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3:00 PM
@ShaWizDowArd the things I download using torrent is porn and new released movies.
both are illegal
sometimes some paid softwares(cracked or preactivated)
too many pirate talks here....
@foriin6-8weeks oh, illegal in India... keep forgetting that. Nothing like that in Israel.
Probably illegal here
but oddly enough privacy concerned trump that.
No law against having/consuming porn, as long as it's "valid" of course. (18+)
3:02 PM
lol. I haven't needed to check that bit
almost certainly illegal here tho
@ShaWizDowArd "Why not let others download from me?" The behaviors of downloading data is different from uploading (with uploading being the way you generally get caught). When downloading, its common for a single computer to have multiple connections to many different IPs. This would be analogous to being on youtube, facbook, reddit, SE, etc. However, when uploading, people generally connect to a single destination at a time, such as uploading to FB or YouTube.
@Charles well, it's not like I originally "stole" the file, so if I'm already doing something immoral, I let others enjoy it as well.
@ShaWizDowArd Because of this fact, most of the destinations for uploading are registered as such by an ISP. When people get caught is when they upload to multiple destinations, at the same time, and where these destination IPs aren't registered, at all. These flags the IP as potentially sharing data illegally, and is why you should limit your uploading when torrenting to avoid getting caught. And, is also the reason why uploading, and not downloading, gets you caught.
3:07 PM
I had a friend who created a torrent sharing site. I can't remember his name. Last chat was 1.5 or 2 years ago
Torrenting SO docs, get caught...
So, imagine an IP goes from having no upload connections, and maybe only 5-6 download connections, to having ~15-20 upload connections and maybe 100 DL connections..and none of the upload destinations are known, and the DL destinations are scattered all over the world. Lol. Obviously torrenting...
@Elias may contain porn content
@Charles so the best solution is to torrent all the time ;p
I didn't understood why programmers take coffee. what did you get from coffee. Tea will make you energetic. but what coffee does?
3:12 PM
@JourneymanGeek Haha, sure, wouldn't hurt. I wonder if anyone has tried masking their torrent sharing through Minecraft server..
@foriin6-8weeks coffee is life
Not that I know anything about MC, however, from where its so user driven, I could see there being some kind of potential..
@foriin6-8weeks Generally speaking, tea has 1/2 the amount of caffeine as coffee
@foriin6-8weeks I become sleepy after drinking coffee. That's why I don't drink coffee
@Elias The same happens for me. Feel sleepy. /Cc @Charles
living together is a thing we hear from western. in India, if a boy and girl sit together in a park, people will come there to question you
3:22 PM
@foriin6-8weeks Where in India do you live? I have friends in New Delhi and Hyderabad. :) And yes, couples in a relationship may start living together after maybe 4-5 months, but it's not that common for it to be that soon. Maybe 2 years, or, after getting married.
@Charles in metro cities like Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyd etc that's the case.
but in other area, it is worst
3:52 PM
You can't have a town hall without Aaron Hall!
"town" is my middle name.
hmm so we can have a town hall without Aaron town Hall
@Elias @JonEricson is here. ask him why
or did you attached some porn to the docs?
4:18 PM
@foriin6-8weeks Please refer to Rule 34.
so that's why you get caught Elias
4:32 PM
darn users that get removed and you have no idea what things you lost votes on...
Not that it's all that important. But still...
At least you know you had a fan ...
... so we used to have an automated conversion of posts to wikis after so many edits or answers. This feature/bug has been removed. Before it was removed, I inadvertently triggered one that affects my and others' reputation count negatively, and I want it untriggered. I would probably pay more attention to/curate more my particular answer if it were unwiki'd. Thoughts?
A: Request to undo auto-CW on answers edited over years

Shog9First off, I want to note that this specific situation (maintenance edits by one author triggering CW) was first addressed back in 2011: community moderators, at their discretion, can now remove community wiki status from particular posts. This also inoculates those specific posts from e...

