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12:06 AM
It seems the quickest way to bring elections.stackexchange.com back online is to propose a site about Elections on Area 51. Then post an html/js snippet with Tim Stone's client-side code in it. Will it work?
Failing that, Meta has snippet support. Hm. But AFAIR client-side scripts were scraping one election at a time, while keeping track of where elections happen was server's job.
a snippet that uses the API to rewrite the post it lives in?
...gee, it sure would be handy if there was just an "election calendar" route on se.com or something
Maybe Grace has a Google Calendar for elections, and is willing to share it?
@Shog9 sounds like turtles all the way down.
But possible, if one doesn't mind exposing an API token with write access.
12:18 AM
you'd just have a bot account doing it I presume
so eh.
not that dangerous, if not a bit rube-goldbergian.
Must admit that I was wrong, I compared moderation on this site to the U.S. police. But last time I was there, there weren't many (traffic) police on the US roads at all. Unlike the traffic police here - randomly checking for drivers alcohol level, always hiding in the bushes, ready to pounce on a speeding driver like a lone lion waiting for that unlucky one in a herd of migrating wildebeest ...
12:47 AM
Did I kill the conversation again? Don't run, fluffy bunnies, apex predator love you <3
@Telkitty apparently.
@Desire ow
1:22 AM
I'll whack a few when I'm bored, if nothing else, should IP ban em.
1:37 AM
@Desire ._. I actually have a third party one installed (mostly used for epubs, and such - especially since I can tweak it to what I feel easier to read with)
3 hours later…
4:40 AM
Yo o/
4:52 AM
kicks @Telkitty all kitties out of universe and runs away while I can...
5:04 AM
5:29 AM
there are always 2 sides of a coin ... pro and con ... so we know what program is, what is a congram? >_<
telkitty's guide to 'how to be an idiot'
@Telkitty prolb (read: pro-pound)
success' guide to 'how to respond to an idiot'
@Success what about 'problem' then?
5:45 AM
there is a feral rabbit in the backyard ...
@Telkitty properfect
this conversation doesn't make any more sense...
you need to make sense when taking a exam or build a house, trading shares or writing programs ... chatting on the internet - it's where you get to act silly :p
8:33 AM
12 messages moved to Chimney
8:48 AM
good morning
you here all alone @rene :p
It looks like it, yes. Europe is waking up ...
And @bart has been gone missing as well so we're at least a pair of glasses down
He doesn't even show up in the ping list :\
and @Shog9 has taken over the star board
yesterday, by Shadow Wizard
@Bart you... are... not.... p... pi... pin... ping.... pinga.... can't even say it.
@Stijn let's solve that ...
9:04 AM
hard to conquer Shog's stars :/
trying to remove stars from Shog's messages, Shog kicks you
9:32 AM
@Success only @Bart can. Or c... co... cou....
Maybe... maybe @Bart has been merged with Shog... ?
This would explain all the stars...
@Stijn nah @rene is never alone. I am always right behind him, his loyal shadow...
@Telkitty here they got replaced by automatic cameras.
Cheaper, more efficient.
user image
@ShadowWizard like this?
9:57 AM
10:48 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted website in body: How do you make an income while you are traveling? by Edward Vlasveld on ebooks.SE
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12:44 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer: Rayleigh criterion for sound and parabolic microphone by pdterp on physics.SE
1:09 PM
David Robinson on October 31, 2017

On Stack Overflow Jobs, you can create your own Developer Story to showcase your achievements and advance your career. One option you have when creating a Developer Story is to add tags you would like to work with or would not like to work with:

This offers us an opportunity to examine the opinions of hundreds of thousands of developers. There are many ways to measure the popularity of a language; for example, we’ve often used Stack Overflow visits or question views to measure such trends. But this dataset is a rare way to find out what technologies people tend to dislike, when given the opportunity to say so on their CV. …

