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6:16 PM
@drachenstern found quite a few, but no starbow
Yeah me either
I can get it from Amazon, which looks like my only reasonable option
> There's only two things that you can do on a computer that can make you go blind, and one of them is trying to edit a Word document on your desktop via a screen the size of a pack of cigarettes.
LOL Gee, I wonder what they're alluding to...?
I would think using something like RDP over WinPhone7 or WinMo6 or something and using a full blown desktop on the other end.
Or do you mean the other thing :p
I'm pretty sure it involves a nuclear process.
or as my Fellow southerners like to say "nucular"
6:21 PM
@drachenstern Que Homer. :)
er, Cue even..
Que Homer works too ;)
I should go eat food
I shall return.
heh Agreed, on both points.
6:35 PM
@ircmaxell It appears I was correct
@ircmaxell nice
@Jacob Yup. De-iced it, and back to normal...
@ircmaxell Cool, I like being right :)
I wish I would have mentioned it last night before coming in
then I might have been able to fix it
(the largest spike, the one that only lasted 20 minutes in that graph was during the deicing)...
Then I left the fan run for a few hours before turning on the compressor (which is when the temp fell off)
6:39 PM
@Jacob I missed the suggestion. Summary, please?
@ircmaxell All it takes... What was your ext temp when you thing it was froze?
@Jacob Well, it's an in-doors unit
it has a water intake and a water out, and a drain. But there are no out-doors elements...
@GeorgeMarian Last night He didn't know why the A/C wasn't cooling, shown by his UPS temp graph. I suggested it was froze and (to run the fan with the compressor - I think I remembered to mention that part last night...)
@ircmaxell hmm, Thats the biggest issue around here, but they do freeze up sometimes for "no reason"...
@Jacob Ah yes, that makes sense. Thanks.
I Well, I know that if it gets low on Freon, it can freeze
I'm just going to chalk it up to having the compressor on high and the fan on low (the temp setting was turned down all the way)
I turned both down all the way back in november, but only turned the compressor back up a month ago. I didn't touch the fan (left it in low)
so we'll see how it goes for a while, and if it's an issue, I'll call the HVAC guy in to look at it
6:45 PM
@ircmaxell hmm that could be it, getting the freon checked is a good idea also.
Yeah, but we're moving the office in a month or two
I'd rather do it then, when the servers are moved (there's no room to get to the AC unit now, not to work on it at least)
Anyone know of any ERD tools that actually work and can reverse-engineer from either SQL or a db?
@GeorgeMarian - Have you any more feedback on Nippon?
7:16 PM
@Moshe I'll rewrite that email
7:28 PM
anyone know what's up with the SO design tweak?
I was wondering that myself
looks nice i think :)
@jjnguy yes. we removed the bgcolor for the unanswered and non-accepted boxes on the homepage and question listing pages.
we removed the bgcolors from the unanswered and non-accepted boxes on the homepage and the questions listing pages.
@Myles well, its more minimal, but i guess i'm getting used to the different highlighting for answered questions
7:30 PM
@RebeccaChernoff you beat me, by using me.
Hi @Jin!
why u guys so slow ; )
so is the intent to invite more people to answer questions that have only non-accepted answers?
I want my bg colours back
sooo much easier to see whats answered and what wasnt
its nigh on impossible now
the heavy blocks made the page very... blocky before. also with the new change, the functionalities are still there.
Eeeek! Where did the backgroundcolor go?
7:31 PM
@MylesGray you can't tell 0 from a number? it's in red text still.
but is isnt as usable now
@MichaelMrozek Im on it 8-)
you'd be creating another dupe
Q: Change the answered section back to a coloured block

GazlerThe recent change to the number of answers section on the question list is far less visible at a glance than its replacement.

Do it, but leave my name out of it
7:32 PM
I personally prefer not having the color - the contrast between interested tags bg and the light grey color makes my eyes hurt
Q: Why is StackOverflow naked?

