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7:07 PM
@XavierCombelle no point closing it. You can just let it go, there's no harm in asking unpopular questions on Meta. There is question ban, but it's far more flexible than on SO, and takes lots of "effort" to reach it.
@YvetteColomb yup, would be happy to see both with permanent review ban.
Problem is, they are not robo reviewers, just bad reviewers. No automated system can catch those, so they are the worst. They actually believe they are reviewing in a good way, while they are not.
Glad I no longer take part in the suggested edits review on SO - it became a joke with such reviewers approving total crap.
(Since they became the majority, no point trying to help, not until there is mass review ban of hundreds of those.)
I like to click Improve or Reject and Edit. Then it's not a joke, I get to make the decision.
@Shog9 stapler-chat threat level: cabernet... again. I love this split test grouping method...
Everything announced today

So, from top to bottom:

The Apple Watch Series 3 ships on 22 September. $329/£329 without cellular connection, and $£399 with.
The Apple TV 4k ships on 22 September, at $£179.
The iPhone 8 starts at $£699 for 64GB and the iPhone 8 plus $£799, shipping on 22 September.
And the iPhone X (that’s “iPhone Ten”, if you want to be one of those people who calls a gif a jif) starts at $£999, and will be available for pre-order from 27 October, shipping on 3 November.
Hm. Maybe not using R&E as often as I imagined... today's haul was "7 Approve; 6 Reject; 6 Improve Edit; 1 Reject and Edit"
@canon say that in English?
7:21 PM
@Michelle I mean all the cases when it's already done.
It's just annoying. Super.
Ah. Well, I don't normally see those.
split test grouping method is probably some jQuery plugin.
@Shog9 the chat bubble icon with a stapler on it, i.e.: the review queue icon, has the cabernet colored circle on it again. There was a short period where I was no longer in the test group. Now I'm back, apparently.
@canon you mean A/B testing?
Don't drink and review ...
7:24 PM
@rene on the contrary, the UI seems to be trying to suggest that...
@i-- what is "$£"? New currency combining US dollar and British Pound?
First Posts queue offered be an answer that I already flagged NAA. Boo. (Then, so did Late Answers queue)
iPhone X will cost $1000 so guess you added the "£" by mistake? @i--
@Michelle hah.
@ShaWizDowArd both are same
7:26 PM
@i-- umm.... no.
$ is for dollar, mainly used in USA. £ is used in England, and is a different currency.
in UK, it is £1000 and in US, it is $1000
and the message is a copy paste from the guardian
@i-- heh, so they are dumb. That's just a typo.
Used in official paper is just dumb action IMO.
(as in, not innocent mistake)
maybe it's dollars sterling?
So, is there a chart of iPhone price of the time of release, by model? Adjusted for inflation?
7:28 PM
@canon testing is done. See:
A: When I look at the review icon, I see red

Shog9 Or does it light up when a particular queue is full to a certain threshold? This. Currently the thresholds are based on 90% of the max hourly value over the past couple weeks (test is done, thresholds now aspirational - see below); we'll adjust those based on the initial test results in an e...

Wow so 30% more expensive for the British people... not really fair.
probably will cost here even more though.
(e.g. 10000 NIS which are ~2500 dollars)
@ShaWizDowArd no they used simplified it
$329/£329 without cellular connection, and $£399 with.
they combined the $329/£329 to $£329
group of lazy people
So, in_danger is the official name of that review state. Then it should have an official soundtrack too...
7:31 PM
@Shog9 I noticed your graphs only showed icon/item clicks. Has this actually translated to more work getting done?
@ShaWizDowArd but it will cost even more in India
I think it should be around $1.5K
You're going to buy iPhone X? @i-- @Bart @rene @Alon :D
well I am going to buy a Jio Phone
I say: bye iPhone
@ShaWizDowArd Enough with the phones. Can we just get a neural implant, already?
7:32 PM
@ShaWizDowArd can I make calls using iPhone X?
@canon sure, for $10000000000000000
@AlonEitan loyal to android?
@i-- Jio who?
7:35 PM
@canon Not really. Only a small fraction of reviewers in the test, didn't move the needle much. Usual "new shiny" bump then fall-off, though not to the extreme depths of earlier in the year.
As I said in my update, the big win is prioritization: suggested edits piling up are a lot more critical than, say, Late Answers (which low-rep users can clear out fast anyway).
@Shog9 I wonder how much of this is people in the test just clicking those red dots looking for explanations of what the hell the unexplained red dots mean. I'll be curious to see more graphs once this has had some time.
@Shog9 Sorry I'm not motivated to help out in those queues. I know they're a mess. :(
@canon yeah, checking back in a month or so should be interesting
@canon eh; don't stress. There are TONS of people who can help; if even half of them did one or two reviews a day there'd be no problem. Big thing is awareness. Few people doing tons of work doesn't last; folks burn out.
@i-- oh
Looks promising.
@ShaWizDowArd that's a 4G phone with video call facility and it's own voice assist application
for the price of 1500
that is about $25
@i-- looks like you pay monthly, not for the device. No?
i.e. pay for the plan as whole, and the device is given for "free"
7:40 PM
monthly payment is Rs. 155 or something like that
Guess if you leave you must pay the whole thing.
nearly $2.5
we have to pay the $25 first time
We had such deals in Israel until they were made illegal.
Then we can use it and after 3 years, if we return the mobile, they will give the money back($25)
Not illegal here
@i-- but if you decide to return it after a week?
7:42 PM
not possible
but for the $2.5, you will get unlimited calls to any number anywhere in India and Unlimited 4G data
The one who arranged the above revolution is now minister of finance.
+access to JIO apps including Jio TV with live tv streaming of more than 100 channels, JIO music, Jio movies, etc
@i-- so you keep paying, no matter what?
7:44 PM
ECMAScript is mapped to JavaScript? that seems... weird.
@canon well, can there be questions on SO about ECMAScript which don't involve JavaScript? Doubt it.
Pure ECMAScript questions would probably be off topic anyway.
(as it's just a specification)
and JavaScript is an implementation of it
like ActionScript (God rest its soul)
seems weird to just pick an implementation and say, THIS ONE
though, surely, it's got the largest following
@canon hmm... might have a point there. Worth a meta post then. :)
@ShaWizDowArd There was probably some obscure holy war already waged on meta.
@canon might be :)
8:06 PM
1 hour later…
9:35 PM
@canon There was. And jQuery won.
9:47 PM
A: Desynonymize [ecmascript] tag

Shog9If I recall correctly, most of the non-JavaScript questions under that tag were related to Flash development. And those should probably just be tagged ActionScript. If you want to talk about ECMAScript 5, then introduce a ecmascript-5 tag. Like it or not, in the common parlance ECMAScript is Jav...

You'll note that there are indeed versioned tags for ecmascript
2 hours later…
11:32 PM
@ShaWizDowArd yep
11:57 PM
@ShaWizDowArd do you think I did the wrong thing - using that as an example and calling out the reviewers on meta? there's some references to pitch forks in the comments O.O
@Telkitty I dreamt (in my short sleep last night) that we flew to NZ together and back again. lolololol
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