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12:26 AM
I donno. Caffeine feels more 'innocent' than ephidrine....
as you progress in life made and acquired more things, you will be promoted from manual labour to fire brigade - always on alert for possibly situation that requires emergency assistance
@Gerry good one, hahahaha
haven't heard joke so funny for such a long time
1:26 AM
@Gerry thanks for bringing this to my attention, BTW.
(I may have my own idea as to the real purpose of The Tavern...)
for the trolls to meet the CMs?
Tavern - bring trolls and CMs together since 2008!
also, for cats to post their pictures
@Gerry yea I was finally able to read the discussions by googling "stackoverflow fastest gun in the west". Thanks for looking though.
sets a reminder to say "ur welcome" to Shog by the end of August
1:57 AM
What's M2?
@JourneymanGeek I think it's a bus or something for SSDs. You should ask on Super User
lol. Yeah, I probably needed moar context.
twitter.com/tewha/status/808393584353284100 <-- what's an m2 in this context? ;p
@Shog9 I know that M.2. ;p. Also used for wifi cards.
I assumed "metamod", but I'm not sure that's actually a common term
ah. That makes sense.
Oh, I use that as the process, not for the people.
I try to just ignore stuff I don't understand on Twitter.
2:01 AM
I do too. So I hardly use it ;p
Ever since that day I spent like 5 minutes mocking someone for gratuitous use of punctuation in their name, and then found out I'd accidentally become a nazi.
now now. Its alt-write
Kids these days
@JourneymanGeek I assumed 2000 rep, user able to review suggested edits
2:08 AM
> Alexa: “I couldn't find a device or group called ‘turn on the living room lamps’” If this is the state of technology, just shoot me now. -- Nick Craver at 6:00 PM - 21 Apr 2017
"does this make my butt look big?"
wtf is this?
@Telkitty :(
That's worse than a schnauzer back-hawk
my knee injury became worse since the last snowy mountain hike :/
2:20 AM
I even rested 2 days without much exercise
RPG election scene in numbers:
too cold for ocean swim & local pool is probably full of chlorine
5:34 AM
Juicy stats (for RPG):
A: What do moderators do here?

Shog9As requested by myself, here's a birds-eye view into what actually happened on Role-playing Games Stack Exchange moderation-wise over the past 365 days, for your collective edification and bemusement: Action Moderators Community¹ --------------------------------...

"as requested..."
Ask and you shall receive, indeed.
Welp, I just got the first mod-tools on anime.se
So relatively quiet? ;p
5:39 AM
For the most part, RPG mods delete comments: 15644 of them.
dosen't everyone? ;p
yeah, considering the activity of the site itself..
5:59 AM
@Gerry Wait, self-deleted comments count as well
I don't think they're that comment-hating
@M.A.R. They count in the second column, Community. Unless you mean comments left by a mod and deleted by them.
lol. That's pretty cool.
I need to remember to mug shog for one of those the next elections ;p
3 hours later…
8:49 AM
Users destroyed                               81          0
Users deleted                                 20          0
what's the difference
Congrats on having 999 rep ...
@Telkitty I guess with destroyed the network account is also removed, with deleted only the user record on the site. But only a mod or Shog can confirm.
has been demoted to 999 for ages
Oh ... I only just noticed
9:53 AM
baba ...
11:14 AM
Q: Difference between a deleted user and a "destroyed" user

Daniel DiPaoloPrompted by this question, it appears there are two methods of disabling user accounts permanently: deleting and "destroying" What are the differences between the two and what are the criteria that determine which method is used?

