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1:09 PM
Hi! :)
iPhone owners: has this ever happened to you?
no service but 3G working?
No, that seems rather odd..
1:31 PM
@LoïcWolff @LoïcWolff the remnants of my national identity salute your background image there :)
Isn't this status completed now? meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/48249/…
@Benjol :) Worst thing is, I'm not even from the UK ;)
@LoïcWolff, I saw :)
Hoy Hoy
Hm, this data import is taking longer than I thought...bah.
is it my proxy, or is this site not responding? worldtimeengine.com
1:44 PM
@Benjol not just you
bummer, they have just what I wanted :(
@Benjol Nope, nothing here either
location -> localtime could be handy
@Benjol Just enter something like 'time in {location}' into W|A
sorry, it was this that I needed: worldtimeengine.com/api
1:46 PM
@waffles Why is the number of users needed to approve edits on SO drop to 1 again?
they have/had an api for doing that
Q: unanswered tags, and the annoying tooltip

user157849I think you should show the tooltips on the left instead of the bottom because it keeps annoying me when I mouseover the wrong one and need to go down a couple tags i have to wait for it to close thats just my opinion anyway

Can understand anyone he what said?
Presumably he's complaining about the bubble thingadongdong for some reason.
But I'm not really sure what that reason is.
@TimStone That much I gathered
In the side-bar, hover over the tags.
1:49 PM
I see, can you edit it into something saner?
@YiJiang He wants the bubble to cover other tags obviously
so he can be annoyed differently
@badp Can differently annoyed be he so!
@YiJiang In a bit, but someone can feel free to beat me to it. :P
At least I now have shiny edit privs on meta \o/
I must admit, the tag bubbles are a bit of a nuisance
@Benjol Feature idea: option to show only bubbles if the tag actually has a wiki
1:54 PM
Hrm, that's not bad
@YiJiang I suspect one of the aims was to make people aware that there are wikis, I have to admit that I never bother to look at them...
@Benjol Of course, but an option would be nice.
Not that there's any chance of it been implemented though
Well, one thing you lose is the ability to follow the tag easily...
@ircmaxell Not really, you can do it on the homepage or in your user page. One/two clicks away
Right, but you know the old adage. Never do in 3 clicks what you can do in 1...
1:57 PM
It's not exactly a feature I'd use often either
me neither, just saying
2:11 PM
has a badge suggestion: The [Ninja] gold badge. It has no description. It does not appear anywhere but on a user's profile. It is kept in absolute secrecy how to get it.
Q: Move tag bubble out of the way on vertical lists of tags

user157849It would be nice if the tag bubble showed up to the left of tags in cases where they are stacked vertically, like "Recent Tags" or "Unanswered Tags" in the sidebar. It's really annoying when I accidentally hover over the wrong one, because it blocks me from selecting the tags below it unless I mo...

Better? :P
@TimStone Much
@ircmaxell I agree. No notification for when the user gets it, also. And it should only appear randomly, at night. 'cause you don't know if they're here, watching you.
@YiJiang -1, bubbles are the quickest way to tell if there's a wiki or not
2:21 PM
@badp Only an option, useful for sites with few wikis
@YiJiang Sites with few wikis should get more :)
+2 rep for wiki, I mean!
Q: Progress of new WMD editor?

JezWhat's the latest on the progress with the wmd-new editor that the StackOverflow guys were doing? As far as I can tell, there are 2 places to get the source to it; Github: https://github.com/derobins/wmd ... and Google Code (with Mercurial; what was wrong with SVN?): http://code.google.com/p/wm...

