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12:57 AM
@sgtz I don't know; the redis choice was before I started — Marc Gravell ♦ Mar 8 '12 at 16:06
@sgtz we cache like a crazy thing, so cache performance is very important. Invalidation is less critical, to be honest. We're pretty happy with our current setup. — Marc Gravell ♦ Mar 10 '12 at 8:48
@Quill has the power gone to your head yet?
not yet
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is the Townhall at like 1am for you @JamesENL?
@Quill that's just normal behaviour
1:12 AM
> Here's a chat I had with the Herding Code crew a few weeks back about Stack Overflow and how stuff works: twitter.com/herdingcode/status/743186959162449920 … -- Nick Craver at 2:05 PM - 15 Jun 2016
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> (40:35) Nick complains about how slow Visual Studio is to reload projects. Their developers have scripts that just kill and restart Visual Studio, because that’s faster than handling project reloads.
1:28 AM
VS is slow with everything.
Why is town hall at 1AM here? :(
I got 3am
perks of being on the side of the world that no one cares about
It's in the middle of my Physics exam :/
@bjb568isnotapebble Your fault, not ours.
@Zizouz212 :((((
1:32 AM
@bjb568isnotapebble It's on June 22... plenty of time to write a town hall chatbot.
@bjb568isnotapebble I know. I was really hoping to pop in as well!
I guess you'll just have to miss some Physics.
Miss! I'm must going to head out so I can participate in an internet conversation. Not a big deal during final exams, right?
just finish early
1:36 AM
∆t = just right to make sure you can't finish early.
@soup !bjb oh wait...
@soup nice
So about that answering closed questions... the answers I dislike most are worthless commentary on an unanswerable question, they typically come from low-rep users, and make the Q&A pair more difficult to get rid of.
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What if... a question with a close vote was automatically protected?
1:47 AM
Now that's an interesting thought.
@soup Dare I suggest asking that on Meta?
Meh-ta. I'm mostly out of that thing.
Yeah, that's what I guessed your response would be...
I think it's a reasonable idea. Or, instead of a close vote, a downvote (score -1) - those are much more publicly visible.
2:07 AM
> Jon asks about their use of GitLab. Nick says it works okay, but they’re testing GitHub Enterprise internally due to performance. GitHub is significantly faster, search works a lot better (due to using Postgres search rather than Elastic Search), and there are some nice new features in GitHub like squashing commits.
@haneycodes @dhekke you're undermining my willingness to assume good faith with salesfolk here!
Looking at SO questions is kinda depressing. A +1 Python question likely couldn't find the file because they ran the script in a different folder than their file (and they didn't reference the full path), another question was due to a , on one line...
How Can I Discover Former Moderators? by whuber on meta.stats.stackexchange.com
If I'm not mistaken, the retirement of cardinal and mbq was never announced. Digging... (I remember cardinal being fairly active on meta.Math, where their position mostly aligned with mine. Back when I had a position there.)
@hichris123 Close both as typo
+1 may be from First Posts queue, where an upvote could mean "a question is possible to understand at some level"
2:18 AM
@JamesENL I voted, but the likelihood of getting 4 more votes...
@hichris123 linky?
Which leads to SOCVR again...
I agree with the comma-question being a typo, but the filename thing may be a common error.
2:23 AM
for filename in infilename:
    f = open(filename, "r")
This looks reasonable if one imagines that a directory is a list of pointers to files, which we now can open.
In reality it's a list of strings, but that's a conceptual difference.
sd k
Also, yes that's exactly what father's want for father's day. Runescape gold
can a 15k SO user protect this? stackoverflow.com/q/37848650/1079354 also, free flags!
2:27 AM
@soup Hrm, that is true. I wonder if there's a good dupe target (if it's a common error, hopefully there's a dupe).
@Braiam Ugh that whole question should be deleted.
@Braiam you could just ping Undo ;-)
@hichris123 if you get it to -3 I will find 17k rep in two hours
@Undo could you undo that travesty of a question?
Big question is, has BitBucket fixed the issue? Agree with keeping this around until then, if for no other reason than someone will probably post another thread if we don't. — Shog9 ♦ 47 secs ago
You already awakened Shog. :)
2:31 AM
it happens like every few days
BitBucket is crap
IMO the issue is fixed
they haven't updated their status page yet.
Huh, how about that? Status updates from stack overflow... — Captain Hypertext 14 mins ago
Bug: clicking "close" on a question that was closed after page load (or "flag" on a post that was deleted after page load) brings up "You may only load the close/flag dialog every 3 seconds".
there were several answers saying "this is fixed, blablabla"
2:34 AM
@soup Yeah, I noticed that too yesterday.
I can never reproduce that bug... :/
I can
@Braiam Spam answers on SO are convenient for repro. Load and wait with flagging.
can we at least protect it to stop all these "same here" comments
@Braiam you gonna believe random people on the 'Net? Pfft.
2:36 AM
congrats, you figured out it's a server issue
@Quill it's closed, ATM. No need to protect until reopened.
Q: Trying to vote to close on closed question displays wrong error message

