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12:29 AM
This room is so dead these days
12:41 AM
@Michelle makes sense
was 300 before no?
300 as everywhere.
In the previous election (2014) Shog reduced the number of nomination slots to 20 to make the list of nominees less ridiculous. This time they use a pre-emptive measure.
Speaking of mods: is this the largest ever mod resignation? Apparently 5 Bitcoin mods left their positions at once. (Unless they left separately and Tim just collected them in one post)
I think its the latter
Currently Bitcoin is down to 2, with Nick Odell stepping down a couple of days ago.
1:03 AM
There is a tag . The horror! "Stack Overflow" has a space in it, which should be represented as .
> My twins left milk out yesterday and we accidentally discovered how cheese is made. -- Jon Ericson at 9:34 AM - 25 Sep 2017
Future Stack Exchange moderators?
Aug 26 '10 at 18:14, by Shog9
Mods can also come into your house at night and leave your milk out. Some mod abilities aren't talked about much.
gotta start em early
The example "debate" is curious. [no citation needed]?
Lots of what we do. Do I need to sit through what sounds EXACTLY like a trivago ad to be told how they do it? ;p
ah! Makes a bit more sense when you poke through it. Topical discovery is a bit naff, layout's not terrible.
That threading/tree structure is not bad in context
Wonder who's going to moderate such debates.
or the initial posts
@Michelle that's a lot of what meta is no? ;p
and moderation, I suppose.
I suppose the question is "what problem does it solve?"
1:43 AM
Umm.... that there are not enough arguments on the internet?
I cannot disagree
2:16 AM
What's that polling platform that Jeff developed?
It reminds me of that. + reddit/Quora
3 hours later…
5:44 AM
I need to stop driving up and down the California coast ...
7:04 AM
@Michelle no
You have so many questions in this post (far more than I can answer easily), but the only one that really matters is 'is this going to be a network-wide change?' and the answer to that is no, the rep change is only for Mathematics. — bluefeet ♦ 10 hours ago
17 messages moved to Chimney
8:03 AM
I don't want AI driven, I want an AI driver!
also what do people think of the idea of taxing robots to pay for social security?
and what's the true status of AI development world wide, I saw nothing fancy anywhere ...
9:04 AM
David Robinson on September 26, 2017

Software development is a global industry, and programmers everywhere rely on Stack Overflow to find solutions to their problems. But as we’ve analyzed before, different countries use different languages and technologies.

In this post we’ll take a look at German software developers, as seen by their Stack Overflow visits. We’ll see how the programming languages and technologies they use differ from the rest of the world, and how they differ within major cities in the country. All of these analyses are of 2017 year-to-date, from January to mid-September. …

@Feeds fuuu.. wasted my draft 1 hour later...
should we migrate this to Arqade? ^_^
9:57 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer: What kind of wok should I get? by kitchengearpros on cooking.SE
10:26 AM
They were taking selfie and didn't noticed that one of their friend is drowning
2 hours later…
12:00 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Potentially bad keyword in answer, username similar to website in answer, blacklisted user: What type of architecture style does the MEAN stack most resemble? by mobilunity on softwareengineering.SE
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer: Can you track drones online? by Utsav Chopra on aviation.SE
12:24 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer: How to rename multiple files like in windows by jonathan on askubuntu.com
mumble. Little quick question unrelated to stack. Does anyone know how Amazon accounts work?
I know that despite europe having multiple local subsites (Amazon.uk, Amazon.fr etc) the account system is shared so an account created on Amazon.uk is recognized by Amazon.fr. Is this true for ALL Amazon sites? Would an usa/eu account work for example on Amazon.jp? Since they got that "Amazon Global" delivery option one would assume so, but tests suggest otherwise...
@Derpy I registered my account a long ago with amazon.in and I am able to login to amazon.com(us) with that account
I think USA is sort of the main one. i'm hlalf certain I can log into ,uk with the US one
@Derpy you have to create a new "account" on JP
Yeah, I can login in the US site with the in the UK originated account, and in the NL site (which I didn't knew existed until today)
12:39 PM
@Elias Confirm: my US originated account is not recognized by JP
which will probably mean that JP is the usual black sheep of the account system
And obviously the one I needed for my pre-order.
Thanks to everybody for the quick confirmation
12:59 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Username similar to website in answer: Varying motor speed with the L293D by Mechanic37 on arduino.SE
almost there. reaching to 5K flags on SO. now 4.5K
1:54 PM
now people know what is meta
Q: Same-origin policy and php file ajax run from other domain

v2bellevilleMy initial question is whether there's a way to by pass same origin policy when we need to run with ajax, a php file that is on our domain, in order to expose a problem like here for example But my understanding of what same origin policy is mainly the result of reading the wikipedia page on the...