I'm getting an error accessing this question
Yes, basically all of MSO gives 500 now
2:28 PM
So they got rid of the extra | in the top bar, but broke everything else.
I guess that's a fair trade.
Transient maintainable error, probably
@TimStone Indeed! That | was driving me mad anyway, now I have this error to stare at instead
@YiJiang It was rather infuriating, wasn't it?
Ask Question is still working. Guess we should overflow them with bug reports :)
Oh hai @Feeds
Waves @Feeds
2:34 PM
@LoïcWolff That was broken too :)
2:56 PM
3:08 PM
starts yelling at the computer
The chat needs something like that with the user box :
click the 6 icons from left to right
enjoy :)
3:23 PM
@LoïcWolff what's that?
@Nyuszika7H It's a web-based task manager
still in beta
@LoïcWolff to-do list?
@Nyuszika7H a bit more than that. you can add date, reminder, manage delegation
looks like that
3:28 PM
Hookay, time for JS form validation. Ideas?
new task
Looks eerily like iOS.
The edit button and the popover, that is.
@drachenstern - Was at the Apple Store yesterday. Got some feedback from an employee actually.
yeah, it's a lot inspired. they have a iPhone app on the way
@LoïcWolff You involved?
@Moshe Nope, just got an invite :)
3:30 PM
@LoïcWolff Cool.
@Moshe Looks like their style, just look at their homepage and portfolio
@YiJiang As @LoïcWolff said, "inspired".
kk bbiab
@Moshe Meh, I'm not entirely comfortable with everybody and their cats copying whatever style Apple creates for its software
@Moshe yeah and?
$ can-has osx
No such package
$ kthnx
3:38 PM
@ircmaxell Hehehe
f r i d a y :)
It's actually ten minutes to Saturday here. I just finished for the day
checks on my Xoom order
3:52 PM
@TimPost Well, saturday is exactly like Friday, except you don't have to be in office, so... :p
no update yet. Status shipped, but no tracking info...
@LoïcWolff And Monday is like Sunday, except you have to be in the office.
That graph doesn't make sense
Because the graph totals 100% of the work completed. If 98% of the graph is work not completed then that segment doesn't even belong in the graph
The graph should be of the total work assigned on Mondays.
3:58 PM
@TylerChacha I don't think it was supposed to be logical, but rather to have an emotional impact going "I didn't get the things done I wanted to"
@TylerChacha Accuracy was not one of my goals when creating the graph.
So... you're really entering a serious discussion about the chart
@drachenstern Nonsense. All graphs are designed to be logical. And if they aren't, they are wrong. (Remember, I'm typing this on a mac)
@TylerChacha so you like the cool-aid? Want some more? :p
@TylerChacha, You'll just love this one:
4:00 PM
image blocked... :(
@TylerChacha works fine for me
I was hoping my Beagle Board would arrive before the weekend. Oh well.
@Nyuszika7H I am inside a school
@TylerChacha ah, imgur is blocked?
4:03 PM
@TylerChacha Strange that it allowed you to see my attempt at humor, but not the diagram on the Stack Overflow 'about' page.
@TimPost I saw the Stack Overflow thing
@TylerChacha I'm afraid you are behind a sentient firewall with a really bad sense of humor.
@TylerChacha I think you're reading too much into that, and missing the joke...
@ircmaxell I get the joke... I just decided to complain about it
4:09 PM
@TylerChacha Your arguments were actually funnier than the graph.
Posted by Robert Cartaino on February 25th, 2011

With forty-three sites and counting, there’s no shortage of communities needing attention. Thank goodness there’s also no shortage of enthusiastic users willing to volunteer their time to help their communities. But once in awhile a user stands out as truly exceptional. That’s why I am really excited to announce that Dori Smith has joined us as a full-time member of our community management team.

You may have seen Dori in her role as moderator of Ask Different, the Apple Stack Exchange, but she is also actively involved in the Programmers Stack Exchange, as well as Super User, English Language & Usage, and our own meta Stack Overflow. …

They're just gobbling up new employees left and right, heh. :P
Oh god, they got her too. First they took away Nick, and I said nothing, then they took rchern, and still I said nothing...
@YiJiang Because you didn't care?
4:16 PM
They're coming for you next! or me!
@YiJiang One can only hope.
@PopularDemand and I think I've figured it out! You either moderate multiple sites or you write lots of userscripts! I've taken to a strategy of doing both!
I figure they went F-M-F so next is M! :p
I hear there's like an application or something I should consider doing as part of the process of getting them to recognize me, but that's just silly :p
It's the attack of the Stack Exchange Human Resource department! Run!
@YiJiang so says you ...
@drachenstern Hey, I didn't say in which direction
4:19 PM
@YiJiang Don't you think SE is beyond a "human" resources department?
All human slave selection tasks are performed by the master Rovio.
4:32 PM
Ha! Successfully covered my tracks re: checkin delays ... now to fudge the timesheet to match :(
I know, I set a terrible example/precedent
Ah, I'll blame my evil ways on you then.
Also, should anyone read the transcript, they will have weapons against me. But that was a given, this grievance adds nothing.
@TimStone I am merely an influencer, you are your own individual. Resist peer pressure! Be an individual, just like everyone else!
@drachenstern Don't feel bad, I just used ESR's 'reposurgeon' to fiddle with mine
What unresolved head? Whatcha talkin about Willis??
Ahaha, nice.
> not everybody knows that control+meta+alt+shift+cokebottle+super+w, when pressed in the SO editor box, invokes the Summon Unicorn action --Piskvor
4:36 PM
What do you MEAN who moved the trunk due to to fumbling around with a SVN / HG converter? I don't see no trunk movement. You on dope? Man, you better get to Betty Ford in a hurry. I'll cover for you, no problem.
And that's just how it's done in the real world, unfortunately.
> (Accept answer please I am 12 years old check my profile.
Is there a chart I should be using to figure out who to upvote based on display age?
@PopularDemand Is that recent, or a generalization?
@TimPost Actual comment.
@PopularDemand Prob could write a query for that... Unless display age isn't in the dump
4:39 PM
I even already can guess which member it is.
Oh, I thought you were making that up to make fun of him. Wow
@PopularDemand Link please
should I can him? (go check the site terms and conditions...)
Hm, I thought the blockquote would make that clear.
@PopularDemand Oddly enough, that chart seems to peak at the very age I am.
4:40 PM
A: Do pending edits get bumped to the front page?