BrunoLM It seems just wrong... IMO it is looking awful... Will this be like that for now on? :S

hands a whip to @balpha and @Jin and points at @MichaelMrozek
Sigh. We really have turned into Facebook
twas him!
Right now i feel like my cheese has been moved, but i feel its good in the long run. more minimal and it may attract more quality answers to questions...
also, my chat is scrolling every time it gets updated, is that normal?
(chrome / win7)
7:33 PM
screen shot extension?
ah yes
that buggy thing is getting removed right now
@balpha thanx!
Q: Chat scrolls to the top and then back every time I post a message

badp's sockpuppetThis only started recently. I'm using Chrome. How can I fix this problem?

ah, much better
@balpha, thank you, i should have done a search but #lazyweb
Oh @balpha, which chat extension was causing you problems the other day? I'm assuming it wasn't SEChatMod since you didn't yell at me...? (:
many people have reported that; took a while until we found out that it's always that extension
that's why badp created the question
@RebeccaChernoff you mean the thing I mentioned in that SO question?
7:35 PM
yes, that thingadongdong
@balpha what's the name of the extension?
That wasn't chat, that was SO proper. And the extension wasn't really creating problems; it just appeared in the error logs because I moved lots of javascript around, and the script author obviously couldn't predict that :)
it was Nathan's FHC script, btw
The contrast for Meta is a little low though between questions with zero and non-zero number of answers
@YiJiang the contrast for it ALL is low
its way less usable now
With SO proper there's at least color
7:37 PM
@Jin see badp's answer on that same question
@YiJiang agreed. i'll make it "greener"
@balpha ah
I don't know why, I love the title of this question:
Q: There seems to be a bug

tokamThere seems to be a bug in the javascripts. If you open a stackoverflow website and leave it for a while.. in an other tab you answer questions, you gain reputation and new privileges. If you than return to the old page, which you left, your reputation will get updated when you click on your use...

If any Germans are in here, I'm thinking "Das Bild hing schief"
@Jin any chance you could bringthe red bg back on the unanswered questions and not put the yellow back on the others?
@balpha We need more posts like that - 'This may be a feature request', 'I appear to require support'
7:40 PM
it looks nicer that way and is still usable
@YiJiang lol
@MylesGray not likely. I say give it some time. if it bothers you a week from now still, there's always userscript.
Ah, I see Jin is up to mischief again. :P
@Jin You can honestly distinguish easily the unanswered from answered? I mean yeah, it looks really nice but its not as usable
why do accepted questions get all the attention and unanswered dont?
thats just wrong in my book
@MylesGray unanswered = "0" in red text... is it hard to tell from the others?
7:44 PM
@balpha hehehehe
@Jin well due to my screen (matt) yes
@MylesGray 0 vs non 0.
@Jin we all know the human brain processes imagery faster than text
colour ~ imagery so t does make a difference
@MylesGray that's why i left 0 in red still. are you saying it looks undistinquishable from the dark green color?
@balpha I've edited that post, though I've left the excellent title alone - too bad for anyone trying to search for this next time :P
7:47 PM
@Jin it is fairly hard to see the difference at a glance, I would suggest maybe some sort of 0.5 aplha transparency red bg?
@YiJiang now my tweet doesn't make sense anymore :(
"There seems to be a bug in the javascripts."
so its not as pronounced as before but still sticks out
@balpha Awwww...
@balpha :D The important part is that it makes sense to us, anyway. ;)
7:48 PM
Well still, there may be a bug in the javascripts after all!
@balpha Hehehe, well I don't think that's a good edit, to be honest
Is it really a bug about updating reps?
@Jin something like this:
yawns Try to take a nap, and two people call me and then another person asks me to do a deployment. It's like people think the middle of the afternoon is for doing work, craziness.
We discussing the new color scheme on SO? I puked
@Richardakacyberkiwi Feel free to complain on meta for a few minutes before getting over it
I'm over it, but it is a regression. Information just seems.. less immediate
7:54 PM
@Richardakacyberkiwi +1
Taking "blockiness" away is like running a script through comments and stripping all code and bold blocks.. very ouch
@Jin I likes it.
I bet I could write a script that polls the RFC post looking for changes, and immediately posts a question with the title "Eeek! Why did you (insert the changed line from the RFC here)", body "Please change it back". The only question is what to do with all the free rep
@drachenstern I like negative... doesn't mean SO should be done in it :P
Ah.. sorry, I see now the high rep questions building again on meta for another - in your face unannounced, high visibility change. T-minus 5 days to deletion
7:59 PM
@balpha This needs to be an EEEEEEEK question
I'm not particularly annoyed by the new change, but I am annoyed by the fact that somehow this had higher priority than some of the things about SO's stylesheet that has bugged me for a ridiculous amount of time
@YiJiang lack of nth-of-child support x-browser?
@MylesGray No, its not that actually
@YiJiang is that your handwriting?
I solved it in the userstyle without having to use that
@drachenstern Only with a mouse, gosh this thing is harder than it looks
8:03 PM
@YiJiang yeah ... I remember we having some discussion about that some time ago in here, the regulars, and I seem to recall that rchern uses her whole forearm to write on them.
@YiJiang the mainbar and question-summary are off by 5px. i can fix that
@drachenstern I think she cheats by using the trackpad on a laptop :P
@YiJiang she might
whips out CSS-Edit and goes to town
@MylesGray Old story; I've had my userstyle for ages now
8:05 PM
Oh dear jesus, in CSSEdit it is showing 3 columns?
wtf is that
Is that a userstyle i am using?
I think we can add "Eeeek" to the list now. (btw @MichaelMrozek you have an "e" too much)
@balpha That was Myles' doing, I just improved the suggestion
@balpha Not yet, gosh. It's only one question
It's very rare to see Darin Dimitrov on Meta, so for him to comment.. trust us, it really disrupts, ermm.. "workflow", when trying to quickly identify 0-answer questions to hit. I thought many micro changes over time including the landing page redesign was to help get answers to questions
8:08 PM
@balpha Sounds good. Who's responsible for editing meta posts again?
Okay, fine, I take that back. It is a meme now
@MichaelMrozek not my fault the Eeeek question dun got deletermated
@YiJiang yeah, it's three now. Don't forget the one that fell to dictatorish censorship!
If you cannot see it, can you count it?
@balpha When I said one question I meant that question
(All hush now, lest Jeff comes in)
8:15 PM
@Richardakacyberkiwi if a tree falls in the forest ...
@YiJiang I can see you didn't see my proposal for a new tag?
A: Careers 2.0 Featured Listing: Web company needs successor for retiring unicorns

