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12:08 AM
Apparently, one can now leave comments on SO blog by logging in with FB or Twitter or G+ (not just Disqus). I tried Twitter...
> This application will be able to:
Read Tweets from your timeline.
See who you follow, and follow new people.
Update your profile.
Post Tweets for you.
Yeah, right.
@Walt that's been true for a while. It's a tease: Disqus still makes you create a Disqus account after pumping whatever other service you authenticate with for your info.
12:47 AM
> - Quora has been a good source of traffic for us, but it’s becoming a place to advertise services which make it hard to read
> - It feels like every media platform becomes that after a while. Some quicker, some slower, some deliberately, some because of marketers.
> - That hasn’t happened to stack overflow yet. But it serves a different niche.
1:40 AM
share through 4chan of course </trollololo>
I don't have an account there, but I have heard that, with 'quality material', you can gather a small herd of 'highly engaged' users (who I suspect maybe trolls) very quickly.
2:02 AM
Interpersonal Skills site is mostly familiar faces / avatars.
in Interpersonal Skills on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 7 hours ago, by Henry WH Hack v2.0
Stupid question idea: How do I talk to a SE employee without getting nervous?
And a better one,
in Interpersonal Skills on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 8 hours ago, by Rand al'Thor
I'd like to participate in this chatroom, but I'm not sure if I have the interpersonal skills to deal with a large group of chatters.
Q: How to make a relationship more romantic?

10 RepliesI was in a relationship with a female, went out on several dates (more than 3), but, nothing exciting happened. We didn't break up, we just kind of stopped talking to each other. About a year later (now minus a week or so) she asked if I wanted to "hang out." I agreed since I still liked her and ...

