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12:17 AM
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1:09 AM
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@Quill so did you get your census done?
I don't think I have to do it
system crashed last night
I know, it's delightful
2 hours later…
2:44 AM
3:35 AM
ELU election has pretty good candidates. Likely headed for primary round.
Meanwhile, Artificial Intelligence took over kenorb's account, making it post a deluge of questions. The newest 16 non-closed questions on the site are all asked by him. And 90 of 193 overall.
3:59 AM
kenorb usually does that
He did the same thing with deepweb
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name-changing trick... grrr...
5:46 AM
breaking @James pattern
@Portal huh? What name change?
zaq, aka. red red wine
I tried to change mine, but... "you can do it 3 days later"
2 hours later…
8:00 AM
@Portal change your name somewhere else, and propagate that through the network? That still works?
9:43 AM
It looks like my cron jobs timeout for 10 minutes and then take the server to 12% CPU
maybe I should fix that
I have a mocking meter sensor and now it seems to be indicating high, but I am not sure whether it's very accurate, maybe I am not mocked ...
Also I found electrical bill from 6 years ago - thanks office of state revenue for wasting 2 hours of my time in the dusty, filthy garage just to finding it ...
@zaq you don't like red wine any more?
Is @zaq the new Normal?
Normal is the old zaq
9:53 AM
Oh, that's so much different
mind = blown
10:12 AM
mind = blown ? ping : ping2ice; //when they are sleeping
10:41 AM
21 messages moved to Sandbox
So clean here now.
@TIPS you make so much noise, I need earplugs! :D
@Bart nope. Only when doing it via a new account. Never tried that, but saw someone (think it was @red (huh? Who is he now??)) explaining about it as some point.
@zaq one week? That's the threshold now? ;)
11:01 AM
@ShadowWizard okay, I think that used to work at some point.
11:19 AM
@Bart indeed, but they blocked it long ago as it was too easy to abuse...
The #CensusFail excuses are getting shakier and shakier: "Telstra denies involvement in Census stuff up": http://www.zdnet.com/google-amp/article/telstra-denies-involvement-in-census-stuff-up/?client=safari
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11:50 AM
in Maid Café (メイド喫茶) on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Aug 4 at 10:25, by Madara Uchiha
The election will take place on August 22nd, and end on September 5th
Looks like an Anime&Manga election is coming up
At the library I found this
Is it first edition?
Not sure
I don't even have a windows computer to test C# on so I didn't get it
I'm only on page 4 for A&M rep <_<"
I get the feeling there's gonna be a lot of candidates that run
12:28 PM
C#2 & C#3 ...
sounds charming
things like blankets are great, because you can buy a good one and used it for 10 years
unlike languages, a new version coming out every year
12:45 PM
sd ignore
@Portal [:5170406] Post ignored; alerts about it will no longer be posted.
sd - del
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1:06 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted username, offensive answer detected: Can I configure my iPhone to play audio files through ear speaker instead of the bottom speaker? by Fuck you on apple.stackexchange.com
rude ^
sd remove
@hichris123 when you arrive you might want to clean up the sd report above
1:19 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted username, blacklisted user: Soooooooooo quiet! by Fuck you on apple.stackexchange.com
2:23 PM
Q: Will Jobs.SO include intern jobs in the future?

TonyI am a student and I believe there are many other students on SO. I just searched "intern" in the jobs section to find no intern jobs at all. I wonder if there will be intern jobs in the future? If so, when?

and from the less developed side of Stack Exchange:
Q: Artificial Intelligence beta has started

kenorbAfter previous failures, the AI site has its probably last chance to join the SE network. The Gamedev has its own ai, tag but if you're interested AI beyond the gaming (e.g. the process behind this, or AI playing the board games), you're more than welcome to join. Currently we need your help, si...