@AaronHall that sounds very give me my rep to be honest. It is not clear to me how wiki status affects your willingness to edit those posts?
or, as always, read the answer from Shog ...
much better worded and takes into account all sides ...
4:51 PM
ok, sounds like it qualifies for unwiki-ing...
I am the Rep King.
Cousin to the Hay King.
Are you a Repper?
I'm not a Repper.
sounds like you Rept what he sowed
4:53 PM
Supahot-python. I write that.
Rep battles like Rabbit on 8-mile
5:15 PM
hi guys
can anyone give me a hint on how to improve this question ? I really want to improve it and fix my bad question history
But I don't know how to ask it in a better way than this last edit of mine
@Kerooker Well, it's probably hard to ask a silly question in a really good and well achieved way :-/
@Kerooker it is beyond salvageable I'm afraid and you run the risk of the meta effect now that you've put the spotlights on it. But I'll write an answer on your meta question if you like. (and I'm not too grumpy)
@Kerooker Be polite please! There are also gals hanging around here.
@rene Good to hear that almighty flower ;-)
5:31 PM
Indeed. Sorry ladies.
@rene do you think it's still a bad question? How should I improve it so it's not a completely bad answer, and so that it deserves upvotes?
@Kerooker I'm writing an answer on your MSO post where I try to explain that
give me 6 to 8
@rene ;-D
@Kerooker It was actually solved with the 1st comment, and had been merely an overcomplication of a trivially solvable problem. You should note that asking for trivia is also an off-topic close reason at Stack Overflow.
@rene should I just delete the question instead?
Actualy @user0042
5:42 PM
@Kerooker You can't anyways ....
Also, I don't suppose that closing it for being trivial would potentially lift the question ban, right?
I'll try to improve my other questions
@Kerooker No, it wouldn't. And won't be automatically deleted (roombad) either.
OMG, it's an @Pops!
6:03 PM
oh, 26 minutes to go
6:22 PM
7 minutes!
wow that went by quickly
@Vogel612'sShadow You misspelled "quietly".
3 messages moved to Chimney
I'm all set ...
Is Smokey already muted?
not that there are many spam at this hour though
6:28 PM
thanks, now... time for me to sleep :(
pulls out his soapbox for just in case...
Hey everyone! We’re just about ready to start up today’s Town Hall Chat. I’m going to put this room in timeout, go over the plan and the guidelines, and then give the floor to our hosts. Here we go!
This room was placed in timeout for 2 minutes; Town Hall Chat. Today’s topic: So… what’s up?
Like last time, we’re keeping the format of this chat pretty informal, in the hope that we’ll be able to keep setup easy and low-pressure so we can keep having these chats more regularly.
Our topic this week is pretty free-form. We figured it might be interesting to try and give folks a view into what community managers are up to these days when we aren’t making big announcements or posting giant flowcharts.
So we’ve got @JonEricson and @bluefeet around to just kinda… chat about how they’ve been spending their time lately. Other CMs are around and might weigh in, too. After the initial timeout feel free to ask follow-up questions or react/respond however you like.
After ~15 minutes of that, as in previous weeks, we’ll open the conversation up to whatever topic you folks want. If we want to keep going on something from the first half, that’s cool; if there are other subjects you’d like to hear from us about, that’s cool too.
As with last time, please keep the meta-chat to a minimum; we'll welcome feedback on the format and such on MSE after the show. We're going to do our level best to maintain a reasonable signal-to-noise ratio here, so if you're going to type words and hit enter, please keep them on topic.
So! Take it away, @JonEricson!
6:31 PM
Well, just before this chat, I wrote an email to a user who is potentially suicidal. Earlier, I added a cite link to Cross Validated. I’ve been working with Adam to update the Docs links spreadsheet.
I’m also getting up to speed with being the Community Team liaison to the DAG team. It’s a sort new way of working with developers, designers, PMs, etc. Now that Docs is gone (or rather, going away), I was ready for a new team to, um, liaise with. Mostly, I’m helping Joe figure out how to communicate with y’all. (Like this.)
I’ve also been cheating by doing programming under the guise of work. I forgot how fun that can be.
Also, I’m trying to appoint some new moderators on beta sites and wrapping up an elections. (Not this week, thankfully.)
It also seemed like as good a time as any to try out a self-evaluation on Astronomy. Not sure how that’ll work out, but it feels good to try.
@JonEricson Hey, I do this all the time.
So, I've been pretty busy lately.
so... timeout's done. wondering if anything here is remotely of interest to folks
or else we can just keep rambling into a text box ;)
rambling is always good
@JonEricson Would you say you spend a lot of time dealing with the more human side of SE?
6:35 PM
@bluefeet go for it ;)
@hairboat It's nice to get a view glimpse into the day to day work of a CM
thanks @hairboat
The main thing I did was spend far too long, digging through the code, Meta posts, etc trying to answer this crazy long question. That lead to about 15 hand-written pages of notes and thoughts which I converted to an extremely long answer with flowchart.
@Henders It all feels pretty human to me. ;-)
@JonEricson How actively do you check up on s on individual SE sites? I know that it's pretty hard to get a feature implemented for one specific site
I’ve been brushing dust off of my DBA skills and learning about our many SQL Servers around here. Helping out Nick C with some of the sql work they have to do.
6:35 PM
And by you I mean, the CMs in general
I’m also getting up to speed on the Channels project, as I’m Community Team liaison for it. We’re going to post regular updates soon, but I was able to give the community a quick answer about our progress with it.
Just like @JonEricson I've also been pretty busy
@DJMcMayhem I'm planning on getting together with Joe to make it more systematic. We don't have great processes at the moment.
What's this DAG team? I think I missed something somewhere
@ɥʇǝS DAG!
Q: Meet Team DAG! (Developer Affinity & Growth)