"with a female" :-/
2:05 AM
On one hand I understand PC concerns, on another... this is an ugly use of the word, imo.
ESL maybe?
Doesn't seem so, my impression was that the OP doesn't feel like choosing between "girl" and "woman".
make -k romantic > relationship
Tempted to answer that with a Shawn special
> As far as strategies go, I try to come up with a really funny joke to break the ice. "A SQL Query walks into a bar and goes up to two tables. 'Mind if I join you?'" If a girl (or guy if you are into that) doesn't laugh, I know right away they haven't worked with SQL. Maybe they're old school and know some assembly or whatever, but most programmers have touched SQL at some point and should get it.
Why does a link to SO post redirect to Meta.SE only to show 404 there?
2:12 AM
(Under 10K, I mean)
because it was migrated to MSE and then deleted
But that ought to mean that migration is rejected, and redirect is pointless.
must say, trolls on Stackoverflow/exchange are of low quality
2:29 AM
Now that Ethereum graduated, who is next? Bitcoin has its review problem. Arduino is doing okay in review, but @Pops raised some other concerns in Beta progress update (January 2016). It's been a long time since January 2016, though...?
Internet romance is the best - you can setup an account on a social media and having a romantic relationship with another account you setup yourself
never has relationship been so convenient!
If it's neither of those two, then it's either スタック・オーバーフロー or (gasp) Data Science.
Speaking of moderation problems... Islam and Hinduism are hovering over the 10 QPD mark.
2:34 AM
@ShadowWizard How do you make tags in chat display as red/moderator-only ? [tag:status-bla] returns
Do that without tag: part
Must begin with status-, and not have anything else in that chat message. And works only on this chat server, not on chat.SE or chat.SO
2:37 AM
@Walt thanks
2:57 AM
3:24 AM
5:15 AM
@Walt this predates rejection
Those ancient times... speaking of which, Meta.SE is 8 years old today, the API returns 2009-06-28 as its "public beta" and "graduation" dates.
Happy birthday, dear Meta...
meat to meta is like beat to beta
who would have thought
5:31 AM
is gatherer a hoarder who can't accumulate?
I know sometimes I ask profound questions. It's okay if you don't know the answer.
5:43 AM
so as a toy boi, who is a better candidate: even carrot or the pie dude ? not asking on my behalf of course ~rofl~
6:20 AM
@Telkitty heh, that got me clicking on the link and find wrong statement...
> "pi is so long it would fill a library of several million 1000-page books if printed on paper", says Trüb
Trüb is wrong, since Pi has infinite amount of digits, it will fill the whole world, then the whole universe if printed.
Looks like that guy doesn't understand the meaning of infinity... so weird.
@Telkitty but as for your question, answer is obvious...
and ... the answer is?
How come Smokey didn't catch this? ^
@ShadowWizard True infinity is hard for the human mind to grasp
We haven't evolved with a concept of infinity. For us everything has limits and ends.
@Magisch even my children understand that infinity can't be counted.
and that it's "bigger than the biggest number", etc.
Anyway, daily rant: Stack Overflow is no longer part of Stack Exchange network, at least not where design is involved. It looks totally different from all other sites. Maybe they are ashamed of the other sites, dunno.
I wonder when they will remove anything that is related to Stack Exchange from Stack Overflow, so that people won't suspect it's part of such a network?
am I the only one finding this funny?
what is the maximum number of votes we can cast within a minute?
without getting yourself banned suspended that is?
6:57 AM
@SagarV the maximum number of daily votes. Votes are not rate limited by time.
@Telkitty won't happen, one can write script that use all daily votes in an instant (e.g. making array of post ID's to vote), and pretty sure no alarms will be triggered.
@ShadowWizard My script made 40 ajax requests and only 4 are successful
Since votes is the most important feature of SE, they didn't want to limit it in any way.
Remaining all are failed
@SagarV you should wait for one to succeed before making the next.
Otherwise you trigger race conditions behind the scenes.
Still, 40 such votes shouldn't take more than few seconds.
Use recursive function that calls itself in the success callback. @Sag
If that fails, well, what's the error?
Also @Sag I really hope you don't just vote randomly? That's bad.
the script prompt me how many upvotes and how many downvotes it should cast. When I input it, it will start running. Working on questions/ page only
that is if I am in the featured tab and set 20 Upvotes + 20 downvotes, it will run randomly.
7:02 AM
@SagarV so random questions voting? Please do NOT do that.
I am testing this feature
This is the most harmful thing for SO.
I have to improve it in such a way that If a question has more than 2 downvotes, it should cast a downvote
If a question has more than 3 upvotes, it should cast an upvote.
@SagarV again, stop doing that.
I don't want to flag you, as the only way to stop such bad and destructive behavior is suspension.
What is the problem with this one _I have to improve it in such a way that **If a question has more than 2 downvotes, it should cast a downvote
If a question has more than 3 upvotes, it should cast an upvote_**
7:04 AM
@SagarV that's the worst thing I've ever seen. Like I said DO NOT DO THAT, period.
It's bad in so many aspects, and against everything SE stands for.
You should vote after reading a post, based on your own opinion.
I'm amazed I have to explain this.
In SO, I spend only 10 - 12 votes per day.
I think I want it in MSO.
Ok no issues.
I should find some other way
Do you have an information to share about cladding system?
Q: Importance of Veneer Panel Cladding Systems?

AllcombWant people to share information regarding Cladding Systems!

@SagarV just a typical off topic crap on MSE...
We get those every day.
@SagarV we should have darwin aware on SO/SE & it would be rewarded to you this year ... if we had one ...
@SagarV in MSO do whatever you wish.... but please don't mess around in SO. (or any other main site)
till date, in MSO, I casted only 55 votes. in SO, it is more than 1K
7:12 AM
@Telkitty probably...
@Telkitty well, the one with boy-ish avatar of course.... plus he's also a troll. ;)
@SagarV you are obviously limited by the amount of posts on any one site, it's not unusual to spend more votes on sites which get more questions ... but really, what on Earth are you actually trying to accomplish?
@SagarV your comment on that question is kind of weird, are you missing a "not"?
shit. I missed a not
I didn't noticed that
@tripleee he said it earlier, a script that automatically downvote any question with score of -3 or less, and automatically upvote any question with score of 4 or more. (running on the /questions page.)
@ShadowWizard I see that much, but I'm trying to ask why
@tripleee updated
7:18 AM
@tripleee I already told him it's bad idea.... dunno why though. As long as it's restricted to MSO, I don't really care.
removed the script
@tripleee comment changed
1 hour later…
8:38 AM
Q: Make links posted by users open in a new window