FloernWhen I try to vote to close a question that already got closed in the meantime, I get the error message: You may only load the close dialog every 3 seconds. But I definitely did not open the close vote dialog before. When I reload the page, the question is closed (with the 5th vote of an...

Q: Flagging a deleted answer results in a message saying I am flagging too quickly

Michael KjörlingSteps to reproduce: Open two questions (with answers, in this case) in different tabs in the same browser Flag an answer to one (might not be needed, but it's what I did, so I'm including it) Someone else (might need a diamond for this) deletes an answer to the other Without reloading the secon...

@Shog9 you believed that I believe random people on the net? pff, jokes on you :P
I can reproduce it if I double-click fast... — Braiam Jun 9 at 20:51
That's not exactly reproducing the bug. :P
2:37 AM
that's what you get for believing someone who wants you to believe he believes random people on the 'Net
Am I supposed to believe someone who is commenting on believing someone who wants you to believe he believes random people on the 'Net?
I need to stab the guy that invented reversed reverse psychology
you & me are some of those 'random people' on the internet
A reopen vote? sigh
2:40 AM
The misuse of "random" makes me ask for a clarification at times: do you mean "random" or "internet-style random"?
Seems like a request for resources stackoverflow.com/q/23575656/3296811
Well, at least no one gets to keep the rep if it's deleted within the next few weeks.
@Quill Well that's one employee we're not going to see for a while
@soup true random
@JamesENL It's for work. nickcraver.com/desktop-build :)
2:42 AM
I'm a very deterministic person on The Internet, thankyouverymuch.
@hichris123 Good lord
So I tried to use Wayback machine to recover mod timeline for Stats site... web.archive.org/web*/stats.stackexchange.com/users?tab=moderators
Every snapshot is HTTP 302
Oh, and chat doesn't like URLs with *
@Shog9 I'm sure you never do anything out of spite or emotion.
2:44 AM
after half a day of having "You got mail" set as my ping noise, I realised that wasn't a good idea
I wonder where that post was linked to. Doesn't look like Reddit, maybe HN? Does Google really push things up in the search results that quickly?
It does.
Oo, an answer with 165 upvotes does not work
how lovely
internet, thanks for complicate another of my days
2:49 AM
Got it; that meta.stats post was the announcement of two mods retiring.
@hichris123 of course I do, but I do so predictably.
One can't get angry or hurt just randomly, that'd be messy.
That's weird, how a floating head can not do a mess?
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive answer detected: Can't connect to the device with ADB when it's in recovery mode by jeb on android.stackexchange.com (@meatball)
@Shog9 Getting angry and hurt predictably... where's the fun in that...
Considering there hasn't been an upvote to the answer in 15 minutes... I think that BitBucket fixed whatever it was.
@Quill ya 'round?
2:59 AM
hey there
@hichris123 they finally updated their status page about 12 minutes ago
@hichris123 it's reopened
@John I guess you could call that the Tavern effect... :)
@John because shog reopened it
3:02 AM
@Shog9 Just a little late.
yay! Shog will delete a question :D
Q: What is the best way to deal with a temporal event which gets a lot of attention?

