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12:52 AM
kitty riding unicorn ~_~ ... you can't see the horn but still, it could be a brown unicorn >_<
Shared by Nick on Twitter. :)
1:45 AM
What are y'all doing on inauguration day?
I'm expecting no skewling to happen tomorrow.
I teach two classes, sit in a 3-hour meeting, meet a former student and Skype with some folks on another continent.
Probably flag some spam and comments in between.
And eat, if possible.
2:04 AM
Someone remind me why I still post on meta from time to time...
2:25 AM
Sanity or something. Oh, wait.
Speaking of that, I can't even find an application deadline on education.wolfram.com/summer/school o_0
1 hour later…
3:48 AM
I failed a turning test in my vocabulary assignment since the images were small o_0
Am I sentient?
4:01 AM
What kind of class is that?
huh? didn't get a census badge... (and yes, I did supply my profile details)
AFAIK, they're only partially awarded
Jon'll probably get to the rest of 'em tomorrow
ah ok - that would make sense
but for now, my demographics count and yours don't.
4:23 AM
Thank you for that @Shog9 - am happy to wait for the badge
Got a card telling me to go to the post office to pick up a parcel, me thinks it's the arrival of my underwater cam. Went there but was told that they couldn't find the item. Now waiting for their call ... I mean all those fishes & octopus & squid r waiting 4 da cam so they can be stalked by it
4:50 AM
sounds like post officies.
(also, Hi. I just remembered this place existed, and its amusing not to be a mod on chat ;p)
2 hours later…
6:41 AM
Goodbye, cruel world
You killed smokey you...
Connection dropped off in CHQ, I had to think long and hard for 1 second before I made the decision to end it's life.... :(
1 hour later…
7:59 AM
if not dead, then can not be resurrected ...
10:34 AM
Got to love Unity's buggy Mono implementation boxing all my foreach enumerators
and then you wonder for a while where the heck the allocations are coming from
10:50 AM
@Bart are they working on replacing Mono with .NET Core?
that should improve things I guess
Not immediately it seems. They are moving towards an updated Mono and a better GC. But they also have their IL2CPP endeavours going on. (Although I don't think that will come to PC platforms)
But it's slow ... very slow ...
I tried Mono a few years ago to run ASP.NET on Linux, and eventually I got it working, but the development experience was rather terrible
Up to date Mono versions are quite okay. Would love to move to .Net Core for some other stuff, but can't just yet. But on Unity's side we're still dealing with .Net 2.0 with a sprinkling of some more "advanced" stuff. So if they could bring that to 4.6 as they seem to be trying that would be great already
11:05 AM
Can a beta community have moderator election before graduation?
or can request?
I'd guess not, why? (Well, they could always request it of course :D )
Q: Moderator elections in beta sites?

PearsonArtPhotoPer my previous question, it seems like the beta phase of sites is continuing much longer than previously. Currently, pro-temp moderators are nominated when a site is only a few weeks old, when the site is still very new and unshaped. They continue until they are unable to moderate, or the site g...

If they are in public beta they'll move to pro tempore mods anyway
Q: Who do we ask if we want another moderator added during our beta?

Joe MurrayI see from Moderator elections in beta sites? that it is possible to have additional moderators added during a site's beta. We've recently had a request from an active site member to be added as a moderator since the current three are all in North America and he's in NZ. The existing moderators (...