BennyPending edits only get bumped up to the top page if they are accepted by the OP or someone with 2k+ rep.

@PopularDemand yeah, hang on and I'll find it:
@drachenstern @MarcGravell: and @PopularDemand: and @TimStone: Hi
@MarcGravell He's a well meaning kid..
I thought it was mildly amusing... not trying to get him canned....
@SankarGanesh Hello
4:40 PM
@SankarGanesh Hello.
@SankarGanesh Good evening to you sir. You don't always need to announce your presence ;)
@drachenstern donot call me as sir, simply call sankar, hahaha,lol
@SankarGanesh lol
@drachenstern looks in Tyler's direction I think he has some room to work with, you know. :P
4:42 PM
@drachenstern where is @Monittor
@PopularDemand TY, IFTFY :)
@TimStone lol, I was thinking that when I said it ;)
@MarcGravell Ah, I see.
@SankarGanesh I believe you mean mootinator, and he'll be along shortly I'm sure
We don't all always make it in every day, work and all that getting in the way of our leisure
@drachenstern yes, mootinator, typing mistake, i was sad when i haven't see him
4:44 PM
I can remember being that age and the only people I could identify with were much older than me. Unfortunately, I was not mature enough to not annoy them. It's a tough place to exist.
@TimPost I agree too and i upvoted, because me too feel the same, but i love this
A: Why is logout moved to my profile page?

Jeff AtwoodWe moved it because It's the least used item on the header as measured by HTTP requests. We need more room on the header, as we've added SE global nav, chat, meta, and two kinds of flags there. For people with "long" names like Rebecca Chernoff it was causing the header to wrap. The link was ...

@TimStone Just noticed that, did you?
@PopularDemand Yeah, I was busy trying to make a server work for the last...since 6 this morning.
Jeff moves in mysterious ways.
4:46 PM
/blame @RebeccaChernoff
I think someone broke the WOB while it was in the "rchern" position.
I use nine d*** computers, that little change threw me for a loop earlier, resulting in a catastrophic flush of cookies.
@TimPost Mmm, cookies.
@TimPost I made cookie dough the other day. Now I really want to go home and bake it all at once. And it's not even noon yet. I blame <strike>you</strike> rchern.
@PopularDemand I'm sorry you did not get the memo. Waffles is now the official blame collector until at least the middle of next month.
I'm at a loss to figure out what to do with alertfalse.com .. originally, it was going to be a focused spin off of TDWTF, but upon reflection that would just be noise. Suggestions?
It was inspired by:
Q: Lol Debugging are we? - SO homepage alerts false

StephenRefreshing the StackOverlow index page is giving me an alert('false');

4:57 PM
@TimPost Bah. I put my stock in the WOB, and right now it's set to rchern.
I thought about trying OSQA on it to make a place for people to ask questions that I so ruthlessly and annoyingly close, but that isn't quite original
in JavaScript on Stack Overflow Chat, 30 secs ago, by Coding Kitten
@Shaz If it's foul aura summons the demons from the below...
Then I thought about setting up a multi user WP blog for SE folk to use, but that seems like an administrative nightmare
My last thought was a 'proving ground' for the SE API
@drachenstern - there? Quick q.
@Moshe yo
5:07 PM
May I mention "drachentester" on my blog?
I'm finishing up an article on Game Center and Beta Testing.
I prefer references be to drachenstern as that's my nom-du-web
@drach I know, I'm writing about how to and how not to test Game Center apps, regarding having that second account
Just link me after it's live, I'll ask you to change/redact things that I don't particularly agree with after I see how it's presented. Unless you can help me read your mind? :p
@drachenstern - does this work for you?
last paragraph, the end
> Awesome idea, drachentester!
> Awesome idea, drachenstern, er, drachentester!
5:14 PM
K folks, out for a bit
@drachenstern pls explain about outspoken badge, i think if i answered to ten different peoples question, then i m eligible to get that badge am i right or wrong
Starred by 10 different people
in chat
A: List of all badges with full descriptions

Popular DemandRegular badges (M-Z) Jump to A-L Mortarboard bronze; awarded once; same family as Epic (silver), Legendary (gold) Exceed the rep cap Exceeding the cap is defined as earning ≥200 reputation in one day from a combination of upvotes and accepts, but not bounties "Exceeding" the cap is not the ...