Gordon GustafsonMost of the time when I follow a user's link, I just want to see their site, look it over, then return to answer their question (not leave SO completely and not come back). Could we make the links users post open in a new window please? EDIT: I originally wanted this implemented because it's wha...

CC @Oded
Or did you miss that?
@SagarV What about it? One of thousands of old declined requests. It won't be re-considered.
If you really want it so badly, write a userscript...
Because it is very difficult from Lap
I mean from the touch pad of lap
"Lets take control away from the user, by making links open in a new window/tab. Never mind what they want to do and that there are easy workarounds".
@SagarV so, we should cater for the minority of users by taking control away from the majority?
Ideally, this will be a user preference, like for example the keyboard shortcuts, but it's just not worth the development efforts.
8:41 AM
Sane defaults trump lots of settings/preferences.
That's what userscripts are for. :)
@ShadowWizard want to make one.
really tired of right click -> open
$(".post-text").find("a").attr("target", "_blank");
@Sag ^
Just turn this into a userscript and you're done.
@Oded Ah I like the simple dialog box
Very similar to WinHTTrack's settings wizard
@Oded what are the criteria for matched jobs ? I am just a junior Front end engineer with 6 month experience. And the matches show me jobs for Senior Developer with atleast 5 yr experience
8:49 AM
I don't work on the jobs team. But from what I know - we match what we know about your with relevant jobs. If we don't know your exact details, difficult to match up correctly.
@Oded If we don't know your exact details how do I fill the details? In developer story, I filled all the fields correctly
Guess it's best effort then.
Q: Network Flair uses Stack Overflow profile photo on all sites

Sagar VI recently changed my profile picture and saved it only to Stack Overflow. I included my flair in my profile page in all SE sites. When I checked my SO profile page, I saw that the flair is using my SO profile picture. I think it is somewhat like badges (taken from the current site). But when I...

