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6:00 AM
My gf's is a conversation "sphere."
@jcolebrand say where are you from?
@ManjotSingh I shan't say more than "have you considered possibly looking at my profile"?
@jcolebrand are you also ios developer?
@jcolebrand Ironically, it's probably been at least 12 hours for me. =/
@ManjotSingh I suggest, once again, that you check my profile.
6:02 AM
Shreveport, LA
i got it
I see a comment which should be painfully flagged ...
are you ios developer?
@ManjotSingh I suggest that you read all the profile, as it details the things I answer most, indicating my levels of skill in various places
breathes deeply, in a soothing fashion
so what're you gonna eat?
6:04 AM
I'm feeling quite lazy ATM. So, a bowl of cereal.
It's kinda breakfast time for me. =/
it is 1:04 there at Shreveport, LA, USA
I have some leftover Olive garden I think I shall go warm up
only to hear my wife go "omg, that stinks, why are you eating that, eewwww grosss"
What is it?
closes browser
@Moshe so where are you from?
6:08 AM
shakes head slowly
@GeorgeMarian some gorgonzolla and steak, iirc
Ah, yes. That'll stick up nicely.
@ManjotSingh I suggest google. "What time is it in Shreveport, LA"
@GeorgeMarian I know :D nom nom
@ManjotSingh have you looked at his profile?
6:09 AM
@jcolebrand i did it
Many people don't want to tell you where they are from, and the ones that do, often put it in their profile.
@jcolebrand no more information there on his profile
So ... if it isn't in their profile, they probably don't want you to know
so asking them is going to result in no response.
it's the funniest thing about that
6:10 AM
Hmm, what a thought.
thumbs up
if someone is going to tell you, they're gonna tell the world.
It seems that I cannot escape the tavern. I thought I closed all instances of my browser, only to find this one lurking.
close it
see, solved the problem, very easily ;)
6:11 AM
But he just can't bear to be away from us.
are you talking about me?
@Moshe i want to make an app can you give me some idea about it
@ManjotSingh 99% of the conversation in here is linear. The rest usually put a pointer to what they were talking about
@jcolebrand sure can you give some idea about to make an ios app
6:14 AM
@ManjotSingh yes. Don't
write a web app instead
web app but i don have any idea of web app
will it be in objective-C
my domain is mobile app development
wil it be beneficial for me
If your domain was construction, and you didn't own a hammer and a saw, would that be beneficial for you?
I don't understand what you WANT
I'm about 50/50 on if you're a really good troll, or really ignorant
i am not at all trolling
i need just a favour
@jcolebrand the former
6:18 AM
Q: How are moderators chosen?

ManjotSingh Possible Duplicates: What recourse do I have if I believe a moderator has abused his/her privileges? How are moderator election votes counted, in plain English? I want to know how moderator make decision on just flagging. There might be some misunderstanding or moderator may took dec...