1:55 PM
I wonder what's the most used language ... not by the number of job ads, but by the number of places using it.
Would it be C? Since literally all kernels in commercial devices are using it or am I wrong?
Define "used" :P
x86 assembly? x64?
there are a lot of assembly languages ..
@Oded run on?
C doesn't run on anything directly... machine language, however ;)
2:00 PM
Think abstract! By run on, I really mean: written in ... :p
Hey, I'm a programmer.
(use very small words, and DO NOT RAP ON THE GLASS. Also, do not feed after midnight)
I don't know if it is C or Java these days. Saying Java because - android (also used in set-top boxes and smart TVs)
@Oded arguably, there's a lot more systems using ARM than x86 these days ;p
Android kernel based on Linux kernel & Linux kernel is definitely written in C
2:02 PM
also, while PHP is 'hated' a ton of useful, maybe even essential things run on it.
Its a bit like how people prefer postgres to mysql, but mysql is more common
PHP is still loved, in a country where they don't know that PHP is hated ._.
Why did @Cody become a pumpkin?
@ShadowWizard try tomorrow in your timezone, or Google Doodle
@ShadowWizard ליל כל הקדושים
It isn't done in Israel.
2:06 PM
or anywhere but the US ;p
A: What Languages are Windows, Mac OS X and Linux written in?

Paul Betts Windows: C++, kernel is in C Mac: Objective C, kernel is in C (IO PnP subsystem is Embedded C++) Linux: Most things are in C, many userland apps are in Python, KDE is all C++ All kernels will use some assembly code as well.