2:05 PM
Can we ask questions on behalf of others (e.g. friends)? Sure, I'm surprised they don't already have tag.
@redhand I'm not entirely sure that's not an appropriate question for MSO
@Bart well I am 101% sure it is off topic in MSO :p
2:23 PM
it's actually on-topic on MSO, but unfortunately not really well written and made misunderstanding.
Though I'm also having a hard time to improve the post.
@Elias hmm
@Elias same here
problem solved. removed that snippet from the actual answer that refers to
the answer make an ajax call to 1.php so the script simply won't run. converted it to code block
I voted to reopen, but I believe this is not the first time question about bypassing cross-site origin being asked?
@Elias me too voted. but the edit by Andrew removing code and adding image made it a little ugly
2:34 PM
@redhand it's me. I believe I didn't remove code, but I added a quoting background to the image to make it clear that it's an image, not the actual snippet.
> Fri 29th Sep, 2017 will be... "Ask A Stupid Question Day"
@Elias wait.. you andrew same person?
ah. but the image have a blur effect. did you noticed that
I'm Andrew on almost everywhere, except here and some where
Blurred due to size reduction from quote margin... can't help... you're free to remove it though
@Elias no need. let it be there
3:13 PM
So here's a fun question
Should Docker questions goto devops.se or so?
Here's a fun answer: it depends
Last time I see a Docker question was on... Information Security :/
Yeah, I don't think this is quite for them
So what's the communal logic? Where should I x-post this to the SE network?
I would like to start getting more eyes on it, but I don't wanna bounce it around
Seems reasonably devops-y. Not certain it would do well on SO. Then again I have no experience with devops SE
3:28 PM
Yah, me either
I think you could at least post it on either site, and if you don't get satisfying answers after a period of time, you could consider posting it on the other site while referencing the earlier post...
Though for some reasons, I also believe it's more devops-y...
3:47 PM
Q: Cannot connect to chocolatey.org

jcolebrandxpost from https://forums.docker.com/t/cannot-connect-to-chocolatey-org/38745 Expected behavior I'm running Windows Server 2016 Datacenter (MSDN download) 64 bit - Version 1607 - Build 14393.1715 I'm using Docker For Windows and running Windows Containers. I figure this is the easiest thing i...

I talked to one of the mods over there and they think it sounds reasonably on topic for now
(OTOH, I just realized I didn't have an account on devops.se... too few spam?)
heh, indeed
@Elias would you do me the courtesy of at least reviewing and ensuring two things: That it looks like a coherent ask, with what appear to be coherent details, and that I removed company specific information? I work at Alkami, so I'm trying to keep that off the posts.
It doesn't take a genius to figure out where I work. I'm pretty sure it's on LinkedIn and publicly available. But there's no reason to tie my job to my posts, yeah?
I'll try
Thanks @Elias :D
I'm only asking on account of you're the one talking to me :p
4:03 PM
@jcolebrand It looks like all IP addresses are local and if you're Ok with sharing the computername in gist.github.com/jcolebrand/170673e45bf8a659552f22f2071c30d6 I think you're all good
I didn't put anything in that info on my need to hack list
yeah, I don't see anything that's considered sensitive info.
@Elias Thanks
@rene That computer name is literally 100% random. It's just some VM I stood up
I suspected that.
I don't have any experience with Docker at all, though probably there are some debug info that I want to know and included in the question: 1) Is the Docker able to connect to the internet? 2) Can the Docker download other file using the same PowerShell command?
scratch that, I failed to read
@Elias Yeah, it can't download from anywhere but the thing is, the internet loves specific examples. If we can solve for one site we can solve it for all of them
4:11 PM
hmm.. because that makes the question become "Docker cannot connect to anything, including chocolatey.org" which seems to be a bigger/more general issue? Just my 2 cent though
I would not be opposed to a title edit, that sounds reasonable
title edited
Got to love that the first comment is "did you try turning it off and on again?"
Hey, as someone who works in the tech sector, that's a great question
I did, however, cover that at the top: I rebooted my VM, then started testing
"I figure this is the easiest thing in the world, to do this:

reboot my host machine"
I'm really blind about this... but somehow I'm worried with as the DNS server
However, this is inside VM, so I'm blinder than ever...
yah, me too
where are you running the command from? Virtualbox, or Windows Server? — PrestonM 5 mins ago
was my post not clear about my structure?
4:23 PM
I'm going to attempt to give an Intro to Philosophy lecture to some novice debaters, RIP.
@jcolebrand Probably because you wrote Windows Server on Expected, and Virtualbox on Actual
@Elias Yes. And cool story: Those images don't match
2 hours later…
6:49 PM
3 hours later…
9:23 PM
For those interested in the status of Channels:
> I'M WORKING ON STACK OVERFLOW CHANNELS! -- Nick Craver at 11:35 AM - 26 Sep 2017
Apparently, they began working on them today.
11:59 PM
@Michelle he could be compiling the code since then

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