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3:38 AM
Ya know, I don't mind useful downvotes on exploratory questions, but I mind downvotes when I've provided good feedback on a question...
just venting
We are getting there :D
Hooray! \o/
shakes fist at Python and moves on
OMG! GO HERE NOW!! Tres cool!! dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1388179/…
A welder making boilers for warships in the WW2 era, in color. So rare. So cool.
4:21 AM
\o/ One step closer to my launching my blog.
@GeorgeMarian YATTA! :D
@GeorgeMarian Nice!
Nothing spectacular, but behold: toomanywindows.net
@GeorgeMarian It speaks!
4:22 AM
Darn, it kinda steals my thunder with chat hiding the protocol. :)
Also this ;)
@GeorgeMarian that's just sort of expected, the HTTPS. When I finally get mine up it will be HTTPS all the way. For now, HTTP is sufficient
Comodo was nice enough to issue the cert for www subdomain. That made me happy, as I couldn't decide which I'd prefer and just went ahead with the base domain.
@drachenstern Yeah, I didn't even want to upload WP w/o having SSL enabled for login.
man, eff that. I want one for *.
4:29 AM
Yah, I would if I had the money for it. I got this cert free w/ my hosting account.
oh, nice
Ironically, I actually have 2 free certs available. I was considering using the 2nd for the www.
Hmm...If I really wanted to, I could register another domain and host it as an addon domain from the same account and use that free cert offer before it expires. Then again, these certs aren't actually very expensive.
Oh, did I tell you guys about how I thought I had hosed my home server on Tuesday? Or, rather, how I thought that the ancient 20G HDD had ironically died on me when I brought down the server to install a new HDD.
I didn't hear about this. What happened?
Turns out the CMOS battery was dead and I had forgotten that I had to turn the APIC off when I installed Ubuntu Server.
Ah ha, heheh
4:38 AM
It freaked me the eff out, as I don't have a backup process in place yet. (That's part of the reason for the new HDD.)
omg, how much work did you do before you realized it?
About 2 hours or so.
you didn't reformat anything did you?
Oh, heck no. At first I thought it was an issue w/ the IDE connector or something like that. It wasn't finding the root device.
I eventually realized that the BIOS settings were lost due to the battery. I have an Athlon XP Mobile, which may be the reason that the BIOS doesn't recognize the correct settings. So, it didn't hit me at first what was really going on.
The irony of it all is that I had a heck of a time installing the server because of the APIC issue.
The upside of all of this is that I've re-identified the processor. (It has been so long, that I forgot which specific processor I had bought.) I've also written down the details and will be taping a card with that info to the box. :)
Rapture prank: On Saturday, take some of your unwanted clothes and shoes and leave sets of them arranged on sidewalks and lawns around town.
@GeorgeMarian nice.
4:46 AM
@drachenstern LOL
Oh, have you guys heard about the vuln in the new Sony password reset page?
do we want to?
It's an epic fail. DOB and a user's email address were all that was necessary to gain control of an account. theregister.co.uk/2011/05/18/sony_playstation_account_hijacking
shakes head
This is why only professionals should do web design
LOL Yeah, that's pretty bad. It certainly won't help them regain confidence in their security.
6 hours later…
10:36 AM
Oh, damn you /., this is not news.
reddit.com/r/Pareidolia - incredibly cute subreddit
@balpha lol I just saw that chat. You should put in a filter for the android room(s) that converts "u " to "you"
Q: Embedding a .EXE into a webpage on Firefox?

Shedo Chung-Hee SurashuHi all, I'm going to prank my buddy into thinking that I have a certain game as a Facebook application. That game is of course, a desktop application which probably uses DirectX and is coded in C++. Now I don't want it to be all out innovation. I just want to make it so that it seems that the app...