@PopularDemand thank you very much
@balpha what's the difference between "Receive stars from at least ten different users in chat + Receive stars on at least ten different messages in chat" and "Receive stars from at least ten different users for at least 10 different messages in chat"?
5:23 PM
@PopularDemand That is designed, specifically, to make you see stars :)
@SankarGanesh Yeah, you don't need to single out one individual on stuff like that. We often float in and out of the room. Like I've been on a coworkers desk for the past 10 minutes, so haven't seen any of this conversation till just now. In here, asking one is the same as asking all usually, so just ask the room. ;)
@TimPost ?
@PopularDemand I think the difference is that it amounts to at least 10 messages being starred, but more likely 100 messages, that should have been of note
@PopularDemand a joke, I believe
@drachenstern sure, here after i will ask my question to all, the reason why i had pointed to you, is you always help me, that's why
@SankarGanesh and that's understandable. Just conveying some of the culture of the room ;)
5:29 PM
@drachenstern ok
@drachenstern Argh, this is exactly the kind of ambiguity that the complete list was designed to resolve.
Freehand three-quartercircle railway! (Thought you'd appreciate :P)
@PopularDemand An ill fated attempt at humor. Move along, move along ...
@PopularDemand I concur. and I realize all I did was enumerate the two choices that are most readily understood.
@drachenstern I didn't seriously consider the second possible interpretation until you mentioned it.
5:34 PM
I'm pretty sure it does a where count(star-rers) >= 10 and count(starredposts) >= 10 group by star-rers or something to that effect.
oh s*** I'm late. Gotta go.
@PopularDemand Grats on your Deputy badge; by its rarity it might've as well been a gold one
@badp Thanks! I actually thought it was the rarest badge of all, at first... stupid Publicist.
I am looking forward to receiving my SE Sheriff's Department sidearm and physical badge.
@PopularDemand Here ya go:
And a communicator to boot!
As for badges? We don't need no stinking badges :)
How they crammed the optics for amplification into that small space is beyond me.
@TimPost They have faster-than-light travel and teleportation devices, and you're concerned about the amplification optics?
If you don't receive both within the hour, blame @RebeccaChernoff
5:49 PM
A: Can we please change the design to black-on-white?

Jeff AtwoodWe'll put together a user script at http://stackapps.com?tab=scripts for folks who really want the white layout -- in fact, we can probably put together a de-styler that converts any Stack Exchange design to a fairly minimalistic one for those that prefer it.

@PopularDemand <sigh> It is NOT teleportation. It is a focused energy beam that can permeate all known and unknown substances and is impervious to almost every known form of interference.
does anyone want to take a whack at that? A generic se.com "destyle to the basics" script?
@TimPost say what?
Jeff Atwood on chat while I'm awake? Madness!
@RebeccaChernoff Who, me?
5:51 PM
@RebeccaChernoff can you own this "generic destyling script" ? I think it would be useful network-wide
@JeffAtwood Every time I take a stab at a physicist, they duck.
@JeffAtwood That request was for an inversion of that particular site's style, not a minimalist design. I'll play with the concept though.
I think destyling is more appropriate.. not to absurd Netscape Navigator 1.0 levels but to, say, meta.so levels
Still, though it would not be inordinately difficult to make a 'style switcher' , but then everyone would be requesting it. I don't like asking people to download user scripts.
5:55 PM
@JeffAtwood Okay, gotcha. I assume the SE sites all use the same base element ids and classes, yes?
I would be more than happy to t-shirt and sticker anyone who feels like taking it on.. I don't think it'd be that hard
ok, so it's basically using jQuery to apply an alternate styles.
If it's any help, my eye sight (such as it is) makes it difficult for me to read the text.
If you just replace the folder on the link element, what gets missed? The logo of the site...anything else?
I'm game.
opens Chrome Inspector and a text editor
5:56 PM
@JeffAtwood Now that you've said the magic word "t-shirt," I think the race is on.
it's not all or nothing.. happy to t-shirt anyone who assists significantly as well
@JeffAtwood What is the problem with the proposed switch?
have you ever used a white blackboard?
I'm just sayin'
I get the need for the alternative, but I think a userscript that works on ALL network sites would be way more effective
@JeffAtwood yes, markerboards
@JeffAtwood You mean a whiteboard? Umm, yes?
5:58 PM
I mean the kind that uses chalk
Wait, physics people want black on white? I thought it was a request for everyone else to get white on black, which I fully support
anyways, if this is an interesting problem, have at it.. if not, then carry on wayward sons (and daughters)

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