Ah no wait .. that's who we call
11:09 AM
thanks a lot @Bart
now the tune is stuck in my head
You're welcome
for a moment It looks this is an answer of @Bart Haha!
That's my sockpuppet ... or I'm his ... we lost track
It's the glasses. They sparkle like diamonds.
11:19 AM
@Stijn That sounds closer to what I'm looking for; Thanks!
So I just filled in the contact form, either I'm one of the 10 who failed at filling that field properly, or something else went wrong...
11:35 AM
Didn't get it either
And it says 884 awarded for the badge count
Not 885
Makes me wonder if my input was registered at all
11:48 AM
I... still don't see Census on Badge's main page.
@qwer nvm, I'm stupid.
12:32 PM
@Bart same...
Poke poke @JonEricson ... wassup with the Census badges? You got more feedback about unawarded badges?
maybe he doesn't like us....
Can't blame him
12:35 PM
@Stijn It's Doc's fault.
@Bart must be your free-floating glasses
we should start a ruckus
@Doc It's Stijn's fault.
12:40 PM
That bot only takes active chat users doesn't it.. :p
that random function needs to be worked on ...
new toy
> I've awarded the first batch of Census badges. In the first week of the survey, 885 people submitted their profile links to get a shiny new silver badge.
I can't remember mine :(
12:44 PM
the silver was probably melted down to make a door handle
ruckus time
> When I was your age, we had to make our own emojis. Out of ASCII. -- Ben Dumke-v. d. Ehe at 1:13 AM - 20 Jan 2017
we used 0's and 1's... without the 0's
@Stijn Yeah, and as usual it needs a correction: mods other programmers
12:52 PM
- "I asked a question on Stack Overflow, but other programmers closed it."
- "Yeah, other programmers are assholes."
@Telkitty how does that happen? I mean, the donkey has to fall in it while walking backwards?
Who says the donkey isn't escaping from prison?
Got a reply from the team
> The process to award the badges is a manual one and we are still collecting profile URLs to award the badge to.
I guess that means they have to copy-paste answers to extract user IDs
12:57 PM
@Stijn ... didn't expect that answer
What other choices are there, integrating SO database with SurveyMonkey?
@Bart I've asked Jon to clarify, on his answer
I imagine Jon gets a spreadsheet from SurveyMonkey, extracts a comma-separated list of URLs and puts it in some quickly put together tool that does the rest.
@zaq I haven't worked with SurveyMonkey before, but I'd assume there's a way to export the responses and parse them in an automated way. Guess not.
12:59 PM
I still reckon it is the free-floating bart glasses
/me grabs smiting stick
bring. it. on....
I live on the beach and I just saw a seagull trip over a chip
1:10 PM
It's almost midnight and I'm hungry... >_>
hi hungry!
hi Doc!
1:21 PM
how you be? (asides from hungry)
1:38 PM
stackoverflow.com/posts/41764863/timeline same weird uppercase usage as the OP, accepted 18 seconds after being posted. That just screams sock puppet, right?
Oh and there's another self-answer by OP, containing most of that answer's content, but it's been deleted
Subhankar Core = Subhac05
I've flagged it for mod attention
@Stijn yeah, blatant.
@Stijn and to think that with a bit of care a self-answer would have been fine and might even have gathered some upvotes.
1:56 PM
@Bart I bumped into a duplicate question further down in the new-answers-old-questions queue, asked and answered by those same accounts. But that one did have a decent answer posted by another legit user.
There are several cases of the sock-self-answer for those users. Stupid move
It's like watching kids do something stupid, thinking they're so smart and that they'll get away with it :)
(it's gone after refreshing though)
I think that's the "tracking" system Shog was talking about a few days ago? The one that isn't entirely accurate
<a href="http://chat.stackoverflow.com" class="js-gps-track" data-gps-track="site_switcher.click({ item_type:6 })">chat</a>
2:07 PM
And the users are being nuked
2:19 PM
> Here at Stack Overflow, we really try our best to get the most out of our servers: pic.twitter.com/fuiPZA4w4V -- Nick Craver at 6:10 AM - 20 Jan 2017
glad I never bought a Wii U, only 4 years after its introduction it's been declared EOL
2:55 PM