Deleted users don't get their posts autonuked
2 hours later…
12:55 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ your self destructing comment failed ...
@rene Yes, I've stopped the clock, after reading yours ;-)
1:36 PM
@JourneymanGeek always nice to see someone who is capable of writing a balanced answer. I gave up after a few comments.
@rene I quite literally answered the same question on MSU
Ok, I'll downvote that one for balance ...
I do get being somewhat newbie friendly
but I don't get the whole expecting to be coddled in a new place ;p
I respect the amount of energy gnat puts into a single issue ;p
1:52 PM
(also, I figure the reputation boost dosen't hurt. I think this will be the second site I'll hit 20k on)
2:12 PM
@JourneymanGeek It's okay to get rep, but it's not okay to drop apostrophes
@M.A.R. I'll try ;p
I wasn't even going to answer that at first!
No excuses ಠ_ಠ
1 hour later…
3:19 PM
I suppose the "questions per day" stats on the SE Site List do not include deleted questions?
Graphic Design is listed with 15 QPD, but they get more than that in spam alone... 21 today (UTC), 29 a few days ago.
When does QPD update? Is it cached?
It's the median over two weeks.
The median of spam activity graph is also about 15 (from eyeballing the chart)
@Gerry Oh, SPD
3:22 PM
I think this may be the all-time record for spam/non-spam ratio. Drupal and Apple (let alone SU and SU) get many more non-spam questions than GD.
I'm still unhappy about using the median to summarize a time series with a clear weekday / weekend pattern, but don't know of any blog post that would make this point... might have to write one myself.
I'm using e.g. this image in an answer:
but at work, we block imgur and they still haven't approved my request to unblock the stack subdomain.
I use the unicode versions of the individual elements throughout my answer (see here ) but I'm not sure how I'd do that for the whole statement.
Any suggestions or brilliant ideas?
(I tried going multiline with the var text, hoping I might get a decent fallback behavior, but no dice...)
@AaronHall When you really want to use MathJax in a SO post, a stack snippet can be used.
(I assume the reason for using the image is that it's on a non-Mathjax site?)
Incidentally, time has exposed an obvious flaw in that proposal: the post content becomes tied to the source of MathJax.js - in particular, it would break at the end of this month (when the MathJax CDN shuts down) even if it wasn't already broken by https switch. Fixed for now...
3:38 PM
All things considered, an image is safer. Maybe include a fallback link to a copy of the image hosted on a non-blocked domain, like google drive or something...
Ah, but if the "math snippets" FR was actually implemented, the URL for on-demand MathJax resource would be a part of site config, able to be switched globally the way it was done on MathJax-enabled sites recently.
If we block imgur, you know we'll block google drive...
Actually I've no idea how the mind of imgur-blocking people works...
I need some kind of unicode style fallback or replacement...
(that works with stackoverflow :) )
I don't know,... Unicode gives you characters and some directional control, not the kinds of layouts you want. It's not a typesetting system.
3:47 PM
ASCII Unicode art?
Unicode art...
If I can make it good enough to replace the image
I have the individual elements, no divisor though
But fixed width unicode might work
That's what MathML was supposed to deliver, but you know how that went.
I don't know how that went. :)
3:51 PM
> According to a member of the MathJax team, none of the major browser makers paid any of their developers for any MathML-rendering work; whatever support exists is overwhelmingly the result of unpaid volunteer time/work. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MathML#Web_browsers
tl;dr browser support is next to nonexistent, and SE blocks non-whitelisted XML anyway
yeah, that latter thing is what I'm thinking about...
4:04 PM
A new proposed definition, based on SE site observation: Data Science is Cross Validated with zero concern for quality.
> tensorflow works with tensors, which are like vectors but more generic,
@Gerry Ouch, their active page's first question is
Q: Data Science Noob - Customer Scoring based on conversion probability

agwahI am a complete beginner to the Data Science field but am hoping to learn by solving some problems at work. In short I work for a university and for my first project wish to be able to score applicants based on their likelihood to enrol (convert), using their answers to application form question...

I'm trying to find the closest to the image...
thinking of this one: 𝑥
but it's not the scripty x in
maybe: 𝓍
@AaronHall serif italic
4:13 PM
Yeah that's my first one, but it doesn't look scripty enough....
but that's probably the way to go, I guess.
correct semantics?
Also not sure about my hrule/dividing line thing...
I don't know if the font choice really has a semantic meaning, but in TeX, math symbols by default are in Computer Modern (serif font), italic variant. So...
Of course the font rendered by your browser (or mine) will not be exactly like Computer Modern.
@AaronHall underline?
yeah... so underline in unicode?
(is that a bold gamma?)
(bold is serif'd on my machine, not bold isn't...)
(sigma is italicized...)
@AaronHall I think it's a regular serif Gamma, the brush looks thicker because it's not italic (I don't think Greek letters are ever set in italic or bold in math texts)
U̲n̲d̲e̲r̲l̲i̲n̲e̲ ̲a̲l̲l̲ ̲t̲h̲e̲ ̲t̲h̲i̲n̲g̲s̲
is probably better.
5:00 PM
Where did you get your underline? Is there a horizontal line char?
(not the underscore.)
The Unicode underline is from the Unicode underliner linked above.
The thing between "numerator" and "denominator" is the underscore.
ok... so how do I get that in a code block... or do I use a quote block instead...?
I'd put it in a code block, to have whitespace control. Unicode chars should work the same, right?
In other news, RPG election got its 11th candidate. Likely the smallest site ever to have a primary.
5:15 PM
Nobody on their meta yet came up with a chart of the intelligence, stamina and charisma of each candidate.
Maybe the candidates should include these stats in their nominations themselves.
I got gibberish when I tried to underline "𝑥 : 𝜎 ∈ 𝚪"
Yeah.... well it's ugly anyway, way too close to the characters to be read as a division line. Go with ASCII art for division.
I'm not sure that's an improvement, nor am I sure how to best present it. Can we do spoiler markdown here?
put a ! after the >...
@AaronHall how about using — (em-dash)? I think it looks more centered vertically, and also continuosly
ok, perhaps not really continuously, but close enough
also, using spoiler markdown with multi-line quotation is not a good idea...
5:36 PM
doesn't seem to work on SO anyways.
@AaronHall probably helps
Q: How do you make advanced spoilers?

