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12:01 AM
I'm on a bus leaving NYC, so I probably make less sense than usual. That place has a way of draining one's ability to reason. Which might explain some of the decisions made at SEHQ.
@Guero The opposite observation can be made for dwarf and large.
Dwarf as an adjective is quite limited. Celestial bodies, plants, and animals... What else? I don't think "a dwarf pen" is idiomatic.
A compromise solution for the review link: revert to text, but the text will be all-emoji.
12:18 AM
Keep the icon, but make it follow the mouse:
Q: Make an image follow mouse pointer

supernoobI need a rocket to follow the movements of the mouse pointer on my website. This means it should rotate to face the direction of motion, and if possible, accelerate depending on the distance it has to cover. Is this even possible ? jquery perhaps ?

@Guero I never intended to make sense.
@JonEricson not enough jQuery in that "follow slowly" example.
1:19 AM
Please note that the "community wiki" feature has been largely deprecated, and is no longer used for either of these use cases (listed in item #6). — Robert Cartaino ♦ 4 hours ago
I didn't see a deprecation notice next to that checkbox.
When is it going to be turned off completely?
Maybe keep it for the wiki lock purpose.
3:27 AM
@bjb568 for someone who's pushing vanilla JS to everyone, I was surprised to read your statement :P
4:08 AM
@AdamLear you are in the enviable position that for a lot of values for "it" there will be a horde of excited volunteers who will do something about your problem if you just let them
an API sounds like an excellent way to facilitate that
Charcoal and SOCVR are good examples of largely self-regulated hordes who are already contributing to the quality of the network substantially, and doing things you are basically not doing
(well, not sure about "substantially", or how exactly you would measure that; but it certainly feels good that they exist)
4:59 AM
> doing things you are basically not doing
Spam is being blocked on SE side too, and in large amounts
spam with meat
5:18 AM
Travel is 6 years old today. Top question of last year: How can I exchange Rs 500 & 1000 notes in India as a foreigner?
Korean Language is 1 year old today. Their view counts are not (yet?) impressive. The all-time leader has 1200 so far... What is the politest way in Korean to say that someone is 'old'?
6:22 AM
How do I exit Vim?, PPCG style :O
2 hours later…
8:12 AM
@Guero Well yeah, but all the spam charcoal eats up has already gotten through the SE protective layer
1 hour later…
9:33 AM
@Guero sure, what I'm trying to say is that Charcoal is filling a gap where SpamRam is currently not looking
2 hours later…
11:21 AM
@Guero 6-8 years of course. Same as Documentation. They like to keep dead stuff around, hoping a miracle will happen and it will all be good again. :)
@Elephant did you expect something like this?
11:39 AM
@rene @Jason this room is a mess.... needz a cleanup! :D
Jun 8 at 15:40, by Derpy
@JasonC actually, I was hoping to use the ancient "puppy eyes" power to make you add me as a room owner too.... and then turn the room in my pony domain as soon as you weren't looking.
it's @JasonC fauld. Had he added me, I would now be able to clean up the smokey messages (and replace them with ponies)
Pony on the Meta
12:08 PM
pony meat on meta
12:33 PM
Meta on the Meat
Stop it with the meat. I'm hungry now
You're welcome.
@Bart you now busy eating all this meat? :D
20 messages moved to Chimney
@Elephant (/s)
12:49 PM
@ShadowWizard given what meat costs over here ... nope :D
@Bart so buy a cow, must be cheaper? ;)
@ShadowWizard should we flag the picture as offensive for vegetarians?
@Derpy then flag all the cat pictures as offensive to dog lovers.
Surely Shog would be delighted with all the flags. ;)
flag all pictures as offensive for limited 2G users :)
Flag all messages in English as offensive to people who don't know English!
1:04 PM
I say we should communicate using emoji
@Derpy I'm not actually offended ._.
Well, you can't eat monitor...
"is monitor lizard edible?"
1:11 PM
"You goanna eat that?"
Out of context quoting can be fun:
> I think Stack Overflow should be a place inhabited by rude, snobby assholes
always good to be realistic
assholes are never rude - they tend to be ready to serve you when you in your most urgent moments and they do dirtiest job for you, literally
Thanks for that insight as well ...
