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1:31 AM
1:42 AM
2:01 AM
at the pirate bay?
someone got an interview invitation email from LAMA, a... video Q&A app?
(I wonder if it's only me, or also some of SO community)
cue Stack Overflow TV
2:26 AM
pirate bay is banned in Australia ... but there are always ways around it
2:40 AM
2 hours later…
4:37 AM
> Suggested edit queue is full
4:55 AM
Too many writers not enough editors
I dunno wot happened. Apparently the queue is empty, but it was full at the same time!
Yeah, looks like a bogus error
@HTTP Quantum Queue!
Schrödinger's Cat error, it's there but it's not
5:11 AM
A/B test?
2 hours later…
6:49 AM
@JourneymanGeek done so, needs 1 more. Maybe ping @ShadowWizard
15 messages moved to Chimney
7:04 AM
Here's something I learned as the real Ano:
Q: How is the anonymous edit count from a certain location determined?

AnoThis post will not make much sense without first reading Suggested edit by Anonymous, which details my making over a hundred anonymous edits to MSE over a period of years before creating my current account. As it turns out, there is a counter that publicly tells how many anonymous edits from a s...

(cc @ShadowtheHedgehog)
crazy bugs
7:20 AM
Bugs everywhere
@rene What do you mean?
2 hours later…
@RougetheBat -6
@Derpy hm?
yeah :D
@ShadowWizard I think this would be a great opportunity to change your username to Star Swirl, too.
@Derpy His username has to have "Shadow" followed by "Wizard" in there somewhere. There are rare exceptions, such as "Sha Wiz Dow Ard", but that one is obviously not
lag, can't vtc
@Ano "The pony once know as Shadow Wizard"
10:51 AM
Markov chain generated spam? What was this even about???
@Derpy Can you show a screencap/excerpt for us <10k plebs?
@Derpy ...wait, thought you had more than 10k rep. My bad.
@SmokeDetector I love how the smiley is linked. It just looks... seductive.
Short answer here is: I was going around the network cleaning up evidence of an obscure edge-case, and... uh, forgot that support was special. Now I gotta find a surgeon... — Shog9 ♦ 10 hours ago
@the4kman here.
I suppose it was advertising a crack, but the text seems to be almost autogenerated
11:12 AM
@Derpy "domestic windows". Love it. Can you pat it too?
can anyone 10k on MSE check why is this post deleted?
@the4kman nope. And what is worse, it brings you bugs and rats instead of keeping them away.
12:17 PM
@Shog9 Can you please take a look into this please? meta.stackexchange.com/questions/307163/…
Applied Okami screenshot to a SoM fan art. Results is surprisingly Okami like
12:38 PM
That mini heart attack when I join a new SE site and I get a notification about getting the association bonus. I almost always think that I got that many rep on SO.
12:52 PM
Applied Final Fantasy to a Japanese figure skater. They said it's surprisingly FF like.
1:11 PM
mine was generated with DeepDream. This seems a manual photoshop work.
ah, nice!
was told to leave the park when doing evening jog because someone suspected that I was stalked
the person then called the police
probably was a drunk or mentally ill person
1:26 PM
DeepDream (´⌢`)
@HTTP somehow reminds me of El Shaddai.
Daijoubu da, mondai nai.
