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12:19 AM
@Ano Dupehammer says "exact".
@TravisJ Evidence?
I just looked at about 30 posts in my closure history, all of the dupehammers had the "exact" wording. All of the non hammers had the classic wording.
So, observational evidence I suppose.
I challenge you to disprove my theory. One non dupehammered post with the "exact" wording, or one dupehammered post without would suffice (although, it may be that the wording was altered at a certain date in which case these may be slightly inconsistent).
12:43 AM
@Shog9 Is this correct?
What about moderator closures where the mod didn't have a gold badge?
Internally, the mod powers prevail, but the gold badge is still shown for clarity.
12:59 AM
Heh... So, funny story
There are a few variations on the Duplicate notice
4, to be precise
When viewing your own question, you get a version that encourages you to edit if you don't think it's a duplicate
But the prime difference is supposed to hinge on whether or not the duplicate links to an answered question
Because, one would think, saying "this question has been asked before and already has an answer" is kinda inappropriate if there's no answer
So there's a little check to flip the message if the original isn't answered
...it looks at the wrong question
...it looks at the question that was closed
so if a question is closed as a duplicate and doesn't have answers, it gets the "exact duplicate" message
if it does have answers, it gets a message implying that the target has answers.
Which is completely pointless, since if you can see the message then you can see the answers - or lack thereof - on the question you're looking at.
Go. Figure.
I'll leave explaining the frequency of this happening for hammered posts as an exercise for the reader
Do all the exiting banners update their text if the text is generally updated for that banner?
@Catija Yes, but with one exception: I found that all previous closures from the time when the link was edited into the question by the Community user show the "already has an answer" notice.
@Shog9 1. Older closure, link edited in by Community. 2. Newer closure with automatic box, no answers. 3. Newer closure with automatic box, has answers and being viewed by author. 4. Newer closure with automatic box, has answers and not being viewed by author. Are those the four?
@Shog9 Interestingly, that post I linked was closed as a dupe of a wholly different question (asked under my old account) asking about the target link header format. I pointed this out and had it reopened.
I found it when searching user215114 (my old account's) posts in the "Linked" section, where someone else had already commented about this. I then unsuccessfully tried as the anonymous editor to clarify it, then pinged rene in chat much later to get it reopened.
1:23 AM
@Catija that's a really broad question
@Shog9 Travis implied that the wording may have been altered on the dupe banners over time... so a sufficiently old one might not follow the same pattern. If the text updates, that wouldn't be an issue.
yeah, that is true in some cases though
@Catija Yeah, one example of this was when the text changed from "covers exactly the same ground" to "already has an answer"
@Shog9 Are my four correct?
Which part?
like, we obsoleted some close reasons over the years; those stay more or less the same
1:26 AM
Yes, I've definitely see the "too localized" text before. But the dupe reasons haven't been removed.
There's extra logic to support, for example, new Duplicates (reason ID 101) and old Duplicates (reason ID 1) behaving mostly the same
@Shog9 Like the automatic redirect for logged-out users?
that too
The reason I put sv3n as #1 candidate: When and how to use up- and downvotes correctly? by sv3n on magento.meta.stackexchange.com
(Although I voted before this was posted; but this was the candidate who would say something like that.)
1:31 AM
@Catija Out of curiosity, why do you not prefer pings and replies when I do?
I don't like pings of any kind. I direct attention to things when I want to, not when someone asks me to.
If I, say, need to leave a chat room before my question is answered, I may not know it's been answered if I come back after a while
1:49 AM
shamelessly pings @pri
@Catija Say, have you ever used SuperShuttle to get to and from ABIA?
@FTP Anyway, I've got just a few days left till I can get another username change...I've acquiesced to Shadow's wishes to become Ano...what's a good suggestion?
2:05 AM
@Ano read the scroll back?
3 hours ago, by Ano
(I actually prefer it when people use replies all the time. Helps me differentiate between messages directed to me as a back-and-forth and generally to the community, in edge cases. I just do it out of habit)
Also, occasionally, it might be too old and I'm directed to the transcript instead, which is paginated by day rather than one page
it's annoying. Replies are great when there are a few conversations happening at once and the message you're replying to isn't obvious; essential when you're replying to a message that's off in the backscroll or transcript somewhere.