^ What is this I don't even...
hello :)
@YiJiang oh boy
10:51 AM
It scares me that it's even remotely possible, in a way.
I mean, sure. There's stuff like Quake Live.
Perhaps he wants to show that instead.
11:15 AM
in Android on Stack Overflow Chat, 2 mins ago, by saurabh 360
@OctavianDamiean please guide me how to make chat client application in adnroid
@OctavianDamiean File → New Project
@badpssockpuppet hehe good idea actually :p
11:38 AM
@balpha If I could add negative commitment I would.
@balpha Do we need want an SE for every language known to mankind?
@badpssockpuppet absolutely
why not
I don't no -- maybe. But it would definitely be a great first step towards internationalization
So we need an SE for Python, and an SE for C, and an SE for C#
because - why not?
@badpssockpuppet I thought you meant human language
11:40 AM
@OctavianDamiean So we need an SE for Minecraft, and an SE for Starcraft 2, and an SE for Portal 2
Q: Merging All the Language Proposals into one language website

itsaboutcodeProposal: German language I was wondering if we should make one language SE site, where all these matters are discussed e.g; Translation from Language A to B, Grammar and Usage issue, instead of making one site per language and manage the whole thing with tags? How it will benefit the community...

@badpssockpuppet I don't see what those games are to do with a human language
can someone translate this for me?
in Android,Iphone,berry on Stack Overflow Chat, 56 mins ago, by ManjotSingh
@ZiYA saale bahut haraami ho gaya hai
in Android,Iphone,berry on Stack Overflow Chat, 2 hours ago, by ManjotSingh
lolz aapas mein kyun ladh rahe ho
(I figure what "lolz" means)
Google Translate came up blank
11:46 AM
I can do it for ya
cool, hit me
1) wtf a lot of bullshit is going on. 2) why are we fighting among ourselves
if we are at translating, what does totta mean?
yeah basically they are fighting among themselves. and manjot is perving on the guy in the photo
is speachless
11:51 AM
he's out for another 30 minutes now for the spam flags
totta i think it means a hot girl. but I'm not sure because it's punjabi
ok thanks :)
it's not worth wasting our time on them :)
@OctavianDamiean They're tags
of a larger topic
thanks @Reno
11:57 AM
@badpssockpuppet but do you seriously think a human language and a game can be compared?
@OctavianDamiean Certainly a language tag would have more questions.
But taxonomically, yes.
At any rate I've just became the top committer for languages.SE; that feels somewhat wrong
12:18 PM
Oh joy, there's Japanese.SE too
Ah well.
would <insert_language>.languages.stackexchange.com be to hard to implement?
something like languages.stackexchange.com behaving like stackexchange.com is behaving for the other sites
Q: Quick link to tags

Nick Tbadp seems hell-bent on making sprays for TF2 for the sake of advertising the site, but he was remarking how long the domain name is, e.g. Why do we have to have such a longass domain name :| I wanted to make a promotional TF2 spray but no one is going to type that URL from a spray ...

with tag sets and everything, so that people can choose which language they want to see
That meta question advocates tag.site.stackexchange.com URLs.
I think it's impractical, but what do I know
yeah, the length of the url would be a downside
@badpssockpuppet Double the fun!
maybe make an exception like askubuntu and let languages.se have its own domain name
At any rate, if it makes meta.meta.stackoverflow.com happen, then it's probably a good idea :P
Hmm, if a process is bound on all addresses to a specific port, and another process tries to bind to that same port on a more specific address, should the OS allow that?
12:26 PM
@TimStone That won't work.
That's what I would have thought too, but it does.
Or at least it does in the sense that socket.bind() throws no error.
There's a Python script in the web framework we use that tries to check to see if a port is in use by binding to ('', port), then catching the error
>>> a.bind(("", 20000))
  File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
socket.error: [Errno 10048] Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted
@TimStone I get the above in Python 3.2, under Windows 7
The actual process is listed as bound to, but only if I change the address passed to bind to '' does it throw an error.
('', 8000) just chugs along normally.
12:29 PM
>>> a.bind(("", 20000))
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
socket.error: [Errno 10048] Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted
Coffee time.
1:28 PM
@TimStone Looks like a forked socket to me
2 hours later…
3:01 PM
Now that's a sharp competitor to reflector right there
3:31 PM
Is it really so much to ask of people to put five more words about the link after the link, explaining what the link says in foreshortened form?
407 rep, 2 gold badges ...
3:47 PM
@balpha What happens when the feed user get spam flagged?
@YiJiang @balpha kicks a puppy ):
Why do you keep giving him puppies to kick? :(
What - you think we have the NYC office mail puppies to him? |:
@RebeccaChernoff Well look at SO chat now. You go, I'll fetch the puppy
I dun wanna.
the php room? I really don't want to. q:
3:59 PM
@RebeccaChernoff I figured it was handled by your branch. Maybe you should send him the people who flag the feed user instead. :P
@RebeccaChernoff The puppy bit? Don't worry, we've got an overpopulation of puppies here, perfect for him to, ahem, euthanise a few with his boots
@TimStone Hmm, this only works on Windows. What have you done now, Microsoft?
@TimStone most likely a different binding order
Q: php for loop input

user761396why cannot accept this question?why cannot accept this question?why cannot accept this question?why cannot accept this question?why cannot accept this question?why cannot accept this question?why cannot accept this question?why cannot accept this question?why cannot accept this question?why canno...