Not sure if that should be considered good or not.
@HTTP I was referring to the game. A still image probably isn't enough to describe its peculiar art style.
@Derpy got it. Haven't watched the game, only the trailer... in Japanese.
@HTTP oh, language probably wouldn't do much difference. The game is weird and stays weird, even if you play in English.
1:34 PM
The trailer in Japanese got parodied so much, too much quote gems... and yes, the game is weird :p
unclear what you're asking, I thought it was a totally different problem until my edit was rolled back: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/307172/…
@Ano Not a test, but a bug. The question isn't clear what the problem is.
@HTTP Actually, there had an "El Shaddai bar / cafe" running for a while too
also, unrelated:
> You can grab both collections for yourself digitally with Mega Man Legacy Collection for $14.99 and Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 for $19.99, or pick both up at retail in North America (MMLC on a cartridge and MMLC2 as a digital download) with an exclusive Mega Man 30th Anniversary cleaning cloth for $39.99 this May
@ɪʙᴜɢ it was red-flagged and delete voted by me and 2 others.
sorry for posting a message in the middle of your conversation @Derpy
^ Dear Pathetic Capcom, I know you have to fight used game reselling... but you know, a Switch cartridge can hold both collection without the need for us to download the game.
2:26 PM
Been peeking at the results of this year's developer survey, as the graphs finally start coming together.
Most surprising: PROGRAMMERS ARE MADE OUT OF MEAT -- ALL OF THEM. I was floored.
That's why they keep attending so called "meatings"
@JohnDvorak I don't think @gunr is here ...
@TimPost what you say!?
(sorry, couldn't resist. The meme flows strong in this one)
@TimPost Sorry, I beg to resent. Pony developers are made 93% friendship, 6% sugar, 4% songs and 2% compound Z.
2:43 PM
@TimPost "Coding meat! You're asking me to believe in coding meat!"
It's .. meat ... and it writes code? Let's just pretend we never saw this planet and move on?
3:19 PM
@gparyani is there a change to prevent closing last minute? The discord chats are really active but anything answered there is impossible to find again? If we lets say make it to 200 questions (serious ones) that it will stay longer? — Stefan 38 mins ago
@Derpy What about us ambiguous ones?
3:40 PM
@RougetheBat You will gradually drift to the specified composition over the course of the week.
That said...
I was somehow hoping that someone would point out that the sum adds up to 105%...
There are many cases where there's > 100%, like Dash's awesomeness :P
answered 10 minutes ago, got upvoted, account already self-deleted... I think I saw this case too often on Music.SE...
3:56 PM
@HTTP same person maybe?
but why was the post not deleted when the account was deleted? hmm...
4:12 PM
@RougetheBat and now we discover yet another pony who got free pies from the "Pinkie incident"
4:41 PM
Feb 17 at 0:36, by if....
I get the impression that the second meta-question on NEO Blockchain will be site closure announcement.
Q: Closure Notice — Unfortunately NEO Blockchain will NOT advance from private beta