But when you're responding to the message that was just posted, no one needs it; it's annoying for the recipient and confusing for the casual reader who must check the link to see if you were, in fact, replying to something else written earlier.
@Shog9 I actually prefer it
I don't really find it annoying
I would actually prefer it if chat silently stripped replies that point to the most recent message or author prior to the message.
like we do with @-pings on comments under posts
@Shog9 But in that case, the person being pinged is still notified.
So if I have to leave a conversation in the middle, I can just go click the notification to get the context later.
For those reasons, I actually prefer it if people replied to me during conversations
2:13 AM
I read a lot more than I write in chat
and replies are annoying when they don't point to something out of sequence
@Shog9 Yeah, I see you lurking at times
Try it for a while, you'll see what I mean.
@Shog9 Yeah, in the transcript the message being replied to isn't highlighted, unlike in the room view
Why is that the case?
Also, ...
3 hours ago, by Ano
How is @Pseudohuman's avatar showing up here, even though it's a low-rep user? Do users with explicit write access get their avatar shown? If so, why is this not mentioned in the FAQ?
ok seriously, don't do that again - I just told you I don't like it, so now you're being obnoxious
No I'm not, it was out of sequence that time
2:15 AM
if you're responding to me, and the last message in the chatroom prior to your own is from me... Do not reply.
save replies for cases where it's needed to understand the context
But if there are two last messages, how am I supposed to tell which one corresponds to which?
if the last two messages are part of the same thought, it doesn't matter
Example (pings removed):
6739592 Okay, I won't.
6739593 Okay, I will.
@Shog9 If I just say "Okay, I won't", it won't be clear if I'm obeying or disobeying you.
(ping because of Smokey's message)
if the last two messages are completely different and potentially confusing thoughts, say...
> how was the last person you saw advertising tax services dressed?
> what's your favorite thing to wear day to day
then you do need to indicate context somehow. But that's an exceptional case, not the norm.
Hey, can you answer my quoted question above?
2:22 AM
no; I don't know nor do I care enough to research the answer
you can probably figure it out if it's important
I can't figure out why it's not mentioned in the FAQ
consider that perhaps you're looking for the wrong thing
I was looking at the link from a normal low-rep profile to why the avatars are hidden on low-rep users
Is it the word "may" you're referring to?
2:26 AM
I'm not referring to anything
I admitted already that I don't know how this works off the top of my head and don't care
@Shog9 What is the "right" thing?
but you do, and yet you haven't figured it out yet in spite of a fairly limited set of variables
that tells me you're probably fixated on how you think it works instead of how it actually works
Yes, I know it shows properly on users granted explicit write access; I'm wondering about the second question: why is it not mentioned in the FAQ?
have you tested what you say you know?
This user has 1 rep and their avatar shows. This user has 1 rep but theirs doesn't show.
2:28 AM
those are two users
that's a small sample size
and there are numerous other differences between them
Oh, wait, the first doesn't have explicit write access
so, you don't know what you thought you knew
now that you know that you can look at whatever you were missing before
@Shog9 I keep telling people this :p
The latter uses a temporary email address? I remember accounts using services like YOPmail had their avatars replaced with the LGBT+ flag
@Ano The answer to that question tends to be no one else has noticed/knows the answer.
2:30 AM
@Ano cause it's not frequently asked
The SE definition of FAQ is the "what, how, and when" of things. So it should be in the FAQ.
Also it's worth considering the logic of anonymous and low rep users having a stock avatar.
@Shog9 Are there a bunch of hidden heuristics that dictate this? Hence the word "may"?
FWIW, answering questions like this is why I have almost 10 years worth of sockpuppets - it's a lot easier to test assumptions if you can check multiple inputs quickly.
Can't you check the code and get the answer without having to test?
2:32 AM
that's more work for me and more benefit for you
(a user with explicit write access is implicitly trusted?)
Pseudohuman doesn't have write access
now, remember who wrote this. Try to think like a German.