(10k only, now that it has been deleted)
4:08 PM
@drachenstern How would that work?
Well somebody has found a way around the quality filter...
@TimStone they do things with their network stack to make most precise filters match before least precise filters. At least, since that's how IIS does it, I'm presuming that's how the other network stack stuff does it.
So, "most likely" ... I'm guessing
stackoverflow.com/posts/6061529/revisions shakes fist at quality filter
Of course, you can't really blame the filter either - the original post, without the spam, would have been a bunch of garbage because the filter cleans out PHP tags poorly
A: Is it possible to make CVS comments compulsory for commits?


wait what?
4:23 PM
git cupcake there we go, problem solved
Hi All, Good Morning, Have a Nice Day
4:39 PM
@YiJiang the message is deleted if there are enough flags (like usual), but nothing else
i.e. it won't get suspended; I assume that's what you mean
4:56 PM
A: Question to Auto logout C# desktop application

drachenstern I need to include the reset function in a portion of the port_DataRecieved function. Ok. Gotcha. I cannot simply add another delegate method to the serialPort.DataReceived which will perform the reset as the serialPort.DataReceived will received a lot of other messages that I am not int...

magic strikes again (I believe)
5:10 PM
Q: Need Help in Running Ant Script from Java Code?

Sankar GaneshHi All, I had created an Ant file, and run it successfully in my Eclipse IDE by right clicking the Porject -> Run As-> AntBuild, But now i want to run this ant build from java code,. This is my java code for Running the Ant Script Project project = new Project(); project.init(); ...

5:22 PM
@SankarGanesh are you guys using a CI server for this or just in the build file?
@drachenstern Just a Build file i havenot used any CI server, i want to exceute an EXE, so i had worte ant script in a file, now i have to invoke that file
Yeah, I'm looking. I don't know Java that well, but I recently created for us a NAnt build file
@drachenstern oh, Nice, i had run that file, manually and launches my exe, in a nice manner, but problem i have to run the ant file programmaticaly
@SankarGanesh can you share your ant file please?
@drachenstern Sure
5:34 PM
On the question of course
ok, let me update it
Also, why are you running the ant script from the java file? don't you run ant from the command line?
@drachenstern: Updated the Question, Actually we have created an EXE using Launch4j, now i had worte script to create and Excute the EXE of launch4j
but ... but ... that doesn't seem like what you really want to do here ...
Look, I don't write Java code, and I may be totally wrong on this, so I'm going to butt out, after I ask one more question. How do you "run" this ant script that is build.xml?
@drachenstern Right click the project-> chosse Run As-> then click Ant Build, it will executes the Launch4j but now i want to run this Ant file when i clicked a Button in my Swing program
5:39 PM
Wow this question raised my ire to new levels:
Q: Is there a tool to convert T-SQL Stored Procedures to C#?

JesperI have a few projects to maintain that use a lot of SQL Server stored procedures (in T-SQL). I know how to maintain them, but since there are many tools to automatically convert between different languages, I'm wondering if there's any tool to convert the stored procedures to C# code? I do NOT w...

@SankarGanesh ok. I'm going to assume that one of two things is happening here: You don't understand ant. OR. I don't know how this process is supposed to work in Java. Let's just pretend it's the second one.
@drachenstern yes, i have confusion, how to run ant file via java code, i agree on your second point
ant is an environmental process, not something that is to be run within a java application to affect itself.
It's not intended to be recursive, it's intended to be flow control
well i knew that, mate, but i want to know how can i run ant file not maunally i have to invoke this automatically , not manually, so i m trying to run the ant file from my java code, i got success by running the ant file manually
Then you need a CI server I guess.
5:47 PM
Over a thousand subclasses?... I'll spare you the image I had in mind, but it had something to do with googling "You're doing it wrong."
The job of the CI server is to run the any manually
Q: Sharing information between multiple C# projects in VS2010

SteveI have a collection of VS2010 projects which are used in various solutions, but typically only a subset of these projects are used in any one solution. One of those projects (which I will refer to as the "base" project) exists in every solution and contains base implementations for the subclasses...