MakotoI'm thinking that I have this down pat, but just in case... Right now (behold, another temporal event), Bitbucket is having a bit of maintenance. Someone asked a question to figure out why their push was failing, and the net result of the answer is that it's on Atlassian's end. What I'm thinki...

3:23 AM
Clothes & Fashion

Proposed Q&A site for creators of clothes, fashion experts, costume enthusiasts and everybody to whom clothes are more than just something to cover one’s skin

Currently in definition.

Sounds like someone should follow the proposal.
yes! I got android to dump live log on macbook
4:32 AM
@codinghorror luckily we have new PM @balpha :) I think it's really important, too, I hope we can work on it later this year.
So the ask page has to wait until "later this year" but Teams/Dev Story/Docs is present tense. Hmm...
soup, is that you? why do you have hichris' icon?
I haven't switched timezones... :P
@codinghorror @JasonPunyon @stevvve @StackOverflow Meta; where suggestions go to die.
How true.
suggestions and good contributors
Meta means murder...
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4:42 AM
In such cases it's always better to completely disconnect from the Internet. It might not protect you from executing the file, but will prevent asking the question and in result protect from downvoters ;) and from sarcastic comments too. — techraf 1 hour ago
5:08 AM
sd k
5:38 AM
I know it's people's dream to get paid to do nothing... but I'm seriously bored
Being bored while working in IT is the worst
You can answer SO questions...
until the work becomes exciting by comparison.
5:55 AM
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6:29 AM
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sd 2k - 3k
7:02 AM
Unless under certain constrain, I am never bored. I can always find interesting things to do ...
there are heaps of interesting things to do in this world
7:15 AM
soup, roasted wagyu beef and some grilled eggplant, capsicum + fresh salad would make delicious & healthy dinner
sd k
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7:47 AM
@vogel612 @StackOverflow Well, I won't be writing code, but I may still be involved with chat.
Omg, he's a manager now? Burn the witch!
Product managers aren't really managers.
We just play them on the internet.
You're called manager without the salary?
What's this "salary" thing that everyone keeps talking about? I get compensated in reputation points.
8:02 AM
No, it is nothing. I meant reputation don't educate the workforce to much
in SE Podcast on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Mar 6 '15 at 20:28, by balpha
Q: What's behind the rumor that our annual reviews will be replaced with a "looks good/should be improved/unsalvageable" model?
Now you can make this happen.
Actually, no... that's probably still Haney's job.
exactly, that's something for actual managers
although Haney isn't my manager anymore
Who manages product managers?
8:05 AM
the product manager manager
@willcole, Austin, TX
Director of Product at Stack Overflow. I like fantasy sports.
2.3k tweets, 610 followers, following 323 users
managers manager is called a senior manager usually ... & a senior manager doesn't necessarily mean an old manager
don't know about usually, but at SO, a manager manager is usually called Director
(or something more fancy like VP or CxO)
directors are usually the highest level of managers?
I don't know what the common usages for the terms are, I just interpret our org chat. Which by the way isn't very deep, so if you're a manager of managers, you're already pretty high up (or way on the bottom, if you go with the upside-down org chart narrative)
8:17 AM
Oh, great, I have been admitted to something called "The League of Bushmen". I am so happy
Don't consider yourself a Bushman or Bushwoman? You will soon enough.
Careful peeps. A @Telkitty may be hiding in your bushes.
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sd k
@Bart I don't just stalk people with huge piece of land with bushes
8:22 AM
One of my fantasies is to be able to survive in the wild
Apparently that's not all that hard, as long as you stay away from stingrays
@Bart don't forget about drop bears
@Telkitty You survived here, I would call that fantasy fulfilled
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sd k
8:41 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body: Commonly they leave results which are reveal capable by kumavera14 on arduino.stackexchange.com
sd k
Yay, I'm on topic next Wednesday ... thx @Ana
@rene where?
@Telkitty in this chat room
It doesn't get more wild ...
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8:51 AM
I ain't afraid of electons!
there has never been anyone died on this chat
in fact, people tend to multiply on this chat - all those sock puppets ...
some sort of breeding ground IMHO ...
a couple of your running around under different alt nicks ...
8:59 AM
^ example
@bjb @Telkitty @UniKitty congrats, you all know physics! theregister.co.uk/2016/06/15/cats_understand_laws_of_physics
@Telkitty hey, who you call sock? :D
@soup but it's too clean.
I prefer this sock:
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9:18 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, pattern-matching website in body: Naturaful is designed as a safe and effective formula for girls by karenmorris89 on arduino.stackexchange.com
9:28 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body: Everyone's a skilled on skin care these a short by user62467 on drupal.stackexchange.com
1 hour later…
10:58 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Manually reported answer: How to search for evidence of Camfecting (webcam hacking)? by Monique on security.stackexchange.com
11:11 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Had an erection while teaching summer Calculus by user56752 on academia.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in answer: PathTooLongException error when using Get-ChildItem by Kamila on serverfault.com
sd 2k
12:02 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Few unique characters in answer, repeating characters in answer: How to share my friend's shared post that was shared by another user/page/group? by 爬爬山 on webapps.stackexchange.com
> The announcement of @StackOverflow, blog.codinghorror.com/introducing-stackoverflow-com …, is now closer in time to the peak of the dot com bubble than it is to today. -- Ben Dumke-v. d. Ehe at 4:45 AM - 16 Jun 2016
12:25 PM
browsers are acting weird today ~cough~ ~cough~
Except Tor
Why? is SE doing IPO right before the peak of tech bubble?
So the WWDC is on at the moment
and that means new iOS and macOS betas that look awesome... except
A: Cannot enroll in Apple Developer program

