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12:20 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with a link in answer: Automating the creation of name badges for an event by C.M. on tex.stackexchange.com
@hichris123 $links = [ $s =~ /nofollow(?: noreferrer)?">([^<]*)(?=<\/a>)/g ] although of course that's only going to work on constrained input sets.
All the heavy syntax for simple things is almost Javalike.
@tchrist Hello Perl... ;)
Which needs no special stuff to handle Unicode patterns, Unicode inputs, or /\backslashe\s/ in its regexes. :)
$list = [ $string =~ /match(.*?)bits/g ] is certainly a lot easier to understand. Well, assuming you use a text editor.
But if a language doesn't start out with patterns as first-class citizens, tossing into some mere string library, then all kinds of things become awkward to terrible. For example, patterns getting compiled at compile time by the compiler so for syntax errors you get compiler errors at compile time just as you would with any other syntax error. Instead, you won't learn about it till runtime, at best.
On the other hand, trivial things like swapping out one regex library for another become much harder when the compiler understands regex syntax.
1:33 AM
perl is pretty cool with regex handling ... although many other languages are good with regex handling as well nowadays, it wasn't the case some 15 years ago
1:57 AM
facebook has friends, twitter has followers, linkedin has connections ... so you are different thing on different social networks
2:10 AM
But ... if you are true to yourself, a superior 1337 tr011 is a superior 1337 tr011 anywhere on the internet. You are no longer bound by sites, by domains, by even all internet corporations combined. You are you! You defy time, (internet) space and continuously to be the true self regardless of others. Nothing modifies you, nothing is capable of changing you. You are the ultimate monument, the light tower of internet.
8:43 AM
2 hours later...
great! I have read almost all of what-ifs in xkcd and last message here was posted 2 hours ago
> The magic of friendship doesn't just exist in Equestria. It's everywhere. You can seek it out, or you can forever be alone. The choice is yours.
Forever immutable, forever alone.
Doesn't seem very good
9:28 AM
Wasn't Stack about content and not users? - So, now we upvote name-calling? Nice to know.
9:52 AM
"now" being 2009?
@Bart Now being "it is still there and no one cares"
So you flagged it, I assume?
Nope, I retired from flagging bad contents. I have multiple rude flags declined over the last months - and after the first one I started to double check for opinions with people I know outside Stack. Since it clearly seems that I (and my friends) are aiming at a too-high level.... I decided that I will stay out of it save for the most blatant cases.
You do realize that a couple of years from now, someone will come in and tell us "it is still there and on one cares", right?
10:07 AM
what if ... horses have hay fever?
Some horses do
How do they survive? I could not stop sneezing while outside just now ...
Medication. Sometimes it's due to specific plants, so you could avoid those.
@Bart Actually, I realize that probably pointing that post out was a bad choice in the first place. The way I posted it, one may think I care for it to be deleted. In reality, I was just reinforcing my personal opinion - "Too much discussion, too little acting" with a side note of "my vision doesn't match staff one so I won't make them lose time anymore"
anyway, totally unrelated.
@Derpy don't overthink it. It's fine to point out
And I think it's a rather pointless post, so I've flagged it myself
Let's see
10:45 AM
22 messages moved to Chimney
11:03 AM
Goodbye, cruel world
11:14 AM
@hichris123 I'm afraid I'll need you to do that again, pretty please
sorry for the mess I made /-:
nvm, ferrybig fixed it
@tripleee You can do that too you know...
11:41 AM
After its proposal was predictably closed on Area 51, Physics Problem Solving Site was created outside of SE.
@hichris123 I can? oh boy! thanks, I thought it was an admin-only privilege
12:00 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of body, link following arrow in body, pattern-matching website in body: Iron Bull Edge People rely on results to drive by andrewcross on drupal.stackexchange.com
@Telkitty no horses here, just ponies. Candy colored ponies.
unicorn! not ...
thanks, @Telkitty. That fish face managed to remember me about that videogame called Seaman. Something I would prefer to avoid. -_-
don't judge a fish by its face
12:12 PM
it's a very superficial thing to do
will you still be in love with unicorn after seeing this:
A: Rotate label control in vb.net form

natezilla fannatezilla knows. seek him out in the mountain spring during the harshest snow of nex