CC @Oded
The same pic from SO appear when joining new sites
yesterday I joined in interpersonal skills and the photo is from SO
Probably uses site you have registered on first.
If that is the case, is there any way to change this without changing SO pic?
8:58 AM
Change the image on that site?
no. change the image on network flair
I'm using the NW flair in my site and I want to display the image from SE
and this is what I see even in SE meta.stackexchange.com/users/228134/sagar-v/flair
any solution @Oded ?
Flair is cached. It will take a few days to clear out.
Thanks for the info. Do you have any idea how many days it'll take?
9:16 AM
Depends on when it was cached. Could be up to a week.
I like how you scare little newblets
oh, so, the magic link works for private beta sites, even though they are not listed in the community dropdown
10:20 AM
can we have a grooming site on stackexchange?
take this photo to pets SE
they have everything you want
you obviously missed the point
no not at all.
I'm just joking
propose one
10:45 AM
@ShadowWizard CC @ShadowWizard
Source : Won't
11:08 AM
CC @Oded
Missing Dropdown menu in Data.SE
1 hour later…
12:33 PM
Hump day mystery
Aka Today's Listening
1:10 PM
Hit 15k
2:06 PM
So does New York.
Hm... going by the amount of garbage lying everywhere, New York may be a better comparison for SO.
what do you compare yourself with?
since you have such a 'high' regards to everyone and everything else
Sydney and San Francisco are the best - if you have enough resources
2:12 PM
I myself is not a big fan of apartment living
prefer the convenience of a global city ... with a big backyard
I mean, I am okay, but my chicken prefers a big backyard
@Walt hmm? You been to Jerusalem? :)
and good weather
> Can't believe I've been at @StackOverflow for 7 years as of today. It's been an amazing adventure and I'm so proud of my team. -- Jin Yang at 7:17 AM - 28 Jun 2017
2:25 PM
The team is surely great and does a lot of work on marketing / talent projects.
The last time a Q&A site got custom design was 2016-10-06.
Although to be honest, I love San Francisco partly because it looks like Sydney
I mean, I lived in quite a few places, they are all great
Also I don't necessarily love everyone who lives in Sydney, I just love Sydney itself if you know what I mean ...
2:49 PM
@SagarV what you're looking for are the match preferences
> If you care to try and get some of the badges that are reachable this week - please ping me or the other mods in Ask Different Chat. – bmike♦ -- apple.stackexchange.com/election/4#post-288117
Or maybe I'm reading it wrong and it means "we'll tell you how to do it / not to do it" rather than "we'll help you get them".
or "You should, and let us know you did"
> I have lots of  products
Considering I only see "rectangle" products... I won't vote (nor do I can though)
2:55 PM
@JourneymanGeek What's the point of telling mods that you earned some badge? It's in the profile & included in candidate score automatically.
good question
and we tended to traditionally not like people badge hunting only towards elections
I think it's more of the second interpretation: mods are concerned about flag-farming at the election time.
@SagarV Data.SE is an open source project. We can't just integrate our full header with it.
@Disney that's an apple unicode character, though Chrome doesn't support it yet
(at least under Windows)
Well, the real question is, how many badges can they get within a week?
2:57 PM
@Disney many...
Apple site has this tradition of electing exactly 3 mods every time, and they are trying for 3 again.
The thing is, finding 3+ qualified candidates in 2017 is not as easy as in 2013.
I just told everyone that they should visit here once and again. Then my browser stilled.
@Walt and by "second" I mean "first".
@humn You need to distill it
3:01 PM
@humn is it still stilled?
When I come here I feel like my feral cat must on the way out the front door. Next day, full of scars.
Still can't help it.
Still want others to follow.
One of these days I'll follow that brave little kitten.
@humn here to Tavern, or here to MSE to post something?
You're right, it's been almost a month since I've posted. Time to shut up and post up.
And I've posted more than weekly on average.
3:09 PM
Destroy all numbers!
Numb all destroyers!
A good post takes weeks to construct. A lame chat quip takes only seconds to regret.
@Feeds Meh. Too similar to xkcd.com/982
@Walt flag as dupe
I do love how the philosophy of Whatever SE is to lay all bare.
Sooner or later society will catch up.
No secrets held is the only way to have no secrets vulnerable.
And, on a good day, to have all secrets allowed.
3:29 PM
@humn You might also be interested in Philosophy
@AurélienGasser I already set it to student to mid level I think one month back
@SagarV As Oded said, it's best effort then. It's highly dependent on the available jobs near you.
This place is almost Alexandrian! (As in an encyclopaedic library.)
Either A/B test or status-completed for the "hint that the links are expandable"
3:36 PM
@Walt where did you get the black-on-white footer?
"Disney" asking "Walt"? I suspect puppetry. (Not really, but who could resist?)
@Disney Dark Reader extension for Chrome.
@Walt ah, okay, expected...
Since it remembers which sites I want to invert and which I don't, while I forget that, I no longer know how anything really looks on the internet.
Also, what's the criteria/sorting for those selected sites, and what about those unfortunate "more (n)" sites"...
3:42 PM
Theoretically: graduated sites, in chronological order of graduation.
In practice: as above, minus a few that slipped through the cracks, minus Business and Professional categories.
@Matt The more link can still get you to the beta sites under those categories. We don't plan to ever list those in the footer of main sites, regardless of how much space there is. — animuson ♦ 3 mins ago
Gatekeepers! (That's a term of endearment and sympathy.)
(and dread . . . .)
@Walt ugh, order of graduation? That explains why I couldn't get the order from SE's "All Sites" page...
Why not just let the positives outweigh the negatives?
3:47 PM
1kg of feathers outweigh -1kg of metal?
A bright cloud wiill upweigh a dead weight.
Platitudes 'R' Us.
But also, true debugging 'R' Us as well.
As U, I understand.
Just got worked up.
Another conversation unintentionally stifled . . .
A: Kickboxing as a fitness plan?