now why is it needed?
@Pekkasothertrollingaccount Yeah, I'm in agreement on that. Though, it was amusing to contemplate.
You've been banned on chat.SE and chat.SO?
6:19 AM
i was
And now you're in here being particularly obtuse and difficult
but that was an other issue
Do you think this will end well for you?
@jcolebrand LOL That Geico commercial comes to mind. "What? Have you been living under a rock?"
6:20 AM
@jcolebrand thats is not my intention
and yet ...
@jcolebrand Well, this isn't as egregious. Though, thus far I have considered the ignore option for only two individuals.
i was just dissussing with you
@jcolebrand did i disrespect anyone yet
or did i troll
@GeorgeMarian amazingly enough, I also only two.
Who owns this place?
6:22 AM
@ManjotSingh I haven't made a decision on this one yet.
@Pekkasothertrollingaccount the mods?
@ManjotSingh You disrespected the rules of human social interaction.
I can't boot, if that's what you mean
@jcolebrand I bet it's the same two. :)
@jcolebrand no, I meant who can boot him
Ah, you're an owner
6:22 AM
an what is that now @GeorgeMarian
@GeorgeMarian not likely. I had a mod who was quite rude to me in the modchat the other day
You can't boot users? That's too bad
really really pissed me off
@Pekkasothertrollingaccount @TylerChacha
@Pekkasothertrollingaccount I am. I've been attempting to keep the list of stars relatively useful as of late
@GeorgeMarian is he the only one then?
6:23 AM
@jcolebrand Oh, I see. That's what I miss out on by not paying enough attention to that room? :)
@jcolebrand I think there's only one room owner.
@GeorgeMarian aye. Want me to give you a message id?
@GeorgeMarian no, it says I am one
Kinda like highlander, there can be only one. /rimshot
Well...um... shrug This thing doesn't come with documentation. :D
@jcolebrand oh are you an owner of this room?
6:25 AM
@GeorgeMarian I know right?
@jcolebrand Sure, why not. You've piqued my curiosity. (Not that it takes much. lol)
Speaking of things that have no docs. I'm working with the real estate listing web service. Makes me want to hurl, repeatedly.
can I delete that #?
Heh, yes.
Ah, yes. I understand the issue.
i got this on my question "Have you considered accepting an answer or starting a bounty for this question?
how would i reply to this question
By accepting an answer or starting a bounty?
6:29 AM
and if i want to delete my downvoted question from my account
It's a system prompt, trying to get some traction on the question. In other words, it is reminding you of those options.
@ManjotSingh are you wanting to delete the one on meta?
@jcolebrand ya
please don't.
Sorry, this question has answers and cannot be deleted; flag it for moderator attention instead.
6:31 AM
It's an excellent example of not wanting to read anything, ever. Like how you've asked questions in here tonight that were easily easily easily googlable
if i am deleting my question
@ManjotSingh you can't delete that one.
people are downvoting my question which decreases my reputation
@ManjotSingh welcome to meta
read first, then ask
asking without reading encourages the population to downvote you
i read it for meta
but i am talking about stackoverflow
6:34 AM
also, downvotes on meta mean "I disagree" or they mean "I don't like this" or they mean "this is a crap question" or they mean "I like this" or they mean "I agree" so you can't trust downvotes on meta
@ManjotSingh what Q on stackoverflow?
4 mins ago, by jcolebrand
@ManjotSingh are you wanting to delete the one on meta?
4 mins ago, by ManjotSingh
@jcolebrand ya
pick one, please.
You said one thing, now you're saying another:
56 secs ago, by ManjotSingh
but i am talking about stackoverflow
I regret that I have but one vote to give. ;)
but on stackoverflow they are being deleted
There seems to be a problem connecting to the server. Please check your internet connection and reload this page
Server chose the ignore option?
I suggest asking better questions.
6:37 AM
You do realize that closing questions and deleting questions can both be done by the community at large, right?
There's nothing about mods involved there.
so who close the questions rather?
i got a success in deleting my downvoted questions from stackoverflow
thats better now
@jcolebrand LOL
6:51 AM
contemplates moving his server tonight
wonders who is more spoiled: his gf or her cats
@jcolebrand Bahaha. That said, I'm still impressed.
I am way impressed
i m impressed
addresses expletives at this gf's cat
7:08 AM
That works on so many levels.
i know right?
2 hours later…
8:46 AM
I feel accomplished
I have uploaded a repo to github. I think I have my laptop properly configured to do this now for git.
I still prefer mercurial
ah reading the transcript I had to chuckle a bit
welcome to one day in my world
Nonsense sir ;)
now just multiply that with 10 and imagine having to deal with that for way over 250 days almost every day
I wonder if my decision to make a gallery room is still questionable :D
The difference is that you chose to keep dealing with it
I'll give anyone an opportunity to be an ass once
I might even give them that chance two days in a row
@OctavianDamiean Yeah, I don't think I'd survive that experience.
8:59 AM
After that, I put them on iggy
I don't invite that
I also know mods ;)
yea the problem is that I can't constantly bug the mods, I'd be bugging them every day, that way I can pre-filter a bit. Looks like it works as I have users in the room that really contribute to a good working climate :)
who here knows, off the top of their head, the easy way to make putty not ask me for a username everytime I login to my box via ssh?
not sure if it works for putty though
it will of course still ask you for a password if you have password login activated
A: Introduce a "general reference" close reason

Jeff AtwoodFYI, this close reason was implemented for testing on http://scifi.stackexchange.com and http://english.stackexchange.com We're still evaluating it.