there is a gigantic discoloured cockroach in my bedroom, disappeared under the bed, wot 2 do
@Telkitty kill it with fire, of course
Name it and teach it tricks
I am off to sleep, it better not come out and eat me
try not to have bad dreams of cockroaches :p
It has been nice knowing her
3:07 PM
Does this qualify as spam? The user name is EDAUtils Support, so one could argue whether author affiliation is disclosed.
At best it's link-only
"promote a product or service"
3:12 PM
@SamsungNote7Plus yes, but the flag reason is: Exists only to promote a product or service, does not disclose the author's affiliation.
oh you got me
it falls short of the first 3 points in that link though
It only talks about the project, doesn't show anything and is not in support of other parts of the post.
go get'em @Bart
OK you've convinced me
spam it is
And they're spamming all over at the moment it seems
3:14 PM
ooh, free flags
what is @SmokeDetector doing? DO YOUR JOB
spammers come to Meta to complain about their posts being deleted?
It's Friday. You never know
I mean, just a few more hours and Trump is president. Stranger things do happen a period
@Bart if you added a period on the end of that sentence, you will get a star from me :3
3:20 PM
I think this Friday was crazy enough already, with that J Doe guy drama again
I think it's a contender for most downvoted question on MSO
@SamsungNote7Plus done
Oh, you!
@Bart lol look at what i was replying to
We should have a sign. Please don't feed the Bart any stars, he gets plenty as it is.
3:27 PM
@Stijn No way, that honor belongs to Should we discourage leading +/-1 on comments? by Shog9 on meta.stackoverflow.com
-205 is hard to beat
Which is likely the network-wide record for questions on per-site metas (other metas don't have enough voters to bring anything below -100).
However, one question on Meta.SE scores lower: A New Code License: The MIT, this time with Attribution Required by samthebrand on meta.stackexchange.com
@zaq was there ever a follow-up for that one?
3:40 PM
@Stijn This post is the closest to a follow-up, but its message is "as long as it takes".
Heard a joke on the radio that I just have to share
Why does a chicken lay eggs? ......... If she throws them, they'd break!
What is brown and sticky? A stick!
What is brown and dirty? Dirt!
sorry guys ill leave now
hey it's Friday
anything goes
don't hold back
@Stijn that joke was eggcellent
i will egg you on
4:26 PM
Not actually possible for a moderator (or anyone else, without direct db manipulation) to remove all credentials from an account, @AHB, so that answer is either out of date or speculative anyway. You can, of course, trivially change your own password to something impossible to guess and then not save it anywhere, rendering the same effect without anyone else's assistance. — Shog9 ♦ 14 mins ago
Yeah, except one can't change the password for SE OpenID if the email associated to it is invalid... and can't change the email either, if it is invalid.
Hence, I'm still using the same account since May 2014 like some normal person. :(
Is it supposed to be perfectly clear what the fields mean?
4:32 PM
I grant that it's clear they are optional.
You type John Smith in the first one, jon.smith in the second, but only if you feel like it
could not be more clear on that
Oh, I thought I had to add (optional) in parentheses.
(there are, if memory serves, some instructions when signing up)
Don't remember. There aren't any on the edit page. And if the account was created several years ago, it's safe to say nobody remembers those instructions.
most folks just put their name in both fields
5:00 PM
@Bart Yeah. I updated my answer. I was kinda curious why I wasn't on the list myself. Turns out I took the survey too early.
Today's xkcd comic (Barge):
There's a reason we haven't had manually awarded badges in the past. I'd really like to automate this thing for next year.
@JonEricson ah, haha. Okay.
1 hour later…
6:21 PM
What is the difference between Physical Geography and Earth Science? Maybe @hichris123 knows...
Google search results: 1) reddit 2) Quora 3) Yahoo Answers.
(Asking for a friend who has a committee meeting about one of these subjects coming up.)
A: Are ecology questions on topic?

