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5:01 PM
I had some last night because I got back home very late ... it's still disappointing
It primarily exist to have an absolute minimum on what lawfully determines edible substance suited for human consumption. From that baseline we can start looking for actual food.
It made me actually miss a proper snackbar
There's Wheel of Lunch but that's for going out.
Also, it probably doesn't work that well in NYC.
5:09 PM
@Bart start one? You can become the Swiss Bram Ladage?
5:21 PM
Another failed attempt to get more <blink> in this site: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/349002/…
6:15 PM
> This morning we updated Stack Overflow Trends! We've added presets and support for permalinks. Any more feedback? insights.stackoverflow.com/trends?tags=ios%2Candroid … -- John Bubriski at 11:06 AM - 10 May 2017
7:38 PM
Just used the edit feature for duplicate closure links. <3
@ShadowWizard slightly more complicated than that. It's not that folks aren't reviewing (although we could certainly use more reviewers) - it's that now fewer are reviewing suggested edits.
Prior to the new top-bar rollout, the top bar notified folks with < 10K only if there were more than n suggested edits in queue, and linked directly to the suggested edits queue.
Now it lights up for everyone, and displays a list of queues.
There was actually a spike in both reviews and reviewers (which has since dissipated - novelty effect), but it didn't benefit suggested edits.
@Shog9 it made me review more edits..
@ShadowWizard NOT ENOUGH MORE!
@Shog9 - Is there a plan to create a "topbar post-release stats" type of deal on meta at some point? I would be interested in it at least.
@TravisJ yeah, sorta
7:48 PM
and now the top bar indicator is entirely useless on medium-large sites. Does literally nothing.
@ɥʇǝS what?
Probably rather nuanced though.
@Shog9 well I guess it's a hyperlink to /review, which is sorta useful.
@TravisJ I'll do the usual "here's a colorful chart that doesn't clarify anything, now here's a dreadfully boring list of numbers that explain everything" thing
But I know no one to whom the number actually means anything.
It's always >300 and fluctuates in that 300-600 range. Which is useless.
7:50 PM
@Shog9 - lol, to be honest those are my favorite though. So much more interesting than the average "they asked a bad question", "they downvoted my good question", "my flag was unfairly declined" drivel that seems to constantly populate meta.
Not to mention [tag-burnination]
@ɥʇǝS - I think I may have removed that indicator on the top bar. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Which, by the way, I expect to include links to SO trends from now on.
@TravisJ I've contemplated scripting it to something actually useful. Like suggested edits, but never bothered.
(But Trends don't support small tags, so probably not.)
7:55 PM
.topbar, #header, .so-header, #hireme, #explore-tags, #hot-network-questions, #newsletter-ad, #ignored-footer, .bottom-notice, .adzerk-vote {display: none;}
you hide the entire header?
but whyy
Don't need inbox, rep things, review things, or whatever else is there.
Does wonders to reduce arguments in comments.
Would you say that it is correlated in a decrease in your site activity though?
8:15 PM
Yes and no. Without a filter like that I'd be more involved for a while, before requesting account deletion.
I have a simple process to prevent burnout. I try to just do 1000 rep per month, or 10k per year.
So far I am at "Member for 5 years, 6 months", and have 54k reputation. It's been a slow burn.
It's not rep earning, it's janitorial tasks and associated meta arguments.
I've finally decided that I had my share of both.
So I tried to review a suggested edit. Got an audit. Sweet.
I bet my audit success rate is pretty high.
@rene - I found a strange edge case while edit reviewing. Is this a thing? I cannot view the image url of the image being referenced unless I act on the current edit. The link on the page says edit(1), and when pressed I only get a preview of the edit instead of the entire source of the post where the actual image link is.
The user has 3 reputation, so before acting, it would have been nice to be able to ensure that the higher rep user's edit wasn't going to allow a strange image in.
To note, clearing the edit in that review will remove the ability to view the edge case.
8:36 PM
@TravisJ are you looking at markdown or rendered output?
@rene - The markdown. It is possible to view the image by using the rendered output, but that is slightly besides the point. Shouldn't a reviewer in this situation be able to view the post in its entirety somewhere?
I am in edit deadlock. Cannot view content prior to review. Cannot complete review prior to viewing content.
Yeah, OK. I see what you mean.
Is that common? I don't review often so I am not sure how many of these things are "yeah, that's normal" versus "hm, never seen that before".
It is common. You only see what has changed and the only thing the edit changes is to make the link an image. It is not changing the image. I would assume here the image is Ok in the first place, hence switching to rendered view to see the image.
2 hours later…
11:07 PM
@JourneymanGeek heh, sorry to hear.... hope it will improve soon!
8 messages moved to Chimney
All fixed.
@Shog9 yes, I meant suggested edits, that's the only review with a fixed size queue that can be full.
@ɥʇǝS you are different ;)
See yourself, all upside down. :D
@ShadowWizard apparently.
@ShadowWizard touché :P
@Shog9 more what?
Oh well my two minutes are over... clock ticking... 04:48 hours left to sleep...
Triage can be full too afair.
11:36 PM
> We need to move to .NET Core so we can help. We have been on ASP.NET MVC since the 1.0 beta. Time for round 2, bring it. -- Nick Craver at 4:33 PM - 10 May 2017
Ow. Well, more meta rep from bug reports.
Wonder if MS is happy about the ubuquitous linkification of things.NET
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