Tim PostNot quite dang. Not quite unless you see them at play in their native habitats which few will ever travel far enough to do. Sometimes, you really should pay attention to the folks moving around behind the curtains. We'd like to take a moment to introduce you to a very special product team at Sta...

6:38 PM
Are you going to hire another CM, after jmac left? (And is there going to be an announcement about that?)
Oh. Meta.SO. No wonder I didn't see it.
o_O I did not even know that jmac left
@Mithrandir jmac left?!?!?! :(
thinks DAG means "Directed Acyclic Graph"
@bluefeet pew pew pew
6:39 PM
@ɥʇǝS for the record, my vote was for "Developer Affinity and Worldwide Growth", so I could greet them with "YO DAWG"
@ɥʇǝS It's hard for me to remember what it stands for even though it's in the name of our internal chat room.
Clearly balpha just broke the town hall.
@ɥʇǝS I'm excited because the team is working on stuff that will be applicable on other sites too. (Like, for better or worse, the top bar rollout.)
@Mithrandir there was an announcement directly to the Japanese SO community, since that was jmac's primary role here. (i can't read Japanese, but chrome translation gives a pretty good approximation here.) the specific hiring plan is still being worked on but the overall idea is that the jaSO site will continue to run and be taken care of in the meantime
Oct 15 '10 at 20:57, by Shog9
pictures balpha, enraged, trashing the server room with a 2x4 yelling "bal-FAH? bal-FAH?!!"
Always funny regardless of context.
6:43 PM
@hairboat it's helpful that apparently my fallback font does not support kanji in any way :/
@DJMcMayhem I don't think we all necessarily do it the same way, but I do a weekly check.
@Pops it's been seven years, I've come to terms with it being pronounced that way.
Now, people uppercasing the "b", I'll never get used to.
@Pops Intersting. So like a quick read through on any meta posts you haven't seen yet-- For every single site?
@balpha instead of b-alpha?
oh while we're at balpha... what's gonna happen to chat?
6:44 PM
Yeah, all new or active posts. About two dozen sites, I can't do all 128 or whatever it is sites every week.
Aug 31 at 8:25, by balpha
I'm not seeing a lot of priority being put into chat for right now, other than big bugfixes and stuff like that. I wouldn't call it abandoned (after all, we use it heavily internally, and stuff like the current mentorship experiment also relies on chat), but certainly maintenance mode as opposed to active development.
Mod note! OK, folks - we’re past the 15 minute mark, so now you can feel free to bring up any other topics you have in mind, or continue on this topic if you like.
to be clear, it's not my call to make, this ^ is just my impression
for some value of "this topic"
@DJMcMayhem I look at about the same number of sites as @Pops. But not necessarily weekly or even regularly.
6:45 PM
(that's a canned message... in case it wasn't obvious)
@JonEricson if that's the case why was the announcement posted on meta.SO?
@balpha That's really too bad. There are a lot of things I'd really like to see implemented for chat, especially since after I started moderating one of the more active rooms on the network (TNB, codegolf's main site)
For example, why are Meta, SE, and SO chat accounts all separated? I've never understood the logic behind that