What's more interesting is that the question has 6300 views but 0 votes, 0 comments and 0 answers -- and is 6.5 years old.
@Telkitty sorry, couldn't find the the one I had in mind right now, so you will have to go with this one instead.
anyway, totally unrelated. About the add feed to room option.
Am I correct to say that either you have the feed posted as messages in the room (which will cause a lot of "noise")
or you have notifications that once dismissed you can never open again?
1 hour later…
1:45 PM
Aug 5 at 11:56, by Derpy
(I have the felling that most of the room users have just fallen down like Spike in the above image)
2:02 PM
We shalt try the "ritual of Bart summoning"
> zzzzZZZzzzZZzZzzZzz
3 hours later…
5:17 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in body, email in body: Bank account set up for me by Sandra Edwards on money.stackexchange.com
5:48 PM
@Derpy don't you mean @Bart Summoning?
@zaq heh, looks like the views are the sole thing saving that question from Roomba...
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted website in answer: Wo kann man im Internet die deutsche Sprache üben? by Gareth Onuoha on german.stackexchange.com
6:22 PM
@Bart what have I done?
@rene You made life hard for horses who can't afford gas masks.
OK, turns out gas masks for horses actually existed...
(Although that looks more like a donkey than a horse...)
6:59 PM
@ShadowWizard /me grabs smiting stick
@S.L.Barth :D
When I started thinking about it, I suddenly realized the idea wasn't that strange. Gas masks were necessary during WW1, and cavalry still rode horses back then.
This question is not great and rightfully closed IMHO, but it also has a delete vote on it. Is that warranted?
Is it a low quality dupe?
Hm, it's been edited toroughly.
Searched Software Recommendations for "letter of recommendation generator", no matches. :( Seriously need one.
7:04 PM
Put in the name of applicant, the thing they are applying to, the degree of enthusiasm (0-10), and let Markov chains fill in the rest.
Maybe search for spam generator?
@zaq Like those "Deepak Chopra simulators"?
You could probably create a "code snippet generator", too, and let it post some good-looking code as answers on SO. It'll probably gain rep in the process! :-S
.....might be a new way to root out robo-reviewers...
@rene That question is just going to attract more downvotes. It's better if the OP deletes it and asks a more constructive question instead.
7:11 PM
@rene I'm not the one who cast the delete vote BTW. I haven't earned that privilege yet.
I'm not claiming you did, nor expecting anyone to come forward and confess
Nor should we expect or require that. One of the great things about SE is that we don't care so much about whose fault something is - we care about solutions instead.
7:36 PM
@Bart no no, wrong Summoning... no cookie for you!
Cookie for me then?
@rene not so much low quality as "having no future" - as @S.L.Barth correctly said as well. Not my delete vote either, but I really don't think there's any value in keeping it around. Better let Roomba do its thing though, no need to rush it.
@ShadowWizard not so nice of you guys to kick AZ out of the Europe League ...
@ShadowWizard OK, that was my idea as well.
7:41 PM
A: How can I optimize a switch statement on the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4

OriolJavaScript is interpreted, so any optimization you attempt to do will be slower than the optimizations of the JavaScript interpreter, which will be compiled and run faster. Just don't worry about it.

@rene huh? Soccer or basketball?
OK, that explains everything I wanted to know about JS
@rene but... we're doing bad there. One team lost chance to move to next stage, one got 4 points out of 4 games, and got chance only because 3 other teams also have this bad score. :/
Unless I missed a third team? lol
@ShadowWizard yes, that is all true ;)
7:44 PM
> Just don't worry about it.
that one is true ^
@rene heh, so you're a fan?
Alkmaar Zaanstreek ([ˈɑlkmaːr ˈzaːnstreːk]), better known as AZ Alkmaar or simply AZ (Dutch pronunciation: [aːˈzɛt]), is a Dutch professional football club from Alkmaar and the Zaanstreek. The club plays in the Eredivisie, the highest professional football league in the Netherlands, and hosts home games at the AFAS Stadion. AZ has won the Eredivisie twice, in 1980–81 and 2008–09. In the same season as their first league title, they also reached the UEFA Cup Final, which they lost to Ipswich Town. In addition, the team has won the KNVB Cup on four occasions. == History == === 1954–1972: ...
@ShadowWizard well, they are not considered a top club and they are close to my roots, so yeah, not a fan but hate to see them go down ...
@rene honestly I'm not a big fan of soccer in general, but don't they both (actually all three teams with same score of 4) got same chance to move forward to next stage?
All in all, Israel isn't really good in Soccer, never was... basketball is a different story, and even Tennis. ;)
@ShadowWizard If they all have the same score the number of goals counts
@rene but it was meager 0:0 - so no real meaning for any of the teams. :)
Programming question on meta survived for 10 hours? meta.stackexchange.com/questions/286592/…
7:54 PM
If "my" team would have made 6:0 on "your" team then you were right.... :D
@ShadowWizard well, sure but it all adds up ...
@hichris123 boom! Well, blame the score
@hichris123 you didn't ping me and I was busy today so hadn't the active tab open ...
@hichris123 It's zaq's fault.
7:56 PM
@rene don't forget @Bart who can also cast an awesome delete vote :D
@hichris123 that is solved then ...
@zaq could have as well, if not for... changing identities all the time. :)
(I think.. @Norm used to have high rep, right?)
Somewhat... but lots of bounties.
But in all seriousness, I don't mind if you ping me in case of expected delete votes. You know how to spot if I have seen the question or not
@rene you leave a trail of flower petals behind you?
8:01 PM
kind of, yeah
Better than breadcrumbs.
8:13 PM
pulls himself a pitcher of hoppiness
switch (dayOfWeek) {
  case 'Friday': happy = true;
Unfortunately, it then falls through to Monday awfully fast.
increase(&happiness); // <- does that help?
8:31 PM
Q: Algorithm for maximizing happiness

Christopher ShrobaImagine you have: 100 people 100 projects Each person ranks all 100 projects in the order in which they would like to work on them. What kind of algorithm can be used to maximize the happiness of the people (i.e. being assigned to a project they ranked higher translates to greater happiness)...

