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1:34 AM
I am right here ... 2 hours later ...
I am here too ... 2 hours later ...
@ShadowWizard there's a precursor of that, by the same Will: I downvoted you because (github)
2:04 AM
What's the page where I can view a list of flags for moderator attention (on posts or comments, not in chat) that I have filed, and where do I find a link to that page?
@b_jonas In your profile, click the "x helpful flags" link
@Alex Ah, thank you!
2:33 AM
I'm seeing suspicious post patterns from this user on Super User - any info on deleted posts anywhere in the network?
Flagged as spam, despite no software being mentioned (see also superuser.com/questions/1230746/…). You may elude other reviewers, but you're not getting past the Dragon! — bwDraco 10 mins ago
Shoot first, ask questions later. Can anyone confirm?
Keywords "directly convert system hard disk to GPT" are specifically selected and have been spamdexed to generate results from EaseUS. See i.stack.imgur.com/v6Gsn.png and i.stack.imgur.com/CrTA6.png. — bwDraco 1 min ago
Keywords "third party software to extend drive c" are specifically selected and have been spamdexed to generate results from EaseUS. See i.stack.imgur.com/v6Gsn.png and i.stack.imgur.com/CrTA6.png. — bwDraco 1 min ago
3:09 AM
user image
4:02 AM
4:40 AM
2 hours ago, by bwDraco
I'm seeing suspicious post patterns from this user on Super User - any info on deleted posts anywhere in the network?
Suspend network-wide? The user has accounts of varying age on different sites with no visible activity (at least to a non-moderator).
I had caught the user indirectly spamming EaseUS a couple of hours ago.
4:52 AM
@Feeds Never heard of Russell sun teapot thing...
5:22 AM
Has there be some discussion on meta.SE about pings (comment-replies) or notifications to close voters?
I am asking mainly in connection with a recent feature request on math.meta.SE: Notifications to participants are needed.. It kind of stirred up things a bit, to some extent because of personal history of users engaged in the discussion - but the comments have been cleaned up and moved to chat.
5:52 AM
I see it was already reported, but it was still at -2...
@Martin I guess it will be similar to any feature requests to notify downvoter/upvoter/delete voter, etc? Do we need it? After all, if it's closed, then the close voters' name are shown, and they can be pinged afterward. oops, it's wrong
@Martin Not recently. Close voters can be notified when they use a binding vote (moderator or gold tag badge). Not otherwise. I haven't seen any recent proposals to change this behavior.
A better way to counter the close voting that I've seen is to just put a comment under the question explaining the reason not to close. That way, the future reviewers can have the insight. Because as usual, comment about the post, not the users..
Grr, now we have that username twice in the chat.
@Alex Actually, I am not in favor of this feature request. But I would like to direct the OP to discussions on the main meta, if such discussions exist.
I have posted a comment with two questions I found: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/38885333#38885333 And I thought it might be reasonable to ask here whether somebody recalls other discussions on this.
Unrelated: I recalled On Detecting the Non-Wisdom of Crowds, the test supposedly began June 26. "the worst case possibility is you occasionally see something in review that obviously doesn't belong there." Yeah, and another possibility is that those items age out unreviewed along with 80% of the close queue, with no data collected.
6:28 AM
20 messages moved to Chimney
@ShadowWizard aren't you sure?
7:03 AM
20K facebook meta.stackexchange.com/q/298653/158100 /cc @Bart @Sha @tra , needs 1 more
@ShadowWizard yeah, he also asked in SOCVR for some help.
7:31 AM
@Inc. heh, so he just changed from .com to .se?
@ShadowWizard the github under those sites are different though (there are 2 repo, one for each site)
@rene kaboom! Wonder why @Yannis is so silent... like a deletion lurker...
@rene help with what? Domain?
@Inc. oh, weird. What he changed then?
@ShadowWizard for content
@SagarV yeah, I'm afraid you don't have a chance against @bjb. He's also younger, so probably faster.... :D
@ShadowWizard not much, other than the page style? I dunno though...
7:34 AM
@rene oh. Well, he could take it from the good old "What Stack Overflow is Not", R.I.P
@Inc. well, is it allowed at all to use such a thing? Isn't it the same as the "let me google this for you" that was banned?
It can be interpreted as LMGTFY, except for SO's policy?... the same as we're commenting to [mcve] or [tour] to provide some guidance?
well the pages are useful. You could only argue the content should be on meta ...
7:54 AM
@Inc. if it's posted just as single link then I think it's wrong. Think of 6 y/o kid who made a mistake during class, and wrote "eet" instead of "eat". The teacher approaches him, and without saying a word giving the kid a note with a big "WRITE EAT AND NOT EET", and leaves. True, it's helpful, but it's cold and the kid feels worse than necessary. If such note is given as part of actual explanation, so the kid will remember the lesson then it's fine of course.
Think what I mean is that if you go the extra step to comment when downvoting, do it right, or don't do it at all.
@ShadowWizard eet will work for me ...