I don't know that it'll help, but it sounds like fun
So my question is: why does Pseudohuman get to show their avatar while that other user doesn't? Does it have to do with time, because for a long time Pseudohuman didn't either?
@Ano Sure, but for questions such as this, the number of people 1) in chat 2) who look at avatars and 3) would notice this is ~1. Which means it probably won't be documented as of yet.
2:35 AM
@Shog9 Or is it because it's been granted write access to a different room‌​?
again, these theories are trivial to test
What if your religious/personal beliefs prevent you from creating alternate accounts?
but it sounds to me like you're imagining something far too complicated for the problem this was intended to solve
It's why I didn't use a throwaway account to post my October rejected edit to the first answer to the question asking who the other me is, which was the suggested solution given in the rejection reason.
yes, yes, more things you haven't done. But what have you done to research this, other than guessing?
there are certainly more than two users already in the system
2:41 AM
@Ano that sounds like you need a new religion.
@JourneymanGeek I think I said "personal" there too. Anyway, that's blatantly offensive to me.
@Shog9 dick pic avatar trolls?
Anyway, alright: You, Catija, and Journeyman Geek expressed that you don't want me to reply in the middle of conversations. So I won't do it to you guys, and possibly not to others. But I genuinely prefer it if others did it to me; I find it annoying if others don't do it.
@Ano broadly if I'm talking to two people or replying to a dormant conversation using reply makes sense. Otherwise it's just literally noise.
@JourneymanGeek Not to me.
2:44 AM
There are more readers than writers. So let us be kind to them when possible
And I mean literally. I rely on notifications a little as a mod.
@Shog9 I'm a writer. Please be kind to me too.
I am
This room seems to be developing into Tavern on the Interpersonal Skills.
Yeah, I ping Catija regarding matters there too.
Unrelated: I saw somewhere on Reddit that a user had posted a relationship advice question, and the partner themselves responded to it.
@Shog9 So, replies from now on?
2:49 AM
@Ano I'm going to be honest. You've been pinging me so much recently about random stuff that I muted you today. If you have questions about flagging on IPS... go to The Awkward Silence. Please... I'm already stressed enough about the site that I've had to ask for help recently. I don't really need personal pings asking me to look at stuff. I understand that Shog is OK with it... but it's his job... I'm just a volunteer.
@Catija ugh. Modding should be fun :(
@Catija You could have told me that earlier, I would have gone there instead. TBH it would have saved me some grief, because it seemed like you were completely ignoring my messages, seeming like you didn't know something I just pointed out.
@Ano The correct response to that is "Sorry, I'll do that in future", not to blame Catija.
I hate it when people be "polite" and don't tell me things like that, or hold off. In many cases I'm not one to be offended in such a case.
@Ano tbf - mods are in a certain position of trust, and there's a workload. Every flag you want clarification on turns a quick 30 second decision into a 10 minute post.
Sometimes we do mess up but frankly you make it a habit of dragging out anything that dosen't go your way. That's totally not cool.
2:53 AM
Things would be much better if I was an employee. Then I could go look in the code to answer my questions as much as I want, without needing to ping people here.
@JourneymanGeek 5 minutes, not 10, that ends up saving time because you won't have to make that particular decision in the future
that way lies madness
code is an unreliable narrator. Often it tells you what it wants to do, but what it actually does remains unsaid.
Er. I'm a mod. I know how long it takes.
@Shog9 I can run code on the dev instance
...without performing tests on the real server used by real users
2:56 AM
unless you test, you only know what is obvious
Cause I write a ton of posts on mod things and I know the process.
these bugs you report... You think someone didn't run that code? That no one read it?
They saw what they hoped to see, but not what actually exists
just like you, with this chat thing...
you can answer your own question, but you're blinded by what you expect
Asking if something is a bug is not reporting a bug.
It is. Just without the courage to admit you're reporting a bug....
No, it's not. If something's not a bug, it's not a bug.
When I ask that type of question, I literally mean it
3:00 AM
when determining whether something is a bug report, the opinion of the person reporting it doesn't much matter.