@Oded ohhhh
So how come he's the only one?
otherwise I'd call myself journeyman blackshuck? ;p
Google Doodle is already celebrating it though
2:08 PM
@Oded so let's add חנוכיה to our names too when Hanukkah will arrive! :D
I have checked: windows, macOS, linux, android & ios are ALL at least partially using C in their kernel
@ShadowWizard what a gold badge show-off ;)
@rene well Cody earned each of them by right.... :D
I have more ._.
2:11 PM
I have none ._.
@Success dude, how do you not have fanatic
@JourneymanGeek oh, I thought we're talking about tag badge >_>
oh I have those on SU too
but I thought tag badges in general
Only three.... (both SO and MSE)
Well ordinary gold badges are sometimes easy to get, for many of those you don't really have to do anything. Gold tag badge on the other hand means you earned tons of upvotes on the site.
e.g. you can post a question which has 0 score, or even negative, it will get 10000 views, and you get a gold badge for that.
why didn't I try to become a C kernel programmer - write once, reuse 5 billion times ~_~
2:15 PM
funny thing is I need more posts, not rep for my first tag badge here ._.
@ShadowWizard yeah, I have a bunch of those on SU ;p
and only 2 tag badges?
ow? Maybe I donno ;p
@JourneymanGeek only 1, Windows Gold Tag Badge
Yeah, 1 ;p
Well the user with most gold tag badges (after Jon Skeet) is BalusC, with 30.
BalusC, Amsterdam, Netherlands
760k 254 2824 2967
2:25 PM
also older languages seemed to be disliked more than newer languages ... not surprisingly, I sure hope they are making life better not worse :p
Feb 1 at 11:53, by Shadow Wizard
Not so many people have to maintain legacy code in newer languages.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer: Add white dots to a sweater by zaful discount codes on lifehacks.SE
2:29 PM
@ShadowWizard that mean he can close windows by himself?
@Derpy PIET?
@Oded no only smash them with his hammer... and/or diamond... which is even stronger. ;)
@Oded on some days. Some days, I don't even need to try,
@ShadowWizard ya, and i kinda am more on windows + I'm at the funny point where imaginary internet points arn't really that important on that site...
@Oded hey, any chance for a preview/spoiler about what we're going to see here for October? :)
@Derpy yours?
2:44 PM
Is there a specific reason the ChatServer kills a websocket with code 1000? Could it be that I should stop abusing the websocket? Or is it just a tough luck, bye, bye and try later event?
Think @balpha might know ^
oh. @rene 1000 is just the ordinary status code for CloseEvent: developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/CloseEvent
> Normal closure; the connection successfully completed whatever purpose for which it was created.
So nothing wrong with just re-connecting.
Well, sure. They should not do that ...
Maybe the connection is defined as temporary, e.g. 60 days?
(i.e. has expire time)
2:50 PM
Could be, sounds reasonable
Are you replying to the heartbeats?
@JohnDvorak do you get them in chat?
Worth checking, and worth handling
@JohnDvorak hey!! What happened to Jan? What did you do to him? ;)
maybe the server buries you when it thinks you're dead
2:52 PM
@JohnDvorak after 60+ days of the connection being open? I doubt it...
Could be the server restarting then
@Stijn buh... well only 2 out of 24 mods... ;)
@JohnDvorak yeah, I think that is what happened
@Stijn I wonder if @Cody and @Martijn coordinated this somehow before making the change? ;)
Turns out they are both sock puppets of @bart
2:56 PM
TrickOverflow... or TreatOverflow?
free Q-ban for 1-rep user!
Hallowin Overflow
Free question templates!
Did anyone just see that question on MSE that started with "Can you start a question with"... ?
I refreshed the page and it was gone... I'm assuming one of the dev/cms killed it.
I suppose this is the question (deleted, 10k only)
3:12 PM
@Success Yup. Thanks :D
Probably would have been OK on ELL but probably better to point them in that direction. Oh well.
3:25 PM
OP has accounts on ELL and ELU
@Oded Ah, maybe they just got lost. :D I've seen that happen from time to time.
3:53 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Username similar to website in answer: Cat biting other cat's neck by Love MyKittens on pets.SE
@Oded I don't suppose it's at all possible to move a chat room from SO to IPS? I"m guessing not.
Different servers. And absolutely no way to migrate between them.
OK, now I'm just confused... it says that it's an SO room, has the SO logo... but it shows up in my "other rooms" list on the regular chat server...
@Catija you can choose the parent site for a chatroom, SO is available as parent site on the SE chat server
I believe mods can change the parent site. Or is that only for SE Devs?
@rene But I can't in this case? Is it based on the chat URL? It's definitely chat.stackexchange.com
@rene You have to be a mod on the site that it's already parented, I think?
4:05 PM
@Catija that sounds ... reasonable ...
@Catija you could ask an SO mod to try to change any of those: chat.stackexchange.com/…
Not sure though if the fact that they are not a mod on the SE chat has consequences
So you might need ChrisF or so
Who is a mod on SF as well.
Not sure which other cross-site mods we have on SO
No, I need a mod on SO who has an account on IPS...
@Catija The latter is easy ...
Or a CM/Dev.
@rene ... only if they want an IPS account. ... many people... don't.
Mods are the target audience for IPS. It should be mandatory ...
@rene I thought that was Community Management.
4:13 PM
IPS is like kinder garten. Once you managed that you can up the level...
You need a solid basis
I would hope that mods are already above the kindergarten level...:/
@Catija You can try and ask @Andy he is a SO MOD and has an IPS account stackexchange.com/users/63984/andy?tab=accounts (and likes to hack around things I guess)
Already done and done. :D
@Catija Oh, I'm sure most are ...
I'm not. I'm actually only five but don't tell anyone... they'd get rid of my account here and then I'd be bored all day.
4:27 PM
@Catija 5 is actually 101, so you're old. :D
@nicael sometimes would jump and say he's 99 (or was it 100?) so you're even older than him! ;)
then @nicael suddenly came and moved an SO chat room to MSE chat room
but the kitty came
@ShadowWizard my feeble aged mind can't comprehend your newfangled math ;)