@ɥʇǝS 'Cause the work is focused on SO first. (Hence, "Developer".)
@DJMcMayhem historic reasons
It's hard to merge now because of ID conflicts
From what I hear
6:47 PM
^^ that
@DJMcMayhem So that the CMs can shut up the non SO/non CM diamonds on those servers?
not that the problem wouldn't be solvable, after all for every chat account there is an associated parent account with an associated SE account...
it's just... hard to do...
tries to come up with a list of demands but has nothing
@Catija Seems like a good idea to me :P I always need less air time!
Why is it so hard to catch a CM in the TL nowadays?
6:48 PM
@Catija i think that's an unintended side benefit. certainly not a reason not to fix the wacky UX if we ever could, but while we're in wacky-UX-land it works
@Catija You mean so that you're not a mod in this room? (for example)
@DJMcMayhem Nope. or yes? I'm not a mod here... < no blue name.
@balpha I'm asking mostly because I had a few moderation-related s for chat which were quite upvoted
@Mithrandir Hrm? When are you in there?
@Mithrandir Did you bring the right snacks?
6:48 PM
@Mithrandir because we're trying to better prioritize our time
@DJMcMayhem the separation between SO and SE makes sense I think. Most SE sites just have a single chat room or two; SO has a tooooooooooooooooooooon
Sometimes I'm in there and people say "team" and my name comes up and then they don't say anything.
we do have a CM scheduled to hang out in the TL and be available each weekday
And while I've been a room owner in TNB, we've run into lots of very strange issues
@Pops hugs @Pops
6:49 PM
but it's generally just the one, instead of a bunch of us idly hanging out in there all the time... because of what @shog9 said
@hairboat Today is my day. But I'm busy here right now.
@Pops up, so to say ...
@AdamLear what kind of snacks attract CMs?
Yeah, but the number of times people have gone TEAM and no CMs are in the room...
6:50 PM
For example, recently a suspended user has been entering/leaving the room over and over nonstop to annoy people by moving the avatar list. I've wanted to make a feature request to fix that, but I know it's probably never going to get any traction
@Mithrandir Mods can snatch a CM at any time if there's an urgent need, and we implemented a "contact CM" tool to make sure stuff doesn't fall through the cracks - which even with multiple people in the TL happened often.
@JonEricson Do you(CM's) share sites totally or are there other divisions too? (Like one particular CM decides diamond mods and othre approves FR's etc., )
@Mithrandir They also want mods to use the contact CM feature more so that they can prioritize and be efficient.
Is this going to be fixed?
@DJMcMayhem there's a feature for that
6:50 PM
@Mithrandir ^^^ what Seth said
yeah, the "ping a CM" approach doesn't scale. we discovered that early on and then... continued trying to make it work anyway for several years after discovering that
@ɥʇǝS Presumably ones that ship well... over digital connections?
A: Impose a re-entry delay on users kicked out of a chat room

balphaThis has been implemented now. The short story is: room owners can kick abusive users, who will then be banned from re-entering the room for a certain time. Of course you want not just the short story but all the dirty details, so here they are: In the user popup that appears when you click on ...