drachensternSome new tags no-really and im-serious and come-on-you-guys to go along with this proposed tag: jon-skeet-only for those times when you only need Jon Skeet to answer you. And it will tag Jon Skeet so he sees your question as a priority item when he logs in. I suppose we could go so far as to int...

Who is going to update the "The Many Memes of Meta" question with the Eeeek! ?
go ahead, we were just waiting for a volunteer :)
10 mins ago, by balpha
I think we can add "Eeeek" to the list now. (btw @MichaelMrozek you have an "e" too much)
@systempuntoout Logging on as Anonymous Coward to suggest an edit...
oh :)
dang that didn't work, it's not so anonymous anymore :(
8:21 PM
If nobody else is doing it I will. You have about two minutes to get it posted.
@drachenstern Go ahead. Maybe give us a peek at the content?
Can anyone give me the initial author on the first EEEEEk post the other day?
Sure, I have a local copy of it now
Only problem is I left on the Windows partition
mount is really slow
And a link to the now deleted question since I'm not 10k?
Got it up onto Dropbox
So far, the post looks like this (I'm still typing)
8:26 PM
@YiJiang bug report:
@YiJiang I'm kind of annoyed that the yellow on green didn't die a horrible death at the same time, but :P
**Meme:** Eeeek! Why did you {insert topic here}?

**Originator:** [Marti](meta.stackoverflow.com/users/153019/marti)

**First Seen:** [4 Mar. 2011 ~ Eeeek what happened to my envelope?](meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/82538/…) (sorry guys, 10k only)

**Cultural Height:** It's a meme. They never die. Remember this.

**Definition:** People have this affinity for the things that are familiar and they absolutely reject the things that are new.

Once upon a time SE2.0 supported a really crappy notification system that took forever (in computer pro
@balpha Eeeeek... yeah...
@YiJiang You're doing it all wrong! Eeeek, not Eeeeek
8:28 PM
@drachenstern Meh, if you're going to record history at least be objective about it - just so that the post doesn't get edited to hell
@Richardakacyberkiwi Oh, shut up
@YiJiang what part was unobjective? It was just colorful so far.
@drachenstern Cultural Height: Probably still to be reached, given the increase of developers working for SE.
@balpha I'll take it
[OT] sites.google.com/site/lastcallforio2011/chrome holy ...., look at the Chrome questions for the Google I/O contest
and I agree with @YiJiang -- it's too much into one direction
8:29 PM
boss over shoulder, bbiab
hang on, I'm not done
@drachenstern that took forever - not from the user's point of view, of all the complaints I don't think one of it was about speed
@YiJiang one of the reasons that Gravell (IIRC) gave for wanting to change it
@drachenstern It was slow on the server side, but you'd have to be really slow on a server to impact user experience
Somehow the profile drop down has a tendency to crash some of my Chrome tabs, hmm..
It was horrid and lots of people hated it - which is dwarfed by the amount of hate generated when it (apparently) was taken away
@TimStone :O how does that happen?
8:34 PM
I think that something goes awry because I'm not intending for the popup to display, so my quick click on the profile link interrupts something in-process resulting in catastrophic failure. There's also a pending update, I suppose I should apply that.
You're on dev version? In that case it probably is Chrome's fault
Oh, it's most certainly Chrome's fault.
Nightlies have some exquisitely weird bugs for a few days on the Firefox 4 nightly I couldn't enter line breaks into wmd :P
Yeah, now that sucked
Oh wow, hahah, that's rough.
@drachenstern I hate it. Lacks tongue-in-cheek self-importance, and focuses too much on the envelope. Please post it so I can edit the hell out of it.
8:43 PM
13 mins ago, by drachenstern
boss over shoulder, bbiab
**Meme:** Eeeek! Why did you {insert topic here}?