1:16 PM
 I shall give you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
1:27 PM
I can't handle the truth ...
@rene Sir are you aware that you are a flower?
There is only one truth.
@Magisch ...
but ... elephants eat flowers
1:31 PM
relax... I don't eat flowers...
I trample them though.
Ouch ...
no trampling @rene
rene is a stack exchange treasure
@Bart We call that "the meat effect".
2:01 PM
@Magisch we should pluck him, press him, and preserve him in a dried state.
or just replace his water with glycerine
@Bart Ahh but you need rene alive
In bloom and stuff
you could clone rene, but he might end up with identity crisis
also you need to keep rene away from unicorns ...
2:09 PM
that is not a unicorn, but you get the point
@Telkitty maybe not rude, but they are all just full of crap. :D
@Telkitty here you go:
user image
Consider this as a unicorn who chose to hide his horn.
hehe @rene sandwich
2:17 PM
Juan M on June 21, 2017

Ha sido un mes y medio completamente feroz. La graduación de nuestro sitio nos ha causado mucha felicidad y hemos podido celebrar en Madrid y en la Cuidad de México.  Hemos tenido también la oportunidad de poder conocer a varios de nuestros usuarios en persona, cosa que para nosotros es un gran placer.  El poder visitar a estas ciudades para representar a Stack Overflow en español ha sido una experiencia que no se olvidará. Lo siguiente es un breve resumen de estos viajes recientes.

Llena de gente innovadora y dedicada a su profesión, los muchachos de IronHack me presentaron sus oficinas en Mad …

Las cele you too!
@ShadowWizard Ew
So many blog posts about es.SO...
Meanwhile, android tag reached 1M questions.
2:26 PM
@JasonC all? Even this pony? (yes it's there in the results ;))
@Guero as an Android developer, I don't know whether I should be happy or not
@Elephant depends how many of those 1M are yours..... ;)
@Guero and 1.4M answers. 1.4 answers per question isn't bad, I guess.
@ShadowWizard none, everyone was nice enough to write them for me :)
@Elephant good! :D
hehe, the infamous goat is only third in its score. Expected more!
2:33 PM
Most viewed Android question of the last year: Automatically accept all SDK licences
@Guero took over two weeks until first answer was posted, so it wasn't HNQ.
And a bunch of "this worked for me" comments under those answers.
They are most useful when a question has several answers with comments "other answers didn't work for me, but this one did".
There are now more than 24,000 different Android devices
that's back in 2015
2:40 PM
one answer doesn't fix all ...
Yeah, blame the vendors who customized and broke their devices :/
If they said what phone model or OS version they were testing under, that might be useful. But the typical scenario is: "X worked for me; other answers didn't", "Y worked for me; other answers didn't", etc.
yeah .. and each question/answer get 2-3 views ... unless for samsung, LG or some other popular brands
@Shog9 just a sanity check could this work (as in feasible to build)? 34 people reviewing would be obtained from your cheap reviewlock query, the number of reviews for a queue is also available in the topbar so should be cached and therefor cheap and the who is reviewing comes from /review, or if that is not possible by watching the websocket for 1-review-dashboard. Clicking the help out now link brings you to the specific queue.
2:51 PM
Considering that so much reviewing is organized via chat anyway, let's just merge the two things.
That is also a good idea
I was wondering, has anyone ever seen any "clickbait" questions on StackExchange.
@PrittBalagopal Skeptics you're welcome.
Huh? I don't get it.
Usually it'd be edited to remove the clickbait-y though
2:59 PM
Skeptics site is pretty serious actually, they do edit stuff into shape.
Gaming on the other hand...
Ah, that too
@Elephant Why would they do that? Shouldn't askers be allowed to write their titles to attract visitors?
It even comes with a price: good question-lots o' upvotes. Bad question-lots o' downvotes
@PrittBalagopal you mean like this? ;)
Umm, because we're not social media? We don't need clickbait title to attract visitor, when the content comes out not that interesting.
Or assumed this question was on HNQ: How can I kill adorable animals?
3:03 PM
hehe much better
for some reason that other one stuck to my memory :D
Why you delete @ShadowWizard that was too good example!!