OldBunny2800Is it possible to make spoilers inside blockquotes? > text > more text > >! spoilery text > text > more text How about multiline spoilers? >! Spoiler >! Mor Spoilerz >! Still spoilery Finally, quotes inside spoilers? >! Spoiler >! > The spoiler said stuff >! > The spoiler had more to say >...

ah, it's next to a quote block I didn't want to be a spoiler...
I found this: ─
Unicode code point character UTF-8(hex.) numerical HTML encoding of the Unicode character name
U+2500 ─ e2 94 80 &#9472; ─ BOX DRAWINGS LIGHT HORIZONTAL
6:11 PM
Change committed: stackoverflow.com/questions/12532552/… - feel free to compare versus old version and give me feedback...
6:21 PM
VLQ or red-flaggable rude? rpg.stackexchange.com/a/98621
6:35 PM
@Gerry Rude-flaggable, but for some reason went for NAA
I imagine it's better to flag as rude than NAA - if it qualifies for both. But I think it qualifies as an actual answer, to be honest.
@ShadowWizard yeah. i still got her tested for everything just to be sure and also it's a good idea in general esp for future pets. results next week.
as for the water quality stuff, we're doing some basic tests from blood, but i'm also sending water samples to a proper lab, because it's a problem in general even if it didn't affect the cats. and there's a daycare downstairs so it's important for that, too.
i think the only regret i'll be left with is not having a post-mortem exam done on vinnie to determine the cause. so it'll remain a mystery forever. his normal doc, who had that weekend off, was kinda bummed about that, too. i was actually regret-free until i talked to her on the phone yesterday, heh.
the reason i didn't consider it was $$$. but she told me they would've done it for free. sad trombone.
@AaronHall dunno what you guys were talking about but if you want to use those in chat a lot, meta.stackexchange.com/a/293083/230261 or Porkchat linked in the comments
7:04 PM
@doppelgreener, you're probably the most qualified candidate here, so I hesitate to say this because I don't want to discourage you. But I think it's important to go into this with eyes wide open, so... Expect to lose friends. Or at least, expect some distance in interactions that may formerly have been cordial. One of the most common needs for moderation is two passionate members of the site disagreeing over some matter that they both care deeply about; when that disagreement becomes acrimonious, a mod is required and there's a good chance you're gonna be resented by both of them for it. — Shog9 ♦ 22 mins ago
7:40 PM
@Gerry I thought he's already a mod
@JasonC yeah... well, no point crying over spilled milk... you know. Look on the full half of the milk glass, you have a living cat who can give you years of joy. :)
@M.A.R. nope, only a candidate.
1 hour later…
8:43 PM
A: How to invade a planet

Eeona YoungI think that it's time to work together or just let it go. Because it can get very tired some, draining, confusing, and misleading to a person at times. Where they make foolish and regretful decisions. So instead of making the other person fell that you are against them why don't you turn i...

Wise words of advice, but...
@Gerry That sounds like it might skew something. The 'ultimate authority' on SE saying that he's the most qualified...
@Gerry why does he post that comment in the open? Seems both personal and to influence voting?
or what @Mithrandir says ...
@rene Jinx! :D
A: Should Community Managers remain impartial during Moderator elections?

HDE 226868I see no reason why they should stay impartial . . . but they should make it clear who they're speaking for. Community Managers work for Stack Exchange. Whenever I see one doing something, I generally assume it's on Stack Exchange business - moderation, community promotion stuff, etc. And most o...

8:58 PM
> I reject any notion that moderators - or anyone else - should attempt to remain impartial at the expense of being honest. -- meta.stackexchange.com/a/273576
@Gerry I'm aware of that post. Shog9 doesn't communicate without a reason or for fun.
I think this room may contain some counterexamples to that.
Feb 27 '15 at 4:43, by Shog9
ain't no party like a donut party, 'cause a donut party is a hole lotta fun
9:24 PM
@Gerry OK, any counterexamples on meta's?
A: Why was Apocalyptic Defense closed?

Shog9Aw, man... Jeff, when I die a horrible death from eating tainted rice and chickens, you're getting such a nasty email! FWIW: I thought this was intended to be a spiritual successor to USENET. Might want to have a look at some of the more esoteric groups out there, especially those from its hey...

Anyway, I don't see a problem.
A CM is a person who works with a moderator a lot, and have seen a lot of stuff they do, for better or worse.
So if they recognize someone as a qualified candidate, that's even more the reason for them to say so.
Okay, fair enough.
9:35 PM
A pattern I notice often: the first user to get Marshal on a site ends up moderating it... rpg.stackexchange.com/help/badges/78/marshal
TuggyNE could conceivably run for an RPG mod... his RPG profile is hidden, apparently DnD and such are still being prosecuted in places.
@Shog9 Mm, and yet, I don’t think they all are. Yes, meta discussions are all visible, and yeah, comments can be seen—but are frequently deleted, and impossible to search for in any event. So no, I don’t think that’s an entirely fair characterization of the issues plaguing the site. If it was, I would have been able to put together a far more comprehensive and damning report to SE about the behavior of the moderators here. — KRyan 8 hours ago
That was 8 hours ago... and now the user is suspended.
Moar election drama!
9:57 PM
tfw a text box loses focus and I accidentally use several keyboard shortcuts that do things I've no idea about...
11:10 PM
11:57 PM
@Gerry heh,maybe
I think a good chunk of SU mods don't have the marshal badge

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