@drachenstern: i was keen to know my java code is wrong, i think so and not beliving on this, because i had tried in my college days, before 5 or 6 yrs ago, disappointed myself not regain it agian, i was kicking my brain too recall it, poor brain, not brings it
@Fosco you're on a roll today huh?
@drachenstern I'm having fun in this training class... cough stackoverflow all day class.
5:48 PM
What stackoverflow is not for: stackoverflow.com/questions/6060791/…
(yet somehow it gets upvotes)
It's a viable request. People do need to show live stuff from time to time
it's an idiotic request, in my ever so humble opinion, but it's still viable
But without code or any attempt at doing it, it's NOT a good StackOverflow question.
And now, some funny pictures:
those bitches be crazy ugly
is that from the equine herpes article?
5:52 PM
forgot about the double-post bug on uploads, and didn't want to spam the height of the channel
@drachenstern: success
@SankarGanesh how's that?
alerting @Jin I figured he might appreciate some of these, yes?
@drachenstern I had downloaded the jar from here java2s.com/Code/Jar/ABC/Downloadantjar.htm, but here you can able to download only ant jar, you are not able download the other ant jar such as ant-apache-log4j , downloaded the other jar from apache site and set it in my classpath and run got output, :)
@drachenstern: this is the jar helped me , mate, ant-launcher.jar
6:00 PM
I ... still don't think you're doing it right. Since you insist on continuing to talk about it
I want to talk about jars, too.
Marmalade jars are my favourite.
Pesto jars are nice, too.
I want to talk about Bob Ross
A good jar is made of strong glass, and it's 100% resealable.
dude painted a picture background in two minutes, while explaining, and it looks like the sun setting over the ocean, with a stormy sky
@drachenstern that is a fine topic, too!
6:02 PM
that's the BACKGROUND to the painting
and it looked like a picture or something
@drachenstern everything runs on bacon
Yeah, I gather he was very good.
and in ten minutes he makes something that I can't even grasp how he does it
I can watch, sure ... but holy crap
@Jin I thought you might appreciate that was all ;)
6:04 PM
@drachenstern i get so many bacon related news/links everyday. i guess i've built a reputation for myself..
you "guess"? (;
I could listen to Bob Ross's voice all day.
@Jin hahaha!
He was a master for sure... Interesting technique, scratching the paint on the canvas like that. Is that the Bob Ross Method®?
6:27 PM
Hiya folks.
@Jin - I'm drawing a LOT of pixel art now. Quick Q: How would you scale up artwork for retina?
Do you quadruple all the pixels, or add more detail, but lose the "pixelation"?
@Moshe i don't think you have to do anything?
@Jin Let me rephrase my question then:
On Retina displays, you generally use double-size images (a 32 pixel tile becomes a 64 pixel tile) and then append @2x to them. My question is, in terms of the art, what is the proper way to scale up pixel art? Simply scaling doesn't do the trick, it becomes blurry.
@Jin Perfect, thanks. I am working with cocos2d now. :-)
this chat needs to have an "answer accepted" feature!
6:35 PM
@drachenstern That's my evenings productivity shot to the ground :(
@Jin Indeed. Do you know of a Mac utility that will do that kind of scaling for me?
@Moshe i'm not aware of any. but you should google for it.
@Jin Ok, thank you. Working on it, was hoping you already had one.
7:25 PM
@Benjol right?
1 hour later…
8:28 PM
@Nyuszika7H What's this?
@balpha iirc somebody requested it (probably Myles Gray).
Well, you set a "every two days" event, and the room hasn't had a message in 30 days
(hence is autofrozen)
Opens Steam against his better judgement.
Good lord, I can barely manage a once a month event ... much less a once every two days event
Soo tempted to get Portal 2. Gonna wait until that check comes...
8:57 PM
@balpha I've found a strange thing in chat.
in JavaScript on Stack Overflow Chat, 3 mins ago, by Nyuszika7H
LOL, time is going backwards? A message was sent 4h ago according to the sidebar, now it says it was sent 3h ago.
It's this message:
(btw, it's 4h ago again now)
@TimStone ping
@drachenstern That was impressive
9:12 PM
but put it on 720p FS
Work? What's that?
@drachenstern Something that you don't seem to want the rest of us to have. Good thing YouTube is on my personal ban list.
well I'm not getting anything done today (too many interruptions, and he and I were bantering about that on the side) so ...
I figure the days when I'm really focusing on work I keep the chat windows closed anyways
1 hour later…
10:18 PM
Q: Which web application framework most closely parallels Communism? Fascism? Progressivism? Conservativism?