Scott EarleI imagine that during WWDC the demand for dev accounts is higher than usual, and also that most of the people at Apple who would normally look into any problems with the developer program are likely to be at WWDC themselves. Try again next week?

and apparently the work password changed ;-;
1:10 PM
@soup CloudFlare 502 for me :/
Oh, suddenly worked after "retrying live version"
I don't think so, probably failed routing
ISIS alligator 😭
1:29 PM
I suggest building a wall to keep out alligators
And have them pay for it
This is easily the best answer. — Preet Kukreti 11 mins ago
We need to fix it.
@ShadowWizard One of these days we'll have to build walls to keep out the walls
@Bart sharp as ever :D
@AaronHall fix what? Have your answer top the current top answer which got over 7000 upvotes?
@AaronHall Fix what? I see a post with a 7600 score and 550 bounty points above a post with a 78 score.
shakes fist at @ShadowWizard
1:35 PM
Great minds..... LOL
@Andy Mr. Hall thinks that since his answer gains upvotes faster, it should be first.
There was whole discussion here the other day.
2 days ago, by Aaron Hall
We've got to improve the sorting algorithm.
@Andy start here ^
I think I was involved there. At least I remember such a discussion recently
So that was it. Don't think @Aaron means anything different this time, though I might be wrong.
I'm going to disagree that a post that has nearly 10 times more votes should be bumped down a notch.
Quick math also shows the highest upvoted post gets .31 votes per day over its life time and the lower scoring one gets .21 votes per day over its life time.
There is a difference of 6.5 years between them though
@Andy the point on Aaron is, that the top answer got most of its votes in its early days, and in the the last year the rate is very low. Let's see the timeline...
hmm... according to this the top answer still get upvotes daily. More than Aaron's.
This is a different Q&A.
However, rank contributes to votes.
1:46 PM
@AaronHall So you say "put my answer on top because it is better"?
so if we fixed ranking, that answer's score would be higher.
Who decides it's better?
Also, those individual timelines should be easier to find.
Q: Add a link to the timeline of a post

stemaSince a year I am quite active on SO and a bit on meta, but I have never heard of the timeline of a post, till today in a comment on meta. There has been an announcement by Jeff Atwood 2 years ago of this feature as "experimental". (Timeline for that question). This feature has been requested b...