ConstanceI have just started kickboxing over a week ago. I am already feeling stronger and energized. I am sleeping better and have lost three pounds in one week. My plan is to lose thirty pounds by December. I will keep everyone updated on my progress.

Looking forward to future updates from that user...
I want to go downtown for Canada150 Celebrations this year on Canada day but I'm also worried about a terror attack
Then the terrorists already won...
4:02 PM
The only terror attack you can prevent is your own. Go and enjoy and hope for the best.
Leave your bombs at home and just enjoy the parade
Each day I thank myself for not strarting World War Whatever.
And thank everyone else too! (That was a weird joke.)
(... touchy subject ... no way to tread lightly around it ...)
Fearlessly the clown faces the crowd (certain repeat):
4:23 PM
No way, @Dragomok. IE-compliant hacks are fast becoming a thing of the past. We call them "Edge-cases" now. — Shog9 ♦ 14 mins ago
What a gas! IE has been a hack from the beginning. Have you used M$oft's developer systems?
The only thing they did worthwhile was for their own uses.
@Walt because IE is called Edge? Or did I miss the joke
I've never used a better text editor or flow tracker.
They do have a decent Docs interface: docs.microsoft.com/en-us
Clicking "edit" on an article simply directs one to Github's editor for that file.
4:29 PM
Resources: Video Learning | MSDN Forums | Technet Forums | Startups | Students
Who are you calling "resources"...
And I love emacs, but still.
not iMac? or BigMac?
(look ups.. not iMac, BigMac? or is that a hiccup?)
4:32 PM
@humn the problem is I live in the capital city, where Parliament is
iHave an iMac, under life support, and have eaten a bigMac
And they're giving like free train tickets on via rail all summer for people to come here
Or something
... is this Standup SE all of a sudden, if so ...
(deleted before submitted)
No, it's Tavern.SE
I have a feeling we're not in KansaSE anymore
4:35 PM
Went to the comedy show on the weekend and my friend got hurt outside and that was fun
Getting hurt is fun? For some.
Well, you can hurt your stomach when laughing too much
It's fun... until it's hurt
Right! It starts out warm and then begins to smart.
Until you wise up.
Maybe this is the place to ask.
There is an abusive user (not me) at another site who finds one way and another to make a repeat appearance.
I love watching that for sport. The moderators do their best to keep up.
Is that conflict really necessary?
Have you guys seen this
A: Which word begins with "y" and looks like an axe in this picture?

Dan BronA suspect I think the manufacturer of your son's ball mixed in a Swedish word: Yxa Swedish, n.: an axe The photograph above is page 22 of the Swedish children's book Vill du läsa I ("Would you like to read [vol I]") by painter Elsa Beskow. The J above it is for julgran, the Swed...