thegreasyitalianThis is a purely academic exercise, but does anyone else see the similarities here? Let's say you have a CMS like Joomla. Useful for many applications, but a little too structured for other jobs. Or take a more abstract, but extensible framework like Zend Framework--lacking in some pre-packaged m...

11:05 PM
shakes fist at Microsoft
@TimStone I'm guessing this has to do with their handling of network ports.
How'd you know? :D
Heh. I managed to catch the earlier discussion while catching up on the scrollback.
Apparently it's totally cool, provided that both calls originate from the same user account, to bind to both the wildcard address and a specific address on the same port.
The wildcard binding is just done for all addresses that are not the specific address.
Apparently this works no matter what order you do it in, too.
And is part of "Enhanced Socket Security"
While we're shaking fists, I must join you by shaking one at this data service I have to use for a project. Next to no documentation, just a tumbleweed infested Yahoo Group.
@TimStone WTF? How is that enhanced?
11:13 PM
@GeorgeMarian Beats the hell out of me. It's less restrictive than the previous model.
Yeah, exactly. lol
At least from what I can make sense of, anyway.
@GeorgeMarian Ouch, I hate that. I really should work on my own documentation, because being on the other end of that equation definitely sucks, heh.
Yup. It's not my favorite thing to do, though I don't necessarily hate it. Coming back to my old code after a while always helps motivate me in that direction. Granted, for my own code most of the documentation is just comments in the code.
@TimStone (Granted, you can of course set SO_EXCLUSIVEADDRUSE on the socket, which prevents a lot of this, but it still seems rather silly to me)
@GeorgeMarian It's mostly just a time thing for me. Too much to do, then I get tired :P
Yeah, in most cases defaults should be more restrictive.
@TimStone Yeah, I understand that.
11:18 PM
Hmm, speaking of writing, I really need to finish up that job posting. But not now, 'cause...just 'cause.
Oh, get this. I had a good surprise today. UPS showed up with the foot rest that had an estimated delivery date of the 23rd - 26th. :)
Oh, seriously? That's awesome!
I don't think I've ever gotten anything quite that early, hahah
Oooh. A job posting not written by HR? Someone will like you for that. :)
Yeah, it was crazy early. The SATA cables I ordered aren't coming until tomorrow.
We'll have to get a little larger before I delegate those duties I think, heh. Though I always have trouble with writing this kind of stuff, for some reason. Everything else, easy enough, but I dunno. Maybe because I don't know what people want to read in this case.
That reminds me that I've been meaning to make a NewEgg purchase for several weeks. Now I have to remember what I was going to buy.
@TimStone Yeah, that's usually the case with me when I have trouble writing something. It's usually because I don't have a good feeling for what it supposed to contain.
Oops, that was less then a minor typo.
11:23 PM
I'll just put up "Come, do my bidding. Get paid money." on Careers and see how it turns out.
11:37 PM
Hola folks.
Tilemaps being a pain...
Hey, hey.
@GeorgeMarian - I'm playing with an iOS game engine and I can't seem to get it swap scenes correctly.
It doesn't correctly position the player.
I'm using tilemaps and in certain tiles I specify the new scene and position info as metadata.
It's ignoring the data... - but only halfway.
Hmm...I'd focus on the metadata. Make sure that it's correct.
11:45 PM
@GeorgeMarian It is. I'm using a series of fallbacks to check for the data.
@GeorgeMarian - Actually, the spawn point can come from one of several places.
So, it's either coming from the tile, or, if it's not available, from an array of stored spawn points.
If that doesn't exist, we use another object...
It seems to see the metadata, but not use it.
I see. The only other idea that comes to mind right now is the format of that data.

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