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12:09 AM
Wow, I got 2 badges and +2 rep just for clicking "delete" on a Documentation topic. A nice incentive to keep clicking delete...
We need that site-wide.
Yes. Every vote to delete +10 rep to the voter when the post gets deleted.
Åi med w fonalogi tsårt four bi-je-bi-ley:
(I made a phonology chart for bjblang:)
I need to figure out the grammar stuff.
I think I'll still stick to having vowel endings be part of speech/mood.
I could read it except for "tsårt" which made me think of "tsar" and led to confusion.
ts is like ch.
12:15 AM
Are you going to present bjblang in the Linguistics class?
I don't think there's any serious assignments in that class.
Daily homework stuff mostly.
It'd be nice to have alphabet that everyone knows how to type in, including on mobile devices.
I'm making bjblang be easily typeable with a standard keyboard, so it'll have special typing features and special pronunciation features.
It'd be kewl to have words for open-paren close-paren (that aren't long).
It's a good thing that I decided it's a good idea to make a language, there isn't a whole lot to do in the shower besides thinking and making a fool of myself by making weird sounds.
Today's languages should be mobile-first, cloud-first, and have emoji as first-class citizens.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Chinese character in title, messaging number in body, messaging number in title, mostly non-Latin body, mostly non-Latin title: Q微信207586481办理法国巴黎第五大学毕业证成绩单 真实教育部学历认证 留信网 使馆认证Paris Descartes University by dfse on drupal.stackexchange.com
12:33 AM
Q: I Made a proposal and i want to know if it will be banned

Jacob MollanI made a proposal called HTML wiki will it be banned for being a coding wiki like StackOverflow but this coding wiki is just for HTML also I don't see too many tutorials on HTML in StackOverflow.

