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12:11 AM
Excluding the horde of Account Executives, five employees have "Executive" in the title:
Chloe Celand, Marketing Executive
Phil Sireci, Executive Chef
Shanna Sobel, Executive Pastry Chef
Joel Spolsky, Chief Executive Officer
Cassie Stone, Executive Assistant
Easy to mix up, Executive Chef and Chief Executive...
2:59 AM
Executive janitor? Or do you call it by some other name?
coz ... cleaners need leaders too!
ambitious executive janitor with a purpose in life
A: Questions closed for recommending/finding an off-site resource should be deleted

Shog9Most of these are deleted. There's a close reason for it, hundreds of questions do get closed for that reason, and most closed questions do get deleted... For this specific close reason, 22 closed questions were deleted in the past day; 23788 questions in the past year, and 81455 questions fo...

That's a higher percentage than I expected. Wonder how it compares to other closing reasons.
3:12 AM
But yeah, automatic deletion should always be limited to questions where nothing or very little signals their usefulness.
A janitor's gain is garbage's pain
There is always a possibility of a rec question being really "how to do this", with answers that actually show how.
I have a fish, and a perfume, I am sure I can make two go together if I really want to
actually, this sounds better: garbage's gain is janitor's pain
One thing I'd drop from the current rules is accept preventing auto deletion. Seems illogical, seeing as accept vote is explicitly just one user's opinion. Should not be deciding the long term fate of the question..
3:21 AM
Count accept as an equivalent of +1, maybe.
3:33 AM
I think SO has philosophically always treated the checkmark as something very special, which I’m guessing is where that rule came from. I think I mostly agree, though. Maybe treat it as +2 as a slight compromise, but I don’t think keeping things around with a -2 score just because they’re accepted makes much sense.
4:06 AM
Mobile interface of Google Scholar. Why yes, I do delete my account more often than I change the sort order...
And who would ever mistap a menu item on a phone, anyway...
7:25 AM
Holy Smokey ...
7:52 AM
@rene better than this:
8:18 AM
@Telkitty that is also true ...
8:41 AM
a weird thing happened
9:34 AM
@rene why?
because I only saw SD reports
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2:04 PM
37 messages moved to Chimney
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4:12 PM
> As a representative of Careers... rebranding is hard.
Also, unclickable text in bold blue font is annoying.
> And that THAT connection is achieved through messaging and content. Product-agnostic content (TOFU), product-specific content (MOFU), and even product-usage-specific content (BOFU). stackoverflow.com/company/work-here/117996/…
Halp, acronym emergency. How does one parse TOFU etc? Is THAT in the previous sentence also an acronym?
Mmm, tasty TOFU.
> Instead of old, slow computers, and cranky IT admins, we use top of the line gear for everyone and want to deliver a seamless experience. As a Desktop Support/Technology Conceriege, stackoverflow.com/company/work-here/482512/…
4:17 PM
The combination of "seamless" and "delivery" in the same sentence is distracting.
Could use a spell check too.
top-of-the-line too, right?
Three of the advertised positions include a salary range. Two PMs (Digital Ads and Internal Systems) are 100,000-135,000. Incidentally, these are posted on /jobs while other positions are not (including PM of Docs position).
The Data Scientist is valued at 135,000-175,000. Do your math homework, kids.
(Never mind that by the time you enter job market, different things will be trendy.)
I've deleted all religion site accounts, so Hinduism with their recent diploma craze is on their own.
The elections page isn't aware of Programmers -> Software Engineering renaming, @TimStone
Hmm, indeed. Will fix in a bit, thanks!
Actually, I don't understand how it determines site names to display... they are not what the API would return. "WordPress" is WordPress Development, "Statistical Analysis" is Cross Validated, "Japanese Language & Usage" is Japanese Language, "Musical Practice & Performance" is Music: Practice & Theory...
... "Gaming" is Arqade, "Apple" is Ask Different, "GIS" is Geographic Information Systems.
4:50 PM
5:46 PM
Ugh. I still can't Reject on Documentation most of the time.
Q: Unable to reject edits in documentation reviews queue

Vivek MishraAs the title suggests, I am unable to reject edits in documentation review queues. When I click on reject button it shows an error message stating: An error occurred. Please try after sometime. I tried multiple times but I am still not able to do so. EDIT: Now I can't even Approve Changes...

