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@pop thanks, but I mean the period of time before a question gets closed
Dayum, that's a long headline.
But I like that suggestion, too
Although it's less problematic for migrated questions now, seeing as you're taken directly there
I have mixed feelings about the "more user-friendly" bit.
@GeorgeMarian Heh, nice.
5:04 PM
@TimStone It saddens me that there are so many business like that in the world.
Is anyone in here familiar with Access and not afraid to admit it?
no comment
Not anymore and no
But if it's about a feature that used to be there in 2001, maybe
@mmyers It's been a long while. What do you need to know?
Aww, sun.com is being decommissioned on June 1st.
I tied a text field to a database field. In a button's click handler, I set the backing DB field to 0 and do a Me.Requery, but the text field doesn't always change.
Isn't that what Me.Requery is for or did I get it all wrong?
5:10 PM
Nope sorry, too advanced for me, and from too long ago
Anyone know where the reputation graph has gone ?
@GeorgeMarian Yeah.. shakes head
@mmyers Are you sure that the field should change on every click? Also, you need to disambiguate your fields in the description of your issue. :P
(My primary motivation for working on this Access program is that once it's done, I can start converting it to a web app.)
@HoLyVieR A big farm upstate, where it can play all day with other graphs.
5:12 PM
@mmyers Access backend for a web program? I hope I miss-understand you...
@ircmaxell The backend is really SQL Server.
ahhh, ok. Just wanted to be sure
@PopularDemand so if I understand they removed it ?
@HoLyVieR Yes.
5:14 PM
@GeorgeMarian The button sends a change notification email. The text field is using conditional formatting based on this database bit field to show that the email has or has not been sent since the last change.
A: Eeeek! Where did the reputation graph go?

Jeff AtwoodWe decided to pull the graph, as it was not very useful, too complex, and increasingly out of date.

@mmyers Ok, so which field isn't updating as you expect?
@PopularDemand I hate downvotes on answers like that. People should learn what the damn downvote button means
@MichaelMrozek Yeah, me too.
Totally counterproductive, serves only to antagonize Jeff and make him more stubborn. I think recent events show that is not the way to bring about change :)
So I have
DoCmd.RunSQL "UPDATE <table> SET <the bit field> = 0 WHERE ID = " & [Forms]![TheForm]![ThingID]
at the end of the click handler.
5:17 PM
@MichaelMrozek It means CATHARSIS!
Sometimes the text field does not change colors, even though I went into SSMS and verified that the bit field was cleared.
@Shog9 Maybe they should just use bold + all caps.
Who's voting to delete that answer? I thought nobody could delete accepted answers.
Actually, I think that's the answer to @mmyers' problems.
I know this sounds evil, but does anyone know of a war dialer for asterisk? I have to keep waking up a coworker and hitting 'end call' and then 'redial' is getting old.
5:18 PM
@TimPost hahaha
Q: 20k users can vote to delete negatively voted accepted answers

Jon Seigel20k users can vote to delete answers with a score of -1 or lower (at any time, I believe), but the voting lacks a check to see if the answer is an accepted answer. IIRC, accepted answers have to be unaccepted before being deleted, even by mods, so such a delete vote should be disallowed completel...

@TimPost You have my upvote if you ask that on SO :)
But it won't count for much.
@mmyers Does that seriously have a vote to delete? Whoever voted that should be banned from future delete votes
@Pekka I could conceivably word that in a way that it would fly, but I'd rather not :)
@MichaelMrozek Turns out it was Jon Seigel, "for fun, I guess".
5:20 PM
@mmyers well, that was on a different question, but could be.
Oh, if he was testing a bug that's fine. If somebody voted to delete the answer because they want the rep graph back, they should die in a fire
@MichaelMrozek Only if we get the rep graph back then.
@MichaelMrozek You're unusually mellow today.
@Shog9 No, he linked that answer in his question.
@Shog9 "and just now also voted on this one... for fun, I guess."
5:22 PM
@mmyers Ah, so he did. Well, @MichaelMrozek, be sure to invite me to the burning! I'll bring marshmallows...
@PopularDemand I'm rapidly tiring of all the "stop changing things" posts on meta. They were amusing for about 45 seconds, and that was up a week ago
I'm sending in a request for gumstix, and a whole lot of polyester capacitors and diodes, with a few static straps.
That should do it.
@mmyers Hmm...interesting. So, why are you focusing on the SQL if the issue seems to be in the UI? (I don't have a particular cause in mind, but it seems that you may be looking at the wrong thing or going about it in the wrong way.)
Assuming he has at least three toes and is willing :)
@MichaelMrozek Agreed. Though I'm slightly sad to have lost that +17/-14 answer I wrote.
5:24 PM
Just avoid getting recalced. Forever
Oh yeah, two relays
@GeorgeMarian I am focusing on the UI. Sorry if I didn't make that clear. I expected Me.Requery to make sure that all form fields have the current data, but apparently it isn't. Is that the wrong method?
@MichaelMrozek I don't care about the rep, I was amused by having ownership of a rare controversial post.
@PopularDemand if you ask nicely, we could give you another one...
So you'd be happy to give me all your rep then. I'll contact @RebeccaChernoff
5:27 PM
@mmyers That I am not sure about, but it seems right.
It should requery the form.
Yeah. That's as far as I'd gotten.
@balpha Can I ask, when did this get implemented?
Q: Make chat feed awesome (or at least usable)

