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9:00 PM
Next time: Post link, close tab.
I wish I could tell people to stop trying to have the last word, instead to just make your point (while being nice), then walk away.
You can.
And they would reply :D
"Why do you always have to have the last word??" "I don't." "YES YOU DO." "I DO NOT."
walks away
walks back
mimes an argument
upgrades to Python 3.6 on his Android tablet
9:10 PM
That awkward 24 hours of waiting to apply a "reward existing answer" bounty...
Jason, please don't look at meta for the next five minutes.
Actually I do have a reasonable action to take on that. And then I will close the tab.
9:15 PM
Happy hour can start
Oh wait I hadn't yet read his question when I said that. Yeah, I was gonna mark it as a dupe of meta.stackexchange.com/questions/290419/…, but he's actually just being douchey. So, nevermind. I promise I'll just watch.
@rene A drink sounds great right now, I'll go prepare one.
Oh wait I do actually have a "reasonable action". Takes screenshot, heads to gfse
Randall should add a 2017 frame to this, it's been long enough.
9:20 PM
I've been banned a lot before. I never died. I always felt better about myself after, overall. — Rails Kiddie 15 secs ago
What a trooper!
> living on one meal a day by necessity because of the actions of some selfish members of the coding community
I wasn't quite with you on "entitled" until this but boy does this comment have a tonne of it.
In his mind, he's a hero. That was apparent from the start.
because solving your problems for you so you can do your job is what we're here for.
I am fascinated by him adding a screenshot of his post to his post though. He kind of unknowingly saved me the trouble of having to do it myself.
9:23 PM
That was a baffling addition.
The "hunger games invigilators".
TIL a word.
Ok, next ...
dusts off his arguments about a hotness sort
9:26 PM
I wonder how many SE newsletter subscribers are there.
Stats by site might be mildly interesting.
I actually just realized last night that for reasons beyond my understanding I was subscribed to the stackoverflow.ru newsletter, and no others.
/me blames the Russian hackers.
'Metas' is the correct capitalisation — Rails Kiddie 1 min ago
I think he's on a spiteful grammar kick from the comment convo at meta.stackexchange.com/questions/292532/….
@Bart heh, Shog nuked it eventually. Nice farewell to the OP, Bart! ;)
@JasonC priceless
I'm trying to figure out if I should file a bug report or not. On the question activity page on MSE right now "Make Tour pages load only one section at a time" says it was modified by that Rails Kiddie guy 25 minutes ago. There's nothing there or in the post timeline that shows that, though, so I'm assuming he posted something that was deleted or whatever.
Is the "modified X minutes ago" on the activity page just cached / slowly updated? Or (this is what I'd file a bug report for) is it that it is erroneously reflecting deleted posts / comments / etc?
@JasonC He posted nonsense which I deleted.
Was it a comment, or was it an answer?
an answer
10:06 PM
IIRC the activity has always reflected delete posts. You could argue that's a bug.
or rather, it isn't updated when the post that triggered it is deleted.
There's a FR to change that: Change last answerer on All Questions page when answer deleted by Lance Roberts on meta.stackexchange.com
@NormalHuman Oh thanks for digging that up.
Yeah I dunno if I could come up with a strong argument either way. Ideally it seems like it would only show deleted answers as modifications if the viewer had enough rep to view deleted answers. But that presumably ends up being a whole complicated implementation thing.
11:02 PM
> An event is starting 2 mins ago in Tavern on the Meta - "Happy Hour"
It's all borked.
The Tavern's pregaming got out of hand.
Btw, why not visit Google or Facebook for the never year? Except that SE have a deal with Google as everyone knows. — Rails Kiddie 2 mins ago
Oh good, happy hour is back at its proper time
damn. he's on to us.
11:05 PM
I know, I know, "public by default" - but that doesn't apply to everything
share stats on posts, user deletions, tips for optimizing, code snippets... But whatever you do, don't ever mention...
...that publishing text on the Internet with a robots.txt and sitemap that allows it to be indexed gets you into Google.
I just have my robots.txt redirect to robots.txt
google loves it
@JasonC it's intentionally indicating that he deleted his answer
11:09 PM
Is this Happy Hour?
Clearly, SO infiltrated the Panda design team.
status-deferred oh that's gold
@Shog9 Eh, it doesn't really indicate that though. I mean it does now that I understand what happened ("modified by" + no trace of activity = deleted).
the bug here is that you don't have 10K
I'm assigning it to you
11:10 PM
@Shog9 daughter refuses to sleep, hard to be happy
@Shog9 heh, so is that [status-deferred] as well then?
tell her stories of the little troll and the heartless meta
11:11 PM
@Shog9 trolls in our halls? That will just give her nightmares.
Do babies have nightmares?
That's a pretty deep question.
I think... At some point, the waking hours stop being one long terror, and then it is possible to dream of worse things
I know 2-3 year olds have nightmares. I remember them distinctly, and they broke me forever.
I think all they dream about is the next milk session.
@JasonC still 2-3 years until she's 2-3 :)
(she's 4 weeks old today)
at that age, I prefer to sing. Don't know if they really like it better than talking, but it comforts me.
@Shog9 so you remember your parents singing to you as a baby? That's awesome. :D
I do, actually
(thought that's not quite what I meant)
11:14 PM
at 4 weeks old?!
I used to have recurring nightmares of these things I made up called Awoos, which were little black triangles with eyes and wooden legs that used to sit around my room and stare at me, or knock down walls and things.
I have no idea; I doubt it. earliest memories don't have any timestamps.
They were terrifying, and led to a lifelong fear of triangles. Now, 3D graphics programming keeps me awake at night.