**Originator:** [Marti](meta.stackoverflow.com/users/153019/marti)

**First Seen:** [4 Mar. 2011 ~ Eeeek what happened to my envelope?](meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/82538/…) (sorry guys, 10k only)

**Cultural Height:** Probably still to be reached, given the increase of developers working for SE.

Well, now I really can't wait to see everyone's reaction to whatever the devs have planned for April Fool's Day.
Eeek! The Lizard!
yeah, @Shog9 is right. Needz moar arrogance
Its CW - not a lot point arguing over who's posting
Well, except for the inevitable nice answer badge
I feel like we've dropped the bar pretty low for what qualifies as a meme :P
8:45 PM
Meta will melt until everyone realises what day it is
@BilltheLizard I'm gonna hide under a rock.
@BilltheLizard a dark theme
@TimStone Have you seen that post?
@Shog9 Point taken.
@Jin \o/
A: The Many Memes of Meta

Shog9Meme: Everything is a meme Originator: TheTXI Cultural Height: 2009-09-10 16:41:20Z Background: This meme began with TheTXI's obsession over memes in general, starting memes on SO, and claiming memes for himself. In an effort to garner wide-spread adoption of his various bad habits and nervous...

8:45 PM
@ChrisF I've prepped the riot gear.
@Jin I hope you aren't taking any of the criticism personally.
@Jin If you just switch red and green everyone will be screaming like little girls.
@jjnguy not at all, it shows people care :)
@Jin, thats good.
People do care.
@jjnguy I think a lot of people on SO are being overly sensitive to change
8:46 PM
it's always a challenge to tweak something on a popular site. hard to please everyone.
@ChrisF Agreed.
@Jin I will bake you a bacon torte if you do that... I'm not even sure what a torte is. But man, if I get a light-on-dark SO, it's going in the oven
@Shog9 or a Win3.1 Hotdog theme??
@jjnguy However that's not to say that it could be handled better
April Fool's Day - roll back to skin/envelope pre March 2010! Given everyone has had a month to get used to the "improvements", let's see what happens
8:48 PM
@ChrisF I have yet to see anything really awful come out of their current method. It seems to work.
(Besides pissing people off)
@jjnguy Except a lot of wasted time arguing over really minor details
@jjnguy While that's true, a little prior notice would cut down on the noise.
@YiJiang yup. Besides people wasting their time.
@ChrisF Shoving the pill of change down people's throats is necessary for Great Justice.
@drachenstern **Meme:** Eeeek! Why did you {insert topic here}? -> Meme: Eeeek! {Observation of horrible, terrible, thing that has happened somewhere on SE}?
8:49 PM
@ChrisF true. It's getting super annoying.
@Shog9 Hmmmm ... the original proposal was for "why did you" and I think that's kind of like "wat is this I don't even" ... but you're right, it does change up doesn't it?
All they'd need to say is "we're changing stuff, things may break/disappear for a while and then reappear hopefully better than before, please bear with us".
@ChrisF that would indeed save lots of griping.
I'd say it would just turn "Eeeek! Why did you X" into "Eeeeeeek! Don't do X"
8:52 PM
@balpha It would cut down on duplicates, at least
However, when warning people before hand has been raised before (the great rep recalc for example) Jeff shoots it down. I think he must like the attention.
@balpha But the message could just say "stuff" without going into specifics...
@balpha Those would also be in the answers to the single "We're planning to do X" question.
Time to go. Later all!
and the "Here's why you shouldn't do X question" and the "please remove the distracting 'We're planning to X' message" and the "Why do you want to X" questions, no even starting with the aftermath questions that will come up either way
@balpha - they don't have to say what X is. Just be vague. That will stop all those questions as they can't be about anything specific.
user image
8:56 PM
Q: My super-awesome flag-weight dropped! What gives?