1:48 PM
Look, stop focusing on my work. Focus on the problem. The problem is that late answers can easily be better than answers with 100s of upvotes. The only way to gauge it is to include a hotness factor in ranking.
means "maybe in 6-8 years, probably never". So it won't happen. :(
@AaronHall but you keep bringing your own work as example. Personally I don't really care... just observing my general opinions.
It's the most obvious examples to me. But I'm sure there's lots of other examples.
You can't just grep for "best answer"
The real solution to that specific case is just edit the current top answer to be full and correct, in my opinion.
If you really only care about content and not reputation, that will work just fine.
It's not community wiki, and the answerer would probably object to a complete rewrite. And I would object if you attributed my content to someone else.
You could always propose a new answer filter based on "hotness". But I guess such a proposal already exists, and I don't think it should replace default filtering.
1:52 PM
Where's the proposal?
Dunno. I merely would be surprised if there isn't one already
@AaronHall, The problem with this question is that there are 40 answers on this question. I am certainly not going to read through even half of that. Especially when the two answers we are talking about right now are as long as they are. I'm going to look at the scores, see the top one has a score of 7600 and bounties and the second answer is less than 1000. Both of those are HUGE scores. There is nothing in the top answer's comment section even pointing at your answer. I'd never get to it.
Search and you will find. And if not, propose.
@AaronHall I guess that's what @Bart means:
Q: New Sort: "Popularity" (Votes / Views)

Briguy37The Problem for Answers: Suppose a new question comes in and has 20 views on it before the first answer is submitted. The first answer is decent, so when the question hits 520 views it has 10 votes, or 1 vote for every 50 views. Also, several other answers have been submitted, but they aren't...

Your answer may be better. But, even with the answers rearranged, I'd see the scores and wonder why an 80 score answer is above answers in the hundreds and thousands of votes
It may bias me negatively toward the lower scored answer in this case due to the vast differences between them too
1:55 PM
What's going to happen is I'm going to stop contributing content and I'm going to write a book instead.
I still buy books. :) If you write one, let us know. I may be a geek, but I love getting a nice new technical book
Instead of 'oldest', I think 'newest' is a better sort for answers.
No, people write too many crap new answers.
"too many" is an understatement
I want the best answers at the top, as measured by recent velocity.
1:58 PM
Ok then, how about 'random' sort so there's no preference at all. The burden to judge the quality of the answer is on the reader now.
(well, it's actually already on the reader, but many readers are lazy to read too)
Too many schite answers.
And nobody downvotes.
And even then I wonder if anyone actually ever changes the default sorting anyway.
Who cares, the best option right now is the default.
But I want the answer with the most votes in the past month-to-year to be on top.
the votes it got before a year ago are irrelevant to me.
anyways, gotta catch a train, cheers!
user image
2:16 PM
I had planned to do work this evening, but instead I spent two hours building houses of cards...
2:30 PM
I can't decide whether the constant name changes of the SO JavaScript room are funny or not....


Topic: Anything JavaScript, ECMAScript including Node, React, ...
@spolsky I keep getting "This is the best answer" type comments. But new answers on old Q's remain buried. Can we fix this? #stackoverflow
Who knows what will happen...
If you've got a solid proposal, feel free to visit Meta
@AaronHall maybe he'll send you a picture of his dog
Maybe he can help dig out the good answers?
2:51 PM
Awww, @InfiniteRecursion's avatar makes me all nostalgic
3:06 PM
The duck is back! All hail the duck!!!!
I hoped to see Infinite in the Angry Bird movie too...
Sep 15 '14 at 12:50, by SPArchaeologist
user image
3:28 PM
Yeah, that's cute.
3:46 PM
@All, different question: I have never noticed someone going on an upvote spree on me. I think I've had one (maybe two?) instance(s) of downvote sprees (I try to not provoke people). Would I notice if someone did go on an upvote spree?
same way you notice a downvote spree: lots of single upvotes on different questions in a short period of time.
upvote sprees are also liable to be reversed the same as downvote sprees
4:05 PM
I've never noticed a reversal
so that means it never happened?
or it happened and reversed in between times you looked at your inbox
Yeah, that's what makes me wonder. Sometimes I'll have two votes in quick succession.
two in a row is nothing.
that often happens from people clicking on the related questions links.
But it's never like 3 in quick succession.
Could just be because it's a random Poisson process...
Probability of one upvote between now and end of day is ~ 1. Probability of one upvote in the next hour is around .3-.5 or so.
The simplifying assumption is that the process has no memory, and that's good enough for the model, but there's some memory...
4:28 PM
@AaronHall those who have been around longer are probably aware that 2 votes usually don't trigger anything. But it may well be a coincidence
If it's totally random, then 3 should be happening once in a while.
which makes me think 2 upvotes (with the 2nd on a different unrelated answer, usually one of my top ones) in quick succession are likely related. (Probability anywhere from .2 to .8, frog knows...)
But I never see "-10, vote removed due to something something"
So either nothing out of the ordinary happened, or nothing was extreme enough to trigger the filter.
Ah, so that message can show up?
to this:
3 hours ago, by Andy
I'm going to disagree that a post that has nearly 10 times more votes should be bumped down a notch.
Then you sort by votes, and let me sort by recent votes.
I could probably write a user script to do this, huh?
Q: Code Golf SE answer sorter