Folks report behaviors; when those behaviors don't match the intent, it's a bug. When they do but some may wish they didn't, it's a feature-request. When they do but not in an obvious way, it's a support issue.
Yeah, and if it's in fact not, I can get downvoted. I want to maintain my positive question record (my standard, not the badge standard).
it is in judging intent that reading the code is useful, in the same way that reading meta is useful: it conveys what folks wanted to happen.
I get downvoted. Sometimes a lot. Dosen't matter
Especially on meta.
With a long past life (on my old user215114 account, plus on MSU) of posting meta questions that get downvoted, I decided that I would only post questions that I know would be positively received. When I don't know if it will be, I naturally ask here.
But, you know... being afraid of downvotes also prevents you from earning upvotes.
3:04 AM
I'd rather lose a few upvotes and be safe rather than be risky.
That one guy posts bug reports all the time... people don't mass downvote him... most of his reports just go ignored by much of anyone.
I post things I feel are useful. It's not like meta rep means anything to anyone.
reputation doesn't mean anything
it's just a way to keep score
do what makes you happy and leave when nothing does
@Catija there are a few. I think they need a chaos monkey badge....
@Catija Yes, I know who you're talking about...but some of his posts do get downvoted (from people who believe that such a small bug isn't worth the team's time, when Adam Lear said those should be reported)
@Shog9 It's a way to earn privileges. Every downvote sets me back two steps from (currently) getting the ability to close vote.
3:06 AM
you can trivially earn enough reputation that privileges don't change
@Ano see - you're looking at absolutes.
There's nothing to close vote... really... it's extremely uncommon.
@Catija lol. Just lost people....
@Shog9 Yeah, once I have a comfortable amount of disposable reputation (once I'm way above the max for all privileges), then I might play it risky. But for now, when I don't have all privileges, I'm just playing it safe.
that's counter-productive
3:08 AM
@JourneymanGeek And site-specific, and don't forget duplicates
that's like, "I have only a little money, so rather than spending it on something that will help me to earn more I will put it under my mattress where nothing will happen to it"
Mechanics again.
@Shog9 It's like buying Treasury bonds.
not really
the trick to earning rep is writing stuff folks want to read
I actually feel we are a little too quick with dupes.
3:09 AM
Increases slowly, but guaranteed by the government in case of a fall.
No. Rep has zero interest.
@JourneymanGeek Because we have two willing users who use their Chaos Emeralds upon request?
@Shog9 which is a lot more than just being technically right.
how do you know anyone would want to read it? Well, read it yourself. If you're bored, then everyone else will be too. They may be bored anyway, but if you can't even entertain yourself then chances of entertaining - much less educating - anyone else is about 'nil
playing it safe means writing what everyone already knows. Boring and pointless
But it got me into top 7 in the quarterly rep league.
(Top 6, if you discount a user who made it to the 6th spot from a single post with a massive amount of votes)
3:12 AM
So? A Hat got me most of the rep I needed to be the top user for December... it doesn't really mean anything.
Er. I think I'm top 5 this quarter? No 1 last one? :p
@Catija was a lovely hat. Very.... Snappy...
@JourneymanGeek I'm third :P stackexchange.com/leagues/4/quarter/meta You're second...
(I knew)
I'm usually not in the top. But I'm always in the list.
Anyway, I've said this a few times now, I'm on the autism spectrum, which makes me lose sight of congeniality from time to time, and gives me special interests (like being voraciously hungry for knowledge of the exact mechanics of how the SE network works)
3:15 AM
@Ano well that is going to affect how people see you.
That said it's also worth remembering there's proper channels for this
eh. Everyone loses sight of congeniality from time to time. How you recover is up to you.
Anyhow, back to the topic we tangented off of: I won't reply in the middle of conversations, but please reply to me in the middle of conversations.
I will endeavor to reply when necessary to indicate context, as this is its purpose.
It was yet another instance where I did something to others what I'd like people doing to me, except that happens to be the exact opposite of that others like others doing. @Catija, @JourneymanGeek, and @Shog9 sorry for the middle replies, and @Catija sorry for the pings about IPS.