@ShadowWizard point is: On SE you can assume we're not kids anymore: grow up ...
Stackoverflow - making grown ups acting like kids since 2008!
@rene but being cold/arrogant toward someone can still hurt. Not saying we should hug and welcome any new user with cheers and whistles, just not post link only comments leading elsewhere. Also, IMO canned comments are perfect when closing questions, but don't really fit for downvoting.
@SmokeDetector gone though name is funny
@ShadowWizard cheers and whistles to welcome a member to the dark-side of SE ...
@Derpy :D Thanks!
@Tra would you mind editing the dupe list here and add the link from my comment?
@rene are you implying you're not already the leader of the dark side?
@rene No problem. Btw, recently I found this song on bandcamp. Basically, it is the same message.
:6202511 not missing - wrong one:P used "]" instead of ")". Thanks for the warning
heh, careers tag is indeed misleading... meta.stackexchange.com/questions/298659/…
8:30 AM
Are [status-completed] [status-decline] the most "[status-*] tags" a question has have?
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Username similar to website in answer: How to upgrade to the latest iMovie for free? by gadgetssai on apple.SE
(to put it simply, are there questions with 3 or more [status-*] tags)
@Inc. on MSE the max is two
@rene thanks!
8:39 AM
@Inc. in theory there can be 5, but in practice as @rene said max is 2.
(i.e. no special limit for red tags.)
@ShadowWizard maybe there is a site meta where a mod went berserk ...
@rene I can make it happen for 50 dollars
8:55 AM
@M.A.R. how?
@ShadowWizard watches how 50 dollars gets transferred between victim and crook
mugs of shekels of course
@ShadowWizard let's first discuss payment
so that is how it's done
@rene if you keep your mouth shu . . . I mean keep silent, I'm going to give you a nice "thanks"
@rene OK OK, I'd give you 3% of the share
@Sha do we have a deal?
9:06 AM
@rene 5
@rene 7%
10% is my last offer. Take it or leave it
9:08 AM
we have a deal
You handle it
@Sha wake up
@Sha hey @Sha
@JourneymanGeek no $50 there yet... maybe 50 shekels... but it's worth only $14 :(
@M.A.R. give me reason to wake up
@ShadowWizard paying me
@M.A.R. oh, right, that. There are better things I would like you to do for $50 :D
Back in the day, friend of mine ate the contents of this for 10 shekels:
@ShadowWizard GIVE ME 50 DOLLARS NOW,
Or I'll do something unimaginable
9:16 AM
He asked 50 to do the same with pepper, but I refused. :D
@M.A.R. you can't beat my imagination. :D
@ShadowWizard I'd beat your imagination if you don't give me 50 dollars right nkw
starts looking for other venues to make a profit
@M.A.R. how? It's protected by a force field.
@rene @tra sorry, this is handled by DavidG
@ShadowWizard plus, it probably looks like this anyway...
9:26 AM
@Derpy my imagination? Yeah, that's a very clean and organized version of it. :D
OK, @M.A.R. check your PayPal account. Now show me what you got! :P
@ShadowWizard I said give me 50 dollars not take 50 dollars from me
Arresting @Sha
running away with the money
throwing $1 towards @Mes to create distraction
throwing $1 towards @rene to create distraction
throwing $2 towards @Bart to create distraction
@ShadowWizard Throw me 100 dollars to distract me
I like how this turned out
9:39 AM
@rene you backstabbing flower
How can @rene stab?
Does he have sharp parts?
He has thorns
Poisonous thorns
@M.A.R. Well, I don't have 50$ but take a spam flag, Don't understand why smokey didn't detect it
@ShadowWizard Post 1: Already recently reported
9:44 AM
@Mesentery no triggers for Smokey there
@M.A.R. where?
@ShadowWizard ask him
@rene where are your thorns?
Do I look like a petalogist?
@Mesentery Smokey can't catch everything, especially spam on more obscure sites. You can report a post in here or Charcoal whenever you spot spam
@M.A.R. obscure sites is not relevant, but if a post doesn't have links, black listed words, etc, it won't be caught. No matter on what site it is.
@ShadowWizard I know, it's just not relevant in this case
9:48 AM
Well, there was a weird phone number, but think it was illegal number
@SmokeDetector gone you are late
@cazc commands
@Sha There was an email address too.
Har har
@cazc_941 huh, weird command
@Cazc har har @Sha
Let's see what the command does
9:52 AM
Lol whatever man
@cazc_941 so, how're you doing?
@ShadowWizard I'm rich!!
@cazc_941 \o/
10:18 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in link text in body: How to get Engineering Jobs? by user12240 on engineering.SE
@SmokeDetector K
growing hars of hair
@cazc_941 very short, how you listen to it all day? ;)
@Bart you need a dollar?
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer: How do credit card balances relate to getting a Mortgage? by vivian on money.SE
@ShadowWizard he was just 2 dollars short of being rich
Now that he's rich, @Bart's gonna go all Hollywood on us
10:33 AM
@Mesentery hmm... So maybe Smokey rate limit, something with API per site. @M.A.R. might have been correct after all. ;-)
@M.A.R. Bartywood
10:58 AM
@M.A.R. I'm going to my trailer.
11:09 AM
@ShadowWizard ha, I used to post albums but I figured single tracks were more accessible
@M.A.R. great man, how are you?
Here's another since it's Friday
EP length
12:06 PM
That is a big LOLLLLLL and salute to google
1 hour later…
1:07 PM
David Robinson on July 21, 2017