Marc Gravell(intentional pre-emptive question) On Sunday I had 749 flag-weight! Now it is lower! What's up with that?

I liked this approach
**Description:** SO developers like to change things, just for the heck of it. This can be shocking for users, who find their site suddenly *different* in some way. Cherished envelopes go missing, then cherished posts complaining about cherished envelopes going missing go missing, then posts complaining about the missing posts go missing (sometimes before they're even given time to be cherished!). The inevitable response to this shock is a high-pitched squeal, aptly captured in the title prefix, "Eeek!" (the extra 'e' stands for 'extra-shocked`) **Description:** SO developers like to change
@ChrisF since when do bikesheders need specifics?
@Shog9 grrr, I'm almost done with mine and then you go and introduce this :p ... lemme read
8:57 PM
I'm not even totally disagreeing
I'm just saying that you won't save anything by discussing upfront
You're probably right, but it would be worth doing just to see.
@TimStone My favourite one there is "Eeeek! Netbeans Platform". That question definitely needs a better title... goes off to look at the post
add to that that Jeff has a tendency to be right, but often fails to convince people he is
@TimStone oh please do
@balpha I've noticed that. Also, what did you think of my most recent answer to your Careers2.0 question?
@drachenstern I'm not sure why it ended up duplicated. Chat sucks for Weighty Topics.
8:59 PM
@Shog9 it can at times, yes
@TimStone any luck?
@Shog9 I like it
why the duplication?
@balpha he addressed that in :571991
**Meme:** Eeeek!  {Observation of horrible, terrible, thing that has happened somewhere in the SE2.0 codebase}?

**Originator:** [Marti](meta.stackoverflow.com/users/153019/marti)

**First Seen:** [4 Mar. 2011 ~ Eeeek what happened to my envelope?](meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/82538/…) (sorry guys, 10k only)

**Cultural Height:** Probably still to be reached, given the increase of developers working for SE.

**Definition:** SO developers like to change things, just for the heck of it. This can be shocking for users, who find their site sudd
ah yeah
A: The Many Memes of Meta

drachensternMeme: Eeeek! {Observation of horrible, terrible, thing that has happened somewhere in the SE2.0 codebase}? Originator: Marti First Seen: 4 Mar. 2011 ~ Eeeek what happened to my envelope? (sorry guys, 10k only) Cultural Height: Probably still to be reached, given the increase of developers wor...

it's gonna get edited all to hell and back anyways, we'll roll with it like this for now.
the vesuvius anecdot is meh
9:09 PM
I love it Shog
@systempuntoout did you see how Shog redid that part?
Crowdsourcing drama for the win.
@dra ok, I like it
Bah. Didn't even realize I'd left an 'e' out.
Q: GM Script: Revert changes to Unanswered Questions Box

Andrew MooreIf you are like me and think that the new styling for unanswered question drastically hurts the site's usability, rejoice. I've created a Greasemonkey script which will return unanswered questions to their old glory. Download: Stack Overflow Old Unanswered Boxes Compatible: Chrome / Firefox ...

@AndrewMoore is there a question here?
@drachenstern Its a StackApps script, so no, there isn't
9:24 PM
@YiJiang just checkin
Blithe is a fictional character from DC Comics' Supergirl series. She first appeared in Supergirl # 36, September 1999. History Little is known about Blithe's past. It is known that to become an Earth-Born Angel, one must sacrifice themselves for one who is beyond hope and merge with them into one being. But Blithe does not seem like someone who would save anybody. In fact Blithe was a valued servant of a vampiric demon called the Carnivore. At his behest, Blithe used her psychic light powers to illuminate repressed memories in the heartbroken male-female merged Comet, and make his fema...
One of these days, I'm gonna build a teeny tiny little app that submits SO questions for me while I sleep/work/whatever. It seems I only ever feel the need to ask a question at 3am when there's nobody there to see it.
So jump over here and drop a link to it and leave.
Not too often of course
That seems slightly abusive, no?
not if it's not too often.
> You've earned the "Necromancer" badge for The Many Memes of Meta. See your profile
9:33 PM
Besides, my questions tend to show massive ignorance.
straw-poll: who here has more than two "interesting" tags?
You only have 42 questions, that's not that many. Assuming you post them with regularity, you post twice a month (based on your length of stay vs # of questions)
Is Questionstatusbackgroundcolorgate '011 over yet?
Apparently I have 18 interesting tags
@BrantBobby no
Define: Interesting Tags
9:35 PM
@drachenstern I don't ask much anymore. Most of what I want to ask has long since been asked and answered.
@JesseHartwick so there you go then ;)
@drachenstern I think he means "favorite" tags; interesting tags was the old name
On SO I have 5 for and 5 against
On Meta it's 4 and 4
@drachenstern Fair enough. I'll probably just end up putting a bounty on it tonight instead though (bounties are 24 hours after creation, right?).
@JesseHartwick that sounds about right
9:38 PM
I've got the rep to burn on it ;)
@JesseHartwick presumably you mean this question?
Q: Retrieving a Model object: Should Models be composed of related models, or should they be retrieved separately?

