PM
Fortunately, the data from Digital Preservation was preserved. :)
The current attempt along these lines is Libraries and Information Science
So... I guess the time change means happy hour is an hour later than it was.
I think the hour stayed the same and it was us (or rather, our clocks) who changed.
Yeah. The event is set by UTC, which doesn't have time changes.
@Catija Earlier, not later.
@SFTP Huh? No... It's starting in 8 minutes... until last week, it would have been over in 8 minutes?
The hour stays the same, but our clocks moved forward. So we become happy sooner.
10:53 PM
No... I'm sorry... that's not right. Last week, this was at 5 pm local... it's currently 6 pm local.
weather it's an hour earlier or later ... or the same depends on where you are and relative to the place where the happy hour time is set
It used to be at 8pm local (Eastern), now it's at 7pm.
It's 4:54. Clearly your clock is off.
and also daylight saving setting of your local area
The only way to resolve this is to convert each of our times to UTC and see if that has changed.
Currently 22:55 UTC here.
Normally, Happy Hour starts at 23:00 UTC
10:56 PM
So if anyone is happy right now, that indicates that the Hour started earlier.
Otherwise, we're right on time
Well, I'm not happy right now... so I guess all is well.
Yes. God is in His heaven and All is right with the world. So in just under 3 minutes you can start being happy!
That should make you happy
...but not for another 2+ minutes
Happy people pay no attention to time.
so for people in UTC timezone, their happy hour starts when most of them are about to sleep ... so brutal
10:58 PM
Sleep brings happiness.
But not too much sleep. That causes depression.
I went to sleep at 8:30 pm last night.
No wonder you're not happy
... but I only got about four hours the night before.
That's a popular quote in Russia... "Счастливые часов не наблюдают". (Griboyedov)
see, gotta find a happy medium. And steal their happiness.
10:59 PM
"Time flies when you're having fun" is only a loose approximation.
Toddler waking up at 3 am... after (myself) going to bed at midnight... and then having trouble getting back to sleep... I had no control.
Fruit flies when you're having too much fu... wait, that's not it.
Google Translate thinks it means "Happy hours are not watching".
I think that joke is about bananas.
If you're happy, you're not watching the clock?
Fruit flies when you're having an arrow?
11:01 PM
could be worse - fly flies inside your car when you are on highway/motorway with all your windows closed
Perhaps, an hour when you are not watched by Russian govt is a happy one.
Or not watching the Gov't?
Ignorance is bliss, they say
which is worse, watched by government or watched by a bear/wolf pack in the wild
Are they packing to move to the seat of Gov't to join in the fray?
'cause, that'd be depressing
Our laws affect animals... they should be able to have a voice.
11:05 PM
I do not know when I first discovered naps, but I am happy that I did. Being a bear can be exhausting.
Unbearably so.
I have a jar of clear liquid that I'm enjoying in this happy hour
So... water, then... :D
a masseuse gifted it. "This is rum, sort of" she said. "I can't reveal much about its origins, but I think it's safe to say the originator was an old cowboy"
it's not bad.
tastes kinda like burnt sugar, or over-cooked candy
and extremely potent
Interesting. Not two things that often go together.
11:09 PM
A masseuse... is that one of SE employment perks, like at Google?
crosses off several potential liquids off his list*
Regardless of being watched by google satellites, the awkward moment when you are taking a dump in the wild because not toilet nearby, , half way through, you spotted a bear staring at you and your naked pale butt ...
do you: 1) ignore the bear and trying to finish your business 2) standup, trying to look bigger 3) start running 4) invite bear to joining you taking a dump?
and of course ... e) others (please specify)
11:45 PM
OMG... What the heck... three questions in short order on MSE... zero relevance to MSE.
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