Yi JiangIn the Stack Overflow JavaScript room, we wanted to add the feeds of the blogs of several prominent JavaScript developers. This is what we got: This sucks. The format is totally unusable, there's no indication of which goes to what (the top link goes to the feed URL, the bottom link links to ...

And why you guys didn't answer it or mark it completed?
because it's only usable, but not yet awesome :)
@balpha So how awesome should it be?
@mmyers If only there were a place, perhaps on the Internet, where people could post technical questions and receive good answers quickly! (But seriously, have you tried SO/SU yet?)
5:32 PM
@YiJiang an image would be nice
@PopularDemand No, not yet. It seemed small enough to ask in chat first.
Thanks, @GeorgeMarian.
@MichaelMrozek err
@balpha A faux-woodcut, in the parent site's color scheme.
@mmyers Did you try throwing in a Me.Repaint for kicks and giggles?
@balpha Certain RSS standards allow for media to be attached
5:34 PM
(Admittedly I know next to nothing about this topic, but :P)
But there seem to be a bug where the published date seem to be incorrectly parsed
@TimStone throw in DoEvents too.
Also, can we have the option to name the feed something other than the one which the RSS feed carries?
@mmyers Anytime. Let me know if you figure it out. I'm curious to know WTF is causing the problem, even if it's Access. lol
Hmm. Just tried it again and discovered that it only fails if I update one particular field before trying the button. I suspect that field's afterupdate handler is causing the problem.
5:43 PM
Ah ha
@mmyers heh
Ok, maybe that didn't necessarily warrant a notification.
Now I have to remember what fields I modified in what order to reproduce the problem.
Either I can't reproduce it anymore or I just fixed it by closing the DB connection in the afterupdate handler.
GAH I hate background recompiles blocking the UI
I know it's right, let me go code some more damn you
@drachenstern I think you or the software you're using may be confused about the definition of "background"
@mmyers It wouldn't be Access if there wasn't that smell of PFM. That said, closing the DB connection doesn't quite sound like the right solution. Then again, it's just Access.
5:57 PM
The handler spawns a new ADO connection which wasn't getting closed. I'm not familiar with this stuff at all, so I have no idea what problems that could cause.
Then it may be the right thing to do. It's not like the connection is being made across a network and whatnot.
> Microsoft Access sometimes waits to complete pending screen updates until it finishes other tasks.
Since this is Access, we can automatically assume that it thought an unclosed connection was an unfinished task and went "OMG, lemme sit on my ass."
6:02 PM
(Admittedly, that seems unlikely, but it's not as funny if we go that route)
@TimStone Where did you find that? That's exactly what was happening; everything seemed dead for a bit, except that email button worked. So I sent a lot of emails in a row thinking that the button didn't work.
Now it's happening again, so I guess the connection wasn't the problem. Me.Repaint seems like it would just cover over the real issue, but how would I find the real issue?
Access's toolset isn't exactly top notch.
Or middle notch.
Hmm, good question. My random guessing doesn't seem to cover that scenario. :P
@mmyers Exactly how many notches separate Access's toolset's current location and the top notch?
6:09 PM
@mmyers Or really any notch. I dropped it from my resume a long time ago. :)
@PopularDemand Well, this goes back to your Boy Scout days...
shakes a fist at firefox I just want my old address bar behavior back. What's so wrong about that?
Me.Repaint does not seem to help. It won't recolor the text field unless I close the form and reopen it.