Ilmari Karonen Screenshot About This script adds a "shortest" tab to pages on the Programming Puzzles & Code Golf Stack Exchange site. Clicking the tab will sort answers in decreasing order by the length of the first code block in the answer. It was written as a simple replacement for the original cod...

The problem with that is it would have to load the post timelines in the background, parse them, then display the answers...
In a decade, if this site is still hopping, this is going to be a feature. Mark my words.
4:54 PM
I'm a bit disappointed that after this it turns out I had one down vote too many to actually rep-cap :(
My stupid loss-aversion optimizer prefers to avoid rep-capping, even though I rationally know I'd be better off rep-capping than not.
We're only human.
5:17 PM
@rene That's what happens when you voice these things... better luck next time.
5:59 PM
Are you claiming the downvote?
I've been giving my kitty antibiotics all this week.
@hichris123 yeah, I'll use more socks next time .... for a larger margin
@rene See, now you're learning.
sockpuppets for meta...
that's when you really have too much time on your hands.
6:16 PM
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[ SmokeDetector ] Email in answer, blacklisted user: Can Aluminium Chlorohydrate in anti prespirants cause breast cancer? by user4958 on health.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Link at end of answer, pattern-matching website in answer, blacklisted user: Travelling to Latin America to take hallucinogenic drugs: how does one do it safely? by Prague Weed on travel.stackexchange.com
:5009857 no farewell
@balpha: Good luck with your new post.
So what's changed?
7:14 PM
Instead of being misunderstood by the compiler, I now get to be misunderstood by the developers. So it's really just adding a layer of abstraction. ;)
communicate entirely in regex. that should help
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer: is this sort of business classify Riba? by Spark on islam.stackexchange.com
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I've just heard a nasty rumor that balpha is leaving stack exchange. I know you'll still be around, but I'll miss you all the same! — Adam Davis 2 hours ago
You might want to correct that rumor.
Meh. A moderator named CasperOne used to camp the newest page and single vote close off topic questions all the time. It was great. All it did was allow users with genuine questions more of an opportunity to get their question answered by someone actually taking their time. 5 Gold Tag badge users voting to close a question from a 1 reputation user that has a -6 score is a freaking awful waste of time; the cost of those close votes is very high at that point. — Travis J 1 hour ago
@Travis, that's an excellent example. Why is Casper not a moderator anymore? Why are they far less active on Meta than they used to be? Why were they the first (and almost only) moderator I regularly saw taking tremendous amounts of flak from everywhere at once? Their diamond did not protect them. Us gold badge holders don't even have one. — Frédéric Hamidi 37 mins ago
Yeah, Casper took a lot of flak on Meta. Though that's probably not good enough to draw any conclusions...
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@hichris123 did you say you liked this answer? meta.stackexchange.com/a/279700/239121
Mmm... well I kinda agreed with Shog that it didn't quite go far enough. Not many questions get downvoted heavily, most just end up with -1 or -2.
didn't go far enough...
ok, make it a one to one tradeoff.
@hichris123 responded
developer > product manager?
Is that a "greater than" or a "turns into"?
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inevitable envolution
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