HTML is coding now?
I don't really know what is programming. Like in terms of SO... "Q: How to do X in jquery? A: Use $.foo(bar)" is really similar to, say, typing formulas into Excel.
12:56 AM
> False positives from the "Alexa" wake word became too much. Review of the "Echo" wake word, day 3: activates on specific cough sounds. -- Shane Madden at 3:41 PM - 15 Jan 2017
Never tried these things myself... with my accent, I'd never know what I'm buying.
@bjb568 Yes, and it redirects "General help regarding MS Excel for single worksheet functions" to SU
Whereas single jQuery functions are apparently alright.
You expect SO to have standards or something?
There's never enough jQuery.
1:01 AM
Helo Center > Our model... none of the article define what this "model" is.
Maybe it's not so much a model as a platform with tag-based folksonomies.
I'd think the model would be the Qs and As and comments and moderation.
> How do I format my posts using Markdown or HTML?
That has nothing to do with it.
1:19 AM
speaking of model ...
1:54 AM
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2:27 AM
Hi @qwer, still going from left to right?
Hi @zaq, as always~
You've missed a lot of excitement here. Like, for example, Jason's cat learning to open faucets.
Speaking of which, where is a Youtube video of that, @JasonC?
Yeah I need to take one
I've never actually witnessed her perform the actual act. It's kind of funny.
I see.. The Star Walls™ mentioned that
Oh, and looks like bjblang is evolving.
2:49 AM
3:10 AM
I can't justify why I should spend money on the graphics of a game that doesn't make money
but I really want professional graphics for the game
at least better icon & front page to lure 'em in
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Email in body, email in title: Comprar Carta de Condução Portuguesa (paul_stevens98@yahoo.com) by user56126 on travel.stackexchange.com
3:31 AM
sometimes you can't be sure whether it's art or just behind a fuzzy glass ...
Google Deep Dream. Close enough!
4:20 AM
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4:44 AM
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5:09 AM
Maybe fuzzy glass powers the black mirrors surrounding us and creates art.
5:35 AM
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6:13 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body, pattern-matching website in body, repeated URL at end of long post: The true blue issues imagine a circumstance by Lify1943 on apple.stackexchange.com
link dumping $
7:34 AM
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8:25 AM
what if twitter perm bans trump?
He'll buy it
8:38 AM
According to the internet, trump worth with 3.7b, twitter worth 10b
trump = 0.37 twitter
So the next US election will be won by Twitter, if money matters.
9:07 AM
So the next US election will be won by money, if Twitter matters.
9:53 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer: Acer Aspire Switch 10 E Driver Problems by Andrei Lavreniyuk on askubuntu.com
10:45 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive body detected, offensive title detected: That fuckin problem "exploit complete but session has not been made" by Utkarsh Agrawal on security.stackexchange.com
11:05 AM
So, turns out @Jeff is still active on MSE... he just replied to two comments, and edited one of his answers. :)
@Telkitty easy. As a president, he will pass a rule saying Twitter belongs to the government and the USA president is its actual CEO.
To prevent an uproar, he'll do the same with all the big companies.
@Telkitty is the cat smiling?
@ShadowWizard his stubbornness hasn't changed I see :)
@Stijn yeah, well, good to see SE is still important to him, in a way. :)
> PHP and Justin Bieber are good because they are popular. – Braiam
Never thought I'd see those two in the same sentence
who knows Justin Bieber might become a PHP developer one day..... ;)
Also, where did you see it? Why no onebox?
@NominalAnimal darn, and here I was creating a brain washing machine that made people see Justin Bieber and PHP as they really are. — Braiam Nov 25 '16 at 13:22
You meant this? ^
11:23 AM
I forgot about oneboxing, still very sleepy even though it's noon
apparently he makes that comparison more than once :)
Yeah, good old "be popular so rules stop applying to you" (aka ad populatum) problem. Apparently nobody learned the problem with popularity... PHP and Justin Bieber are good because they are popular. — Braiam 21 mins ago
heh, looks like @Braiam likes Justin.... :P
12:15 PM
Are you trolling here?
wow, what a story ... nah, too easy
he's a wizard, not a troll
12:32 PM
Wow, what a story :) Has this happened since? — nicael Jun 19 '15 at 20:28
(so, has it happened since? @rene)
@Stijn well, I do love to troll sometimes, but usually other trolls. :D
@ShadowWizard no idea ... is mona lisa smiling? :p
I dunno and my sock is in the laundry so y'll have to wait
@rene oh no, how did your sock get dirty?!
12:51 PM
I think it's the same cat ... different poses :p
1:18 PM
@Telkitty I will avoid to post the results I got with the Deep Dream tool. Trust me, it is for the better.
@Stijn You mean months — Anthony Pham 1 min ago
jokes aren't funny when you have to explain them :(
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted username, offensive answer detected: How do I get youtube videos to play on Apple guest account? (Yosemite) by Mother Fucker on apple.stackexchange.com
3:17 PM
@Stijn story of my life ...
My favorite Smiths song, probably...
I searched Google for "what makes liquids greasy", a legitimate question, and the results are exclusively about oily urine from pregnant women?
It's the beginning of the end.
I am unable to find out what makes liquids greasy, lol.
I typed "greasy fluid", immediately autocompleted with "from anus". :/
somebody said urine?
3:29 PM
@zaq Lol
@ShadowWizard Urine big trouble, buddy.
@zaq blame humanity
when bots will take over, this will be fixed :D
Bots fixing greasy anuses, do not want.
nah, when bots will rule, it will complete to what you expect.
Bots fixing greasy anuses, do not expect.
no more anus
3:31 PM
Oh god.
Also what have we become?
hmm... that's of course unless bots will want to become human-like
I dunno. I think the battery case is both a robots mouth, and its butt.
The solar ones are buttless.
@zaq it gets better if you add "from". rofl
My autocomplete replaces greasy with oily when I add "from".
Does yours do that?
@JasonC no no, not robots. Just bots. Scripts. Like dear Smokey. ;)
3:34 PM