@GeorgeMarian which behavior was that?
you should open a bug report with mozilla. Eeeek! Where's the old address bar?
6:11 PM
@GeorgeMarian Good news, everyone! Mozilla has been purchased by Stack Exchange, Inc.!
Firefox 4?
@balpha lol
@Shog9 Where it only searched through URLs that I had typed and did it pretty simply.
@PopularDemand lol
@GeorgeMarian @balpha cheated by not capitalizing. I shoulda won that race.
What does it do now?
@mmyers Version 3, in this particular case. But, I have gripes about FF 4 as well. :)
6:13 PM
Oh, well then. The Awesome Bar (tm) is the only thing I really like about FF.
@mmyers It searches bookmarks and history (not just user typed URLs, mind you) and it matches across the entire URL, not just from the beginning.
@GeorgeMarian there are quite a few options, if you really want to change that.
@GeorgeMarian It also does retarded things like refusing to show me URLs I typed in manually over URLs I visited one time from a Google search.
I'll admit, that's improved functionality. But it's not functionality that I want.
AFAIK, you can specify a regexp that'll search from the beginning
@GeorgeMarian about:config, filter by urlbar
6:15 PM
@Shog9 Hmm, interesting that could be solution to this issue, anyway.
Apparently "Texas" is calling me. hits ignore button
@TimStone No! Don't mess with Texas!
They're capable of terrible things!
They probably want me back, but that isn't happening.
I've been getting class from freaking North Dakota recently.
6:16 PM
@GeorgeMarian Well, you know they're automated, no one lives there.
@GeorgeMarian i think I'm wrong about the regexp bit. bah.
@TimStone Texas is calling me? Sounds like a great start to a country & western song.
@Shog9 Heh, I was gonna ask if it's was FF4, 'cause I don't see it in FF3.
Texas is calling me / But I hit "ignore" / Whatever they want from me / Can wait a while more
Which is a shame, that would fix the annoying issue I have with my workflow for this client's site. (I have a local copy, and it keeps sending me to the my local copy when I mean to check the live site because of the full URL search thing. Well, that not noticing the "localhost" in the URL.)
6:18 PM
@mmyers You should look up Bowling for Soup's "Texas."
@PopularDemand Is it country? Because I can't stand country & western music.
@mmyers No. But you could just look up the lyrics, if you wanted.
Hmm. I'm pretty sure someone who used to sit near me had that as a ring tone. "Come back to Texas" sounds familiar.
I think I've got it this time. It appears there was a Me.Recordset.Update hidden in the middle of that afterupdate handler, which, as I read yesterday, is a bad idea.
6:33 PM
Ah, but if I remove it, it says that things are out of sync after running it. Hmm...
@YiJiang Oooh, thank you that actually does seem like it may be the fix I want. Apparently, they have heard our cries, because I think the "restrict: typed" is new.
> This article describes the preference browser.urlbar.default.behavior. To add, delete, or modify this preference, you will need to edit your configuration — do not edit this article.
Yah, I found that amusing.
Are people really this daft?
6:39 PM
@YiJiang You already know the answer to this question. :P
@YiJiang I began to think that, then I realized that some really are that bad.
@YiJiang Do you really need to ask?
Q: What to do with users making lots of pointless edits?

Daniel DiPaoloI saw this post which has been locked for almost 2 years get bumped back into the main feed, and when I checked out the revision that bumped it, I see that this user has lots of little edits of 1 character which are just whitespace which are doing nothing but bumping things needlessly. Maybe he'...