AgentConundrumSorry for the crappy title, but I have an idea of this problem in my head, and I can't quite think of a proper way to summarize it. My problem is that I don't know many, if any, "sub-objects" - i.e. objects as members of the retrieved object - I should load when pulling a model from the database...

Yeah, that's the one. Like I said, very noobish stuff.
Also, incredibly poorly worded, but that's what I get for posting at 3am
I follow what you want, and my only (noobish as well) advice is "return what you need as you need it".
Yeah, sorta what I thought. Something about that (option 2 in the question) just felt "unclean"
I think it's worse to return more information than was asked for
Consider the SO example again:
9:43 PM
@drachenstern Awww, the question's markup is effing messy - my did you decide to inline all your links? sighs
@YiJiang cos that's how I type? I can fix it if you like, or if you're going to do it, have fun :p
Is there a way or userscript (e.g. js setinterval) to post a question on SE at a defined time?
Most of the examples are bad; if you're going to argue this way (and the argument doesn't really make a lot of sens) then at least support it well
You pretty much have three primary pulls:
linked-site badge, which we can see is done by using the linked account bit
post badge, which goes under each post
user page, which is not a badge
@Richardakacyberkiwi does one already exist? I doubt it. Could you write one? probably. Would the SE overlords frown very mightily on that? Absolutely.
It'll probably hit the captcha engine
@Richardakacyberkiwi Funny you should ask that, since I just came here lamenting that I needed to build just such a device in the near future
9:46 PM
Hmm... Write a question, have a program find the top answerers in the question's tags and what time of day they are most active, schedule it for posting then.
@JesseHartwick Oddly enough, this was suggested once as a SO feature - the idea being that you could schedule your questions to post at peak viewing time or something. I... don't think it went over all that well.
When there are multiple peak times, post at the early one and make an automatic trivial edit at the others to bump it.
@BrantBobby please let's not.
Q: There should be an Ask Question with delay feature

Justin DearingIts know that certain times of the day are better for asking questions than others. Sometimes someone has a very strange question, or has another good reason to game the time the question gets asked. Since the result is good for the user (gets the best possible anwer for their question), and assu...

9:48 PM
This is why we can't have nice things like a read-write API.
@JesseHartwick I completely forgot.. didn't link your request with my requirement. Was thinking about something else entirely. I thought I'd make it SE related (I can use it for SE) but it has other uses
@Shog9 Yeah, if everyone did something like that, nobody would get any attention anyway. Definitely not a great widespread feature, but it could work as a part-time hack for when you know nobody is on, but you just want to get the question written out right away.
Meh, can't be bothered to edit that mess; downvoting it instead
anyone here interesting in answering a dupe question?
@larsmans I'd rather close it
9:52 PM
@ChrisF: I understand :)
but the point is, someone just posted a more general question and got answers
@larsmans No reason not to close it
while the older question had only upvotes
allright, but isn't there a way of merging them or something?
@larsmans Close the older question then. Or if they are really duplicates flag it for a mod to merge
Though merging will lose the text of the 2nd question. Probably best to close the 1st posted
@drachenstern I hate that captcha engine. I see a question, draft and fully test code outside of the browser, come back, answer, paste - BAM - who're your friendly robots.
9:56 PM
@Richardakacyberkiwi yep
I fully understand why it is required.. but it annoys me when it annoys me
@YiJiang revised for your benefit
... followed your advice, now I've voted to close both. Irony has it that I wanted to ask on meta, then found a question about this which was a dupe.
Can you post links here so we can all help?
@ChrisF: the new one is at stackoverflow.com/questions/5344705/…
(it has answers, but no satisfactory ones)

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