loves the guys at SE for that
Ah, nice. The RTFM close reason.
was long overdue imo
9:15 AM
codelathe.com/blog/index.php/2009/02/20/… <-- this was perfect, except that part where I didn't put the file in the right place /me /facepalm
I thought you just looking to avoid typing in the username.
Not that I remembered how to do passwordless SSH with Putty.
oh, lol, I said username and totally thought I typed password
again with the /facepalms
perhaps that's a sign that at 4am I should be asleep
thats a totally different story then :D
9:18 AM
@jcolebrand Perhaps? ;)
Hmm... Maybe eating the last of the Golden Puffs wasn't such a good idea right before trying to go to sleep.
Oh, well. Gonna try anyway. G'night you two.
I'm right behind you
I sure hope not. LOL
lol, I was gonna overlook that part :p
Though I do wish a sound sleep.
I couldn't help it.
night there
oy, feeds
9:35 AM
@ManjotSingh Looks like being suspended on two of three chat sites was not enough. You are creating nothing but problems. Give me one more -- even tiny -- reason to believe that your behaviour on chat.Meta is no better, and third time's the charm.
This is not an invitation for discussion.
10:07 AM
If he gets banned here he just can't chat anymore? :P
(hey, you said "tiny")
10:43 AM
is back
now what i did?
@balpha did i disrespect anyone yet on chat.Meta?
or either i have break any rules
Manjot Singh is a teenage Indian engineer. Childhood Manjot Singh was born in a Sikh family. His father is a doctor and his mother work government job. Debut Manjot’s father got to know that Paramjot Singh and his team were in Delhi scouting for actors and asked his son if he wanted to try it out. They went to Arvinder for an audition though Manjot had never acted before, even in school plays. After the audition the casting director of Dibakar Banerjee’s Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! rejected Manjot Singh for the role of the boy who grows up to be master thief Lucky. However Dibakar Banerjee...
what is this now?
Found it on Google.
i got shock
he is not me
he is an indian teenage actor
@Moshe i saw your site
@manjotsingh, now did you?
10:49 AM
it was good
That was a rhetorical question.
Thank you.
can you explain me the meaning of message sent by balpha to me
because i am not good in english
@Manjotsingh yes, I can try.
@ManjotSingh Looks like being suspended on two of three chat sites was not enough. You are creating nothing but problems. Give me one more -- even tiny -- reason to believe that your behaviour on chat.Meta is no better, and third time's the charm.
This is not an invitation for discussion.
@balpha says that you were suspended twice. Is that correct?
10:52 AM
Okay. What he is saying is that the fact that you were suspended twice makes it a lot easier for him to suspend you again, if he thinks that you are giving him a reason to.
" if he thinks that you are giving him a reason to."
i dint get this line
And discussing some of the things that you were asking about earlier (jailbreaking and not paying for apps) is very close)
Balpha is a moderator.
He can suspend people.
ya i know that
He will suspend you IF he has a cause to do so.
10:55 AM
but i was discussing technical things
as i am ios developer i should know these things
He is warning you to be careful, that's all.
did i disrespect anyon e
"Give me one more -- even tiny -- reason to believe that your behaviour on chat.Meta is no better, and third time's the charm."
No, but asking questions about illegal things are against the rules.
what is the meaning of this line
ok i wont repeat it again
If you give him a reason to suspend you, he will do so. This will have been the third time that you have been suspended.
There is an English expression "three is a charm".
So, he was using that expression.
Ok, good.
10:58 AM
One last bit of advice:
Read more and use google more before asking questions.
i wont repeat it again
Good. :-)
but this is general room
so cant we chat general
We can.
And with that, I must be off.
10:59 AM
thanks for explaining me things
You're welcome.
so you work for company?
11:38 AM
No, I do not.
1 hour later…
12:40 PM
You know it's a problem when you start entering "stackove..." as your password before you realize that's not it.
Anyone here play Tiny Wings?
The author of Tiny Wings, Andeas Illiger, posted on StackOverflow!
I'm 3 answers below "500". (324 Q, 321 A)
2 hours later…
2:47 PM
If anyone can spare an upvote as I reverse the trend of me having more questions than answers, I'd appreciate it. I'm particularly proud of this technical question:
Q: Is calling super in a category the same as calling it in a subclass?

MosheDoes calling [super init] do the same thing in a category as a subclass? If not, what's the difference?