(The edits in question are bizarre, not the MSO post itself.)
And, just like that...suspended...unless I missed that the first time I looked at his edit history.
@GeorgeMarian It just happened in the last couple minutes
6:45 PM
@MichaelMrozek Good to know. I pride myself in my ability to notice things. ;)
What a coincidence!
@PopularDemand Oh, that is odd O_o
@TimStone "Bizarre! People are trying to address problems by coming to MSO! Don't they know that's where problems originate?"
Heh :P
6:54 PM
Speaking of which, our Malicious Chat Users Ring hasn't implemented any plans to destroy Stack Overflow for, like, several whole hours. Shouldn't we get on that?
@PopularDemand I started going through year-old posts on /review looking for things to flag, does that count?
@TimStone That's improving SO, not destroying it. Stop that right now.
@PopularDemand I thought it was overburdening moderators with janitorial work.
Oh no, they're on to me! runs
'Ello @BilltheLizard
@TimStone hello
2 hours ago, by Tim Post
@drachenstern That's actually one of the reasons why I ran. I run into cruft on SO often, it's nice to be able to fix it.
That's <sub> one of the reasons </sub> why you'll never see me moderating SO, though. I already spend enough too much time flagging and editing; more commitment would probably be unhealthy.
7:02 PM
The nominations for the next election should show how many mod flags that person has used, and what percentage were valid. That's way more useful than "I have X rep", "I've been on the site Y days", or "I have Z badges"
@PopularDemand Moderators don't flag. Moderators burninate.
@badpssockpuppet And burnination takes more effort than simply raising flags.
Actually, I rarely find stuff on my own these days. It takes enough time just to go through all those flags.
@PopularDemand You'd be surprised how easy burnination is.
Why did I just find out that @PopularDemand == @LordTorgamus?
@BilltheLizard I don't really advertise it.
7:08 PM
@BilltheLizard Hehehe... He's not proud of the fact that his SO rep < MSO rep
Though it turns out that Googling for Lord Torgamus (which is a reference to something, but is intentionally misspelled) is a great way to find SO clones.
That is kind of weird. :)
(And, one one page of the results, blog posts about the movie Dogma that have nothing to do with me.)
@BilltheLizard Nearly all of the SO questions I can answer tend to be FGITWed.
@MichaelMrozek Indeed. But this is Visual Studio we're talking about. It has other issues.
MSO is more about human behavior issues -- I've said multiple times that I think of it as Stack Exchange SE -- and oh look, psych was one of my majors.
7:11 PM
@BilltheLizard how did you not?
@PopularDemand Same here. I've watched myself slide from #7 to almost off the 2nd page of the user's list since I started moderating.
@drachenstern I don't know! I just assumed @Pop was active on SF or SU or something. :)
@BilltheLizard Yeah. So I'm still not sure which is more disturbing. Pop===LordTorgamus OR Adam killed Polly
Just said via Skype: All of my trials, my research, everyything can be accesed by clicking "corniify"
@BilltheLizard Well, I did just break 1k on SU, but rep for suggested edits had a lot to do with that.
Herding cats, I tell you.
BTW, did you know that cats didn't vocalize much before being domesticated?
7:14 PM
@GeorgeMarian In my experience, they haven't been vocalizing much since being domesticated, either.
@PopularDemand Heh. Well, our cats are a lot like dogs, so maybe they're different from most cats. :)
Sometimes, when I'm sleeping I get it in both ears. One cat on each side, begging for wet food.
@drachenstern Why is that disturbing?
@BilltheLizard And what made you find out?
woohoo, 3.5 unlistened to podcasts ... Soon I'll be able to download all the other podcasts I haven't listed to yet that I haven't let myself download from OCDness...
granted, that's still a rather narrow set of all podcasts
@PopularDemand which?
@drachenstern Both.
@PopularDemand the first isn't to me, it is to him. the second cos everybody on MSO that has an alternate usually doesn't kill off the alternate, even if they do WELBOG it ...
@mootinator hello my good friend it does my eyes well to see your name :p
7:18 PM
@drachenstern Hello :P
Why drag Welbog into it?
@drachenstern I think I read somewhere that the Polly thing was a mistake and she will be coming back in <30 days.
@PopularDemand nope
Free Resharper course == very handy.
@PopularDemand I was looking to see if you were a moderator on any SE site.
7:20 PM
A: The Many Memes of Meta

Brad GilbertMeme: Changing your display name on a whim. Originator: Welbog Cultural Height: TBD Official Response: Limited to one change every 30 days. Background: User Welbog likes to change his profile whenever it will make a post of his seem funnier. Other times it seems to just be on a whim. He will also...

@TimPost I thought he was always relevant ;)
@mootinator R# even more handy.
welbog.homeip.net He is quite vocal, but more often than not, he's correct.
A: What topics can be discussed here?

Adam DavisThe question referred to turned into an extremely subjective and argumentative discussion, is not permitted on the site. In more detail: The problem with that question in particular is that the system they are currently implementing is not feature complete, therefore discussing whether the old ...