@JasonC I don't have autocomplete. At least not one that really autocompletes
The Tavern is the closest thing smokey has to an anus. Should we rename the room?
I have that android suggestions, but it's usually fine
In any case, the word to add to searches is viscosity
I'm on a PC, I mean the autosearch complete in the chrome address bar.
3:34 PM
Grease is a semisolid lubricant. Grease generally consists of a soap emulsified with mineral or vegetable oil. The characteristic feature of greases is that they possess a high initial viscosity, which upon the application of shear, drops to give the effect of an oil-lubricated bearing of approximately the same viscosity as the base oil used in the grease. This change in viscosity is called shear thinning. Grease is sometimes used to describe lubricating materials that are simply soft solids or high viscosity liquids, but these materials do not exhibit the shear-thinning properties characteristic...
@JasonC yes! yes!! rename to "Smokey's Greasy Anus"
Greasy -> oily.
@zaq Oh ok. Much better results.
@JasonC I know, unlike you, I thought twice before posting it as screenshot... LOL
You may now return to your regular programming. Which, honestly, is probably talking about robot buttholes anyways.
Oh crap.
@JasonC yikes, never installed it. I... don't trust... those things. :)
3:36 PM
Well everybody's got most of those parts, lol.
@JasonC tru dat
> A picture is enough to the wise
@Derpy is this the new "you are uncouth" sign?
@ShadowWizard nope, is the "zap you from orbit" Oni approved sign.
3:46 PM
@Derpy oh, That's a new one. ;)
@ShadowWizard Also know as "Wonder what Jon would think about the message starred on the board. Maybe I should ask."
@Derpy at least the list is more interesting than last week :)
I'm hoping someone pins zaq's message
@Derpy Skeet? Not sure he will care. :)
But @Jason can remove the stars.
Or just move that message to the sandbox :)
hmm... when you move a starred message, does it retain the stars?
> Is there such thing as stack-overflow-as-a-service? I would pay $30/month to have 24hr access to a team of devs to ask CSS questions -- Matthew Vernon at 1:59 AM - 16 Jan 2017
@ShadowWizard Ericson. Far more dangerous.
4:02 PM
@Derpy @JonEricson is a nice guy. He's dangerous only for bad people. :-)
And you don't want to get Jon angry. His revenge is epic.
@ShadowWizard like the ones that go around staring uncouth messages? We could arrange a trip to the Stack Exchange private coal mines, where uncouth users are forced to write "I will be nice" on waffles using cupcake frosting a int.Max times. :P
@Derpy get me in, sounds interesting! :D
I wrote a poem about Shog in the Den, wonder if he'll appreciate it. ;-)
@ShadowWizard does it contain at least one ping for each row?
@Derpy sadly enough, he's not pingable in the Den. :(
And I'm pretty sure he never posted any message there, so mortals can't ping him there.
Only super ping will work.
ideas for the time I'll have a diamod
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Shortened URL in body: Recovery of Facebook Account by williams John on webapps.stackexchange.com
4:14 PM
you could self flag each row with a comment "Please notice me Shog-Sempai"
rename "diamond" to "diamod" all over Stack Exchange
@Derpy nah, poor Jon, Oded, and the rest shouldn't suffer
@ShadowWizard that's why you should sacrifice so that they can have a little fun with their favorite hobby: account nuking ^_^
@Derpy nuking my account will be headache, they will have to confirm at least one annoying dialog... :D
I'm getting tired of scrolling/keypressing past US Minor Outlying Islands to get to the actual United States. Why are they alphabetized between Ukraine and Uruguay?
4:24 PM
And Uruguay comes before United States. I sense an anti-American conspiracy.
At least there's a picture of brown boobies on the Wikipedia page, so it's not a complete loss.
Testing... don't mind me
I was trying to find a reference to the Great Close Refactoring of 2013, when Jarrod Dixon reworked the system, implementing close votes as flags... Anyone remember this?
This was because of @AnthonyPham's post, actually.
I mean, my search was because of the post, not the refactoring itself. :)
4:32 PM
What post? My now deleted question about that Andriod bug?
The Great Close Refactoring?
@ShadowWizard It is true that I could...
Yes, about the Android flag-vote confusion. Not really a bug because it is indeed a flag: all close votes are flags, except some are called flags and some are called votes.
@ShadowWizard I knew this once. Then I forgot. Does that help? Lol.
And yes, that post with June 25, 2013 date is a good reference.
Oh no, we missed a month: there were no features changes in September 2016! Has that ever happened before?
For the GCF
@Jason stars are preserved ^^
Haha, ninja'd @ShadowWizard
Twice apparently...
4:37 PM
Okay, make that three times
But without live example.... :D
Okay two, with examples
August 2015 and September 2016 are the only feature-less months on record; but January 2017 can still join them if nothing notable happens soon.
Apologies for the hiccup in service. A one-off deployment didn’t go as smoothly as planned: https://twitter.com/Nick_Craver/status/821034444559503360
4:47 PM
@ShadowWizard Thanks. Let's make a point to forget this this month, so we have something to talk about next month. Experiments bring people together.
An experiment on bringing people together that wouldn't go well: Everybody Jump
> patchwork chaos of coalescing and collapsing social hierarchies.
Sounds familiar.
His book is a great read
Which one, he has two now.
Too lazy to meta post, gonna drop the link here.
Today's xkcd comic (Trash):
(It's that blank part)
And the bug is Nick Craver's fault! clicks spin again
Ha! I just answered a question after viewing Nick Craver's Twitter account for some information!
5:03 PM
SE is migrating away from Wordpress entirely, so that site will become something else.
The more serious bug is the title of the top post. "May 2016 Newsletter (In Progress)"
1. pings SE Employee
2. realizes it is [tag:status-wontfix]
3. crap undo
Why? What did Undo do to you to deserve that?
@zaq Can I borrow that screenshot into a new bug question that will probably go through @noɥʇʎԀʎzɐɹƆ process
5:06 PM
everything here is cc by-sa-I-don't-know-the-exact-license.0
Say what?
It's not my screenshot...
Guess I'm just gonna borrow it with attribution then :)
Yes you can, without attribution
Or you could make your own....
5:07 PM
gist: My EULA, 2016-07-19 00:41:11Z