@balpha Really? What is that?
@Sinister there are different processes for different needs / sets of skill or knowledge
6:51 PM
@Catija oh so that's what the internet connected brewery is for?
@Sinister Mostly divided by site. But we do have some specializations. Like I do election results announcements.
@balpha last time I tried, ROs couldn't kick people that didn't have messages.
@balpha That doesn't apply here. A suspended user is doing this.
@ɥʇǝS that's for the urgent stuff, yes. But for pinging a CM like to read a meta post (eg about not deleting one use tags on a specific site) or something, there's no need AFAIK to raise a ticket.
@DJMcMayhem doesn't matter whether the user is suspended, you can kick them anyways
6:52 PM
@Sinister We discuss FRs collectively. See:
given they have messages in the room, but eh
Q: What features did the Community Team discuss, have implemented, or have denied last month?

JNatOn a weekly basis, the Community Team vets a handful of feature requests to be sent over to the engineering team and estimated, scheduled into next month's plan, and built (or sometimes rejected for technical reasons). We try to select things that we think can make the most people happy, and ...

> who can be kicked? 3 The kickee is not suspended.
@Vogel612'sShadow well, if they didn't say anything, what's the problem
join/leave-spam as well as poking abusive stuff at people with the chat profile description
6:53 PM
@balpha suspended users entering the room can rile people up.
@balpha I think that they're saying the icons changing and moving around the starred posts repeatedly is annoying to the users in the room?
@Mithrandir it's not just for urgent stuff - it's for anything you want to make sure to get a CM's eyes on one way or another
@Mithrandir So this is a question of level of urgency?
@Mithrandir You can ping us when we aren't actively in the room. (Just don't always ping Shog every time and don't expect a quick response if we aren't there.)
6:54 PM
Also, there's not really any good way to deal with star spam, which we happen to get an unusual amount of
Other than just repeatedly clearing/hoping the user doing it grows up
@JonEricson would you be willing to release some aggregated stats on "CMs performed so-and-so many tasks in the last X months"?
5-minute warning - get yer questions in now if you have em!
@Vogel612'sShadow What's a "task"?
@Vogel612'sShadow we'd probably be willing to (were it anonymized etc), but we don't have that info
@Vogel612'sShadow Why? Different tasks don't all take the same amount of time... it'd be pretty useless information.
6:55 PM
@DJMcMayhem ignore it since it does no permanent harm and is only an effective troll if tons of people flip out over it.
we're actually working on gathering some of that in the last few weeks
@Vogel612'sShadow I can't keep track of myself most of the time.
My wife sometimes has to tell me to stop working so we can watch Narcos or something.
@Mithrandir The only thing with "reading a Meta post" that would make it not appropriate for the "contact community team" feature, is that that feature lives on users' profiles... so use community@ for those instead :)
@JonEricson Queue XKCD.
@JNat Alright then.
6:58 PM
the point is taken (re your question@Mithrandir) that knowing the Right Way to contact us about something is often not intuitive. that's why "just ping someone in TL" became the de facto method - it's easy and low impact. we haven't figured out the right balance yet, clearly.
To give y'all a little bit of extra insight into this... One of the things on which I've been spending all the free time I have now that I'm not sitting in the TL every day has been a "backlog task" queue: there's a trello board with a huge pile of Things That Need To Be done - I look at them, estimate the time involved, write up a bit of guidance and assign them to team members.
That's currently a bit clunky and a bit under-used, but we're dedicated to making it work since otherwise stuff gets lost in the shuffle all too easily.
@Catija @Mithrandir @DJMcMayhem Hmm, makes sense. I'll think about it, but I can't promise you anything.
[1 minute warning]
@Vogel612'sShadow Surprisingly, that's not usually the problem. More often, I'm writing a query or thinking about an interesting idea or editing an announcement or such. I try to avoid arguing on the internet.
7:00 PM
@balpha I'd be happy to write it up as an official if that would help at all
That just about does it for time today. Thanks everyone for coming! If you have feedback on the format, please leave it on the meta post. It wasn’t a huge amount of time, but we’re trying to keep these short and lightweight so we can do them more often, since it’s important that we get this time to talk to each other directly. Next one in two weeks - watch meta for details. Thanks for town-hall-chatting, y’all!
@DJMcMayhem If you can capture one, a gif would probably be useful to show what's happening.
@Catija Hmmm. It would be hard to find a recording of the user in question doing it, since it comes and goes, but I could record it myself with the help of some other ROs
Interesting to get an insight into the behind the scenes! Thanks all :)