Microsoft’s earnings were released yesterday, so we thought we’d take a look at how Microsoft technologies including Azure are used in comparison to Amazon Web Services, according to Stack Overflow data.

How do the two cloud platforms compare? The Stack Overflow Trends tool shows the percentage of questions asked that have a particular tag (amazon-web-services or azure), and can give us a sense of each technology’s popularity since 2008.

It looks like they’ve both been growing consistently in their share of Stack Overflow questions. In the first few years of the site, eac …

1:38 PM
#12 Cody Gray
@cazc_941 thanks!
@Alex aka The Establishment?
1:54 PM
What's stopping channels from having questions like, "who keeps stealing my yogurt from the fridge in the break room!?"
I mean, is the channel supposed to be development specific... or is it going to suit the team's Q&A entirely?
@canon Team culture.
2:29 PM
@canon oddly most questions of those nature seem to involve food ;p
2:53 PM
@JourneymanGeek I just started adding small amounts of poison to my food... allowing it to build to a lethal concentration over time.
It's sort of a game of chicken... because I still eat the food if the thief doesn't get to it first.
I thought the idea was to slowly build up a resistance...
@JourneymanGeek It isn't iocane powder.
I will just spit in my food, if anyone get over that, they are welcome to eat it
2:58 PM
Just cloak your food in a salad ghillie suit. Nobody will be interested. Hell, they may not even see it.
just between you & me, kz, please don't look at me differently after I have told you this: I feed birds meat sometimes, after spit on the meat
birds are all healthy at the moment
I am not diseased ...
> after spit on the meat
that's a little weird, why do that?
it's probably not true, it's most probably not true, but someone told me feed wildlife with your saliva on it make them closer to you
3:09 PM
but neighbourhood birds do trust me
@AaronHall I missed to tell this thing that day. suggested reading (regarding to your msg SO is not a free Code Writing service should be blacklisted)
Q: Comment templates to be used when flagging for closure / deletion