If I ask you a question, you have to respond to me. Anyone denoucing the validity of this shall be immediately silenced.

## Escape clause

You pay me 3 trillion dollars. Or a donut. (filled with a debit card to a Swiss bank with three trillion dollars minus the price of the donut, as appraised at market value\*)

\*Using the NASDAQ donuts future ticker
@noɥʇʎԀʎzɐɹƆ threetrilliondollarwar.org
Q: Site switcher shows blank community name in Community Moderators Blog

unaristIn Stack Exchange Community Moderator Blog, the site switcher shows me... Well...have I strayed from Stack Exchange network?

Good thing I haven't took the screenshot yet
Aaaand a dup
How is @hichris123 finding these dupes so fast?
5:13 PM
I generally remember seeing the same thing reported before. And it was only like 10 down on meta.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/blog-overflow.
Oh, the tag! I do feel stupid
I just realized Shog9 has a habit of proposing features to SE as . Good for him.
I love how he only asks like 30 questions yet their total score is about 1500
Soon, Randall will begin deleting What-If stories instead of posting new ones. Be sure to save those you like the most. (Or buy the book.)
5:19 PM
Kindle edition is free for Prime members, yay.
TIL Amazon Prime membership also includes some books.
Gah when will I have time to read all of that, the semester begins tomorrow. Sorry SO askers, you just got a bit more competition...
5:56 PM
What I am about to say is a bit off-topic, and more of story-telly kind of thing.
Once upon a time I received "We are no longer accepting questions from this account".
At the time, I posted some pretty low quality stuff.
He went to MSE to complain and get slapped with the same message there....
After reading and following the instructions here multiple times...
Then to MSO, where he still got slapped with the same message
Then complained to a moderator who said to make America his questions great again

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