Town Hall Chat #7 - 13 September 2017

32 mins ago, 30 minutes total – 147 messages, 18 users, 39 stars

Bookmarked 1 min ago by hairboat

7:01 PM
@hairboat meta: what about announcing the topic a bit beforehand, to give the community a bit of time to find some kind of "consensus"?
@DJMcMayhem Yeah. The point is seeing what it looks like, not necessarily blaming the person who's actually doing it.
@hairboat huh, why didn't that onebox
no idea
It had some character on the beginning ;)
paste error
@Vogel612'sShadow could do. the trick we've been trying with these recent editions has been not to figure out the topic until the day of the chat
7:03 PM
Ha! That's an escape (0x1B) character
trying to Select A Topic, we fall into the trap of "well... there's not that much happening around, so, might as well not have a chat at all", which is why they stopped happening for a while
@Vogel612'sShadow We decided on the topic a half hour before the town hall. So it wouldn't have made much sense this time. (Plus, it was "what have Jon and bluefeet been doing", so I don't know what consensus means in this case.)
so our new approach (thanks to @Shog9) is "schedule it, and pick a topic at go time"
@hairboat I think that makes sense... otherwise the topic may be stale by the time the town hall happens.
7:05 PM
@hairboat That's a great approach.
@bluefeet - any update on @Andy's bot?
While you're here and pingable ;)
@hairboat idea: write a mod help center article about it
(and it would make things so much easier if we could just edit that/write new articles ourselves)
@Mithrandir that's do-able, but only on a per-site basis so inappropriate for this particular use
7:13 PM
I've read through that. But it's not very specific (probably intentionally).
@JonEricson thanks :)
@Mithrandir It's a bit hard to be specific since we get contacted about all sorts of things. I tried to lay out the principles so they are as useful and general as possible.
The contact CM form is a great default since it's tracked in ZenDesk behind the scenes. If you ping me, there's a good chance I'll forget if I don't take care of it right away.
Thanks for the info - this conversation has been informative for me ;)
And I appreciate your willingness to respond here.
@Mithrandir I'm always here and pingable just ask @ShaWizDowArd
@JonEricson @hairboat half an hour already seems like enough time. It's been a bit annoying to have to read up while the introduction to the topic kept going
7:21 PM
@Mithrandir yeah, I'll be updating that post soon
@Vogel612'sShadow Hmmm... I was still working on what I was going to say right up until the chat started. I think the initial timeout was less than 5 minutes this time. At least it felt like it this time.
...timeout on mobile could use some work..
Yes, but it still contained three links I followed (and gave up on reading), so the duration of initial timeout isn't really relevant
For instance, every time hairboat posted a new message during the timeout I couldn't see the last line.
@Vogel612'sShadow Ah. I'm definitely an overlinker. Sorry about that.
7:26 PM
And the countdown obstructed my view of what she was typing and made it hard to read.
The links didn't matter too much since I was trying to give an impression of what I've been up to. :-(
answering the summoning
I hope everyone upvoted Joe's topbar announcement so he can finally get association bonus and not be a 1-rep user everywhere...
@Henders probably not, there's no developer dedicated to chat anymore, and it's not really urgent.
@Michelle I've downvoted it because I think that the new topbar is more confusing, less intuitive, and a downgrade from the old topbar.
And I am not keen on having it rolled out across the network.
7:33 PM
@Michelle well at least on SO he got a diamond so it's not super weird to see him doing mod stuff
@Mithrandir You know what's really confusing? Moving from Stack Overflow to some other site with the old topbar. ;-) I got used to the new one after a week or so, but I'll never get used to both on the same network.
(e.g. taking part in private chat rooms)
@bluefeet pingable yes, but sometimes you rebel against my flags... ;)
@JonEricson I've trained myself to not look at the topbar at all while flagging on SO.
...which is basically all I do there.
@Mithrandir A new UI! Horrors! ;-)
So, the new SE topbar still has "Stack Exchange + pseudo-hamburger" on the left, but site switcher is on the right, so... what will clicking the SE icon achieve?
7:36 PM
@ShaWizDowArd that's just punishment for the pings
It's not that it's new. It's that instead of having clear labels on things - like review - it's now just a bunch of symbols with low contrast so you can't even tell when you get a notification on SO.
Also, it's a meta-hamburger, with all other icons being between two hamburgers.
As for top bar, I don't think it will harm reviews on other sites. The few who review in smaller sites won't be affected since they're more dedicated to it. At least I hope so. :D
@ShaWizDowArd I use the counter to watch for reviews on Scifi.SE.
7:38 PM
On SO it's "I'm bored, let's review a bit"
I just type /review, /users, and so on. CLI rules.
And it's consistent between sites.
@Michelle That's a good question for Joe's "question", I think.
@bluefeet :( I wanted to elect the bot.
7:40 PM
@Mithrandir too bad.. you'll have to use userscript now I guess. Or not review. :)
@Mithrandir well we don't elect bots
It's been 2 days since someone wanted to nuke Health, and now this:
Q: Recommend dissolving Software Recommendations