@PopularDemand nope.
(in his own special way)
@TimPost I concur there wholeheartedly
@drachenstern !
7:22 PM
Anyone want to test out a new iteration of my FHC script?
@BilltheLizard That's... ominous. Though I suppose it was because I mentioned burnination earlier.
@TimPost I've never seen his homepage (or at least, I've never paid attention to it) ~ I love what he's done with the right sidebar. I'm gonna have to steal that at some point.
@PopularDemand !!! YES! 52! Oh the horror. I could imagine a sliding scale of 6 - 8
@PopularDemand Yeah, and 16K on Meta is kind of high.
@GeorgeEdison what does it do
7:24 PM
@drachenstern It has new colors and settings.
It also allows you to edit the image when composing a post.
@GeorgeEdison Ah, the FHC script, my brain didn't click right away.
(Instead of after you've posted.)
Yeah, I'm not much of one for spontaneous image editing so I don't see the merit in this one to begin with so while I applaud the script and think it's quite spiffy, I'm not a good tester for you.
@mootinator simpsons fish?
@drachenstern Shock and awe!
7:27 PM
@Welbog (who changes his name so frequently that he'll never see this) believes in velociraptors, and so do I.
has the feeling SO isn't going to do his work for him today...
If you take everything too seriously, you end up being someone you probably didn't want to be.
Hey, @TimPost, good job in the mod queue yesterday.
@BilltheLizard spring cleaning, I guess :)
@TimPost, Yeah, luckily it's starting to taper off a little bit. :)
I probably shouldn't even mention it in here.
7:32 PM
@BilltheLizard I see no reason why not. Everyone knows what they flagged, and given several MSO posts leading to queries
And then holy flag weight Batman
@TimPost True, everyone in here is probably all flagged out for the day anyway. :)
I have a few more left ;)
@BilltheLizard Still, I think I might have broken a record
I haven't used any on SO today tyvm. I prefer to let the riff raff rabble others do that
They just kept BLINKING AND FLASHING .. and BLINKING AND FLASHING (the flags, of course)
7:36 PM
@TimPost I cleared 600 the day before yesterday (when all of this started).
...and 500 more yesterday.
Oh good, I wasn't here then, so I can't be blamed. :D
@TimStone precisely how many daily flags do you have?
@BilltheLizard It is all @TimStone's fault
I had 42, but now it's down to 37 or something due to the flag weight recalc.
And @RebeccaChernoff helped him
7:38 PM
@TimStone I blame @ire_and_curses
I'd actually be thrilled if there was simply nothing to flag, but until that happens I'll continue clawing my way up to to the max (and beyond, in spirit).
@BilltheLizard Ah ha :P
@RebeccaChernoff oh crap, I missed the chatcast huh? or is it underway?
grrr, damnit
7:41 PM
@drachenstern There was an event for it, you should have totally subscribed. connects the dots
@TimStone I forgot I hadn't. Then it would've reminded me huh?
@RebeccaChernoff I know nothing
@drachenstern Ah. There's no reminder to remind you to sign up for the reminder unfortunately, heh.
@TimStone well there is, and @RebeccaChernoff did her best to try and remind me, but I thought I had pending conflicting arrangements
7:43 PM
Oh, I see. That sucks then.
I must say that I'm alarmed that nobody has constructed an updated wheel of blame.
Anyone with a diamond should be included, of course
I'm not happy until the 'blame' button has a big fat lens flare, and there must of course be unicorns
@drachenstern Apparently, you missed my herding cats comment as well. :)
@TimPost They also need to fix that bug that allowed me to show up on there somehow.
@GeorgeMarian probably just missed the reference
Of course it should be biased and point to @RebeccaChernoff or @BilltheLizard most of the time
And if an exception is handled, just ignore it and point it at @Jeff
Seriously .. community .. I expected more
7:52 PM
I am shocked, shocked, by the number of people who don't know a question from an answer!
@BilltheLizard I blame Jeopardy!
@BilltheLizard I'm stuck on the people who can access the internet but not read
@mmyers LOL! Add Tebek to the Wheel of Blame.
"Who is Jeff Atwood?"
I'm impressed by the number of people who want to post an answer and feel clicking "edit" is a good way to accomplish that
7:55 PM
runs out of flags :(
I'm going to get a kitten.. I have cameras.. The common denominator appears to be claws.
"Mod cat says ohnoz!" Maybe that will sink in.
Well, I need to get back to work. Later all.
Huh, it seems that SF's ads aren't being displayed because the "Back-end server is at capacity"
Guys, does anyebody know a working hack to make a comment < 15 chars?
I need it for a specific case
Zero-width space still works.
8:03 PM
@What [](http://google.com)
I thought Jeff broke the empty-link trick.
@drach yup, that no longer works
@mmyers idk, haven't tried it
Ah, good to know.
@mmyers thanks. I needed it for the comment underneath this one
Q: Add possibility to remove comment noise (fancy edition)