JoErNanOSince it is preferable to leave a comment when moderating the site and one often finds oneself commenting the same thing over and over again, I thought we could compile a list of comment templates to use as reference. Below is a list of templates one can use when commenting on posts which are lo...

like when they hear alarm sounds from other birds, they will look around and ignore my hand that's literally right next to them
What if they develop a taste for you? Have you seen "The Birds" by Hitchcock?
SO staffs take this as a chance to gain more rep
Q: Brief maintenances planned for Sat, July 22, 2017 at 00:01 UTC (Fri July 21, 8pm US/Eastern)

Tom LimoncelliThere will be a service degradation for up to 20 minutes shortly after Sat, July 22, 2017 at 00:00 UTC (which is Fri, July 21 at 8pm in NYC). During that time job adverts will still display, job listings will still work, questions and answers will still display. However the site will be "read onl...

it is the third one.
Is that a question? :)
3:13 PM
Develop a taste for my saliva you mean ... and what can they do, rob me of my saliva? ... I don't think they like it, I have seen a butcherbird shaking the liquid off before take the meat fillet away :p
@Telkitty Just joking. I understand birds remember how people treat them, so if you treat them well they should be nice to you too.
That is... surreal.
@AaronHall better create a comment template for SO
Yeah, that would probably be a good idea... maybe someone else could do it... and I could help edit it later if I think it needs it.
Maybe there's already one there.
The way some bird takes meat fillet from my hand, it's so gentle. The softness. Sometimes I feed them because how it makes me feel >_<
3:17 PM
@SagarV but what's the point of rep, when they already have a diamond?
@Inc. they may hungry
Bragging rights? :)
@ShadowWizard Personally I feel pretty old.
@bjb568 300?
3:23 PM
@canon What's stopping SO Enterprise instances from having questions like that? For all we know, they are being asked somewhere right now, and it isn't a problem for us.
I think it's a fine set of products/ideas. I also would rather build a global rep as opposed to a highly localized one.
@AaronHall I just started a thread. I am not able to make the question as Wiki. please change it to a wiki
A: Comment templates to be used when flagging for closure / deletion

Sagar VAnswers I'm Having this Problem Too Welcome to [so]. This is not a discussion forum; please do not answer a question with another question. I strongly encourage you to take the site [tour] and review the [help] for a better understanding of how this site works. If you have a **new question**, p...

please discus it among other mods and make necessary edits.
@Alex as long as they're happy with the product; no, it's not our problem.
3:34 PM
@ShadowWizard I like the page content, but the domain could be better chosen, like pleaseimprovethispost.by
@AaronHall please add all the things then I can make a Userscript for adding comments automatically.
By monday. it is 9.15 in the night.
@SagarV don't be too discouraged by the reception. There's no urgency for immediate implementation, and it will (correctly) get debated quite a bit.
Personally, I'd like to give users a bit of guidance on etiquette.
3:51 PM
@AaronHall no emergency. I mean not sure what will happen. have some downvotes and a close votes. Think it will be closed and deleted. not sure
@SagarV wow, that question died in a fiery car crash.
Meta: Prepare for the hate; be surprised by the love.
4:10 PM
Got an email appreciating my edit on their question, but I don't know who and couldn't remember which post...
@SagarV General suggestion: when commenting, try to come across like a human being.
As opposed to a robot.
beep boop "Welcome to Stack Overflow" boop beep "Please write better questions" beep beep "Demonstrate your efforts" boop boop "make your question more clear and useful." boop boop beep beep
That's a flagging robot. I ran a comment-posting one. It had mixed reception, and I stopped.
4:18 PM
@Alex flags and comments. (but comments only on a subset of the posts it flags). It doesn't comment tech related stuff, though.
4:34 PM
@canon I feel like someone should make an absurd SE channel with questions like this just to mess with everyone
Isn't that the Den?
@Jackson1442 lol
@Bart that is only an absurd channel ...
4:52 PM
@AaronHall We apologise for any inconvenience that voting down, closing and deletion of your question may have caused you, and we appreciate your understanding. Thanks for your cooperation, looking forward to hearing from you after 6 months of question block!
promotes gnat to head of customer service
Q: Should i wait for success and fame one day after this discovery?