Sherwood BotsfordHere's the problem: Most of the time Software Recommendations are specific to a particular field of endeavor. I don't regularly browse SR because there aren't enough topics that interest me. And I have fairly eclectic interests. I think my behaviour is typical. I have found few useful answer...

@ShaWizDowArd or I can try to raise enough support that they won't go through with it :p
@Mithrandir maybe 1000 upvotes will have a small chance... :D
7:44 PM
So... no more than 100 comments/day for Andy's bot. :(
Surely it could find more stuff to flag if it was allowed to.
8:08 PM
@Michelle In the new top bar the Stack Exchange logo is no longer a control, it is just a link to the site you're on. The only control for site switching is the one on the right.
It's great that the rainwater collected from the roof of Michelle University stadium is being used for flushing, but the picture is also a reminder of how too-communal some of those places are...
Also, WTF with the guy who doesn't want to do anything but watch?
@Michelle watch toilets? Why not? It's very interesting.
Especially when it's a trough for N people to use simultaneously while standing shoulder-to-shoulder during a game break.
8:28 PM
lol, that navbar... I wonder how many people had to work on that project.
That was balpha'd
a bad attempt ....
Even I recognize that ....
2 hours later…
11:08 PM
.... oh snap, I missed town hall again?
11:30 PM
> Does anyone at Microsoft know if they’re using the Stack Overflow homepage as an internet health check? Talking 5 million hits a day here. -- Nick Craver at 1:18 PM - 13 Sep 2017
But traffic is good, right?
There are four user agents banned from SO, according to robots.txt:
User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: Yahoo Pipes 1.0
User-agent: 008
User-agent: voltron
> voltron
Yeah, SE are clearly dog people ;p
> 80legs has been criticised by numerous site owners for its technology effectively acting as a Distributed Denial of Service attack and not obeying robots.txt.[6][7][8][9] As the average webmaster is not aware of the existence of 80legs, blocking access to its crawler can only be done when it's already too late, the server ddosed, and the guilty party detected after a time-consuming in-depth analysis of the logfiles. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/80legs
11:34 PM
First time I hear about them.
Also a bunch of Documentation URLs in robots.txt
@Michelle wait. They reuse the mens room water in the ladies?
Do they want equal opportunity stink?
(Cause school gents toilets have a ... unique... smell)
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