Peter JanssonAs with many other subjects Earth Science and, perhaps particularly, Physical Geography overlaps with many other disciplines. In my department we have a strong group of Landscape ecologists that study the geography of ecology (i.e. plant dispersal, historical changes in the landscapes (ecology) t...

Physical Geography would appear to be an Earth Science?
7:01 PM
@zaq inglés
1 hour later…
8:10 PM
WTH is this?
Just because you assumed AB and got ⊥, !(AB) doesn't imply !A. The correct setup is assume A. Show !(AB). Therefore !B.
@Shog9 Our Department of Earth Sciences might agree, but the members of Geography Department who work in Physical Geography might not.
The latter also keep mentioning the lab space that was taken away and given to the former.
Add to this that ES is in the division of natural sciences, while Geo is in the Social Sciences.
I think this is an accurate summary of the situation.
8:18 PM
@bjb568 line 7 should be changed to what is actually being proved, namely A=>B
I think. I hate this stuff, to be honest.
"Are we proving that A implies B, or are we proving B, assuming A?" Argh.
8:43 PM
Stack Overflow was visited over 6 billion times in 2016, by software developers all over the world. Here's where th… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/822475466812563457
Log scale pls, too spiky.
Maybe linear scalar makes the point properly, but nearly everything ends up being dark.
9:18 PM
Remember site self-evaluations?
As far as escalating reports goes, my email's always open (address is in my profile). With the caveat that it's not a "make a dev drop everything and take care of my pet issue" hotline. If it's something trivial or low priority that would be just fine on meta for a while, I'm unlikely to mince words about that. — Adam Lear ♦ 27 mins ago
Now I wonder what the unminced words of Adam Lear sound like.
When Jeff loses his avatar...
@ShadowWizard looks like nobody is safe
9:33 PM
@Stijn yup. Gravatar is destroying everything...
@ShadowWizard delete pls: stackoverflow.com/questions/5536431/… and flag the other comment as too chatty if you want
@rene heh, done. Isn't there an instant-kill for comments with "accept" in them? (i.e. deleted with one flag)
yes, but I'm out of comment flags for today ;)
So that's what you're doing all day long... :D
and I didn't want to return to that Q/A tomorrow
9:46 PM
wondering how many of my comments @rene already nuked ;)
depends on when you left them
10:25 PM
I'm preparing to farm rep by answering questions.
Is this correct? If the fix has already been implemented by Prettify but is still not working here, please raise a feature request on Meta to request that a new version of Prettify be deployed. So to have this bug [status-completed] you need to post an FR? Doesn't sound like the simplest process that can work ...
10:51 PM
Don't mind my advice stealing, but what article should I do for my monthly recent science event project? Recent is defined as within 3 months. My first was on neural networks and the algorithm that powers deepart.io.
@zaq don't mix different energy levels - chemical vs nuclear
11:08 PM
Did most of the things on my agenda for today, but fell a little behind of flagging and eating.
Did you spend the time closing and closing (instead of eating)?
for someone who is too busy to eat, you are awfully free to post various comments here
I decided I don't like close review.
in The Reading Room on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 20 hours ago, by Shog9
Robert Cartaino has suggested elsewhere that it might even be a good idea to limit discussions to those problems of which at least 5 concrete examples can be found
Applying this to closing: unless 5 people with closing power happen to see a question and be sufficiently put off by it to VTC, the question isn't that much of a problem.
11:33 PM
you were playing with my chat probably ... that blank at the top of my screen for a split of a second
11:53 PM
> New users are like injured animals; you're liable to get bit when you reach out to help. So be prepared. pic.twitter.com/Dmpjd9kP4R -- Shog9 at 1:35 PM - 20 Jan 2017
A: On the performance of the low quality review queue

bluefeettl;dr; A very small percentage of VLQ & NAA flags bypass the review queue and go directly to the moderators. The vast majority of these flags go directly to the LQRQ review queue to handle, but most reviews are taking over 4 hours to complete. As a result, the moderators are stepping in and hand...

Reduce the number of required "rec del" if the post has negative score. -1 requires 5 recdels, -2 requires 4, and <=-3 requires 3.
I wonder what a Community Manager would say if someone asked them about their job.

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