The question itself doesn't make me happy, though. :/
Smells like a homework assignment. Over 2 years old though.
May be too open-ended for HW. Not an awful question, just vague. Without the definition of a happiness function and how it's to be aggregated...
BTW one of my committees solves this problem every semester, faculty rank the courses they prefer to teach and we try to maximize their happiness.
The question would be more interesting if the individuals had non-linear happiness functions.
8:35 PM
Our algorithm involves some spreadsheets, whiteboard, and a few days of arguing.
@zaq No bribes? :-P
if not, then boring ...
Er... I mean... optimization functions ?
No. Some occasional threats, nothing serious.
8:38 PM
@zaq Also known as "an incident that negatively correlates with the final evaluation of another agent's happiness function". :-P
Threat (n). A probability function about the likelihood of physical violence, that is negatively correlated to the transfer of happiness from one agent to another.
9:04 PM
I'm still thinking of running for mod.
@AaronHall You don't seem to do a lot of reviews, and don't seem very active on MSO.
I am married, quite involved in the NYC tech community, work a full-time job, and am an adjunct professor at a couple of universities. I'm good at time management and prioritization.
Sounds good, but is being a moderator what you want? Do you think you would enjoy it?
I think so.
@AaronHall sounds like being a moderator on SO will cause you real trouble to keep managing your time then.
9:13 PM
I wouldn't be thinking about it otherwise.
You'll have to push something down the list.
I'm always pushing something down. That's what prioritisation is.
@AaronHall so better consult with whatever you intend to push down before doing this step... no? :)
I'm pretty good at managing my most important stakeholders.
> Aaron: Hello students, I'm going to cut my lectures here a bit because I am going to moderate Stack Overflow. Have a good day!
9:17 PM
@ShadowWizard "Hello students. Don't bother posting your homework on Stack Overflow, I'm a diamond moderator there."
^ He's got my vote now :-D
@AaronHall Moderators are often brought to Meta to explain/defend their moderation decisions.
I've seen those. I don't mind having my decisions scrutinized.
You've got my respect for that.
Every day I have to make decisions at work that must stand to scrutiny, I try to create and follow a process for each circumstance and have the wisdom to deviate from my usual process when necessary.
9:21 PM
I guess as a professor, you have experience judging things and explaining things to a (sometimes reluctant) audience.
I do. It's important to be fair to students.
Not just to be fair, but to also appear to be fair.
Fairness is one of the most important qualities of a moderator.
I guess you would fit well alongside josliber on the mod team...
Well, if @AaronHall is going to run for moderator, I'm definitely going to consider voting for him.
makes a cheesy teeth-baring grin
9:29 PM
10:00 PM
@zaq why don't I get an answer array in the question object https://api.stackexchange.com/docs/questions-on-users#pagesize=100&order=desc&s‌​ort=activity&ids=2642059&filter=!1PVL)ZRqKROovqz(LqL.lNnV8wFbi0Umr&site=stackover‌​flow&run=true?
or anyone else maybe?
@rene The answer field has everything unchecked
PICNIC problem
10:27 PM
Read the question that answer was posted in response to, @Travis. Crucially, it wasn't "can someone recommend me a book about native access in Air?" - it asked specifically how to make native calls. And the answer made no attempt whatsoever to answer that, beyond noting that an answer could be found somewhere (where?!?) in a book. Related: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/98959/…Shog9 ♦ 59 mins ago
?!? is so unShoglike, possible early start to happy hour over there.
If the answer said "on page 75", it would still qualify as NAA.
10:48 PM
An extra hour of weekend is something to be happy about...
Monday: USC Math CAMS Colloquium, KAP 414, 3:30 Roman Shvydkoy, UI Chicago "Mechnsms fr enrgy blnc rstrtn in Onsgr crtcl & sprcrtcl flws"
sigh Just link to the presentation title/abstract...
if people don't understand the theory of zero sum game ...
Are those "critical flaws" or "critical flows", take your guess...
flaws, always assume flaws
If it flows it ain't stuck
11:13 PM
that will work, yes.
11:47 PM
+1 shared on the FB page of zaq department.
More generally, one can consider the space of unordered n-tuples of points on the circle (or on another thing, for that matter).
For n=2 it's the Möbius band, as the video shows. For n=3 it's surprisingly simple, the 3-sphere S^3 (but seeing this isn't simple). And gets nasty for n>3.
The construction is known as the finite subset space, I wrote a few papers about them.
In SO the company news, Shanna Sobel got promoted from Assistant Chef to Executive Pastry Chef. 🎂🍩🍪🍰🥐

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