Jesus. Best SE answer I've ever seen
4:47 PM
Yeah, just a while. Might be worth to write a novel based on that answer.
@cazc_941 , a true gem!
But to go on, and on, there is so much cream at SE that the dross doesn't even need to be v-voted.
Some of us enjoy the peels. Most can just skim over them.
(Look at my posts if you need to, I am a perfectionist who feeds on imperfection.)
Guys, anyone from security related field? Need a help. It's urgent
@SagarV , reboot, close your eyes and wish twice.
One of my friend got a call from this number. She attended it but the call dropped. After that, there are often notification tones indicate that a new SMS arrived but nothing is found in the inbox
She whatsapped me the details but I don't have physical access to the phone right now
@SagarV Android? iPhone? Windows Phone?
4:56 PM
I searched for the number in truecaller and found there are 630 spam reports and it is a kazakisthan number
This is the number +7 762 531 0186
Nobody's gonna dial that.
@Disney android
@humn not to dial. Just FYI. If anyone have any experience with this or similar number, it will be helpful
do you know the brand and Android version?
Also, is it really an SMS notification? not other messaging apps?
Can you call her on a safe phone?
That's the rescue this emergency sounds like.
Now I'm calling someone similarly.
Samsung J7
I think it should be android M
5:07 PM
okay... I was about to mention MMS Exploit (Stagefright), but it should be already fixed on Android 6.x
and I don't know any of SMS exploits
The first one is a call.
Then random notification tones indicating SMS
Tom blogs about The .feedback scam including http://www.stackoverflow.feedback/
Which raises the question: how many http://www.stackoverflow.tld/ sites exist (excluding parked domains) and how many of those are actually owned by SO?
SO-owned: .com, .blog, .email, .ru
There is http://stackoverflow.es/ which is a real site (not just ads/domains for sale) but unrelated to SO, despite the existense of es.SO.
5:17 PM
SOES may stand for: Scarborough Outdoor Education School School of Ocean & Earth Science (University of Southampton) The South of England Show, a county show in the United Kingdom Small Order Execution System, NASDAQ automatic trading of small quantities of stocks...
waaaaay less auspicious than ESSO
@Disney no other info?
stackoverflow.org is a potentially useful site, but way out of date.
I like the pseudo-Mac interface.
@SagarV sorry, no clue
Why did you reply that to Smokey? o.o
Someone aughta register iamthekingofthe.world
5:46 PM
@apaul34208 I'm still going to pull some comparisons but in doing so, I found a bug in my code for the flags/CVs that age away. I just fixed that which drops the percent of aging away to 19% instead of 25%. — bluefeet ♦ 12 mins ago
Is there any visible difference between "aged away because the reviewers decided to Leave Open" and "aged away because review never completed"?
If the former happens to my CV votes a lot, I should probably adjust my voting. If the latter, that's less of my problem and more of the site's problem.
The former is considered as "review complete"?
If three reviewers click Leave Open, the existing close votes still remain but begin to age immediately (one vote deleted every day). I consider it as "review complete".
I should leave "flags" out of this, since they'd be marked disputed/declined in the former case.
6:19 PM
@Walt there's a detectable difference (if you can find the associated review task(s)), but the actual flag status ends up the same.
@Walt we own .ca as well, IIRC
For the secret project "Stack Overflow in Canadian", I suppose.
6:34 PM
still trying to find a CM for that
full-coverage health insurance is less of an incentive
they want unlimited maple syrup rations instead
it's... a sticking point
well, they'd have to choose since the diabeetus risk would preclude them from coverage
#hr #hmo #seppuku
An ASCII version of that empty rectangle would be nice.
I think it's a guy with a huge mustache taking a selfie
ah, no, I zoomed in - turns out it's a gal face-palming
6:39 PM
@Walt "Search Google for ▯" returns "Face Palm Emoji"
@shog9 as an employee, why do you list your feature requests on meta?
Jun 23 at 23:14, by Shog9
So what if I wanna get something done? Something the Company wants done, or something the Community wants done. Well, that means Persuading a Large, Critical Audience.
and the rest of the Happy Rant
My job would be so much harder without folks like Slim
@Walt thanks for the link (and excerpt) ;)
Is that Terrence Howard?
Bookmarked for future references:

Happy Rant on persuading a large, critical audience

Jun 23 at 23:09, 14 minutes total – 36 messages, 2 users, 1 star

Bookmarked 20 secs ago by Walt

@canon Could be for all I know (have to Google to find who Terrence Howard is)
> We'll keep working, and promise to keep folks abreast. area51.meta.stackexchange.com/q/20987
6:57 PM
Famous last words. (The promise is 2 years old.)
Well, one way to read it is that there is nothing new to say.
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