Also, if I do make a social blunder in the future, please let me know immediately, don't hold of on telling me in the name of "politeness". I may ask a few questions, but it will be much less drawn-out than this.
One tip: when I ask a question about anything, I mean exactly what I say. Don't try to infer any argument, report, etc. from it. I just prefer a straight answer, or "no answer" or "I don't wish to answer".
@Ano unfortunately, that's often one of those things you just have to pick up from context
criticism is like hug: not everyone likes it, but if you need one you better hope someone likes you
3:28 AM
@Shog9 (message conflict) What is? I don't know what you're referring to.
that's why I explained it in my next sentence ;-)
That next sentence didn't exist when I pressed the Enter key there
So basically, you're implying that you don't care much for neurodiversity? You just want the "special" people to follow along with the majority, rather than be at least a little bit accommodating to everyone?
Journeyman Geek was nice enough to give me reminders to stop pinging you every time I did so, back when I did so liberally, for example...
@SmokeDetector tpu-
@SmokeDetector tpu-
3:53 AM
@Shog9 A wizard I tell you!
@Ano what?
So you just want us to follow along with the majority, rather than be accommodating to everyone?
@Ano Do you expect more neurotypical people to constantly adjust to you?
what majority?
The NT majority.
3:55 AM
NT kinda phased out back in the early '00s
@JourneymanGeek No, I was referring to a minimum level of adjustment. Not a complete adjustment.
@Shog9 No, that would be 9x.
NT 4 was the REAL NT
Not if you ask ME
throws bag of wet trout at Travis
We went off on a tangent. [sigh] Neurotypical.
3:57 AM
ah. Yes, the majority of folks hanging out in the Tavern chatroom for the SE meta site on a friday evening are definitely that.
@Ano but is it a lot for folks to expect the same?
@JourneymanGeek Don't think so. That's what autism awareness is about.
@Shog9 or at least differently atypical :p
Let's be cognizant of the round shape of the planet... it's Saturday morning for some. :P
And that
4:09 AM
So, in general, remediation is the taken approach for the situation you describe @Ano, with regards to neurodiversity. Those people should be helped with a structured program or tool in order to achieve the skills to integrate with the neurotypical. On the other end, it would be considered an accommodation, if you were to expect the neurotypical to then alter behavior. It is a better approach to build people up than it is to not help them along and have everyone just adapt to it.
And is how Clippy was born. NT.
@TravisJ clippy was not born. He was spawned from the gaping bowels of heck.
@TravisJ You getting that from Autism Speaks?
I prefer the approaches here: jamesmw.com
@Ano My wife has a special education teaching credential, and is a special education teacher at a high school.
In that case, don't open that link - that site has rather flaming criticism about special education teachers
I have been exposed to a story per day about these types of real life examples for a long time now
I don't mind criticism, a lot special education teachers seem to be very negative instead of trying to be positive. Also, teachers who were educated in the 90's tend to lack a lot of the advancements made in education.
4:17 AM
@ShadowWizard Well, no dice... I waited to re-lock the post until it was no longer in the featured bar... then locked it... and it's back. :(
Many of my special ed teachers were educated in the 90s
@TravisJ I think the approach should be bilateral: incorporating what you said, but also training NTs on how to better interact with AS people
There definitely needs to be at least compassion involved.
That is one issue where teachers lead on the subject, and if the teacher leads by constantly trying to separate those people out instead of integrating them then the students will follow suit.
Because the single-sided approach you mention kind of (for lack of a better word) dehumanizes us
(Sorry, couldn't think of a less negative word)
By the way, I prefer if you replied to me in conversations, for various reasons. I don't find it annoying at all, unlike certain other users.
@Ano - Fair enough, but I tend to reply with a structure if I use the ping feature.
4:22 AM
@Ano - Like this, with the at name hyphen
As in not using the reply button?
@Ano - Correct, clicking is slow.
Fine, because it highlights the previous message
@Ano - If I am responding to a specific message in the transcript I will use reply, but usually I will not use a ping at all when responding to users because in my opinion it was implied who my message was directed at, especially if it is directly below theirs.