@Catija 01110100 01101111 01101111 00100000 01100010 01100001 01100100 00100001
4:53 PM
@ShadowWizard 01110111 01101000 01101001 01110000 01110000 01100101 01110010 01110011 01101110 01100001 01110000 01110000 01100101 01110010
Are there any statistics about how many people are grateful when the down votes are explained: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/358683/578411
5:32 PM
None of them. It's all an excuse to complain and argue.
6:14 PM
I thought so ...
6:58 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer: Vandermonde matrix is totally positive by Bảo Huynh on mathoverflow.net
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer: Electronic bicycling ranking for the office cyclists? by Bảo Huynh on bicycles.SE
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Username similar to website in answer: How do I remove a chimney? by TapiasRoofing on diy.SE
7:22 PM
lol, "Would you really only clean up a pile of poop that you found in your house without looking for the source?" -Seth, on serial close-voting
@SmokeDetector Poor guy.
8:16 PM
Has anyone looked at the whole problem of new users accidentally creating multiple accounts? It seems like that happens way too often for there not to be a problem with that process on SE's side.
@Dukeling Actually registering or using unregistered accounts to post a question and then trying to edit/comment with another account when they move to a device that doesn't have the cookies?
@ShadowWizard now I'm pingable again
8:52 PM
We call off the search then
Are you OK?
Kinda sorta still alive. Just shittons of work and a broken computer at home
That sounds like the kind of things you all want to happen at once
Oh it's great. Just wonderful. Especially since the thing is 2 months old, and was bought to replace another computer which broke down.
And of course I can get it repaired under warranty. Just have to send it in for 2-4weeks
8:55 PM
Any clue what it is?
Broken fan. And it's a notebook, so it's an entire fan/heatsink module. I can order and replace it myself easily, but then I have no warranty any more whatsoever
Ouch. You need the fan .... or you can use your notebook as a toaster
I can run it somewhat if I don't put any load on it. It's the GPU fan which is broken. But given that I do graphics dev ... kind of a hindrance.
Time to switch to become a backend dev then ...
Plenty of that on our plate as well. But let me stay out of that one for as long as I can :D
9:02 PM
Good moment to do premature optimization, just to keep the GPU cool
Hahaha, you should see some of our testing. Phones overheating everywhere (mobile VR) with icepacks at the ready :D
But most of it runs fine by now
game only playable at the poles
Luckily winter is coming
Just saw this on a user profile: I like Regular Expressions and elegant source code
doesn't compute ...
What, is that one of those oxymorons?
9:09 PM
maybe he means "Regular source code and elegant expressions"?
I may hope that
@Catija yeah, regular expressions are powerful but tend to become unmaintainable quickly making them often far from elegant.
9:32 PM
Did I miss all action here? It seems a user is rage unaccepting here on MSE: meta.stackexchange.com/users/339911/alexolut?tab=reputation
@Shog9 can you check the above please?
@PatrickHofman :/
Wow... that's just...
9:41 PM
Yeah, I just noticed a -60 and then I started investigating.
That user unaccepted a lot of posts in a few minutes.
That's a lot of questions to have answered for the same person :D Though, they do ask a lot of them.
Maybe it's an innocent "I've decided that there are no "correct" answers on meta" thing...
@PatrickHofman yeah, when you're low on rep, you notice a -60 quickly .... ;)
wait ... why did I just lose -30 ...
incidentally, I predict the same happens if you're extremely high on rep
Woah... they have almost no accepted answers now.
9:44 PM
It were about 100 posts that got unaccepted.
It is the OP's right to decide who gets the accept
Sure. But a massive unaccept spree implies that something is wrong.
Maybe they became fed up for their translation question to be close voted all the time.
At the very least, a mod message and a time out will give them time to explain.
9:51 PM
Or they have Kaspersky installed and this how Kaspersky is going to retaliate: Unaccepting all answers. Maybe they can also down vote everything in PHP. Let me know if I'm way off
10:50 PM
@alexolut hey what's up with your unaccepts??? I assume you were testing something? Guess you'll tell in three days when your suspension is over.
(i.e. you're not the type to do it out of rage.)
/cc @Shog ^
@rene well nicael abused it and caused havoc, this appears to be something similar, maybe trying to reproduce what nicael did.
1 hour ago, by Shog9
@Desire hrmph
Pretend this was an acronym and try to decipher its meaning.
Amusing since nicael also posted a lot of minor errors...
alexolut is Russian, nicael isn't (I suspect Western Europe)
10:53 PM
@Desire His Royal Majesty?
@Desire nic also likes Frozen, bet @alex doesn't.
Or her, who can tell.
@Desire Shog is a "he" for sure. @alex too, bit less sure though.
I'm pretty sure Shog is a waffle.
I just read today in our newspaper that our army (IDF) let genderqueer people recruit into mixed units and do full service. So guess gender is going to be less and less meaningful in the future world. Maybe I'll even stop hunting for @Derpy's gender. :D
oh, almost forgot why I came here.....
@Bart sorry to hear, but that's not an excuse to not be pingable! Disgrace.
How the fan broke? If it arrived broken, can't you sue the shop? @Bart
11:11 PM
@Bart :clapping_emoji:
11:52 PM
Q: So, about the swag

Grace NoteWe've been asked by the moderators of Worldbuilding to investigate the current status of official Worldbuilding SE swag, given that the site has a design. We've gone to check with the design team - unfortunately, there are currently no plans to work on site swag in the near future. We'd like to p...

Maybe it's another thing of the past, like blogs or twitter bots
Or custom site designs.
More like custom site designs but only in the sense that the design team is swamped with a ton of other work rather than "we don't think it's worth doing vs how much effort it takes to do" (like maintaining a blog platform or fighting with Twitter to unblock new accounts)
@Desire alex is definately russian

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