AmroI discovered a new trigonometric formula, i took 5 years to make it , and it was published 5 months ago, without getting any attention. Can this formula have a vital role to play in the future ? This is the link to PDF.http://www.experimentjournal.com/expadmin/pdf_files/Amro%20Shalaan,%20The%20E...

5:10 PM
Spamming same thing on mathoverflow and math.se - destroyed across the network.
@Oded thanks
There's a self-referential paradox somewhere in there.
@Alex someone should comment "wow, what a completely solipsistic, condescending . . . "
> Got a company that wants to make a product out of comment classification willing to help out, just need to gather data. meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/352616/…
5:16 PM
A bit more matrix multiplication for SO servers to do.
Curses! I should have sold my services.
Cody destroyed my chart. :(
There's always that one person.
@Andy You're currently offering them for free, undercutting yourself.
5:26 PM
A fatal business strategy flaw.
What exactly is the wheel of blame for?
To blame?
@Jackson1442 For your ease of use
It says right there.
But it's seriously outdated, today Smokey's !!/blame is usually more relevant.
5:28 PM
@Alex It's canon's fault.
Ah got it, thanks
On the first spin, no kidding: i.stack.imgur.com/wvx5S.png
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Mostly dots in body: Expected Casino Profit(JAVA) by MEGHNAD SAHA on codereview.SE
6:02 PM
Cody got endorsements of 3 SE employees, possibly a record.
6:41 PM
in 2017 Stack Overflow Moderator Election Chat on Stack Overflow Chat, 2 hours ago, by rene
If I counted correctly 2 nominations have kind of endorsing comments from SE staff. Is that to counter the expected walk over by SOCVR regulars?
6:57 PM
@rene An endorsement is an endorsement, not a counter of a subset of those not endorsed. But I'm not sure SOCVR experience matters that much to the average voter.
@AaronHall Agree on that.
Given the SOCVR overflow of candidates it might even backfire ...
Not much I can or will do about that.
Are you happy with the kind of replacement candidates @AaronHall after the withdrawal of Raghav?
They should've seriously elected more people this year
This election is amazing
7:21 PM
@M.A.R. also true, yeah.
I am considering withdrawing, to be honest. The field is very strong and my concern of no one running during summer was clearly misplaced. Cody and Andy seem like sure wins.
@TravisJ why would you withdraw? You're a fine candidate.
Not everyone might like Cody's directness
Or refusal to do chat
Yeah, perhaps. I just want to make sure the place runs smoothly, I don't really care who ends up moding it as long as they are qualified :)
And you're a strong non SOCVR candidate which somehow I find important
Can't explain why I think that is important though.
You have done a lot of work in that group to make sure things are more balanced. I don't think it is fair to raise concerns of gang mentality anymore as was done in comments.
I think overall the site would see more junk if you all stopped or were somehow impeded.
7:25 PM
Well Cody analyzed it exactly right: you can write 1000 rulez (as I have done) but how do you enforce them ...
Luckily you don't have to enforce them per se, as some of the rules are making sure that SO rules aren't being broken. If someone crosses a line then the mods enforce the actual rules.
Kind of a bonus really :) Besides, as Shog said the other day, sometimes just having something say "don't do that" is a strong enough deterrent
Yes, that is basically what we're at. Also happy that we have some mods who turn up in the room now and then. And we have one or two regulars of course
@bjb568 why?
It is one of the most active chat rooms on the site, and there hasn't been so much as a peep of issue for a long time with regards to oversight. You guys have Undo and Bhargav, right?
@Oded is @JNat on holiday? ;)
7:31 PM
@TravisJ Jon Clements
and TLM now and then
I thought he was from the python room?
Either way, yeah there are a lot of mods that go in and out of that room looking for ways to help
@TravisJ yes, but he helped us out in establishing some good practises like the roommeetings
@TravisJ Don't withdraw, you're still a good candidate there. :)
Yes, the first two roommeetings were very stressful for the RO team, me included
7:34 PM
Hah, within 2 mins. \o/
saved you there ...
Yup. :D
@TravisJ Martijn, Jon and myself are regulars at the py room as well.
I appreciate that :) I guess just to make it interesting I will let it run. shrug not too concerned
Martijn is not human.
Yep. That's a fact which we all can agree.
There's a myth that he randomly spawns different threads at times when he need more work to be done, but there's no proof of that.
I heard that he has two computers running at all times, one that is run with a VR mask and voice to text, and another that is keyboard and mouse that he uses without even looking at.
7:46 PM
btw, @TravisJ, haven't see ya in Sobotics. The last time you were there it was during Dr Madonna's spam fest
chu chu
buh doesn't work here :D
It's choo choo :p