Anyway, yes just like that
@PrittBalagopal sensitive people around.. better not try my luck. :)
It's there as link, but onebox is too much.
@PrittBalagopal so yes, they exists, always did, nothing wrong about it.
Many MSE requests to remove them from HNQ, so far all ignored/declined.
Because I am researching on the net on how to clickbait.
3:05 PM
(well, not remove, just being able to filter.)
I want to get my questions more attention.
@PrittBalagopal good luck with that! Next step: how to make a viral video. ;)
hehe yeah
I think there was even one with rape, though it was edited/closed don't remember.
@ShadowWizard Yeah, maybe I'll try that, tho I suck a youtubing. Probably because I never youtubed.
3:07 PM
@PrittBalagopal Facebook allow vids too, and give prizes to those who make them viral
@PrittBalagopal Ooo I gotta try that.
we eat corpses everyday anyways - have you ever eaten a live chicken/sheep/cow/pig/fish?
I hope the prize is 10k Chem SE reputation, but that won't happen. :)
No I have never eaten a live chicken.
@Telkitty I once ate a live ant. Long story
Well, as a reader, I personally hate clickbait though... usually happened on HNQ, I thought the question was interesting, clicked the link, the content was not that interesting, closed it before reading the answers.
@PrittBalagopal long story short, literally. ;)
3:14 PM
@ShadowWizard lol, I should've said "Long backstory"
eating an ant shouldn't be a long story
eating a bear could be a long story
but a reason to downvote was a long story
but ant is ready available to be eaten, so you either were curious, or have mistakenly eaten it because it's in your food
3:19 PM
@Telkitty come to think of it, yes, I've eaten ants quite often...
@Telkitty I was trying to blow it with a straw. I kinda blew it the wrong direction. lol
see ... short story
@Telkitty what?? That's the longest story I ever told!
@PrittBalagopal The purpose of question title is to describe the question as clearly as possible (under the constraints on length, etc), so that others, when they see the title among others, will know it's probably what they are looking for.
If the title fails that purpose, it should be edited. This applies to clickbait in particular.
3:27 PM
As usual, there is more stuff that needs editing than there are people willing and able to edit -- so bad titles are easy to find. This doesn't constitute a license for making more of them, though.
I must admit, I have seen people pimp their accounts/channels using cute cat/dog. This channel uses a cute cat at the end to beg for likes and positive comments. Like the cat != like your video. Why should I upvote your video just because you are whoring your cute cat?
but that cat is really cute
@PrittBalagopal Of only... In reality, HNQ visitors from other sites have 101 reputation from the association bonus. So they can upvote but not downvote. If 75% of visitors are disgusted by clickbait, but 5% like it, the question gets a bunch of upvotes.
^ that, and some people upvote just because of the title.
@Guero What about a click bait that's actually a question?
3:48 PM
Edit to remove the clickbait and keep the question.
4:00 PM
Because why not.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted website in answer: 5 of a kind in Poker Game by rothphallyka on poker.SE
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted website in answer, blacklisted user: Poker Rooms Comparison by rothphallyka on poker.SE
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted website in answer, blacklisted user: Online Poker League by rothphallyka on poker.SE
I find these notices disconcerting when I can't think of a reason why they are coming here next week. Somehow, torches and pitchforks come to mind.
@rene The "nnnn reviews waiting" bit is the expensive part of that
That is what is in the topbar dropdown now as well? I'll allow caching ...
It was worth trying it
5:13 PM
@rene that only gets loaded when someone clicks on it
Caching might work, but to date it hasn't. See: July 4th event.
Yeah, I figured that. It could also work without the nnnn reviews waiting but the dynamic nature of it has some appeal to it
I consider "our system has identified this post as possible spam" an anti feature. Was not helpful to me once. Source of confusion to reviewers: are they being asked to review this for possible spam, or in the regular way?
Alternative idea: show a random fortune (cookie style) in that spot, once in about ten reviews. Just to break the monotony.
@Guero doesn't help that SpamRam is also used to block folks evading q-bans, trolling, etc.