What This is a variation of this feature suggestion. It is much more difficult to implement, but is much more refined, as it allows the deletion of specific parts of a comment thread. Many - but not all - conversations in comments lose their value after the conversation has been concluded - fixed...

8:06 PM
@What quite the elaborate pun there. Very over the top.
@drachenstern I found it somehow worth changing my user name for a month :)
Well, the "copy profile" hack notwithstanding. It still works.
@What one of your edits to that post gave you a lolcat, right? Did you do anything weird?
Paging @TimStone to the chatroom
Yes? :P
Would @TimStone please pick up a courtesy phone and call the operator
damnit, you ruined the joke answering
feature requests, you want them on github?
8:19 PM
@balpha yeah, I was about to report it. I used George's freehand circle user script on a GIF image. It seems to reproducibly choke on those (although I haven't tested with a JPG since, I'll do that later.)
or here
It seems to be one of my skills.
only with my jokes I'm sure
@balpha should I report it to George?
Hmm, probably GitHub, since I'm likely about to go play one of the three games I felt compelled to buy for my Xbox 360 yesterday.
8:20 PM
yes, we moved the fkey today
I think he can / needs to find out what caused it
@drachenstern I thought you have code to write?
need a /roll n d command to roll n d-sided die and post the results to the chat window
@ChrisF I do. This came up as a side convo
@balpha fkey being something image related?
That would explain it
We figure the Gamers'll love it
8:21 PM
@What no, that's the XSRF token. just tell him to use StackExchange.options.user.fkey
Will do.
@drachenstern I thought they already had the roll easter egg...oh right, that was just RPG I think.
Or dice or whatever it was.
I feel like I'm missing something important...
@TimStone i wasn't aware there was. This would be universal tho, as far as the script installed base is concerned
Right, right.
8:27 PM
ok, now as @ChrisF pointed out, I'm closing this window
@drachenstern Have fun!
Really guys? Editting like 2 year old posts just to add a space in Stack Overflow?
Q: Are there famous developers using Stack Overflow?

FernandoWe know Jeff and Joel use Stack Overflow (obviously), but what other "famous" developers or at least working on popular projects, or important blogs do you know of that are using Stack Overflow? Define famous: Book authors, popular project leaders/developers (think VCS, an IDE, a database engine...

can someone using chrome confirm to me that window["chat-body"] actually gives you a DOM element (any other object with an id works as well), and also confirm to me that this a WTF?
It's not a WTF in IE, is it?
Ohh you are talking about Chrome
sorry, nevermind
8:35 PM
@balpha Heh, it's pulling an IE? Only it doesn't report those as being properties of the window object, so that's really odd.
seems to not have been reported. writing a bug report right now
seems chrome is not the only browser doing that
<body id="a-b-c">
<div id="something"></div>
something has type <script>document.write(typeof something)</script><br>
window["a-b-c"] has type <script>document.write(typeof window["a-b-c"])</script><br>
window.hasOwnProperty("something") is <script>document.write(window.hasOwnProperty("something"))</script><br>
something === document.getElementById("something") is <script>document.write(something === document.getElementById("something"))</script><br>
something has type object
window["a-b-c"] has type undefined
window.hasOwnProperty("something") is true
something === document.getElementById("something") is true
something has type object
window["a-b-c"] has type object
window.hasOwnProperty("something") is
something === document.getElementById("something") is true
something has type object
window["a-b-c"] has type object
window.hasOwnProperty("something") is false
something === document.getElementById("something") is true
something has type object
window["a-b-c"] has type object
window.hasOwnProperty("something") is true
something === document.getElementById("something") is true
Is bobince around?
I'm sure he has an explanation.
I kind of like my new user name.
It's so dynamic
And at the same time, it poses a question to the world
Maybe I should add a question mark.
@What Nah, keep it as-is, so I can save one keystroke every time I want to write @What.
8:50 PM
@TimStone true. Plus, I think they block non-letter characters anyway

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