Robert CartainoAs the "NEO Blockchain" site completes its 3-week private beta, I'm afraid this site is not going to make it. We had 563 users Commit to help build this community before it launched; unfortunately less than one-fourth of them showed up (23.4%). At this point, we generally see at least 150 quest...

To be clear, it's not just that it requires login (that seems reasonable to be honest). That started over a month ago, but users could still actually download the files while logged in. Now it seems that all but a few info files are just plain inaccessible, even while logged in. There's no obvious route to retrieving them. — animuson ♦ 6 mins ago
What kind of an archive is that... the continuation of my recurring donations to them is uncertain.
yeah, I created an account to verify but (almost) everything is locked, specially the things that are relevant.
4:51 PM
2 hours ago, by Ano
@gparyani is there a change to prevent closing last minute? The discord chats are really active but anything answered there is impossible to find again? If we lets say make it to 200 questions (serious ones) that it will stay longer? — Stefan 38 mins ago
@TimPost You once said in a meta post that suspensions longer than a year have to be network-wide, and even employees cannot bypass that. But a few days ago, I saw a user that had just been suspended for 10 years on Area 51 only. Perhaps you want to update your post?
5:08 PM
@Ano Area51 (not the discussion zone) is based on a very old fork of the SO codebase. Lots, and lots and lots of stuff behaves a little differently there. Not really worth updating each thing individually; we mostly just say "because area51, as the name implies" and leave it at that :)
1 hour later…
6:36 PM
@rene Please add meta.stackexchange.com/questions/7046/… and meta.stackexchange.com/questions/203061/… to the duplicate list of meta.stackexchange.com/questions/307140/…. The OP of the last question has edited it with new questions...
...which are covered in the first two questions.
6:53 PM
@rene not a dupe, OP says he accepted it by accident: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/307114/…
@Ano done (both)
@rene Thanks twice!
There are 0 newest questions on MSO ... i.sstatic.net/hKfWZ.png
Strange, it is back now ...
That feels like this report: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/307172/…
There is definitely something weird going on with one of the webservers in the farm: i.sstatic.net/OndNq.png
Hey @AdamLear is the team aware of this ^^ on and off effect of some pages that list questions?
7:15 PM
I'll ask around
Okay, it is intermittent and I don't have a clear trigger that causes it
when was the last time you saw this? just now before you pinged me?
@AdamLear yep
and the newest tab a few minutes or so before that
hmm, well there goes one of my theories (that it was related to build times)
tag engine probably just needs a kick
need my boot?
Or my wooden shoe?
7:32 PM
hey @Adam, out of curiosity I am asking. Do SO consider my report as a security issue? I don't know who but the person worked in an appreciated way and solved the issue and it's follow up. I then asked about disclosing it publicly as a reply but still didn't get any response. It means I've to wait or the team didn't checked the reply yet.
@OptimusPrime The password reset referrer thing?
now it's public. No issues the link will expire in 30 mins. I think so
I worked on it :) I was on vacation yesterday, haven't had a chance to look at any follow-ups to my tickets yet.
I still have the ticket from last september open
both of them actually
First I guessed it was you. I was somewhat familiar with the pattern in the email and a wild guess I made is it is you
@Magisch somewhat serious. They may postponed it to next release. May be to V 3.0 :)
@AdamLear Np. I thought you(the person) are already flooded with tickets and probably missed my mail
7:39 PM
@OptimusPrime Now that I think about it... Area 51 might have a similar issue. I'll have to check (though probably not right now - still trying to dig myself out from all the emails and pings from yesterday). All Q&A sites run the same code, though, so they're fixed up.
Happened somewhat similar issue with Cpanel. Reported issue. They said it is accepted as security issue but the domain is out of scope in bbp. Still I assisted them fixing it. Then I asked for public disclosure. They said they will fix it in 2 days. After one month, I pinged him again and he said whoops I thought I already mailed you. Sorry for that. We fixed it a long time ago
I tested on A51 and I can't find it there. I know you'll look into it because A51 runs separate code base. But the functionality is incomplete there.
I just want to make sure you got the reply. No problem with the delay. Once you completed, please let me know
prime leaving planet earth...
Ah, right. Area 51 doesn't do password resets, it just emails you your credentials.
@OptimusPrime Go ahead and disclose if you want. We should be all good.
yeah. the direct email address and the email id linked with open id's like facebook
Thanks. Need some write up in general. There are thousands of website have that issue.
1 hour later…
8:56 PM
They got what they paid for ... next time shop for a Restore solution because that is what counts ...
@rene they should ask on announcements.SE
1 hour later…
10:36 PM
@SmokeDetector true
@SmokeDetector tpu
@LynnCrumbling Think this was meant for you
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 2 mins ago, by SmokeDetector
@LynnCrumbling: It seems this is your first time sending feedback to SmokeDetector. Make sure you've read the guidance on your privileges, the available commands, and what feedback to use in different situations.
<grin> Thanks :)
at best he is rusty ...
Odd that it was delivered there....
metasmoke is lazy
10:39 PM
Yes, I haven't issued Smokey commands in years.
And Smokey tries to keep relatively quiet in here.
I'm starting to get back into things, as you may have noticed :)
I'll go with that explanation :P
@LynnCrumbling Get reports five minutes earlier... hang out in Charcoal HQ instead ;)
It actually kinda surprised me that I still have privs, but I appreciate not being pruned away :)
@Catija Yeah, I might have to do that.
10:41 PM
Smokey's not the only one who's lazy? ;)
Well, welcome back. More hands make lighter work :D
Thanks! I want to say it's been about 2 years...
Arright - going to start my commute home, but yes.. you'll likely see me linger :)
ciao for today!
@LynnCrumbling drive carefully
Thank you sir :)
1 hour later…
11:59 PM
^ all four Long Path Tools are still alive.
The new mods on PPCG are the first "actually elected" moderators on the site. In the 2016 election, all winners were pro tem mods.

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