I have trouble in general looking past implications, and also prefer it if I have a handy inbox message to get back to a conversation should I have to leave in the middle.
4:24 AM
@Ano - As far as a single-sided approach, I meant as far as structure goes. If someone is struggling with something that doesn't mean that they cannot get help from others, but it greatly benefits them to have a program that aims at integration as opposed to being separated.
And unlike many people, I don't find pings annoying at all.
That's right.
But I was referring above to a minimum level of accommodation. I was complaining about Shog's complete lack of accommodation. I don't want a full accommodation, as I told JG.
A full accommodation would be asking for too much.
@Ano - Okay, fair enough. People still need to be civil and compassionate towards others, regardless of if they are on a spectrum or not. I wasn't trying to imply no accommodation, and I honestly am not sure what context you are referencing with Shog so I wont get into that. My point was mostly in an academic setting, and it was rather broad.
How I reacted just a bit earlier is how I used to react IRL before I could reliably get body language signals
@Ano - I don't understand the reference to "a bit earlier".
No worries though, I am out of time for now.
Sometimes we believe we're acting civil and compassionate, merely asking follow-up questions after getting what we think are unclear answers.
4:29 AM
Have to go to the store and get snacks for the new Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode on tonight :P
@Ano Intentions, tones, and emotions are very hard to detect online.
(which is my version of someone waving)
A: Is there a site for software architecture questions?

Jonathan LinI created a forum to do just this at StackDesignTalk. Hope to see you all there! What StackDesignTalk is about: StackDesignTalk is the place for software engineers and software architects to discuss top or low level designs for their software requirements. Unlike StackOverflow, construct...

This seems... off topic? Can answers be off topic?
4:45 AM
@Catija An answer that is not answering the question is Not An Answer.
Eh, technically all site-recommendations are about SE sites... even without the post saying so... that one just happens to say so. Most don't.
Sure, I just quoted that for emphasis, so the author wouldn't start arguing unawaress of tag wiki / unwritten rules.
@Catija vaguely spammy imo
I wouldn't red flag.
@JourneymanGeek Technically not, since it's specifically stating the relation
4:50 AM
And it's answering a plausible (though wrong) interpretation of the question. The user has 9K on SO.
5:30 AM
@Catija hence the vaguely
though I consider disclosure to be necessary but not sufficient
5:58 AM
While typing an awkward opinion regarding the recent AS and NT conversation, Chrome decided to "Aw snap!" me... It seems Chrome knew I shouldn't do that in the first place...
1 hour later…
The OP has an account on Math but no visible posts there.
@FTP Either negatively-voted deleted posts, or they followed a link to MSE and forgot they were on a different site
7:20 AM
@FTP that seems like a bit of a hack, but needs someone with a golden dupehammer for it to actually work, and that feels abusive
That was also totally not what I intended with that ;p
8:08 AM
@Ano sends ano to a ping pit
a ping pit sounds oddly unpleasant...
8:30 AM
I wonder why... :P
2 hours later…
10:05 AM
@SmokeDetector ... nice tag usage
must say some clams can look pretty disgusting
10:26 AM
Humans are easily disgusted
11:24 AM
shipworm ... but not worm, more related to clam
that doesn't look appetizing ...
Is that a sauce they are served in?
@rene maybe it's oyster like:
11:57 AM
@TelautonomousKitty As always, I like carrot cake, fried...
Chai tow kway is a common dish or dim sum of Teochew cuisine in Chaoshan (China), Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan, consisting of stir-fried cubes of radish cake. == Names == It is also known as "fried carrot cake" or simply "carrot cake" in Southeast Asian countries, as the word for daikon (POJ: chhài-thâu), one of its main ingredients, can also refer to a carrot (POJ: âng-chhài-thâu, literally "red radish"). There is no connection between this dish and the sweet Western carrot cake eaten as a dessert. It is called "carrot cake" because of a loose English from Hokkien translation of "radish pastry...
12:19 PM
which contains no carrot, and isn't actually a cake...
@HTTP but is it carrot or radish cake?