choo choo

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@ShadowWizard check the other conversations there as well :D
I don't think that Andy is a sure-fire win.
7:58 PM
@BhargavRao Things have been kinda hectic for me lately, plus I have been hanging out in here :)
@TravisJ Hope all is going on well. Being busy is a blessing, you won't have the time to do nonsense stuff. :p
Yeah, mostly good, some meh, but that is how life works.
It implies that life's going on great ;)
@BhargavRao hehe that one is funny:

Is M.A.R. a bot?

Apr 19 at 9:17, 20 minutes total – 58 messages, 8 users, 0 stars

Bookmarked Apr 19 at 10:07 by M.A.R.

8:13 PM
This one was when the 2 AI bots spoke with each other chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/111347/conversation/…
StackOverflow has got the trends plotter. Does the rest of the StackExchange have something similar?
8:29 PM
@ShadowWizard I'm old in kat years.
@NickAlexeev No, although one can retrieve basically the same from SEDE with a fair amount of work.
Grr, they still use "r" and "statistics" as default in there. Like comparing oranges and Apple computers.
9:57 PM
So, in the review suggested edit queue, there is a noticeable lag while the server composes an audit. Just FYI (link for ref)
Q: Review audits load more slowly than other review items, making them obviously audits

EmissaryOver the last several days, whenever the system decides it's time to quiz me the retrieval of the audit question/posts takes between 3 to 10 seconds to load - making them rather easy to spot and somewhat defeating the point. This happens across all of the review queues. Is anyone else experienc...

Ah, so it's not just me! :)
As a fix, just randomly choose a 300 millisecond loading delay instead of the audit.
if(new Random().Next(0, 10) > 7)
     return AuditView();
    //300 millisecond delay
    return NextReview();
10:50 PM
@Alex you mean, "boring". Nothing like as thrilling as apple vs. raspberry pi
11:03 PM
Fun fact: the search is:q [apple] returns one ghost question.
11:18 PM
@Shog9 going by observations, that doesn't seems to be the case, as when there were only 3 items in the community bulletin, the hot meta post were always present, whereas when there are 4-5 items, not even a shaman can summon them.
@Braiam there's a cap of, I believe, 4 meta posts
There'll always be at least 1 meta post, so if events + blog >= 4 then you'll still get one
but if 4 posts are featured, you get no hot ones
if 3 are featured, you should get 1
however, I believe that would be dropped if it would duplicate an existing item in the list
(which means you could also end up with 2, if two posts are featured and both picked as the random hot items)
yeah, I'm going from memory here, so that might still be the case

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