@rene One option might be to ditch showing counts entirely, and just highlight the queue(s) when they approach some threshold of pending tasks (if there were 100 suggested edits 10 minutes ago, there are almost certainly still > 0 suggested edits and quite likely still around 100 suggested edits pending review) - this would allow for both much more aggressive caching and also per-queue limits (100 is a lot of suggested edits, not very many close-review tasks, a reasonable number of LQ posts).
(full disclosure: this was @JoeFriend's idea, not mine)
As long as it brings in variation and has a clear call to action that leads to actual reviews being done by review noob-users I think we should try that
and it doesn't bring down SO in the meantime, that is.
Reason I choose the other stats because those can be scraped/obtained, relatively easily and then combined off-site in an ad/png.
The only thing I don't have is the current number of users reviewing.
1 hour later…
6:48 PM
@Shog @rene are you discussing ways to bring people to review again? Think it's better to wait and see what happens when (if?) the review icon becomes text again, no? Maybe things will get back to normal without extra development spent on this.
Though raw text between nice icons would look really weird. Hmm...
I actually prefer showing pending reviews number that is shown on sites other than SO. That gets my attention just like pending notifications number. Icon or text, doesn't matter (though I prefer icon+number just like the rest)
And maybe, just an idea: add "quick review" feature: create a mixed-review queue with total of n items (30? 40?) from the user's all possible queues. Mixed-review queue means anything from "first post" to "close vote (3k)" or even "delete vote (10k)".
@Shog9 - Perhaps if there was a link somewhere on the post that showed if there was an active review there, so that organically browsing users could enter the queue that way. It would also get more attention to reviews that need action when everyone who has already done the real legwork was present.
@TravisJ If there were a sufficient number of people viewing these questions with an inclination to review, we wouldn't need a review system to begin with.
@AdamLear did some research on this with an eye toward improving close review a few years back - the number of people who can vote-to-close on questions that already have close votes/flags appears to be tiny compared to the volume of questions that are in review.
7:11 PM
I did?
Feels like a lifetime ago, eh?
Yeah, views does seem to be an issue. Of the 50 newest questions, the one with the most views only has had 17. Most have between 2-5.
It still really annoys me that the page will not remember that I chose 50 questions per set instead of 15.
I cannot tell you how many times I have stopped browsing because of that.
@TravisJ Which page? /questions should save that
I used to go 5 pages deep, but now, I don't because it literally pisses me off to constantly deal with that, and the duplication that it causes me to read at times. If I choose 50 per set, and then go to page 2 which is now page two of 15 per set, that is 16-30 of the 50 I already viewed, next page is 31-45. Infuriating.
That's weird. I get 50 per page.
7:18 PM
Are you using the new nav tabs?
ah, no
I always forget that exists, heh.
Yeah, it bothers me almost every day too! :( — Travis J Jun 8 '16 at 21:53
Is new nav a failed experiment? Should I turn it off?
Well, it has many bugs, and I've never heard about bug being fixed recently.
I wouldn't call it a failed experiment... more like "the guy who was primarily working on it got reassigned and eventually quit, and now everyone else is working on other stuff too"
it's on an indefinite hold, let's put it that way. there are still plans to redesign the home page, but I don't know where they are on the priority list off-hand
I still like it.
7:22 PM
I'll see what the paging issue is. shouldn't be hard to fix (famous last words)
How many users have opted in?
It doesn't seem like remembering the paging should have been that difficult, it would greatly improve my SO quality of life.
@TravisJ looks like not quite 22 thousand users
8:10 PM
@TravisJ I'm on new nav ... so that is two then ...
@ShadowWizard yeah, still feel more can / needs to be done. I'm trying to come up with an idea that can fit in a single week and won't break other stuff.
8:31 PM
22,000 users... so are those like all the power users of the site? :P
Can users with the new nav silently get more close votes? ;)
8:52 PM
reading chat in reverse chronology in order to reorient myself is... not helpful
@Shog9 you see something like this ever getting traction?
9:17 PM
@canon what are you actually suggesting?
...because the flag dialog kinda works that way already
10:13 PM
@TravisJ Hmm. I can't repro the paging issue you're seeing. Flipped on new nav, set the question count to 50. every page gives me 50 questions.

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