@TelautonomousKitty its carrot cake that's not a cake or made of carrots
it's because it's a chinese dish, and in chinese, carrot and radish are both '萝卜'
@JourneymanGeek Is it edible at all?
12:24 PM
it's called 萝卜 cake ... strictly speaking it can't be translate into carrot cake
@rene actually, I'm told its pretty good.
12:46 PM
also turnip vs radish:
oh, those are what they call breakfast radishes arn't they?
which ones?
the red ones ;p
red radish!?
12:51 PM
I should have said "red radish dish" instead...
blamed myself
1:13 PM
10 messages moved to Chimney
@SmokeDetector omg format
1:28 PM
or lack thereof
2:08 PM
@HTTP What was that awkward opinion? Post from a different browser if needed.
@rene A bounty is not a good way to get official SE employee input on a question, contacting them is...see meta.stackexchange.com/questions/306397/…
@SmokeDetector fp-
@Ano I'm capable to make my own decisions, thank you.
2:24 PM
@rene [citation-needed]
@Ano I'm a simple person, I already forgot my opinion...
@Ano its a pretty long standing MSE tradition
Also its worth remembering a good chunk of folk here almost know what theya re doing
Yeah, I learned to stop questioning gnat's bountying
@HTTP Another reason to use Edge...
@rene I still think that question you edited is a duplicate... meta.stackexchange.com/questions/33120/…
What do you guys think is a good next username for me? Must contain "Sonic", "Anonymous", or "Ano" in some way
2:41 PM
I think it is not, otherwise I would have done so already
It's OK, I RC flagged for others to review.
Do Chaos Emerald holders get a binding "Leave Open" review on questions using tags they have Chaos Emeralds for, if the suggested reason is to close as duplicate?
3:18 PM
> As per our moderator Monica (see below), demonstrating support for this move by upvoting this question could help facilitate the process, so if you agree with the proposal please do vote. - Time to Exit Beta? - Writing.SE
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5:40 PM
Do I remember correctly that when a moderator message is posted, the user has possibility to post a reply - but only one reply per moderator message? I looked a bit through question tagged , but I did not find this documented somewhere.
Tangentially related - should that tag be added also to this question: How do I contact a user privately, as a moderator? The answer basically says that private chat and moderator message are the two ways to do that.
@Martin Yes, that's correct.
I should have searched more carefully, it's mentioned on meta: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/299208/…
> Once you have received a message from the moderators of a site, especially if it is accompanied by a suspension, it is very important that you use that opportunity to respond wisely, because there is only one such opportunity per mod message.
@Martin I agree that moderator-messages seems more appropriate than the private-messaging tag.
Thanks for confirmation, Jeremy Banks. It's good to know that my memory still serves a bit :-)
Cheers. :) It is an important point about the system to be sure of.
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I'll wait a bit to see whether somebody else comments here in chat about adding that tag - after a while if there are no objections, I'll add it to the question.
I have asked about this sine the tag-info for moderator-messages was empty - my opinion is that it might be useful to collect basic information about this in the tag-info.
I suggested some basic tag-excerpt and tag-wiki - possible improvements are more then welcome.
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@JourneymanGeek or anyone else: Please read the comments to this post. I think this user needs a proper explanation of procedure: meta.stackexchange.com/a/307539/377214
@Ano Actually, adding additional support to a FR is a valid use of an answer on MSE.
Okay, you advised me, if you could please advise the other commenter there?
In this case, I disagree @Catija
A screenshot and small explanation is all that is really relevant to the question, and it should have just been edited in.
I do agree with your comment though on that post.
Yeah, it's sort of irrelevant. There's no need for a 15 comment chain arguing about it
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Q: What is the difference between a dagger and a sword

tfbninjaProposal: Weapons Where is the line when it comes to classifying swords? Is it by blade length, hilt length, blade width, or something else?

We need a new category, "dwarf sword"
Which is different from a sword used by dwarf.
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@Martin Anecdotal evidence from me in 2014 says yes
(I got warned for abusing a bug to bypass normal restrictions against flagging the same answer as NAA multiple times.)
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@SmokeDetector got'em
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