totally need drones.stackexchange.com
2:46 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Link at end of answer: How to find long term accomodation online in France? by user10124 on expatriates.stackexchange.com
3:13 PM
From screenshot, in work chat: "Unable to destroy user. User has a story."
5:09 PM
a bit of a comment/edit conflict with Shog9 here ... we out ninja-ed each other ...
Trying to figure out @Wrzlprmft's criteria for creating a custom avatar for a site. Looks like it's (graduated site) AND (rep > 500)
More specifically, custom design rather than graduation, because custom avatars use primary site colors.
Reading the questions and non-answers on Ask Ubuntu convinced me not to upgrade to 16.04...
6:30 PM
I'm not sure if Mobile SE sites not allowing edits to edits is really a feature request: could as well be considered a bug. The intended behavior was to remove edit link when it would be greyed out on the full site. The actual behavior is to also remove it when it would be perfectly functional on the full site.
> Athletics Yard Sale this Saturday... An exclusive opportunity for University Staff begins at 9 a.m. The announced opening to the general public will be 10 a.m.
Hm, what could a university athletics department be selling that's worth paying for?
I mean, presumably those are things they no longer need.
Gently used pigskin-wrapped objects?
6:59 PM
@Unity3D huh? y u need windoze to try C#?
Visual Studio code + .NET core works on Lunix and OS X
7:20 PM
@Insane Returning to your question about edit rejection: have you tried asking the OP what they did with the post? This might solve the mystery sooner than our guesswork.
The same was reported on Meta.SO today.
7:38 PM
The post The review system suggested something was probably spam, what should I do when I see this? says "our error rate so far has been extremely low (less than 1%)". That wasn't my experience with seeing "possible spam" notices in review...
@zaq How? Comment on his question with a link to the meta question? My worry was a confrontation so I asked on meta vs. commenting.
@Insane You could ask nicely: "I'm trying to figure out when happened with an edit here", do you remember what you clicked to edit the post?
(Also, some people think that when a user's actions are being discussed, it's polite to notify the user of the discussion.)
I agree with that sentiment but I wouldn't agree that the person complaining about said user should do it :P
But yeah I will leave a comment like you suggested
Also @zaq that SO case is slightly different, my reasoning here
Even if we discount the 'w' thing, the edit summary was different wasn't it?
Unless you think he re-edited and changed the edit summary within 5 minutes too
Gah, can mods see edits within 5 minutes? Or is it completely invisible
@Insane Same summary, "capitalization fixes". Which is not something that people write when editing their own posts.
7:46 PM
Oh it was the same summary. Must have misread that. So yeah it could be the same case.
@Insane Multiple edits within grace period cannot be seen by anyone, there is no intermediate version stored by the servers.
Yes I know. I remember a meta discussion at one point, some people thought they should be saved and shown only to mods or something.
But whatever, besides the point..
I pinged the OP of SO post, since nobody else felt inclined to do so...
@zaq I honestly just didn't think about it for my case, don't know why. I pinged him here
8:25 PM
Any moderator can suspend another moderator, but it just doesn't do anything. A suspended moderator can still perform any actions he could do before, and also can just unsuspend himself. — Mad Scientist Dec 14 '12 at 13:44
@ShadowWizard I think this ^ also tells us who was that moderator suspended "for science".
8:53 PM
science is the best
9:04 PM
Because it works, <censored>
Looks like drob got famous...
New post: Analysis of Trump tweets confirms he writes only the angrier Android half http://varianceexplained.org/r/trump-tweets/ #rstats https://t.co/cmwdNeYSE7
(I didn't see it earlier because "Trump" is one of the words that Tweetdeck filters out for me.)
9:18 PM
I think @JasonC would be interested. ^
Also new: User Experience Researcher. "This is a unique opportunity to be the first-ever dedicated UX researcher at Stack Overflow"... Pretty wide salary range, 85-120
Also new but less interesting: Product Manager, Internal Systems
Possible Chrome bug, steps to reproduce: 1. open the console. 2. navigate to this page; 3. select some text on the page; 4. run window.getSelection().toString() in the console. Output is empty.
But if one first goes to the page, and then opens the console, the selection text is returned as expected.
@zaq lol, makes perfect sense. ;)
9:42 PM
> We have offices in New York, London and Denver, so if you’re in (or want to relocate to) one of those cities you can, and our offices are awesome.
Doesn't parse... "if you’re in one of those cities you can (?)"
11:05 PM
There may have been one exception to that "for science" thing. Both moderators involved are no longer moderators. — Shog9 ♦ 1 hour ago
@hichris123 Bill and Qiaochu, I presume.
Oh, from that meta discussion you linked to.
Funny how just Googling the names brings up a relevant meta thread from ancient past.
I'm happy that I no longer roam the same waters.
Seems like something that would be on MO.
11:19 PM
MO mods are unlikely to get into infighting, they are all professionals.
Okay, not necessarily the mod part, but the drama part.

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