Sheesh, so quiet...
The nice thing about computers, they do exactly what you tell them to.
The worst thing about computers: They do exactly what you tell them to...
1 hour later…
3:58 PM
Hmm, I hope that the hair cut place is open today.
On sunday?
Well, it's the day before a holiday, they may have used that as an excuse to randomly close. :P
4:14 PM
You have a holy day tomorow?
Going back to work :S
BTW: I have a train to catch see you soon.
4:34 PM
cmon, Wolfram Alpha, work with me
what's so hard to understand in y'(x) = 1.27 and y(0.5) = 0.5
I don't mean y * 0.5 = 0.5
I mean exactly what I wrote
okay, what you wanted is y'(x) = 1.27 and y[0.5] = 0.5
thanks, Wolfram Alpha
It makes you use square brackets?
I don't even have words for that.
shakes head
4:40 PM
I tried them out of desperation, mostly
@Moshe that's ".500" which refers to exactly half, or a 1:1 ratio. hth. ymmv.
@TimStone What's funnier is the alternative representation WA gives for y'(x) = 1.27 and y(0.5) = 0.5, which is False.
@Moshe not so much. Same to the following line, er, not at all to the following line ;) Additionally, why does that surprise you?
@jcolebrand 1:1 would be 1 surely?
At any rate I'm seriously overthinking this, given the premise:
@badpssockpuppet that's what I get for responding within 30 minutes of waking
and 1:1 in ratio means 1 (out of 1 + 1) chances
4:43 PM
Q: How can I estimate or calculate the area of a circular segment?

badpGiven a circle (for simplicity, $x^2 + y^2 = 1$) and a chord on this circle parallel to the $x$ axis $y = p - 0.5$ ($p \in [0,1]$ being the only parameter I control), how can I estimate the relationship between $p$ and the ratio between the circular segment determined by the circle and the chord ...

if it were 2:3 it would be 2 out of 2+3
...and the sad, closing note of the mathematics being useless because the circle has a border partially covering the colored area. \o/
@TimStone @badp the reason is (consider carefully!) that in math, paren is an operator, not an input. So y'(x) means y prime times x whereas using a bracket means the thing inside here also, it's based on the language of mathematica (iirc) which all the mathgeeks know, and which is a 4GL
@jcolebrand Mathematica is not something I've ever used.
@badpssockpuppet yatta?
4:46 PM
@jcolebrand Bazinga.
@badpssockpuppet and yet here you are using WA ...
MATLAB has no problem with parentheses, just sayin'
@jcolebrand Yeah, its whole point is it's supposed to parse "human language"
@Mvy no, we have Memorial Day tomorrow, which is in fact a holi-day, but I suppose "holy day" is close enough to that.
somehow "give me a linear approximation of [huge formula here] for x = 0.5" didn't work ;)
4:47 PM
Oh cool, the bank somehow processed my paycheck before going on holiday. \o/
@badpssockpuppet but parens ... it's all about parens are ops
@TimStone yeah, mine too :D
@TimStone why on god's green earth would they haircutting place be open on Sunday? Are they known for that?
Yeah, they're open every day.
@jcolebrand uh... then color me confused: why doesn't it confuse y'(x) for y' × x?
If it can understand y'(x) → derivative of y calculated in point x
@badpssockpuppet I thought that's what it was getting confused over
presuming x was a value at that point
how does it follow that y(x) → y times x???
4:49 PM
I can see I've poorly explained myself
either that or I've given the wrong answer
I believe it's the wrong answer, after further reflection.
@jcolebrand It's okay. Take a shower and/or some coffee. This is unfair; it's 1850 now for me.
and yes, I've only been up about 25 minutes
were you giving it a constant?
Yeah, I was solving that ODE through a fixed point
@badpssockpuppet Does fake coffee count?
Solving a Cauchy problem, in other words.
4:51 PM
if you expect the semantics of y'(x) to give you the derivation of x, then you can't expect the semantics of y'(constant) to give you the derivation of x resolved to that constant.
now then, had the semantics been y'(x => constant) then I might have expected it to parse, find the derivation, then substitute the constant
notice that the above semantic rule is totally pulled outta my butt
17 mins ago, by badp's sockpuppet
what's so hard to understand in y'(x) = 1.27 and y(0.5) = 0.5
I didn't write y'(0.5) = 0.5 :)
at any rate, next time we'll just know to try square brackets if WA trips on ye ole parentheses.
I swore I read it as you putting in 1.27 into the prime
idk, like you said, coffee, shower
at least I'm eating a bowl of oats and milk
Spicy chicken sandwiches, FTW.
Hmmm, trying to understand the POST-Redirect-GET pattern
I get the P and R stage, but what is GET'ed here?
4:58 PM
@YiJiang further link?
normally when you get redirected like that it turns the post into a get string
so if you were going to post this data:
{ "order" : "12345", "value" : 456 }
it would turn it into the getstring: ?order=12345&value=456
@YiJiang If you don't redirect, the refresh redoes the POST request. If you do redirect, the refresh GETs the confirmation page instead.
@badpssockpuppet oh that graphic is evil
it doesn't indicate that the client redoes the work

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