@JasonC whoa... lots of imagination! Did Atwood bring those nightmares back? Very similar name... ;)
They drove construction equipment, too.
11:17 PM
I mean, "AWOO" is how a baby/infant would say "Atwood"
the first nightmare I can remember involves being electrocuted
Bats in the bathtub was another weird recurring one. And I used to be terrified that the Joker was under my bed.
@JasonC Joker from Batman? Did you watch that as a kid???
That was older than 2-3.
Yeah man my parents let me watch everything, lol.
still, isn't it PG-12 or something?
11:19 PM
maybe they provided him with guidance?
Like watching nightmare on elm street when I was like, 6.
@JasonC so blame your parents... demand money for therapy.... :D
Pretty sure I got no guidance, lol.
"This is the character that will kill you if you don't eat your peas" #guided
11:19 PM
Say @Shog9, anywhere I can quickly ask you something in private?
Ask here!
@Bart ...sure
I promise not to tell
11:20 PM
I honestly don't remember anything from my years as baby or infant. Dunno if it's good or bad.
No triangles... no rectangles... no Jokers...
@Shog let me guess, you put your fingers in electrical outlet as a kid then had nightmares about it?
@ShadowWizard no.
I found a bit of metal and stuck that in the outlet
@Shog9 ouch. Parents saved you?
Back. Thanks Shog. Let's not tell @ShadowWizard ...
Why are we compelled to play with electrical outlets?
11:25 PM
@ShadowWizard presumably so, unless this is all just a very long hallucination as I die
@Bart now I will forever wonder what you asked him in private........ :P
I remember partially unplugging the fish tank cord and touching the prongs when I was like 9. Probably stupid. I'm pretty sure my parents don't know I did that. I never, like, raised it as an issue.
@Shog9 that may be! :D
I think that at 10 or so, I electrified myself with batteries, like 10 connected together. Memory is not clear. :/
But it was mildly unpleasant enough that I suppose I taught myself a lesson about respecting electricity.
11:28 PM
@JasonC lol, learned in the semi-hard way.... you plugged the cord back, at least?
Yeah I plugged it back in, lol.
Yup fish shouldn't pay the price of your stupidity ;-)
One of those fish ultimately committed suicide jumping out of the tank.
At least we presumed suicide. It could have been a well-executed murder.
11:30 PM
You just found a fish out of the tank one day?
Yeah like 4 feet from the tank.
No cats around?
hmm... interesting case to investigate.
The investigation was hushed up rather quickly. I still think it was murdered.
11:31 PM
You made a funeral to the fish?
... Sure, if flushing it down the toilet counts as a funeral.
@JasonC only if you put it in a small boat first, wrapped in cloth.
Lol, that's a funny image.
PETA would hate this conversation.
11:36 PM
Another option:
No boat or clothes, but at least some nice farewell
@JeremyBanks Lol, he squeezed one more in before that suspension.
@ShadowWizard Haha, I just doubled the likes on that video.
@JasonC huh? No comment there. :/
Yeah it's gone now.
@JasonC will you do that with your own kids? ;)
I won't have fish.
I don't need fish-related crimes in my house.
11:42 PM
But if your wife-to-be will like fish? A lot?
Or your kids will demand fish?
Then she's welcome to have a fish funeral. That'll be her problem, lol.
@Shog9 #ModLivesMatter
@ShadowWizard this is highly likely at some point.
11:47 PM
Are those bullets?
bullet points ... those are different
clouds are shooting rain at me. Does that count?
Aw, with their fluffy little cloud guns
also, speaking of dumb things and electricity. I might have gotten shocked by mains and stupidity before.
11:49 PM
Nice! Welcome to the smart club!
We gotta stick together.
I've gotten shocked by mains before too, although being outside the US I bet @JourneymanGeek's was worse.
its not the voltage, its the current
220V I suspect, kinda touched a live heatsink inside a running PSU
hurt like jeepers
@JourneymanGeek eh, you're right.
I was just an idiot and stuck my fingers in an outlet, tbh.
@ɥʇǝS yup. So far my (older) daughter demanded rabbit, dog, and cat. We were able to dodge all of this for now. ;)
It is literally impossible to do that here
11:53 PM
I mean, it was open, so the insides were exposed and there were these little metal tabs and I just kinda put my fingers on either without thinking.
@ShadowWizard see, fish are usually the easy(ist) compromise in these cases.
@ShadowWizard funny story that. We didn't get a dog. A dog got us.
@ɥʇǝS but they die so easily, and fast. :/
Through an odd, improbable series of events involving an ex small time soap opera actress
@JourneymanGeek lol... sounds like a story for a movie! ;)
So, do tell the story..... please... :D
@ShadowWizard It's true the ecosystem is much more fragile, but I've managed to get my school to live 2-3 years before.
Another option is african dwarf frogs.
11:57 PM
Frogs would likely just jump all over the house.
My cousin's cousin's wife used to work in small and big screen productions - mostly as sort of the "better than the 10 dollars a day and dinner crowd", supporting actress. She married, moved here and got hired by our local broadcaster as a presenter.
@ShadowWizard These are aquatic :)
She blows her entire first salary on a puppy without telling the husband
11:58 PM
Fireworks erupt. They get into an epic fight and nearly break up. We used to rent the apartment next to us as an office, so we let her stay in a room there with the pup while her dad sorted things out.
SHe worked long hours, dog never got proper works so... we sometimes walked him
and she sorted things out and left. Without the dog.
this makes me wonder if Scott Hanselman's couple's spending methods apply to pets..
pondered adopting him out for about 10 minutes...
@ɥʇǝS a dog is a massive responsibility
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