^ Is there any update on this? It was asked almost two months ago and still an issue.
I couldn't even Reject this:
6:06 PM
@S.L.Barth it is rejected for me now?
@rene Yes, it got Rejected. But barely so. Three idio... I mean reviewers Approved it.
Jay for badges! ... oh wait ... sure .. bad reviewers ...
@rene The one good thing about the Documentation Review Queue is that it doesn't give badges.
Oh, is that why I'm never in there?
@rene How should I know the motivation of a flower? :-)
But seriously - the Docs review queue has two problems. Bad reviewers, and the fact that the Reject button doesn't work for a number of users.
These two problems reinforce each other.
Bad reviewers can't be solved easily, and can only be mitigated technically.
But the Reject button not working - that can be solved technically.
So I'd really like to know what the status is. I was hoping Shog, or Tim, or any of the SE employees who visit here, happened to know.
6:19 PM
@S.L.Barth Is there a bug report on that? (I haven't seen one, but if it was last week I wasn't looking.)
@JonEricson The question I linked above. meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/334349/…
In case it helps, I also get this with audits - which were added after that bug report was filed.
I sometimes can Reject, but most of the time it just says that an error occurred.
@S.L.Barth Ah. I had assumed the fix Kevin mentioned had solved that.
@JonEricson Maybe it's a different bug with the same symptoms. As the comments pointed out, it still occurs for a number of users.
I'll bring it up again this week. It might help if people added more data.
@JonEricson Much appreciated! I'll see what I can add. The review I linked above (stackoverflow.com/documentation/review/changes/108485) is one of those I tried to Reject, but couldn't.
And thanks for chiming in!
6:32 PM
No problem. November is for bug fixing and dogfooding. Hopefully that will help get a bunch of annoyances straightened out.
Does that mean Joel will be forced to dogfood, too? ;)
@JonEricson That's good to hear! Isn't november also for preparing Winterbash?
@S.L.Barth Not for me. ;-)
@JonEricson Uh-oh... did I just cause you more work, instead of letting you join the fun of inventing crazy new hats? :-)
I somehow imagine that when you work for SO, working on Winterbash is one of the best assignments - the most fun.
@JonEricson dog food? You mean that internal site using SE engine? ;)
6:48 PM
@ShadowWizard No, it's making sure that if a dog gets elected for moderator, like last year, the dog will have enough to eat :-)
@ShadowWizard That too. So much tasty, tasty dog food.
wags tail
@S.L.Barth very clever! :D
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8:09 PM
Something to wake up...
Q: I demand resignation of a moderator who deleted my on-topic comments

RathonyI am tired of seeing my on-topic comments deleted when they are not (1) rude or offensive (2) not constructive (3) obsolete (4) too chatty (5) other... This is not the first time that I witnessed comments are unduly deleted by moderators on ELL. I expressed my opinion on why the third link i...

8:20 PM
Comments have always been second-class citizens. Is ELL any different in that?
I thought they were 3rd class citizens. Posts: 1st class, users: 2nd class, comments: 3rd class.
Either way....
I agree with @bjb568 though - the image should be in a quote block. At first glance, it looked as if Nathan Tuggy was writing that. And he's not like that.
8:39 PM
Starting your post by demanding resignation of a community volunteer without even understanding their motivation is not the most civil way of going about things.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted website in answer: Is it legal to buy software license keys from "bulk" sites? by Eric Zavala on law.stackexchange.com
9:02 PM
@AlexisKing And that's one of the lesser issues our mods have to deal with.....
9:28 PM
Wow the module version still sucks 🤔😉
10:19 PM
10:39 PM
user image
11:43 PM
@Telkitty awesome!

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